Welcome to this site. I spent more than seven years researching and writing the material found here. I am a prophetess of Israel, and if you identify as one of the 144000, or the Elect – then you are Israel. Israel and the Elect are many more than 144000 – we brought lots of others with us! If you are a Light worker, then you are a Chosen One and one of the Elect. Israel has incarnated into all races and nationalities, both in the past and present, so even if you don’t identify with “Israel” – that is nothing to be concerned about.

I consider myself one of the historians of the Israelite’s. Not an infallible one – but one nonetheless. The following is our story as best as I can understand it – warts and all.

Hopefully, as a Light worker you understand that when we incarnated into ‘separation’ and duality we intended to act out both light and dark roles. I have mainly focused on the ‘good’ side of the family, but the ‘dark’ side masquerades as light, so it’s hard to know sometimes whom one is really seeing.

If you are a Light worker, you also know that everything is upside down in this world. The most evil humans, most of whom aren’t really even human, masquerade as ‘philanthropist’s’ and are ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’. The ‘good guy’ has been made to be the ‘bad guy’ and vice versa.

I hope the words you find here will help you find some clarification, but as you will see, I don’t have all the answers and freely admit where I am still confused.

I suggest you use the upper menu when navigating the site and start at the top left and work your way to the right and down in progression. These were originally book chapters and there is some sequencing involved that helps to bring a little more clarity to what I am trying to bring forward.

I welcome your input. If you would like to contact me I can be reached at the e-mail address listed on this site.

I am Melinda Siebold and in ancient Lemuria I was a historian who went by the title ‘Lady of the Sun’.

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