Welcome to this site. I spent more than seven years researching and writing the material found here. I am a prophetess of Israel, and if you identify as one of the 144000, or the Elect – then you are Israel. Israel and the Elect are many more than 144000 – we brought lots of others with us! If you are a Light worker, then you are a Chosen One and one of the Elect. Israel has incarnated into all races and nationalities, both in the past and present, so even if you don’t identify with “Israel” – that is nothing to be concerned about.

I consider myself one of the historians of the Israelite’s. Not an infallible one – but one nonetheless. The following is our story as best as I can understand it – warts and all.

Hopefully, as a Light worker you understand that when we incarnated into ‘separation’ and duality we intended to act out both light and dark roles. I have mainly focused on the ‘good’ side of the family, but the ‘dark’ side masquerades as light, so it’s hard to know sometimes whom one is really seeing.

If you are a Light worker, you also know that everything is upside down in this world. The most evil humans, most of whom aren’t really even human, masquerade as ‘philanthropist’s’ and are ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’. The ‘good guy’ has been made to be the ‘bad guy’ and vice versa.

I hope the words you find here will help you find some clarification, but as you will see, I don’t have all the answers and freely admit where I am still confused.

I suggest you use the upper menu when navigating the site and start at the top left and work your way to the right and down in progression. These were originally book chapters and there is some sequencing involved that helps to bring a little more clarity to what I am trying to bring forward.

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I am Melinda Siebold and in ancient Lemuria I was a historian who went by the title ‘Lady of the Sun’.

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The Beginning of My Journey


Daniel Boone                                           Pocahontas

The story of the 144000 began as my personal family story. At first, I had no idea where my search would lead me. It began at the end of May 2008, when my life took a sudden turn. It started simply enough, through genealogy research. I had been researching my paternal line for eight or nine years. I could trace the line to the 1650’s in England to an Edward Mashborne who married Sarah Sindery. My family line was through their son Edward junior who had a brother Matthias and sister Mary. When Edward junior was seven, his mother passed away, and after a few years, his father married a woman named Elizabeth Nash. When Edward junior was twelve, his father also passed away. Edward, Matthias and Mary continued living with their step-mother Elizabeth in London. After a few years, Elizabeth Mashborne married Edward Loyd, owner of Loyd’s Coffee House in London. It was common then for business people to gather in coffee houses and pubs to conduct business. Loyd’s was a hub of maritime trade. One endeavor there was the pooling of risk to insure ships voyages. This business later became the well-known Lloyd’s of London insurance business.

In 1698 Edward junior sailed to North America and established a home in a place called Sarum in Chowan, Nansemond Territory, Virginia. Sarum was located about twenty miles south-east of Jamestown and was situated between the Chowan and Nansemond Indian villages. Edward established a school for the children of both Indians and European settlers. Circa 1728 after the pirate Black Beard had been hanged and his home port was made habitable for civilized society, Edward and his family moved to Onslow County North Carolina where the family had a large plantation and Edward continued his duties as a school master and as Onslow County Clerk.

Edward’s son Matthew was born circa 1704. He stayed just a short time in Onslow then moved back to the Chowan/Nansemond area. I believe the reason he moved back was because of a certain girl named Sarah. I have believed for a long time that Sarah was Indian.  It’s Matthew and Sarah’s line alone that has a tradition of Indian heritage within the Mashburn family. Matthew’s line later moved to Hillsborough in Orange County North Carolina. I was able to find several of my family lines living in the same area circa the 1750’s-1790’s. I noticed that on tax lists from the era there were many mixed-blood, that is, Indian/European family names. One of these was George Guess, otherwise known as Sequoyah. Another was the famous Sam Houston of Alamo fame. He was the adopted son of Cherokee Chief John Jolly. Also part of this group were the Bollings who were one of the ‘First Families’ of Virginia. They were descended from the Boleyn royal family of England. Also living in the area were the descendants of Pocahontas, known by her Indian name Matoaka, and John Rolfe – one of the founders of Jamestown. According to family histories, I descend from them by several lines but I have only confirmed one so far.  In May of 2008, I was looking into my Cherokee history. There were mixed-blood Cherokee with the last name of Morgan who were influential in the war of 1812 and the Civil War. I wanted to find out if I was related to them as an Elizabeth Morgan had married my ancestor Drury Mashburn.

At the same time, I started an e-mail group of Mashburn genealogy researchers. The idea was to share what we were working on in order to save time and avoid duplication of effort. The group consisted of some thirty researchers. I was discussing the Morgan-Cherokee connection with the group and the subject of a Quaker connection with the Morgan’s came up. After I started to trace that line, I realized  I was finding ancestors from both my maternal and paternal lines living together and I traced them back to a Quaker colony called Gwynedd, in Pennsylvania.

These Quaker’s had come from Gwynedd in Wales to Pennsylvania circa 1690. Records of the era indicated that they hoped to buy a large amount of land and intended to establish an independent territory, being their own governors. One historian equated it with a Baronetcy. These Quaker colonists were all inter-related and descendants of Welsh/British royalty.  One of their historical appellations was ‘Princes of Gwynedd’. The famous explorer Daniel Boone and his family was among them and I am related to him. I even had links to the Caesar’s and royalty of ancient Rome through them. Most of the people in my e-mail group also shared this Welsh-Quaker connection, so I excitedly related everything I learned about our family to them. As I followed these families, I began to notice patterns. One pattern was that they were instigators in a series of failed independent colonies. One of these was the Colony of Transylvania. According to Wikipedia, “Transylvania was a short-lived colony primarily in what is now the U.S. state of Kentucky. The colony was founded in 1775 by Richard Henderson of North Carolina who purchased the land from the Cherokees. The most famous resident of Transylvania was the American pioneer Daniel Boone who was hired by Henderson to establish the Wilderness Trail through the Cumberland Gap into central Kentucky, where he founded Boone’s borough, the capital of the colony. Transylvania ceased to exist after Virginia invalidated Henderson’s purchase in 1776.”

Another endeavor was the Wataugan’s who in 1775, purchased land from the Cherokee and in August 1776 petitioned North Carolina for recognition of an independent state called Washington District. Among the signers of the petition was John Sevier the first governor of Tennessee and the famous frontiersman Davy Crockett. Family names on the petition were Robinson, Cox, Wilson, Jones, Hughes, Moore, Williams and Davis. All names you would expect from British origins. As related in the book Sketches of North Carolina;

“Cherokee sell lands in 1774. Men from Orange County North Carolina made the Treaty of Watauga. The company took possession of the lands on the 20th of April 1775, the Indians appointing an agent John Farrar to make a delivery according to law. Governor Martin issued a proclamation saying the purchase was illegal.”

The Farrar’s were also one of the Virginia First Families and another family with a long history that weaves in and out of my family story. I found that these families had ties that went back hundreds of years. In France, their last names were de Bohun, de Croqetaine and de Ferriers.

Another of these ventures was the State of Franklin. Again, they bought land from the Cherokee to establish their own state. Family names involved in this were John Sevier, William Wilson, William Jones, Benjamin Gist/Guess and William Moore. I discovered that I am related to many of the original Jamestown settlers. They were families who were investors in the Virginia Company – the financial backers of the Jamestown settlement. As I started to research my other family lines on I was stunned to find out the famous people I was related to – literally most of the old European aristocracy and many adventurers, politicians and famous writers.

Another pattern I noticed was that my maternal and paternal lines had been moving around together for the last four hundred and fifty years! They were literally in the same small village in Brackley, Northampton England in the 1500’s, in the same neighborhood in London in the 1600’s, in Orange, Burke and Macon Counties in North Carolina in the seventeen and eighteen hundreds, in the same town in Missouri and then in California. My parents met in high school in California having no idea of their family’s inter-woven history. My dad had been born in California, but my mom was born in Missouri and came to California when she was fourteen.

Looking back at the saved postings to my email group, I see that in early July of 2008, less than six weeks after I started my e-mail group, I related to them that I had talked to a relative who confirmed the Quaker connection. He also told me that we were related to, “the Rothschild’s and Furr’s who were both wealthy Jewish families.” I didn’t know what to make of it. I’m a life-long Southern Baptist whose ancestors were Southern Baptist. In fact, they were most likely some of the originators of the denomination in North Carolina. As far as I knew I had German, Scottish, English, Irish, Welsh and Cherokee Indian ancestry. That same relative told me that our family was the lost Bear Clan of the Cherokees. The Cherokee were descendants of the Hopewell or Mound Builder culture. They built the serpent mounds in Ohio, Missouri and elsewhere. The last word regarding the Bear Clan of the Cherokee was that they were headed to the Rocky Mountains. They were never heard from again. They most likely moved to different areas and continued on with their lives. I read somewhere that before the families separated they made a vow to never again talk about their past. That seemed strange to me. What did they have to hide?

Another thing that happened at that time, and unfortunately I don’t remember the way it played out to relate it properly, but it went through my mind that my family was a lost tribe of Israel. The lost tribe of the Cherokee, and also of Israel. At that time, I googled the words Rhodes, Quaker and Onslow. Rhodes was a family name and Onslow a county in North Carolina. Instead of finding something related to any of these, I was taken to:


By Donald N. Panther-Yates

To my amazement, the article was discussing people called Melungeons who were a mixed race, comprised mainly of Sephardic Jews, Moors, Berbers and Native Americans. The author Donald Yates had partnered with Rutgers University professor Elizabeth Hirschman in writing a book called Melungeons-the Last Lost Tribe in America. I couldn’t get away from the lost tribe theme! The article relates that Panther-Yates spoke on the subject of Sephardic Jewish influence and intermarriage with the Cherokee, Creek, Chickasaw, Choctaw and Seminole, in an article in the Appalachian Quarterly. He also wrote an article on the Jewish American Indian Chiefs of the old South. The author called the Melungeons ‘crypto-Jews’. Some were from converted populations of French and Spanish Jews who recalled their lines of descent from the patriarchs Judah, Levi, Benjamin or David. The article speaks of their inter-marriage with the Lumbee, Pamunkey and Cherokee Sephardim families. There are two groups of Jews – the Ashkenazi and Sephardim. The Sephardim are called the ‘Southern Jews’. The Ashkenazi originated in Eastern Europe, the Sephardim in Palestine. To quote the author;

“In some cases, among the Lumbee’s, Pamunkey and Cherokee, Sephardim families took over the tribal hierarchy. Jewish Cherokee chiefs such as Will Webber, John Ross, George Guess (Sequoyah), John Looney, George Lowrey and Sam Houston signed treaties, wrote laws and constitutions and led their people westward to Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas.”

