144,000: The Beginning

First there was Source, then there was Mother/Father.  It could be that there are many Mothers and Fathers. My observation is that people tend to severely limit the scope of Creation. There could be a separate Mother and Father for each universe. Or, each Mother and Father could have many universes. Really, creation is mind boggling in scope. Let’s just say that the Mother and Father of this universe had an androgynous child called the Logos.

Mother and the Logos created twenty-four Aeons who were male and female couples, called syzygies. In the gnostic myth, one of the Aeons is Pistis Sophia. She is a daughter of Sophia the Holy Spirit, also known as Wisdom and Mother. I will always use the term Pistis which means ‘faith’ when referring to the daughter. Pistis Sophia’s syzygy is the one we know as Christ. The story goes that Pistis Sophia wanted to create but she did so without the consent of Source or the knowledge of her consort, Christ. Her creation was a son she named Yaldabaoth and he turned out deficient. He is pictured as a lion-headed serpent. Pistis Sophia recoiled in horror at her creation, and because she is a being who can create by thought projection, her horrified reaction only compounded the situation by creating an even darker situation. That creation is the world we live in.

What I find interesting about Yaldabaoth, is that according to Cobra, who is a resistance operative whom I greatly respect – Source has used Yaldabaoth in all its creations. So that would make the beginning of this story a massively long time ago – if time was not an illusion,  and past, present and future weren’t all running concurrently!

Cobra calls Yaldabaoth the ‘Contingency’ and the ‘Primary Anomaly’. I call him an evolutionary antagonist. Antagonists push evolution forward and evidently Source wanted to expand. Or, it could be that this creation became stuck – so the contingency became necessary. Cobra says that Yaldabaoth does not always get activated in every universe. Yaldabaoth is a potential. So it could be that this particular part of our story shrinks to this universal or even galactic level. It could be that this is just one place where the Yaldabaoth potential was activated.

Yaldabaoth emanated six sons, or alternately, they are called his brothers, and set about adding to the creation begun by Pistis Sophia and added to by Christ. Yaldabaoth – just like the God in the Bible’s Old Testament, boasted that he was the only God and a jealous God – after which Pistis Sophia made him aware of all that came before him. The reason I make a comparison between Yaldabaoth and Jehovah of the Bible is because evidently they are the same being. At least that’s what the Gnostic’s seemed to believe.  He is called the demiurge or half creator. He is called that because he created with the stuff of creation – that which was already created by Source.

Yaldabaoth and his sons are the Archons – maybe even the chimera group – and they are our family! And yes – they are dark. But Sabaoth, one of the sons of Yaldabaoth, did not want to be of the darkness and turned towards the Light. Because he turned to the Light, he was made God of the Seventh Heaven and made ruler over all below it. That makes him our God here on Earth. He is not Source itself – he is an aspect of Source – like we are.

Yaldabaoth and the rest of his family were not happy to have Sabaoth installed above them and so began the War in Heaven. That war has lasted a very long time and we are trying to end it now.

Sabaoth is the loving father Jesus spoke of. He is Lord of the Forces, leader of the Host of Heaven. He is the God of Israel.  Sabaoth had a firstborn named Israel who later incarnated and was known in the Bible as Jacob-Israel. Israel was his higher-self name.  Israel’s higher self was Sabaoth. Sabaoth’s higher self was Yaldabaoth. So that could be why they say that the God of the Old Testament is Yaldabaoth. But of course it is important to remember to keep following Yaldabaoth’s ‘higher ups’ and they lead back to Source – as do we all. Sabaoth is the one who created the Cherubim and ‘serpent-like’ Seraphim angels. He created the seventy-two sons of God the Bible’s Old Testament speak of, who were given to the nations as their leaders. To quote from the ancient Gnostic text On the Origin of the World and speaking of Sabaoth:

“Thereafter he created a congregation of angels, thousands and myriads, numberless, which resembled the congregation in the eighth heaven; and a firstborn called Israel – which is, “the man that sees God”; and another being, called Jesus Christ, who resembles the savior above in the eighth heaven, and who sits at his right upon a revered throne. And at his left, there sits the virgin of the Holy Spirit, upon a throne and glorifying him. And the seven virgins stand before her, […] possessing thirty harps, and psalteries and trumpets, glorifying him. And all the armies of the angels glorify him, and they bless him. Now where he sits is upon a throne of light

Now Pistis Sophia set him apart from the darkness and summoned him to her right, and the prime parent she put at her left. Since that day, right has been called justice, and left called wickedness. Now because of this, they all received a realm in the congregation of justice and wickedness.”

