The Decline of the Mystery Teachings

The author of the The Mayan Prophecies tells us about the beliefs of the South American Serpents of Wisdom; He wrote that the myth of Quetzalcoatl-Kukulcan as an archetype stands for all that a man should aspire to. “His depiction as a feathered serpent indicates his dual nature: the feathers symbolize his airy, spiritual nature (the Father) and the serpent his connection with physical creation (the Mother).” But on a more mystical level, Quetzalcoatl indicates the way an enlightened man needs to “bring the two opposing aspects of his nature, the spiritual and material, into conjunction”. He states that in the spiritual traditions of the West, the serpent represents the lower self. According to Gnostic tradition, each of us is born as a serpent, constrained to a life of crawling in the dust. But just as a serpent renews itself by casting off its skin and growing a new one, so we live life after life dying and being reborn, but still unable to raise ourselves from the earth. “In this state of unawareness, we are cut off from the higher worlds of spirit and remain the helpless brood of the great Solar Serpent. Thus it is that as the fallen children of Adam and Eve we are imprisoned in our renewable ‘skins’ and constrained to live life after life and to experience death after death in the material world.”

He goes on to say that this is why Coatlicue, like her Hindu equivalent Kali, has a necklace of skulls and dismembered hands, “for the Earth Mother takes as well as gives life. …This is the essence of the spiritual teachings of all the great masters, including Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad and we can presume, the original Quetzalcoatl-Kukulcan. Yet all of them teach, if we read their words carefully, that to gain freedom requires a transformation of our being. To use another metaphor, the ordinary human lives as a caterpillar on the cabbage-leaf of life. Here he or she can live and die a thousand times without being even aware of the possibility of further development. Yet, just as the caterpillar has within it the potential to be transformed into a beautiful butterfly, so too the human has the possibility of metamorphosing into a higher form. We do not have to remain at the caterpillar stage of life forever: we too can become angels – even while still alive in a physical body. The practical application of this esoteric philosophy is Yoga and involves raising the ‘serpent energy’ up the spine and joining it with spiritual ‘eagle’ forces in the head.”

The author writes that to do this requires an act of self-sacrifice as the will of the individual – the serpent – is brought into line with the greater Will of God. The individual has quite literally to ‘die’ to him or herself in order to be reborn and be linked to the greater cosmic consciousness.   In the South American version of the Mystery religion, once one attains enlightenment one is a Quetzalcoatl – the South American version of the word ‘Christ’. When one becomes a Quetzalcoatl, the heart or ‘hrit’ chakra opens up and an energy of unconditional love fills the person and flows out into the world. This again is a description of what Jesus did when he became Christed. One who is Christed receives what we Christians call the gifts of the Holy Spirit. A tongue of fire descends, burning away the dross of ordinary life, and, like the stars he or she is resurrected to eternity.

You, like me probably had a very different interpretation of the Sun religion of South America. What we know of it, is that the Aztecs used to sacrifice thousands of prisoners to appease the sun. They were so afraid of the sun going away permanently, that they thought if they fed it with human hearts it would keep shining. From this we can see that they most definitely lost the original meaning of their religion. The sacrifice is to be of our will. It is when our will is joined with Gods, that enlightenment occurs.

From the beginning of this search, whether I was tracing ancestors in the Middle Ages or pre-history, I kept finding that one person would have multiple names in different places. This makes it very hard to keep track of people! From the website Miriam Ha Kadosha, comes this example;

“Arthur of Dal Riata is a great grandson of the original King Arthur. His mother Ygraine of the Pictish line of Princess Royals was the daughter of Arthur’s son Amr. Amr is also called Amwlad and Amorai and is also the ancestor of the latter Babylonian Exilarchs. Amorai is the nephew of Kafnai (Custeynn) the Babylonian Exilarch. Arthur of the Pennines is called the son of King Mor or Mar of the Pennines. He is to be identified with the Gododdin Prince Chuna Mar who is also called Cunomor. This Chuna Mar would seem to be the High King of Britain and Brittany. Nennius calls the title of these High kings Guletic which means “overlord” and comes from the Jewish title of Rosh Galuta (Head of the Exile). In Brittany Chuna Mar is called Cynan Meriadoc. In Welsh cynan is pronounced Cunan. The Cambridge History of English and American Literature states: “Ambrosius, transformed by Geoffrey into Aurelius Ambrosius, is known in Welsh literature as Emrys Wledig. He appears in Nennius as Embreis Guletic. Guletic, or Gwledig, means “over-lord,” or “king,” and Arthur himself would seem to bear this title in a Welsh poem in The Book of Taliesin.”

Is your head spinning?! The characters in the next table are pantheons of some of the Pagan gods. I don’t know if the following examples are correct or not – but it makes no difference. They are just intended to give you a better idea of the bigger picture.