They go on to say that they Sephardim used Freemason’s lodges as their ‘sponsors’ or ‘covers’. Incredibly, they say that Daniel Boone was a Sephardic crypto or ‘hidden’ Jew. They say that other ‘covers’ for them were the Huguenots, Quakers, Freemasonry, the Scottish clan system, Ulster Presbyterianism, and Primitive Baptist congregations. Then, in confirmation of my observance of their patterns to establish an independent territory the author wrote; “He (John Adair) later lent his storehouse to provision the Cumberland settlers under James Robertson. But with the failure of the State of Franklin and such schemes as the Yazoo Land Fraud, hopes for a true homeland soon focused on Missouri, Arkansas and Texas farther west.” And that all these families were linked with the “Cherokee-Chickasaw-Choctaw-Powhatan ruling dynasties. The common denominator in all these families was their crypto-Judaism.”

Powhatan was the father of Pocahontas and an Algonquian Indian. Pocahontas mother was a Cherokee, which was one of the Iroquoian tribes. The article goes on to relate stories about the Chickamauga Cherokee, Chief Dragging canoe and other people that relate to my Cherokee ancestry.


I found a list of common Melungeon surnames. At least a quarter of the names on the list were my family names. The names just seemed ‘English’ to me. I looked up lists of Quaker, Huguenot and Jewish names and found many of my family names on those too.

I had been told my family had a link to the Cherokee through a man with the last name Ledbetter who had lived with the Cherokee in the 1700’s in the Appalachian Mountains so I googled the words Ledbetter, Cherokee and Appalachia. The first web-page that came up was titled ‘Ancient Baptist Succession in Wales’. I think you can see that’s not what I expected to find! The article talked about the Olchon Baptist Church in the English Midlands on the border between England and Wales. To quote that article;

“Their ancient Baptist heritage included principles of closed membership and communion. They were not reformed, claiming a succession to Christ through the Apostle Paul.  Former pastor of Olchon Baptist Church, John Howells states; ‘the ancient Britons of Wales, around Olchon, maintained an unbroken chain of succession from Christ.’ The true apostolic succession is to be found here and here only, in the history of the genuine Baptists.

From Paul downwards to this day they have never failed as a visible body of believers, witnessing for the truth as it is in Jesus and in maintaining the like faith and practice. Continuing constant in season and out of season in spite of bonds, imprisonments, the fiery stake, the headsman’s axe, the hangman’s cord, the assassin’s sword, the damp, dark, dreary and un-drained dungeon, the racking tortures of the inquisition, the perverted Roman church. There has been all along the blood-tinged ages of martyrdom an uninterrupted preservation of the primitive creed and ritual of the church of the Pentecost, so signally inaugurated in the upper room in Jerusalem.

There is no missing link in this celestial chain from age to age of the remnant according to the election of grace. The Apostle Paul concludes his second epistle to Timothy with greetings from some of the saints gathered with him in Rome. Among those mentioned are Pudence and Claudia. Paul’s mention of these Welsh Christians casts some doubt as to their being in Wales in 63 A.D. since it is believed Paul wrote II Timothy in 66 A.D., however, the identities of Pudence and Claudia are well documented. Claudia was the daughter of Welsh King Caractacus.”

I knew I had been guided to this webpage for a reason. I knew they were referring to my Welsh ancestors – my research later confirmed it. Now, I don’t believe I was being led on this journey without a reason. Hard as it may be for some readers to believe, I received much of this information via divine revelation. It’s hard to describe the experience. It comes to me in several ways. One way is that I feel like I’m surrounded by something that I now know is my auric egg (aura). The world outside it tunes out and everything inside it is magnified. If I am reading a message, the words appear raised off the page. I also hear that ‘still small voice’. Yes I hear a voice! This is known as clairaudience. I have limited powers of prophecy. I have no control over it.

The author and scholar, Margaret Starbird planned to write a book to refute the novel Holy Blood Holy Grail. In that book the author’s put forward their belief that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene and had children with her. Margaret’s book, entitled The Goddess in the Gospels instead of refuting the idea, ended up being a testament to the possibility of such a union. In Margaret’s book, she relates some interesting ways that God communicates with people. One example was that one of the members of her prayer group had a statue of Jesus that she especially treasured. One day the statue broke. Her husband knew how much his wife loved the statue, so he glued it back together. However, there was one large piece from the foundation that was inexplicably never found. When this woman related the experience to her prayer group, one of the members believed that the lesson to be found in the missing piece was that there was a piece missing in the current pattern of the body of Christ and an equivalent piece missing in each human person as a result.  They believed that the current Church was going to be shattered and they would help rebuild it according to the right pattern. Margaret states; “The missing piece of the foundation and the true blueprint trying to be manifested were a mystery Mary and her friends could not at first fathom.” Margaret goes on to say that she came to understand that a revised interpretation of Christian truths was needed along with a deeper look at the doctrine concerning the full humanity of Jesus. She also believed that a better understanding of the role of Mary Magdalene in the life of Jesus was needed.

Margaret relates that she first looked at scripture to counter what she believed at the time to be a false assertion that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene and had children. She took her Bible and prayed to Jesus and told him that she would burn the book Holy Blood Holy Grail but first wanted to know if he wanted to show her anything about the subject. She relates that she let her Bible fall open to a random page and when she looked down she was staring at the frontispiece of the New Testament, where it was written; New Testament….A REVISION. She remarked that some ten years previous, the prayer group at her church was told that they would have a part in rewriting Holy Scripture. She wrote; “I was frightened at the mere idea; it seemed blatantly, outrageously presumptuous! I closed my Bible and prayed for clarification: “In what way does the New Testament need to be revised?” I asked. Then I opened my Bible again, this time to find that the page before me was from the Second Book of Kings. I noticed with relief that it was not a New Testament passage. How could it be even vaguely relevant?”

She says that she began to read a line from the upper right hand column to which her thumb seemed to be pointing. The verse said; “Restore my wife whom I espoused to me…”  She wrote that the impact of the line began to dawn on her. The passage was referring to King David’s wife Michael who was King Saul’s daughter. But as Margaret wrote; “But in light of the question I had asked, the line seemed to be Christ’s answer to me in that moment. I was shaken. Confirmation of his marriage was the last thing I had expected. Yet there could not possibly be any other page in my entire 1500 page Bible on which this poignantly significant injunction was printed!”

Margaret goes on to say that she prayed for enlightenment and said in her prayer, “Lord, I know you have a Bride, the Church. Is that the wife you mean me to restore?” Once again, Margaret opened her Bible. She said that marked by her thumb on the page before her was Galatians 4:22-24; “For it is written that Abraham had two sons, one by the slave-girl and the other by a free woman. And the son of the slave-girl was born according to the flesh, but the son of the free woman in virtue of the promise.” By this, Margaret believed she was being told that Jesus had two offspring. One – the Church – “in virtue of the promise” and the other “of the flesh”.

Margaret then tells of her experience of relating all this to a member of her prayer group who was adamant in her disbelief that Jesus was married. She told Margaret that maybe she had misunderstood and that it was Margaret’s ‘inner bride’ that needed to be restored – not the Church. Two days later, that friend from the prayer group called Margaret back. She related a story of how she had been having plumbing problems with a toilet that was slowly leaking around its base. They called a plumber and he found a hairline crack in the base that was causing the leak. He removed the toilet base and replaced it with the same make and style. The next day they found more water at the base of the toilet. They called the plumber again and he found another hairline fracture in the new toilet base. When looking at the base, Margaret’s friend noticed the name of the manufacturer. It was ‘Church’. Now her friend believed that the crack really was in the foundation of the Church! That crack in that foundation was the lost Feminine – the Bride.

These examples bring up some intriguing subjects for discussion, but they were only meant to show  a variety of ways God can speak to us.

For five or six weeks, I had been on quite a ride. I had learned that my family is Jewish – the Lost Tribe of Judah. I call them lost because my identity as one of them was certainly lost to me. I had discovered that my ancestors were merchant adventurers who were investors in the Virginia Company which had established the colony of Jamestown. They played a large part in establishing the American colonies and even helped finance the Revolutionary War. George Washington’s family lived near mine in Northampton England in the 1600’s. His family were members of the Lloyd’s exchange along with other of my family lines. My ancestors were the Anjou’s, the Plantagenet’s, the French Valois Dynasty, the Merovingian’s, the Welsh Pendragons, the Tudors and Stuarts. My family was and still is, rife with politicians. They were leaders and civilizers and adventurers, but who exactly were/are they? They definitely belonged to some sort of group – but what was it that bound them together?

They continued to marry into the Indian tribes into the seventeen and eighteen hundreds, which in those times was a highly stigmatized thing to do. I thought perhaps it was because the Indians were also a Semitic people – descendants of Noah’s son Shem. The Asians are included in this group and American Indians were said to have come over the Bering Straits from Asia when that land bridge became crossable. Somewhere I read that the Puritans coveted the Crown of the New Millennium they said their Messiah would award to the Christian sect who united all people including the Jews and  Indians. This was an intriguing possibility too.

As Quaker’s, my ancestors met just once a month and called it the monthly meeting and that was pretty much what it was. They would sit in silence. Anyone who felt called would speak. They were very democratic and practiced equal rights between men and women. They would marry only other Quakers and Native Americans. They were extremely strict on morals and ruled each other in that respect. They would have business meetings and discuss who needed help or vote on marriages or other community business. This was a very strange religious model to me. How could these people be so pious, but not religious? I later came to understand that their ‘sitting in silence’ was simply them meditating. They didn’t need to hear a preacher – they received messages directly from Source.