The prime parent mentioned is Yaldabaoth. I will be the first to admit I am still trying to understand the gods of the Old Testament. I believe there are multiple gods represented in the Old Testament. They are the assembly of gods mentioned in Genesis.  The story mirrors the Enuma Elish and other ancient Mesopotamian texts which talk about the two brothers Enki and Enlil and the rest of the Anunnaki. En-ki is actually a title. He also goes by the name Ea. He is also known as Yahweh, Yah and Sabaoth and, I may be wrong on this, but I believe he is also our beloved Zorra.

Enlil fits into the Old Testament too. I posit that Jehovah and Yahweh are not the same god but that the two have been conflated into being one God. That is, that Jehovah Enlil is the mean and angry god who demands sacrifices, and Yahweh is the loving god who says burnt offerings are repugnant to him. In case you haven’t noticed, the God of the Old Testament is self-contradictory! I believe it’s because those Israelites had two Anunnaki brothers telling them what to do. Really, does the god of the Old Testament want the Israelite’s to keep the ten commandments – or break every one of them at his command?

It’s really hard to sort this story out, because it’s hard to know what characters in the lower planes correspond with characters in the higher planes, but the ancient Gnostic text called On the Origin of the World specifically talks about Yaldabaoth and his sons creating Adam/Adapa and Eve/Titi, and the Mesopotamian creation stories talk about En-Ki and his sister Nin-Mah doing the same thing! Do you see how things could get confusing? Unfortunately, my third eye isn’t opened yet and I am not ‘all seeing’! Somewhere Enki and Enlil’s father Anu has to fit in the picture too.

To understand what I am referring to, it is important to understand that Source creates through emanations. Think of it as a family tree lineage chart. Start with One at the top and then the tree ‘roots’ below it are ever expanding. Source’s emanations emanate, or send out fractals of themselves into alternate creations.

Cobra describes Yaldabaoth as a plasma entity with a low consciousness. I’m not sure if Yaldabaoth incarnates or not. I do know that he can control through thought projection. He also seems to operate through artificial intelligence.

Enki/Yahweh and Nin-Mah are the mother and father who have physically walked the Earth, who love us and gave us some of their dna. They are, to the best of my knowledge, each different combinations of feline, avian and reptilian genes.  Somewhere the ‘tall white’ giants mentioned in the Bible come into play. They, I believe, are what is referred to as the Ancient Builder Race. I believe they are Aryans, from Orion who may have possibly originally been a feline race from Lyra. Ea is, I believe, a combination of Anunnaki also known as Kur or Gur, which is a para-saurian (dinosaur) and Reptilian or Draco. The Draco’s are reptilians with wings. Another reptilian race on Earth are the Nagas. They are half-serpent half-human.  Enlil and Anu are pure Kur/Nibiruans who we know as Anunnaki. Nin-Mah may be where we get some feline and avian dna. I recently heard that the negative ones of the race are the ones called the Anunnaki and the positive side prefers to be called Nibiruan. I don’t know if this is true or not.

Long ago, the two original races of this polarization integration game were feline and avian races. The Avians created the Reptilian race. The royal families of the felines and reptilians inter-married long ago to try to try to bring about peace between them. So far it hasn’t worked!

Yahweh/Enki has always gone against the rest of his family on behalf of the humans whose dna he tinkered with. The majority of his family wanted to keep humans as no more than slaves but he has consistently striven to improve humanity and the human condition. He has worked to produce a human who could stand up to their Anunnaki controllers and overthrow them. In fact, I would say that he was ultimately successful and we are witnessing that today. He did it through a line of humans who descend from his and Nin-Mahs sons and daughters. His son Ningishzidda/Thoth I believe was the same soul as Jesus. So you would be seeing Sabaoth and Sananda/Jesus on a higher level sending aspects or fractals of themselves into the physical realm in the persons Enki and Ningishzidda/Thoth.