Heavenly Father

Anu Amen-Ra Kronos Saturn
    Heavenly Mother


Mut Hera


    Earth Lord


Set Zeus


    Earth Mother


Isis Athena


    Earth  Brother


Osiris Apollo


    Warrior Rival


Horus Ares


    Underworld Lord


Anubis Hades


    Provider of Love


Hathor Aphrodite


  •     Facilitator of the   Gods
Ninurta Thoth Hermes


You may look at the table of gods and say “This author is crazy, these are all mythical figures.” I see them as long-lived celestial personalities or souls who have reincarnated repeatedly. Our ancestors wove real people into their myths. Where the myth ends and the real person begins – is hard to say.

The main reason I believe these were real rulers and physical human beings, or extra-terrestrials shape-shifted to look like humans,  is because in the Apocryphal text Pistis Sophia, Jesus himself says that the repentant and forgiven rulers are known in the world as Kronos, Zeus, Ares, Aphrodite and Hermes. The Pistis Sophia has been called the Bible of the Gnostic Christians and was dictated by Jesus to the Apostle Philip. I believe it to be an authentic original Gnostic Christian text. Even one of the ancient Mandean texts mentions Mercury and Saturn.

I have created a table and tried to sort out the  names of the repentant gods, but it’s close to impossible because there isn’t enough consensus between authors and historians. I believe Anu and Enki turned to the Light. Otherwise,  I would just be guessing.

I believe that the pagan religions were initially sound and later became corrupt. I believe it likely that the exoteric side became more corrupt than the esoteric. People began to worship the symbols instead of the meaning behind the symbols. From the insights of Victoria LePage in her outstanding book Mysteries of the Bridechamber we learn;

“In her work The Origin of Satan, Elaine Pagels describes the Christian conversion of a thoughtful young pagan named Justin who came to Rome from Asia Minor in about 140 in order to study philosophy. Justin’s philosophical reflections on the difference between paganism and the new religion of Christos tells us in traditional terms why Christianity had become necessary to the world. Pagans, said Justin, worshipped the forces of Nature as divine but were under a dangerous delusion. These mighty natural energies of mountain and sky, wind and water were represented by a pantheon of gods and goddesses whom pious human beings were taught to revere and sacrifice to from the cradle onward; but the Nature forces, or daemons, as they were called, were not divine but rather chthonic. They were related not to the upper spheres of spirit, but to the earthly and sub-earthly elements. As Justin now saw, they were below humanity, “splendid, powerful, and dangerous realities that do not come within the sphere of morality, and are in no way concerned about the human race.”

LePage relates these energies as the instinctual forces inherent in the reptilian brain, at the base of the skull and states that they equate with our most primitive human intelligence, which regulates the fight-or-flight responses to perceived threats. These ‘instincts’ generate enormous ills in society, wars, perversions, bouts of genocide, etc. The author goes on to say, “However beautiful and wild these forces of Nature, Justin saw that in human beings they represented a sub world of instincts and passions that pagans, by continually worshipping, came to express more and more in their own lives, so descending ever more steeply into a darkness of the soul unlit by higher possibilities. But Christian baptism brought illumination to mind and soul, for above Nature was a world to which humanity truly belonged, a world filled with numinous light. Here Christ reigned in the company of other divine beings of light who loved human beings and served only their greatest good.”

She goes on to say that these Angelic beings “raised humanity from the darkness of brute instinct into a higher and genuinely human realm of energies that conferred enlightenment, freedom from the wheel of Necessity, and a power of understanding that was beyond the comprehension of the pagan mentality.”

LePage tells us that the Initiates were “shackled by Nature’s grip” too. The only method of raising the spiritual fluid through the chakras was to work with the chthonic earth energies active in the three lower chakras. These chakras relate to survival, procreation and personal power. Rarely could an initiate conquer these three lower chakras. Sexual intercourse and willpower were the only methods known until Jesus brought a new method that directly opened the heart or hrit chakra. I have read that the same energy that used to be directed to our spiritual powers is now directed to our sexual center. The initiates would raise this energy, but rather than having a physical orgasm, the energy would be redirected to raising the spiritual fluid up the spine. The art of doing that is known as ‘Tantra’.

Lepage wrote, “Aberrant ‘left-path’ sexual practices, sorcery, superstition and cruelty, spirit worship, black magic, necromancy, and sex magic by now infested the Near Eastern cults like so many crocodiles swirling around the would-be initiate at every turn, while even the most advanced of the Mystery schools were limited by this outworn methodology and were in decline all over the world. Over the ages, necessary reforms have occurred within the tradition of the Gnosis, and it seems to be the task of great spiritual leaders of history like Jesus, Krishna, the Buddha, Mani, Muhammad, and others to be the vehicles of these forces of evolutionary change.”

It’s for this reason that I emphatically state that the scene in the book The DaVinci Code where a descendant of Jesus and Mary Magdalene is having sex surrounded by a circle of people, is highly improbable. Jesus came to do away with this sexual method because it was rarely successful. He brought a new method which would have been more likely to have been passed down to a descendant of his and Mary Magdalene. The aspect of raising the Kundalini energy up the spine through sexual means is known as sacred sex or tantric sex. One author stated that the power that we used to direct to gifts of the spirit such as prophecy and clairvoyance is now re-directed within us to the sex center.