As quickly as I began feeling exalted by my ancestry, I started reading some very troubling things.  It got so I would put a sticky note on the front of a book indicating if it was o.k. for my dad to read or not. About six months into my research, I stopped communicating with my e-mail group. I needed to understand who our family was before saying another word about them. It quickly became apparent that our family was the Freemasons, Illuminati and New World Order people!

I then learned that the people behind the Virginia Company were descended from the twenty-four families of the high priests of Israel – known as the Ma’madot. So my family lines were from the kings and high priests of Israel – it just kept getting better!  It was unbelievable to think that I am related to all the people I learned about week after week in church. But still, my ancestors were the Freemasons, Illuminati and New World Order people!  These however, turned out to be just part of the problem. There was also the matter of myth, allegory and metaphor. I kept finding my family history enveloped in myths and legends. For example, King Arthur is in my family, as is Perceval of the Grail Knights, Lancelot and all the others. Then there were the Swan Knights, the Troubadours and let’s not forget Melusine my fairy ancestor. According to the author Laurence Gardner, my ancestors were also nymphs, wood sprites, gnomes, and other woodland spirits. According to more than one source, I descend from the sea beast Bistea Neptunis!

Even the words I was reading were alarming. Take ‘occult’ for instance. In my mind it was synonymous with ‘evil’. It really means ‘hidden’. People were calling my ancestors sorcerers and witches. I kept running into the word ‘gnosis’, which in a simple explanation means ‘spiritual knowledge’. Suddenly everything was esoteric (inner) and exoteric (outer) and everything was ONE BIG SECRET.

Shortly thereafter, I finished putting quite a few generations of my family history in the databank on Their database connects your information with information input by their other members. They also had a feature that I don’t find on the site now called the Millennium Trees. On those trees, I found I could go backward in time for what seemed like ludicrously long time-periods. If I came to a dead-end, I backed up a page or two and tried another line. I found eight lines rather quickly that led back to Joseph of Arimathea and Jesus and Mary Magdalene.  Yes, it was right there on the computer screen! For those of you not familiar with the Bible, Joseph of Arimathea was the ‘rich man’ who gave his tomb for Jesus burial.

Did you ever wonder why the Mormons, who own the genealogy websites, care so much about everyone’s ancestry?  It’s because they are a part of our very large family. They evidently wanted to be able to know who their relatives are! Believe me, there are multi-millions of us. You, the reader, could be one of us. You could have a very interesting family history to learn about. Two of the titles of our family are Rex Deus, which means ‘Kings of God’ and another is Desposyni, said to be relatives of Jesus through his mother. We are the ‘Grail Family’ of the Grail Legends.

So now I’m a Jew who is a descendent of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. What could be bad about that? I figured I would adopt some Jewish practices, maybe change the Sabbath to Saturday and observe some holy days. I was shocked to learn that Jesus and his family didn’t practice the orthodox, ‘rabbinical’ Judaism of today. In fact, they didn’t practice the orthodox ‘Levitical’ Judaism of their own day either. There were three main Jewish sects at that time, the Essenes, the Pharisees and the Sadducees. Jesus was a Nazorean of the sect of the Essenes. The Nazoreans were a more ascetic branch of the Essenes.

This is widely acknowledged by scholars, so I don’t plan to try to convince you of this. In fact, I don’t plan on trying to convince anyone of anything in this book. I am just the messenger, I am not the convincer. The definition of the word ‘Nazorean’ is ‘he who reveals what is hidden,’ which just about sums up our family’s pre-occupation through long eras of evolution on Earth. In fact – that’s what I am doing in these posts, I am helping to reveal what has been hidden.

The Essenes practiced the Jewish Old Religion. Since the discovery of the Nag Hammadi Texts, Dead Sea Scrolls and other books preserved and found through the providence of God, the truth is being made known at this time. The Nag Hammadi texts were written in the first centuries of our era (C.E.) and buried in earthenware jars about 400 C.E. They were written in Coptic, the Egyptian language written in the Greek alphabet. The manuscripts were transcribed from Greek into Coptic by Egyptian Christians. The Coptic Christian church was started by the biblical apostle Mark. These Coptic Christians were called Sethian Gnostics. The name Seth comes up a lot in this story. Seth, as you may know, was the third son of Adam and Eve. The Egyptian Gnostic Christians under the early Roman church were threatened with banishment and/or death should they be found in possession of their own literature. To preserve their books from destruction, the Sethians buried them in clay jars. The codices were found buried at the foot of the cliff-tombs of Gebel el-Tarif in Egypt in 1945, a place once called Shenesit-Chenoboskion, Shenesit meaning ‘the acacias of Seth’. The texts bring forward from ancient times the religious beliefs of the Egyptians, Greeks, Hebrews, Chaldeans, Persians, Indians and Sumerians. All of these are our family group and co-religionists. You will see them repeatedly in this story. Please understand that it was our family and co-religionists who were threatened with punishment including death by the early Christian church. Because, you see, the Roman church didn’t practice the same religion as our family did – as you will learn as you read these posts.

The religion of the Essenes is considered a Gnostic religion. In fact, I read that even Baptists and Quakers are considered Gnostics.  Knowing what I know now about Gnostic religions, I can tell you that Baptists are far removed from their original religion. One description of gnosis is that it’s a direct experience or ‘knowing’ from God. No matter what point in history I traced our ancestry, there was one constant – that constant was gnosis.

The holy line of Seth was preserved in Shem one of three sons of Noah, who kept the knowledge of the true God and passed it on to his descendants. Shem’s descendants are the Semites. His is the line that descended to among others, Abraham, Isaac and Jesus. The sons of Abraham were Isaac and Ishmael. Isaac’s descendants are the Jews, Hebrews and Israelites. Ishmael’s descendants are the Arabs.  One of Isaac’s sons was Jacob, later called Israel, who was the patriarch of the Israelites. Esau, the brother of Isaac, was the patriarch of the Edomite’s. The Jews are so designated because they descend or at least should, from Judah, one of the twelve sons of Jacob/Israel. Today Jews are considered anyone who is of the faith of the Jews, regardless of bloodline. Another definition of the Jewish race today is that anyone whose mother is Jewish is considered Jewish. There are many who believe that the majority of people thought of as Jews today are not really Jews at all! If this seems preposterous to you, then what about the bible verse in Revelations 2:8 that says; “I know the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.”  I don’t plan on going into detail on this, but I will say that to anyone interested, look up the stories of the Khazar’s and Edomite’s conversion to Judaism. Also you need to know that Ashkenaz, the forefather of the Khazars, whom the Ashkenazi Jews descend from, was not a descendant of Shem, the father of the Semites. Ashkenaz was a descendant of Shem’s brother Japheth.

The first time the name Judah was used in the Bible is in 2 Kings 16:6. It was referring to the House of Judah only and did not include the ten northern tribes of Israel.  The line from Jacob-Israel’s son Judah is the one that descends to King David and Jesus. The designation Hebrew possibly came from the patriarch Eber, who was six generations before Abraham. Eber had other descendants who did not include the line to Jacob Israel, so the term ‘Hebrew’ is more inclusive than the title ‘Israelite’. The title ‘Israelite’ applies strictly to the descendants of Jacob-Israel. The Israelites were the part of the family who lived in Egypt for four hundred years starting at the time of the famine that brought the family to Egypt in the time of Joseph of the coat of many colors story in the Bible.

After leaving Egypt, when Jacob-Israel divided up the land between his sons, the area that includes Bethlehem and Jerusalem was given to Judah and Benjamin. These clans inter-married so much that they are considered Judeans and are indistinguishable from one another. From the Bible, we know that the Samaritans were the enemies of the Jews. The Bible doesn’t tell the reader that these were all from the same family group – but they were.  The Samaritans were the ten northern tribes of Israelites, which was composed of the descendants of the other ten sons of Jacob-Israel.

This book is ultimately being written to convey to my family who they are. Since there are multi-millions of us, I will address you, the reader, as part of my family and talk about ‘our’ family. In reality, this is the story of all humanity as we are all related. Some of us though are part of a multi-line, closely inter-related lineage that goes back thousands of years. We are a sub-group within humanity. Our lines are not only physical, but we are first of all, a soul group. Souls are birthed in waves – of what size I am unsure. Do you remember a little earlier in the story where Margaret Starbird made a reference to there being two churches, one of them spiritual and one of the flesh? Our soul family is that original, spiritual Church – called the Ecclesia. We are also that fleshly church. The same soul family group has incarnated into the same physical family groups for literally thousands of years. The knowledge of whether or not you are a part of this more closely related group can, I believe, be easily determined through standard genealogy research. I would suggest as they have the largest database. Once you start coming upon any kind of European royalty, you are a part of this family story. If you find Welsh royalty, you are a part of my closer line. I started with my grandparent’s generation circa 1900 and found lines in the database that led back to circa 1 C.E.

The author of the book The Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark – Amazing Revelations of the Incredible Power of Gold discusses an important piece of the puzzle that is our family;

“A widely acknowledged truism is that “knowledge is power”. Significantly, secret knowledge or teachings held by a limited elite constitute the potential for even greater power. It is apparently for this reason that the world history of the last several thousand years has had embedded in its scope the underlying theme of the struggle for control and power based on esoteric knowledge, understandings and wisdom. From the mystery schools of ancient Egypt and Greece, to the Jerusalem treasures uncovered by the Knights Templars to the modern day guarded secrets of the Trilateral Commission and various other secretive organizations, the greatest heritage of the human race has been carefully and studiously withheld from the mainstream of society.”

That heritage he refers to are understandings and techniques with the potential for enormous enlightenment and evolution of the individual. They have been denied to humanity and held for the exclusive use of those in power.

There might be something to those conspiracy theories after all.

End Times and the 144000

Apocalypse: Something disclosed, especially something not previously known or realized: disclosure, expose`, exposure, revelation.