The Mesopotamian creation stories tell of how the Anunnaki came to this planet to get gold but their workers rebelled because of the hard work of mining. So the Anunnaki added their dna to a primate species to create a worker race. Enki and his genetic scientist half-sister Nin-Mah were the ones to do this. They used their own dna and Nin-Mah even at one point used her own womb to produce the various humans – so they came to look upon humans as their children. Their own children married into certain lineages of humanity. One common trait of their family is a propensity to RH negative blood. Enlil’s side of the family married into this race of Anunnaki humans too. These became the royal houses world-wide.

It is true that Enki and Nin-Mah disconnected humans from their innate connection to their godhood. When humans were in a more animalistic and primitive state they may not have been as advanced intellectually, but they were connected to Source and all of creation. They disconnected that and installed the reptilian brain with its fight or flight mentality and an advanced analytical brain. They got their good workers – and they got their warriors too. Enki, however, was always thinking ahead and he left humans a gift.  He coded our dna to make all twelve strands reconnect at a future point.  We are at that point now. You can be sure that many of his family are not happy with him for doing that.

The Elohim created the original humans. The Elohim were the original creator gods and goddesses who started this creation story, this game of duality and polarization integration – so, I believe, that may mean that they would be Avians and Felines. You can see depictions of them in Egypt. For example, Thoth was a bird-headed human and Bastet was a feline-headed human.  The first humans on Earth were the equivalent of what are known today as types of Yeti or Sasquatch, or possibly the Neanderthal and Cro-Magnons – or earlier species. They were part of the animal kingdom. So that was what was considered ‘wrong’ about the sons of God ‘coming unto’ the daughters of men. I guess you could say it demeaned angels by cross-breeding them with animals. Or – it could be looked at another way, as in taking an animal to the human level, with the goal of taking it to an angelic level. This created a situation where we took the angelic kingdom lower than it had ever gone in consciousness, and after eons of struggle, we are taking that angelic consciousness back to the higher realms where it belongs – but with a greater breadth of experience than we otherwise could have experienced. Whether or not this was part of the original plan – I could not say.

We have been led to believe that the creation story in the Bible happened in Mesopotamia, which is roughly what we today consider the Near East – Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Israel, etc., but the beginning of the book of Genesis takes place in Atlantis. The Great Flood spoken of in Genesis is the sinking of Atlantis. The Atlanteans who escaped, literally took to the mountaintops in such places as Machu Picchu, the Pyrenees and Mt. Ararat in modern day Turkey.

The sons of Noah represent the three branches of the Caucasian or white race. According to the anthropologist Robert Sepehr, this was taught in churches until about one hundred and fifty years ago. Noah’s son Japheth stayed in the Caucasus area. They were the Scythians who splintered into tribal groups as they made their way westwards across Europe. Some of these are the Khazarians – the real trouble makers! These are the Ashkenazi or false Jews who are the synagogue of Satan spoken of in the Bible’s Book of Revelation. They are Nazi’s among other things. They are false Jews because the true Jews descend from Noah’s son Shem. Shem is the father of the Semites. This is the line that led to Moses, King David, and Jesus. Shem was given the land around what is today modern day Israel and Syria. Noah’s son Ham went to Egypt. Noah’s sons became the leaders of all the lands they moved to.

There has been dna testing done on the mummies of the 18th and 19th dynasties of Egyptian pharaohs, which includes Akhenaten and Tutankhamun/Tutanhkaten – which, according to current dna classification, are ‘Western European’ because their dna fell into the R1a classification.  Our male family dna lineages are R1a and R1b.  The 144,000 incarnated into the Tribes of Israel. That brings us to the 144,000, but for our beginning, I refer to the following from the author of The Lost Teachings of Atlantis:

“The Edgar Cayce readings relate that a soul named Amilius saw the fallen state of the angels on Earth and volunteered to be the leader of a group of 144,000 souls who would enter into Earth life to try to extricate their fellow souls from their material prisons. To accomplish this, Amilius and the 144,000 would have to commit to the entire evolutionary cycle of Earth life and would be subject to the same things other souls had who had forgotten their origin. Cayce related that the soul of Amilius was the soul of Jesus and also the Adam of the Old Testament of the Bible. To extricate souls from materiality, Amilius had to experience what the other souls experienced, in order to transform humans from within.

…Edgar Cayce’s readings relate that it was Amilius who created the new bodies for humans that included the seven chakras and spiritual circuitry which would enable humans to be in contact with the realms of God and the angels. The readings related that this mixture of a body made of earth and spirit was a harmony never before realized, and that the body was created from the highest realms of God.”