The author of The Magdalene Manuscript puts it this way;

“It is important to understand that sekhem is intimately related to both one’s life-force and one’s sexuality. This power can be used to create a new being, as through the act of sex, or it can be used to create higher states of consciousness as through the act of raising the djed. The primary power to accomplish both of these feats is the same. It is simply a matter of what is done with the energy that determines what is accomplished. To put this in its most simplistic terms; a major source of spiritual illumination within the Egyptian system of alchemy is transmuted sexuality. When the energy of sekhem or transmuted life force pours into the head through the raising of the djed, there is a tremendous stimulation of the higher brain centers. This activation of these centers eventually generates what is called the Uraeus.”

This Uraeus spoken of is represented in sacred Egyptian art as a cobra coming out of the foreheads of the pharaohs or Egyptian gods. This serpent symbolically signifies that the person has attained the Uraeus or has the authority granted by the Uraeus. In other words is ‘Christed’ or ‘enlightened’. It shows an activation of the higher brain centers. This symbolically implied that the person could see beyond the duality of the world. This activation of the higher brain centers is literally the turning on of the large, unused portion of the human brain. Scientists have long pondered why we use so little of our brain. The science of the Serpents of Wisdom is the science of turning on those unused portions of our brain.

If you read about the pagan religions, you will be horrified by the stories regarding the practices spoken of above.  It caused me bewilderment and confusion because I couldn’t understand our family’s association with it. I now understand the truth and I hope that I have helped to convey it to you.

We learn from the book World Gnosis; “When the Garden of Eden or Atlantis came to its conclusion, many Gnostics dispersed around the globe and established a network of Left Hand Path sects whose members venerated and sought to embody the Serpent on the Tree. He wrote that the Gnostics of Alexandria Egypt referred to these times as the dispersion of the Sons of Seth, with Seth referring both to Setheus, the First Instructor, as well as Seth, the Son of Adam. In esoteric lore, Seth acted as a guardian and disseminator of the teachings his father received from the Serpent on the Tree.

One title of the Holy Spirit power/Kundalini energy is the Primal Serpent. When the Egyptians were enlightened they were known as the Djedhi, the Serpents or the Thoth Hermes Masters. Thoth Hermes led the Atlantean colonists to Egypt. Some say that he was Ham, the son of Noah. In Greece the Serpents wielded the power of Dionysus or Bacchus. In India, the Sons of Seth wielded the power and wisdom of the Primal Serpent known as the wife of Shiva, the Goddess Shakti or as Shiva’s son, Skanda Murrugan.  In Sumeria they became the Primal Serpent Enki.

The author states that wherever the communities founded by the Sons of Seth proliferated, the missionaries of the Right Hand Path (patriarchal religions) often established headquarters for their orthodox religion’s right alongside them, “while making it clear that they expected all people, including the Sons of Seth, to observe the iron clad religious sanctions of their male God. The Sons of Seth were Gnostics of the Left Hand Path who perceived the male God as a manifestation of the oppressive Ildabaoth and therefore firmly opposed the stringent mandates imposed upon them by the votaries of the Right Hand Path, believing such mandates to be strategically designed by the First Son (Yaldabaoth) to keep humanity ignorant of its divinity.”

The leaders of the patriarchal religions made the observance of the matriarchal practices illegal. The Gnostic’s witnessed many of their beloved deities become assimilated into the Right Hand Path’s symbol of ultimate evil – Satan, Lucifer, or the Devil. Beginning in the 300’s C.E., followers of Gnosticism faced torture and death for practicing their religion. This just caused them to go deep underground and resulted in secret societies such as the Rosicrucian’s and Freemason’s.

The author of World Gnosis says that eventually many Gnostics became more accepting of the right hand path and vice versa. They both found that most people needed to follow the path of Faith, a belief in a God outside of you, before they were ready to follow a more spiritual path that says that God lives within you and that you are an expression of God yourself. This led to spiritual paths that were a synthesis of the two. The Kuala Path of India is one and Christianity is another. The Bible is written to both groups. When Jesus signifies “for those with ears to hear” or “with eyes to see”, he is signaling that he is speaking esoterically. There are also codes and masking devices used in the Bible that are only understood by adherents of the Left Hand Path.

The author of World Gnosis talks about the Sethian Gnostics of Alexandria Egypt. He wrote that it was their goal to embody the Christed consciousness of the Divine Son as well as the Divine Power of Set or Setheus – which was their name for the Primal Serpent. The Sethians equated Seth with the Christed Spirit or Divine Mind that had overshadowed Jesus during the time of his ministry and had in earlier times also manifested as King Melchizedek, who is referred to in the Bible. The Sethians considered Setheus the first form of the Infinite and the Creator of the Universe.  The Sethians believed that Jesus had been an incarnation of the Sethian Christ.