Resurrection, then, involves a shift in consciousness – it is the revelation of what is, and the transformation of things, and a transition into newness. Revelations by Elaine Pagels

But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the Earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up. 2 Peter 3:10

The end of all things is near. Love covers a multitude of sins. 1 Peter 4:7

Happy are those that persevere to the end, for they shall inherit the Earth. –  Spoken by Jesus in the Essene Gospel of Peace

Since you have kept my command to endure patiently, I will also keep you from the hour of trial that is going to come upon the whole world to test those who live on the Earth. Revelations 3:10

And he will send his angels and gather his elect from the four winds, from the ends of the earth to the ends of the heavens. Mark 13:27

The quotes above are as they first appeared in my book, from which these posts were taken. I finished it in 2015. I am thankful that much of what was prophesied in these verses has been avoided. The Day of the Lord may still come – but it may be after the thousand year Golden Age. I read somewhere that our solar system has an expiration date because our sun will be exploding and dying. That may be what is referred to in 2 Peter 3:10.  We have already been experiencing the ‘hour of trial’ that will come upon the Earth. Unless a Light worker has a lot of karma to deal with, I would expect that most of us have not been that affected by the turmoil around us. The verse from Mark 13:27 that refers to angels gathering the elect is no longer necessary. If the Earth had continued on the Armageddon timeline, the elect would have been physically removed from the Earth via spaceships. That is what the Operation Terra website is all about. It was preparing Light workers for that possibility. I encourage Light workers to go to that website, which is to read the messages there. They are from Sabaoth and Sananda. They are loaded with fascinating information regarding our history.

In the Jeshua channelings, Jeshua says that the end spoken of in the Bible’s book of Revelations is the ‘worst case scenario’. The truth is that humanity decides its fate by their thoughts and actions. Jesus gave us two simple rules; love God and other humans. If humanity could just do that – the future would be bright.

While in a self-induced trance state, Edgar Cayce saw himself in a future incarnation where the land mass of the United States was substantially changed. All the bottom lands of the Mississippi River basin was now ocean, as was much of the east and west coasts. We can see at this point in time that this would most likely be caused by the global warming we are now experiencing. The truth is that no prophet can foresee with one hundred percent accuracy because the future changes moment to moment depending on the choices people make. What prophets see are probabilities. The purpose of prophecy is to serve as a warning to people of what likely lays ahead if their behavior doesn’t change.

I have read that time was created for ‘us’. In all other realms time doesn’t exist. Our family has been meticulous time keepers, something that can be seen in the Mayan calendar. There are actually many ‘end times’. We refer to the end times when a cycle or sub-cycle of time is coming to an end. For instance, we just ended the age of Pisces and are now in the Aquarian Age. However, this time will be very momentous because our Light worker family and the Earth herself will be coming to the end of their cycles on the present Earth. Do you remember when Jesus said that our people had to prepare for at least three centuries to create the right kind of energy in a person, Mary, so that she could contain the power of the Christ Spirit? That’s what we are doing now on Earth, we are anchoring that star light energy and helping to bring about the elevation of the Earth and humanity. At the end there will be a Quantum Leap, and for that to happen things have to be aligned in the universe in a certain way.

At certain points in the cycle of time there are minor destructive phases on the Earth. This time though, as stated in the Bible; “The sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light, and the stars will be falling from heaven, and the powers in the heavens will be shaken” Mark 13: 24-25.

As I re-write this in September of 2018, I can’t help but notice that this verse refers to ‘stars falling from heaven’. We just recently learned in a channeled message from Ashtar that a day is coming soon that will be known as “The day the stars fell from the sky”. What was referred to in the message from Ashtar was a mass landing of spaceships!

The readings of Edgar Cayce are a valuable source of information regarding the end times and events in the Bible. In the book Edgar Cayce on Angels, it is written that Cayce said that the Second Coming represents God coming into the spiritual consciousness of the masses. The same author wrote; “The powers which Jesus had will eventually be ours when we are spiritually awakened.  As we become aware that souls were created as co-creators with God, we will follow in His footsteps and become Christ’s ourselves.”

From the Edgar Cayce Archives;

“Christ is the exemplar for all. He will return to Earth again as the Messiah, Lord and Master to receive His own and to rule. He described a new era of enlightenment and peace when divinity within humans would be manifested on the Earth. But before this “Kingdom of God” would rule the world, Cayce foresaw world events that can only be described as apocalyptic, a period of purification involving natural disasters that will dramatically alter the surface of the Earth, wars, economic collapse, and socio-political unrest. Cayce believed that these horrible future events could be averted if humanity changed its behavior. And this is the purpose for giving prophecies – to warn people to change so that the prophecies won’t happen. Cayce envisioned that a time would come when all individuals would realize their responsibility toward one another – a realization that would change the thought of humanity. During the height of World War II, he saw the possibility of a united world and a renewed sense of spirituality all over the world. When asked in 1944 which religious thought would lead the world toward the greatest amount of spiritual light and understanding, the reply was simply “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and your neighbor as yourself”

…..The Edgar Cayce information suggests that humanity’s consciousness has evolved and expanded over time. Cayce stated that this expansion of consciousness could be viewed throughout the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. From the readings perspective the next great evolution would be tied to the development of what Cayce termed ‘the fifth root race,’ an evolutionary occurrence that would mark a New Age and a new understanding of humanity’s relationship to God. When a 52-year-old construction engineer asked about this expanding consciousness in 1942, Cayce commented that each individual had to essentially work with personal soul development in order to resonate to that new consciousness: “You expect a new root race. What are you doing to prepare for it? You must prepare food for their bodies as well as their minds and their spiritual development!”

From the book Edgar Cayce on Angels; “Edgar Cayce commented on the scepter in Israel during his Bible class in 1939. ‘It was prophesied by Jacob that the scepter would not depart from Judah till Shiloh come, which is to say Judah’s descendants would be the material channel for the birth of the Redeemer of the world (Christ). Jesus said in the New Testament that ‘This generation shall not pass away, until all these things are fulfilled.’ (Luke 21:32)

The readings indicate that the ‘generation’ is a group of souls who are returning to help fulfill the Earth’s spiritual destiny: the reuniting in consciousness of humanity with God.  The readings have additional details about Israel being a soul group and not necessarily a physical race: “Israel is the chosen of the Lord,” the sleeping Cayce said, “and that His promises, His care, His love, has not departed from those that seek to know His way, that seek to see His face, this is the meaning, this should be the understanding to all. Those that seek are Israel. Know then, the scepter, the promise, the love, the glory of the Lord has not departed from them that seek His face.”

The 144,000 are the original Israel – a soul group. But as we learn from Jesus in the Gospel of the Holy Twelve, Lection 99; “And he said unto them. Love ye one another and all the creatures of God. Yet I say unto you, not all are men, who are in the form of man. Are they men or women in the image of God whose ways are ways of violence, of oppression and wrong, who choose a lie rather than the truth? Nay, verily, till they are born again and receive the Spirit of Love and Wisdom within their hearts. Then only are they sons and daughters of Israel, and being of Israel they are children of God, and for this cause came I into the world, and for this I have suffered at the hands of sinners.”

To continue with selections from Edgar Cayce on Angels;

“There were some readings of Edgar Cayce where the Archangel Michael came through; I, Michael, Lord of the Sun, have wrapped my mantle of light about the dark planet Earth. Through the action of my fire, Earth will be purified and regenerated. …The old chaotic Earth will fall into oblivion and a new Earth, or state of consciousness (my emphasis) will rise out of it. Dwell not upon material disaster, for I say to you that conditions will exist in this new world that will be of such beauty and harmony that the old world will be forgotten in the joy of the new life. The old material world is even now beginning to recede upon itself and it will fall under its own chaos. Listen deep within yourselves and you will know that I speak truth when I say that the Children of Light will not be conscious of the wind and the raging storm, for in their center, there is peace.

The author wrote that Cayce foresaw a promising Aquarian Age which he described as the age of the lily. I find this interesting because the lily was the symbol of our family in France. The readings depict this era as a time when the people of the world will come to realize their responsibility to all others.

Lord Sabaoth and the Host of Heaven are speaking to us;

“You are progenitors of the next phase of human existence. You are returning to your status as the carriers of the true Adamic Seed.”

That’s why for hundreds, if not thousands of years our families have inter-married within their own bloodline. We are the carriers of the true Adamic Seed. Those of us who will inhabit the New Earth will be the next phase of human life, known as the Universal Human. When Mary Magdalen spoke in an earlier post of the ‘Vessels of Light’ being mended, she was referring to the process we are currently undergoing where our dna is being re-structured back to its original True Human/Adamic Human blueprint.

I highly recommend the book The Revelation – Our Crisis Is a Birth. In it, the author channels Jesus/Yeshua and he himself explains what the book of Revelation means. There is no doubt in my mind that Jesus speaks through the author, Barbara Marx Hubbard. I hear his voice coming from the words on the page. I will be quoting and paraphrasing from her book in the following – as well as adding a few comments:

Yeshua tells us that it’s time for the human species to evolve to the next level. Israel – the 144,000, are meant to be the first of our current Homo Sapiens to evolve to the next level, which is Homo Universalis. Yeshua says we are, “the self-selected souls who have come to Earth to carry the miracle of the resurrection into action as the transformation of humanity from Homo sapiens to Homo Universalis.” Yeshua speaks of the need for transcendent compassion;

“Transcendent compassion extends love to the person’s potential to become a natural Christ, wherein all true comfort lies. Transcendent compassion heals the wounds of the present by lifting attention to what can be, thereby stimulating the joy of growth, creativity and connecting with others for the sake of a positive goal beyond the capability of anyone to achieve alone. Only transcendent compassion will comfort the sick, heal the wounded and empower the godly to become heirs of God. Only through a generation of heirs of God, empowered with co-creative capacities and transcendent love, can the world be saved. These are my people who are founding the New Order of the Future, who are building upon the church of brotherly love, the church of transcending love. This love lifts the congregation from creature/human comfort to fully human life ever evolving in my universe without end.”

He explains that humans weren’t denied the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden – they just weren’t ready for it, they weren’t evolved to that state, but we are today. The Tree of Life is the co-creative powers we will get when we advance to the Universal Human stage.

Yeshua tells us that his resurrection was to demonstrate that the physical body can and must be transformed. Yeshua had to die to achieve that body, but what is different about our ascension is that we are the first to go through this without having to die – we are taking our physical bodies with us. His saying this confirms what I have come to understand – which is that his resurrected body was not his original material body.  Yeshua explains that he reconstituted his body in such a way that his original body was essentially de-materialized. In Yeshua’s words, “The time has come on Earth for this quantum change to occur in many of you. The change is demonstrable not metaphoric. It can be seen, felt, tasted, touched as was my glorified body when I resurrected and appeared to the disciples – when I let Thomas touch my hands and feel the wounds with his own hands. Seeing is believing. That is why I appeared in a new body. That is why some of you must do the same, not by being crucified but by being uplifted bodily in your early vehicles of universal life.”

Yeshua describes the Book of Life as the place where our works are recorded, our thoughts registered and our acts noted. At the time of the Quantum Instant there will be a judgment of the quick and the dead, an evolutionary selection process based on a person’s qualifications for co-creative power. He says that only those who have elected to use their powers well in their lifetime will be resurrected and reincorporated with genetic code and memories intact. Their bodies will be re-materialized. He says that this is universal law only the good evolves. He defines good as that which is capable of aligning with the whole emerging system – by attuning to its overall design.  Yeshua states; “The Quantum Transformation is the time of selection of what evolves from what devolves. The species known as self-centered humanity will become extinct. The species known as whole-centered humanity will evolve. The goal of evolution is the emergence of beings in the image of the Creator. God is creating godlike beings through the evolution of worlds in the universe without end. Amen.”

Yeshua talks about the sixth seal opened in the Book of Revelation. He says that it referred to the atomic bombs unleashed on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He says these were a sign to the, “kings of the Earth, the great men, the rich men, the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, that none could prevail over each other in the face of a force of ultimate destruction. …It was the signal that the birth process had begun. It was the sign that the human race had gained the powers of co-creation and of self-destruction. It was the inevitable next step of evolution wherein a still self-centered species was given the power of the gods, because they could no longer be kept in ignorance of their inheritance, no matter how immature they might be.”

Shortly after I released the original version of my book to Freemasons and representatives of the world religions, I was given the 333 Revelation to give to the Freemasons.  Basically what the revelation said was that on September 3, 2015 all ‘hell’ would break loose on Earth. The Seventh Seal of the Book of Revelation would be broken on that day. By divine revelation, I was told that 333 meant ‘third quarter, third month, third day’ – that was how I arrived at that date. If the people who that revelation went out to had not taken action, the following would have happened – as told by Yeshua in Barbara’s book;

“Here we are now poised either on the brink of destruction greater than the world has ever seen – a destruction which will cripple planet Earth forever and release only the few to go on – or on the threshold of global co-creation wherein each person on Earth will be attracted to participate in his or her own evolution to godliness. At this cosmic instant, before the seventh seal is broken to unleash the horrors which John foresaw, one misunderstanding can destroy the world. But notice, dearly beloved what else John saw. He saw another angel ascending from the East, having the Seal of the Living God. And he cried with a loud voice to the four angels to whom it was given to hurt the Earth and the sea, saying, “Hurt not the Earth, neither the sea nor the trees, until we have put a seal on the foreheads of the servants of our God.” John heard the angel say, “The number of those who were sealed was a hundred and forty four thousand of all the tribes of the children of Israel.”

Who do you supposed those children of Israel are, dearly beloved? They are you who love God above all else, your neighbor as yourself, and yourself as me. You are sealed in your foreheads. This means your awareness is awakened. You are practicing the seven spirits of God, which are required to become like me: Love, Wisdom, Faith, Courage, Patience, Power and Surrender. You are ready to self-transform, not for the sake of your personal reward, but for the sake of all humanity, that everyone may have the same opportunity as you. My purpose in submitting to the crucifixion was to demonstrate the resurrection, for all to know that in the fullness of time, they could do it also. Your purpose in surrendering to self-transformation is to demonstrate that you can do it; therefore anyone can do it who follows me. You are chosen, dearly beloved, not because you are extraordinary, but because you are wholesome, normal, good humans with whom anyone in their right mind can identify. There are many more than one hundred and forty-four thousand training to be sealed. Once the first hundred and forty-four thousand training have demonstrated the rudimentary capacity to self-transform, millions will be empowered to do the same. Those with the seal are simply the first to demonstrate the reality of the potential to be like me.

I, Jesus, am Israel fulfilled. You who are sealed with the Seal of God are builders of the New Jerusalem in my name, empowered by the Christ-within because you have willingly desired to follow my commandment of love the Whole Way. O Israel, awaken to the reality of your potential to be heirs of God!”

Jesus goes on to explain the meaning of the verses in the book of Revelation that speak of Michael and his angels overcoming Satan by the power of the blood of the Lamb. He explains that this means that the life forms of the risen Son of God defeat the death-force of the fallen angel of God. He explains that it is within each of us that this takes place. He says that we have both the life forms of the risen Son of God and the death force of the fallen angel of God within us. He says that; “The fallen angel is that impulse in your being that urges you to believe only what your creature senses tell you; that you are separate from God and you will surely die.” And that “The risen Son of God is that impulse in your being that urges you to believe what your Higher Self tells you – that you are one with God and will surely have life ever-evolving.” He states that each of us has a choice on a personal level as to which voice to believe.

Yeshua tells us that the Book of Revelation reveals the violent scenario to salvation where the good are killed to get rid of the bad. He describes the alternative to that as a gentle method wherein, “The good create a field of empathetic force so powerful that the fallen angel of God himself revives and returns willingly to God. This scenario has not been offered until now. It has come into being because there has grown up in the world a generation of lovers of the future who believe in me, and in their capacity to become me. They are you, dearly beloved. It is for a heroic attempt to save the cosmic child from a violent birth that you were sent. Never fear. God is near Amen.”

Yeshua reminds us that the new Israel are the offspring of the idea of one God and the partnership of God and humanity. He describes the twelve tribes of Israel as coming from all the people of Earth. He says that, “according to this point of view, Israel is a thought, not a blood-type or a place. In every culture there are those who believe there is one God, one humanity, one way of love, one truth, one unity of infinite diversity in which each person attunes to the mind of God.”

He goes on to say that he demonstrated a phase of consciousness that occurs everywhere in the universe between terrestrial and universal life. He speaks of the change we are undergoing in our material bodies. He says our bodies are composed of energy in action and that the appearance of solid flesh is an abstraction produced by our animal senses. He says that the disappearance of solid flesh occurs through a slight change in the frequency at which atoms vibrate. He gives as examples water when it turns to ice or steam. He says that because our bodies are made up largely of water, the water in us will change to resonate with the sound vibrations of the trumpet, or voice or signal of the God-force – which is directed intentionally upon us.

“It is up to us, dearly beloved to carry the torch of the transformation of the material world that originated in Africa and elsewhere among the native peoples of the world; which was lit in India, Greece, Egypt and Israel; which was nurtured in the Middle East and Europe, which was brought to a bright flame in the New World in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution; and which now lifts inward in the mind, and outward in space, to give birth to the first generation who will fulfill the aspiration of Earthbound humanity for life ever-evolving. The end, when it comes, will be quick. Evolution proceeds by slow, incremental change, leading to meta-crisis, innovations, and sudden self-transcendence through co-operation among the innovating parts. Materialism will go on to its next phase, which is beyond the consumption of the resources of the past. The next phase of materialism is the mind in service of God. It springs from the marriage of Eve with Christ, wherein self-centered intellect unites with whole-centered love to create a transformed material world for those, by those, and of those who choose to be god-like.”

Yeshua says that because we have been faithful to the flame within and have not lost hope during the dark night of the soul, through us, the promise will be kept. We will be the culmination of the evolutionary history of planet Earth. He calls us the seeds of the future. We chose to come to Earth for the Marriage of the Lamb, the act of union of creature/human nature with co-creative human nature so that a new genetic plan is established as a new norm. He calls us the missing link. He says we have volunteered to serve as the transitional people in whom the shift from Adam to Christ is experienced, demonstrated and revealed as a natural and desirable potential for all who so intend. He says; “Just as there had to be the first unstable proto-cells composed of molecules, before the new pattern was established, so also there are now unstable proto-co-creative humans who bear in their own beings the marks of the struggle to transcend.”

He tells us we belong to the family of humanity that has volunteered to be the missing link between the human and the divine – between Adam and Christ. He says we appeared in India to begin the task of the transformation from creature to co-creator. There we established the inner technologies of transcendence through the science of yoga, or union with the All. He talks about how we appeared in Egypt as the pharaohs and the priests. He says that in Egypt we began work upon the outer technologies to prepare for the transformation of our physical bodies and its transportation beyond the limits of the terrestrial world. He says our pyramids were humanity’s first launching pads and our mummies were the first step in the effort to preserve the physical body from the ravages of death. He comments upon our work in Greece, where we; “penetrated the multiplicity of appearances to the elemental laws whereby I designed the world. You established the technologies of intellect that are now ready to be used on behalf of the transformation of all humankind.” He says we appeared among the Jews and anchored the idea of one God in partnership with humans for the transformation of the world.

He speaks of his lifetime as Jesus and says that from that time onward we have appeared as the disciples of the Good News, which is that the limits of creature/human life can be transcended through love. He reminds us, “You preached it on the road. You revealed it in the arts. You discovered how to do it in the laboratories. You practiced doing it in your prayers. You built the tools to do it in factories.”

He says that we, for whom these words have meaning, have experienced and been responsible for the growth of awareness in the human race that has been developed in the last few thousand years. He says that now we are ready to be empowered through the Marriage with the Lamb. We will be to our less experienced brothers and sisters what he was to us; “a model to follow, an encourager, an affirmer of the flame of expectation that burns in hundreds of millions, indeed billions of human hearts.”

“You are here now, dearly beloved, to radiate the power of positive thought to all the nations, so that the end can come and the next phase emerge. The positive thought you are radiating is: You can have life ever-evolving if you love God above all else, your neighbor as yourself and yourself as me.”

He tells us; “Worship God. Be full of gratitude and joy that you have been created. Celebrate your Creator, the Mind that conceived you, the Mind that is conceiving you now, the Mind that designed you for life ever-evolving the Mind that invited you to partake of its genius, its power, its creativity as your natural birthright. Those of you who recognize that the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy, will experience the prophecy come true in you. You are the truth. You are the way. You are the light. You are my brothers and sisters. Believe it, and so shall it be. Amen

Barbara asks Yeshua the question; How will we realize the union of humanity and God?

Yeshua answered; “We will reveal it through you, dearly beloved. You must demonstrate the connection visibly, as my early disciples did. They manifested the connection through demonstrations of powers; eloquence, healing, and connection with God through the Holy Spirit. You must do likewise, and more shall you do. You shall reveal the power as Moses did in the Exodus. You shall lead the people who are sealed with the seal of God – the lost tribes of Israel – from the land of Egypt to the city of God. You must call upon the choosing people of Earth, those who desire to be like me by doing as I do, to fulfill that desire. Affirm their power by demonstrating your own, dearly beloved. Your task is to be like me, a natural Christ, to encourage others to do the same. All you need to do is radiate the power and the glory which is being revealed in you.”

The Celtic Church

Tim Wallace, the British author of Hidden Wisdom; Secrets of the Western Esoteric Tradition wrote that the beliefs, rituals and practices of the Celts had much in common with the recorded practices of the prophets and “certain esoteric groups in biblical Israel.” Read Nazarenes and Essenes here. He goes on to say that there is a theory which links the early Druids with the Hebrew esoteric group known as the Kabeiri – a word I have seen variants of such as Kabirim, Kerub, and Cherub and Cherubim. He relates that they worshiped the pagan pantheons such as Apollo, Mars, Jupiter and Mercury. Just a reminder here, the worship of these deity figures would have been the exoteric worship. The Druids themselves would have been worshiping the one true God. The author also said that the Celts believed that the world they inhabited was permeated and controlled by the spiritual world and they believed the Druids were the mediators between the two. He wrote;

“Druidism, shamanism and the Brahmanism of the Hindus have all been described as close variants on an identical theme. Diogenes Laertes equates the Druids with the Persian Magi. …According to Cassiodorus the druids knew the course of the twelve signs of the zodiac and traced the planets as they passed through them. Their priestly role among the Celtic tribes was also highly dependent upon their gifts of prophecy. Druids were more than mere priests however they were also the sacred custodians of their culture, teachers, lawgivers, judges, bards and interpreters of the divine.”

In the book Celt, Druid and Culdee by Isabel Hill Elder, the author quotes Dudley Wright;

‘It is established by the most unquestionable authority that the Celts were the original inhabitants of Europe, that the Celtic language was a dialect of the primary language of Asia, and that the Celtae had among them from the remote antiquity an Order of Literati called Druids, to whom the Greeks and Romans ascribed a degree of philosophic celebrity, inferior to none of the sages of the past. The spiritual character of Druidical teaching is illustrated in the following Triads: The three foundations of Druidism: Peace, Love, and Justice.’

The following is from that same book – which is in the public domain. The author relates that Druidism was;

“The center and source from which radiated the whole system of organized civil and ecclesiastical knowledge and practice of the country. The Order constituted its church and parliament; its courts of law, its colleges of physicians and surgeons, its magistracy and clergy. The members of the Order were its statesmen, legislators, priests, physicians, lawyers, teachers and poets. The truth about the Druids, to be found amongst fragments of literature and in folk-memory, is that they were men of culture, well-educated, equitable and impartial in the administration of justice. These ancient leaders of thought and instruction in our islands had lofty beliefs as to the character of the one God, Creator and Preserver, and of man’s high origin and destiny. There is reason to believe that this doctrine included the need for atonement for sin and the resurrection of the body. To reverence the Deity, abstain from evil and behave valiantly were, according to Laertes, the three grand articles enjoined by the Druids. In Druidism the British nation had a high standard of religion, justice and patriotism presented to it, and a code of moral teaching that has never ceased to influence national character.”

“The educational system adopted by the Druids is traced to about 1800 BC when Hu Gadarn Hysicion (Isaacson), or Hu the Mighty, led the first colony of Cymri into Britain from Defreobane, where Constantinople now stands. In the justly celebrated Welsh Triads, Hu Gadarn is said to have mnemonically systematized the wisdom of the ancients of these people whom he led west from the Summerland. He was regarded as the personification of intellectual culture and is commemorated in Welsh archaeology for having made poetry the vehicle of memory, and to have been the inventor of the Triads. To him is attributed the founding of Stonehenge, and the introduction of several arts including glass-making and writing in Ogham characters.”

“It required twenty years to master the complete circle of Druidic knowledge. Natural philosophy, astronomy, mathematics, geometry, medicine, jurisprudence, poetry and oratory were all proposed and taught-natural philosophy and astronomy with severe exactitude. Caesar says of the Druids:  “They hold aloof from war and do not pay war taxes; they are excused from military service and exempt from all liabilities.”

“The theological students were given a particularly long course of training, and no Druidic priest could be ordained until he had passed three examinations in three successive years before the Druidic college of his tribe. The head of the clan possessed a veto on every ordination. By very stringent laws the number of priests was regulated in proportion to the population; and none could be a candidate for the priesthood who could not in the previous May Congress of the tribe prove his descent from nine successive generations of free forefathers. Genealogies, therefore, were guarded with the greatest care. This barrier to promiscuous admission had the effect of closing the Order almost entirely to all but the Blaenorion or aristocracy, making it literally a “Royal Priesthood”. Druidic physicians were skilled in the treatment of the sick; their practice was far removed from the medicine-man cult, so unfairly ascribed to them by their contemporary enemies, and lightly followed ever since. They prayed to God to grant a blessing on His gifts, conscious that it should always be remembered that no medicine could be effective nor any physician successful without Divine help.”

“The primitive religion of Britain associated in so many minds with the worship of the heavenly bodies, was the worship of the ‘Lord of Hosts’, the Creator of the Great Lights, the sun and moon, not the worship of the heavenly bodies themselves. The Universe was the Bible of the ancients the only revelation of the Deity vouchsafed them. The wonders of nature were to them as the voice of the All-Father, and by the movement of the heavenly bodies they ordered their lives, fixed religious festivals and all agricultural proceedings. The way to Christianity for the early inhabitants of Britain was traced by Nature herself, and from Nature to Nature’s God. St. Paul, in his letter to the Corinthians, writes, “Howbeit that was not first which is spiritual, but that which is natural; and afterward that which is spiritual.”

“The stories that are told and believed of human sacrifice by the Druids are pure inventions of the Romans to cover their own cruelty and to excuse it. The Druids sacrificed sheep, oxen, deer and goats; charred remains of these have been found at Avebury, Stonehenge and in the vicinity of St. Paul’s Cathedral. No trace of human sacrifice has been discovered in Britain.”

“It is very generally believed that the Celts were nature worshippers, that they gave Divine honors to rivers, mountains and woods. It is entirely a mistake to believe that they did so. They were nature lovers – never nature worshippers; neither had they a multitude of gods and goddesses, as is often affirmed. The gods and goddesses were mere mascots, and even to their descendants mascots and charms have lost none of their popularity. Other nations never obtained a proper comprehension of Druidism of Britain, blending with it religions less pure. It is recorded by Caesar that those in Gaul who wished to be perfectly instructed in Druidism crossed the sea to what they believed to be its birthplace. In the Christian era St. Patrick used the shamrock to instruct the people in the doctrine of the Trinity, and in earlier days the Druids used the oak for the same purpose. They sought a tree having two principal arms springing laterally from the upright stem, roughly in the form of a cross. Upon the right branch they cut the name Hesus; upon the middle or upright stem Taranis; upon the left branch Belenis; over this they cut the name of God-Thau. The Hebrew prophets, it will be noted, referred to their expected Messiah as ‘The Branch.’

In the ancient British tongue Jesus had never assumed its Greek, Latin or Hebrew form, but remains the pure Druidic Yesu. It is singular that the ancient Briton never changed the name of the God he and his forefathers worshipped, nor has he ever worshipped but one God. In the Cornish folk-lore whole sentences were treasured up, and when written down were found to be pure Hebrew. Three of these rendered into English are: “Lift up your heads, O ye gates, and be ye lifted up ye everlasting doors, and the King of Glory shall come in”: “Who is this King of Glory?” “The Lord Yesu, He is the king of Glory.”

“Druidism with its self-evident Old Covenant origin, which later was, indeed, the great ‘oral secret’ transmitted by Druid sages from generation to generation, its doctrine of the Trinity, worship entirely free from idolatry, furtherance of peace and contribution to the settling of disputes among the laity, high moral tone, and insistence on the liberty and rights of the subject, was a perfect preparation for the reception of Christianity. Upon the introduction of Christianity the Druids were called upon, not so much to reverse their ancient faith, as to ‘lay it down for a fuller and more perfect revelation’. No country can show a more rapid, natural merging of a native religion into Christianity than that which was witnessed in Britain in the first century A.D. The readiness with which the Druids accepted Christianity, the facilities with which their places of worship and colleges were turned to Christian uses, the willingness of the people to accept the new religion are facts which the modern historian had either overlook or ignored.”

“The word ‘Magi’-the Latin equivalent for ‘Druids’ – was used by early Irish writers and frequently by the Welsh; their synonymity in the modern mind appears to be almost entirely lost. The term ‘Magi’ conjures up a sacred meaning indicative of the exact opposite to that which we have been led to believe about the Druids. The Druids were, in Celtic Hagiology constantly termed Magi.”

“From ‘Ecclesiastical Antiquities’ of the Cymry we learn that the Silurian Druids embraced Christianity on its first promulgation in these islands, and that in right of their office they were exclusively elected as Christian ministers, though their claims to national privileges as such were not finally sanctioned until the reign ls Lles ap Coel (Lucius), A.D. 156. The Christian king Lucius, third in descent from Caradoc and grandson of Pudens and Claudia, built the first monastery on the site of a Druidic Cor at Winchester and at a National Council held there in A.D. 156 established Christianity the national religion as the natural successor to Druidism, when the Christian ministry was induced into all the rights of the Druidic hierarchy, tithes included.”

“Moreover there are documents of no small credit, which have been discovered in certain places, to the following effect: No other hands than those of the disciples of Christ erected the Church at Glastonbury…for if Phillip the Apostle preached to the Gauls, as Freculphus relates in the fourth chapter of his second book, it may be believed that he also planted the word on the hither side of the channel. The first converts of the Culdees were Druids. The Druids of Britain, in embracing Christianity, found no difficulty in reconciling the teaching of the Culdees, or ‘Judean refuges’, with their own teaching of the resurrection and inheritance of eternal life. Numerous writers have commented upon the remarkable coincidence which exists between the two systems.”

“From ‘Ecclesiastical Antiquities’ of the Cymry we learn that the Silurian Druids embraced Christianity on its first promulgation in these islands, and that in right of their office they were exclusively elected as Christian ministers, though their claims to national privileges as such were not finally sanctioned until the reign ls Lles ap Coel (Lucius), A.D. 156. The Christian king Lucius, third in descent from Caradoc and grandson of Pudens and Claudia, built the first monastery on the site of a Druidic Cor at Winchester and at a National Council held there in A.D. 156 established Christianity the national religion as the natural successor to Druidism, when the Christian ministry was induced into all the rights of the Druidic hierarchy, tithes included.”

Early in my research, I found that the Welsh and Hebrew languages were from the same source. In Cornish folk lore, ancient writings were kept that were later found to be pure Hebrew. The Welsh people call the Irish Iddew and the country Iddewan – which means Jewsland! St. Columba made the famous statement, “Christ is my Druid”.

“The British historian Gildas, writing in A.D. 542, wrote: “We certainly know that Christ, the True Sun, afforded His light, the knowledge of His precepts, to our Island in the last year of the reign of Tiberius Caesar, A.D. 37.  Sir Henry Spelman states, “We have abundant evidence that this Britain of ours received the Faith, and that from the disciples of Christ Himself soon after the Crucifixion.”, and Polydore Vergil observes that “Britain was of all kingdoms the first that received the Gospel.”

The author of Rule by Secrecy tells us;

“In 190 Tertullian of Carthage wrote; ‘The extremities of Spain, the various parts of Gaul, the regions of Britain never penetrated by Roman arms, have received the religion of Christ.’ Sabellius the heretic said in 230 AD ‘Christianity was privately expressed elsewhere, but the first nation that proclaimed it as their religion was Britain.’ Origen (185-254) Greek founding-father of the early church, said ‘The power of the Lord is with those in Britain.’ In 300 Dorotheus bishop of Tyre, said that the Aristobulus of St. Paul’s epistle was bishop here – a statement confirmed by Greek martyrology and by old Welsh records who knew him as Arwystli….these eminent theologians confirm the very early, even apostolic mission to Britain….whoever came here brought an Asian, Gnostic brand of the faith; he used the Phoenician trade-route and was probably employed by the Romans when they annexed British metal-mines, and was on friendly business terms, perhaps even related to, the British Silurian royal family who worked them, and who certainly had Phoenician ties of blood. Joseph, the wealthy man of the Gospels, may well have been a Phoenician tin-trader. He may well have been the ‘noble Decurion’ as Jerome calls him – an officer, we are told, often put in charge of mines.”

In the following is evidence of the early connection of Celtic Christianity with the Welsh/Britannic royal family. These are Welsh royalty I found I am a direct descendant of. The author of The Holy Kingdom; the Quest for the Real King Arthur has this to say about them;

“King Caradoc (aka Caractacus) and his family are justly famous in the Welsh records not only for their war record, but also for welcoming the apostolic mission into Britain and helping the Culdee church to become established here shortly after the Crucifixion. The Welsh triads, and the equally neglected lists of the ‘Lives of the Saints’, contain clear and accurate accounts. They describe the arrival in Britain of Christian missionaries, led by St. Ilid (Joseph of Arimathea), and how they came at the behest of Caradoc’s saintly daughter, Eurgain, who is credited with being the first British convert to the new religion…..St. Ilid had originally come to Britain at the bidding of Eurgain, the daughter of Caradoc, and that he was the chief instructor of the Khymry in the Christian faith. She had established a Cor of twelve saints, which St. Ilid systematized.

Caradog (Caradoc/Caractacus) built a palace, after the manner of the Romans, at abergwerydwry, called now Llandunwyd Major, or St. Donats. His daughter, Eurgain, married a Roman chieftain, who accompanied her to Cambria. This chieftain had been converted to Christianity, as well as his wife Eurgain, who first introduced the faith among the Cambro-Britons, and sent for Ilid (a native of the land of Israel) from Rome to Britain. This Ilid is called in the service of his commemoration, St. Joseph of Arimathea. He became the principal teacher of Christianity to the Cambro-Britons, and introduced good order into the choir of Eurgain, which she had established for twelve saints near the place now called Llantwit; but which was burnt in the time of King Edgar. After this arrangement, Ilid went to Ynys Afallen in Gwlad yr haf (The land of plenty) where he died and was buried.”

According to George Jowett, author of a book called The Drama of the Lost Disciples;

“Aulus Plautius, the Roman commander stationed in Britain following the Claudian invasion, married Caradoc’s sister Gwladys. Like her niece Eurgain, Caradoc’s daughter, Gwladys was a Christian, but in deference to Roman customs, on her marriage she took the name Pomponia. She was a highly gifted and educated lady, who could speak fluent Greek. On account of this she was given the epithet “Graecina”, so her full Roman name became Pomponia Graecina Plautius. Her Christian father caused waves in Rome: in his Annals, Tacitus tells the story of how she was tried for ‘foreign superstition’ a charge used by writers at that time in Rome specifically to designate Christianity. Fortunately the presiding magistrate was her husband and she was acquitted.

It was probably also during the time of truce that another extra-ordinary connection was made between the families of the Roman Caesars and the Khymric royal family, when the Emperor Claudius adopted as his own, Caradoc’s youngest daughter, also called Gwladys. This story adds to the evidence showing the spread of Christianity in the early Roman Empire. She changed her name to Claudia and later married a relative of the Emperor called Aulus Rufus Pudens Pudentius. He had earlier served in Britain under Aulus Plautius and they were married at the Palatium Britannicum, the home of Caradoc and his family of exiles whilst they were held hostage in Rome. After Caradoc was set free and allowed to return home to Britain, he gave the Palatium Britannicum as a bridal gift to Claudia and her husband Pudens.

At this time there were two Christian congregations in Rome, one Jewish and the other Gentile. The question of whether or not it was necessary to be circumcised in order to become a Christian was a matter of intense debate and it was not until later, when the matter had been resolved, that the two communities merged. Both Claudia, who is said to have been baptized as a child by Joseph of Arimathea himself, and Pudens who may also have been converted in Britain, were Christians of the Gentile church. Accordingly, their house became one of the most important centers of Christian worship in Rome, which was of course pagan at the time. A frequent house guest of theirs seems to have been St. Paul, who sends their greetings at the end of his second Letter to Timothy.

What is equally certain is that Linus, also mentioned in the Epistles of St. Paul, was Claudia’s brother. He was consecrated by Paul and became the first Bishop of Rome. This is confirmed in the Apostolic Constitutions, where St. Peter is recorded as writing that Linus set up the first church in Rome in AD 58 and ‘Of the church of Rome, Linus, brother of Claudia, was first ordained by Paul, and after Linus’ death, Clemens, the second ordained by me Peter.’”

The back story to Caradoc/Caractacus and his family being held hostage in Rome is interesting. Caradoc successfully resisted a Roman invasion of Britain for years. In fact, Rome never defeated Caradoc and his army, but Caradoc was betrayed by someone inside Britain. Caradoc and his family were paraded through Rome in chains before their scheduled deaths. However, Caradoc was given the chance to speak before the Roman Senate. His speech was so eloquent – and as he pointed out, he hadn’t been defeated by the Romans, so the Romans ended up granting him a huge estate and holding him ‘hostage’ in Rome, eventually releasing him.

I find the following information from Celt, Druid & Culdee very interesting. To begin with, I once made the statement that I believed my ancestor Edward Mashborne likely descended from a King Edward. It was not a statement I had put any thought or research into. At the time, I had no idea if there ever was a King Edward! I haven’t been able to link the Mashburn’s up with him yet, but other family lines do link up to him/them – there was more than one king Edward. The author tells us;

“Edward III may be said to have forged another link in the chain of resistance to Rome’s claim to supremacy which culminated in the final secession under Henry VIII two hundred years later. The revival of the Arthurian traditions by Edward III along with the establishment of the British Order of the Goodly Fellowship of Chivalry had, as its founder, King Arthur, the first of the Knights. It is recorded how ‘Edward, king of England, at this time resolved to rebuild the great castle of Window formerly built and founded by King Arthur; and where first was set up and established the noble Round Table from which so many men have issued forth to perform feats of arms and prowess throughout the world.

King Arthur, it is said, modeled his Round Table Fellowship on the Table of the Last Supper. As a descendant of Joseph of Arimathea, who led a company of persecuted Christians-Judean refugees, or Culdees – to our shores, the details of those early days would be, to Arthur, family history, for most, if not all of his knights, were of the family of Joseph. The Round Table, which now hangs on the wall of Winchester Great Hall, is a reminder to the nation of the sacred nature of the foundation upon which the ‘Round Table Fellowship’ rests. Henry VIII, on the occasion of the visit of Charles V, had the table taken down and re-painted green and white, the liveries of the British Order and the rose of St. George in the center.

The names of the Companions of the Goodly Fellowship inscribed on the margin by the Tudor monarch have been identified, with but one exception, as owners of castles and estates in Monmouth shire, South Wales and Cornwall. We have thus, through Arthurian history, a link with the early British or Culdee Church and a very definite link with Palestine, a link which no other country holds in its historical records.”

Barry Dunford in his book The Johannine Celtic Church informs us that;

“During the 1st century A.D. Alexandria was the founding center of the Christian Coptic Church (principally based in Egypt, Syria and Ethiopia) which, although traditionally founded by St. Mark, had leanings towards the Johannine corpus mystica. The Copts monastic counterpart in Western Europe, effectively the Celtic Church of Britain and Gaul, claimed its religious tenets were directly derived from the mystical teaching of St. John the Apostle. In Britain these Celtic monks were known as Culdees, from the Gaelic Culdich, which has been translated as “certain strangers”. They were also known by the Latin name Coli Dei (servants of God). The Celto-Coptic connection is noted by Mary Caine who says: ‘For Copt and Celtic Christian, Christ restated the ancient Mysteries. And though the later Church suppressed this belief, the monks of Glastonbury secretly perpetuated it.’ The term ‘Culdee’ stems from the word ‘Chaldean’. Abraham was from ‘Ur of the Chaldees’. The Celtic Culdee connection with the Middle East is commented on by the French oriental scholar, Henry Corbin, in The Imago Templi in Confrontation (1974) who wrote;

“The primitive Celtic Church, prior to Romanization, is represented by groups of monks known as Culdees….The groups of companions called by this name seem, moreover, to have played a much larger role in Scotland than in Ireland….these autonomous groups of hermit brothers correspond to what we know of the original structure of the Celtic Church….these Coli Dei [Culdees] had a role to play on the Celtic side analogous to the role attributed on the eastern side. …The Coli Dei are also included in the spiritual line of descent from the builders of the Temple of Solomon, the line of the Essenes, the Gnostics, even the Manichaean’s and the Ismail’s. They were established at York in England, at Iona in Scotland, in Wales, and in Ireland; their favorite symbol was the dove, the feminine symbol of the Holy Spirit. In this context, it is not surprising to find Druidism intermingled with their tradition and the poems of Taliesin integrated to their corpus. The epic of the Round Table and the Quest of the Holy Grail have likewise been interpreted as referring to the rites of the Coli Dei. It was, moreover, to the time of the Coli Dei that is assigned the formation of the Scottish knighthood whose seat is typified by the mysterious sanctuary of Kilwinning, under the shadow of Mount Heredom in the extreme north of Scotland.”

Next is an interesting essay that shows a link between Christianity and Paganism from a modern day adherent of the English Folk Church – the descendant of the Celtic Church;


“The title Christos has its origins in Greek paganism and not Jewish Messianism.  The classical Greek word, Cristos, predates both the New Testament and the Septuagint by centuries.  It is thought to derive from a proto Indo-European root ‘ghrei’ which means ‘to rub’.  For instance, Homer uses the word ‘Christos’ to refer to rubbing one’s body with oil after bathing.  However, the classical meaning of Christos has another dimension to it.  There is a prophecy of the Erythrean Sybil which states, “Iesous Chreistos Theou Huios Soter Staurus”.  This literally means “Iesus, Christos, God, Son, Savior, Cross.

This is quite weird when you think that it was made by a Pagan oracle several hundred years before the birth of Jesus of Nazareth!  It is thought to refer to the coming down to Earth of the Spirit of Truth (the Christos) who will usher in a golden age in which God is revealed to humankind.  However, this blessed condition is only reached through a process of crucifixion of the flesh, which probably refers to a process of asceticism in which the worldly matter of the flesh is subordinated to the spirit.

In the mystery religions of ancient Greece, the act of anointing with oil was a symbol of initiation. It was an outward sign of a person having achieved spiritual enlightenment or union with the inner dwelling Spirit of Truth – the Christos. The person thus became a Christos following a long period of study and ascetic practice. We could say that a Christos is someone who has obtained Gnosis, knowledge of God and of themselves – spiritual enlightenment. A Christos is therefore someone who has fully joined with the Spirit of Truth. In esoteric Christian terms this can be seen as an expression of the human Jesus being fully united with the Spirit of God.  Through Jesus, God came amongst us (Emmanuel).

….. The title Chrestos was also used to refer to gods themselves.  There is, for example, evidence that the Egyptian sun god Osiris was called Chrestos, whilst the word Chrestos can be seen on a Mithraic relief in the Vatican. Mithras was a sun god popular in Rome around the time of Jesus, many aspects of whose cult (including his birthday of 25 December) were absorbed into Roman Christianity. In this sense, the title Chrestos was linked to the god as a savior figure or Soter.  This is reflected in the prophecy of the Erythrean Sybil mentioned above (“IESOUS Chreistos Theou Huios Soter Staurus”). It is also evident in the name Jesus itself, rescued or saved by God.  Jesus is in effect a title as much as Christ.

God’s spirit resides within all created beings – more strongly within the folk gods and goddesses than us humans as they were the first created.  It is through the Spirit that we are connected to God and to our folk gods and goddesses. The ancient Greeks referred to God’s spirit as the Christos or ‘Spirit of Truth’.

Jesus of Nazareth was born into our world.  He was a real human who was born to real human parents; Mary and Joseph.  The English Folk Church does not teach the literal truth of the virgin birth, which is a powerful myth to emphasize that in Jesus the Spirit of God (the Christos) and the mind of God (the Logos) dwelt amongst us in human form. The English Folk Church does not seek to define precisely how this occurred and it has been the subject of a great deal of essentially fruitless debate and speculation over the years. The important point is not how God was manifest in the person of Jesus, but that God was manifest in Him.  The English Folk Church believes that a great deal of myth has grown up around the historical Jesus. So much that it is no longer possible to discern historical fact from myth. But myth is not fiction.  It is a story that tells of deep underlying truth. It is often through myth that we can better appreciate the underlying importance of things.

God has created a great many spirit beings that permeate the natural world around us.  These are our folk gods and goddesses, the Ælfe (or Elfs) and the land and water wights.  Although sometimes confused with angels in the popular mind, they are not angels as such as they have free will.  All peoples share a common humanity through the universal God.  But at the same time, all peoples have a unique relationship with their ancestral folk gods and goddesses who have shaped them physically, culturally and spiritually. Our folk gods and goddesses are assigned specifically to the native people of North Western Europe and our kin around the world. Similar beings are assigned to other peoples of the world.

The English Folk Church does not see Jesus as the Jewish Messiah prophesied in the Old Testament and anticipated by the Jews of his day. The Old Testament itself is mainly the story of the Israelite people and of little direct relevance to the English or Saxon Folk Christian. The title Christos is simply a reference to the fact that in Jesus, the spirit of God came amongst us. It is the spirit of God we revere rather than the human Jesus.  Interestingly, some early Jewish Christians, such as the Ebionite’s, interpreted Jesus as Messiah in the sense of God amongst us because he was anointed by the Spirit of God.

The resurrection story is part of the birth, death, rebirth cycle that forms the basis of our pre-Christian folk religion.  It tells us of how in God we will be raised out of death and be reborn into life.  But it also tells of how we will be raised up – perfected and made whole with God and in God.  Whilst the human Jesus died on the cross, his physical body was transformed and raised up into heaven, one with God.

The natural law of God (Orlog) is embodied in the Holy Runes.  It is through the Runes that we come to a meaningful understanding both of ourselves and of the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.  This understanding, or Gnosis, leads us to a union with the Spirit of Truth (or Christos) so that we too become as one with Christ.  It is this Gnosis that Woden searches for in mythology and which he finds in the Runes.

Humankind is made in the image of God.  This image is not our earthly bodies we see and touch, but our spiritual selves that lies within us and is part of us.  It is this spark of the divine energies (the Christos) that connects us to and seeks unity with God.  Our folk gods, through the power of the Logos, breathed the spirit of God into us.  Upon death, the soul separates from the material body and is reborn and perfected through the grace of God to dwell eternally in heaven.  Humankind is not born into a state of original sin, but rather a state of imperfection reflecting the imperfection and incompleteness of creation as a whole.  This condition is perfected through the teaching, healing and knowledge of the Christos that gently draws us closer to God.  By leading positive lives we can move towards a higher level of spiritual evolution and perfection until we finally achieve wholeness in God.  For most people, this process continues beyond our mortal earthly lives.

The English Folk Church does not accept the doctrine of atonement through Christ’s sacrifice on the cross for the sins of humankind.  We are not inherently sinful and God did not need to die on the cross to redeem us from that sin.  Neither is salvation or union with God achieved simply through faith that Christ is God or simply through carrying out good deeds.  God came amongst us in the form of Jesus to teach us how to evolve spiritually so that we can achieve that goal.

The crucifixion and resurrection stories are about earthly death and the promise of rebirth in God.  We are invited to travel a journey of spiritual evolution towards wholeness in God.  This is part of the unfolding and perfecting of creation.  But God helps us on this journey and ultimately will ensure that we succeed.  Eternal life is at the end of the day a gift of God – the doctrine of Divine Grace.  The ‘blood of Christ’ we share in the holy Eucharist is God’s spirit or life force, freely offered to us to share in the divine energies.”

From The Messianic Legacy;

“The evidence of Irish contact with Egypt is too extensive to review in detail. …The liturgy of the Celtic church contained discernible Egyptian and Syrian elements. Episodes in an Irish ‘Lives of the Saints’ derive directly from an Alexandrian source. Masses and prayers from apocryphal works used in Egypt were also used in Ireland. The Celtic Church celebrated the feast days of the Virgin at the same time as the Egyptian Church rather than at the time decreed by Rome.

…In its organization, then, in its use of certain texts, in many of its outward aspects, the Celtic Church circumvented the Church of Rome and functioned as a repository for elements of Nazorean tradition transmitted from Egypt, Syria and Asia Minor.

In 664 the Synod of Whitby effectively dissolved the Celtic church and Ireland was brought into the Roman fold.



Templars, Freemasons & Rosicrucians

I am not unaware that in this corrupt world we live in, everything has been corrupted – including the Templars, Freemasons, Rosicrucians and all our religions.  However, I have chosen to focus on the original intent and purpose of these institutions, so that – if it is intended, we can  recover that which was lost and re-connect with the truth they have sought to bring us.



The book Bloodline of the Holy Grail relates the fascinating story of our people at the time of Nebuchadnezzar’s invasion of Jerusalem in 586 B.C.  Just before the invasion, the high priest Hilkiah instructed the prophet Jeremiah to have the temple treasures hidden deep beneath the Temple built by King Solomon – the son of King David. Underneath the Temple there lay a vast stable complex which could house two thousand horses. A huge amount of gold, silver and precious objects of art and sacrament were hidden and remained there until the year 1096 when the first Crusade was undertaken to retake the Holy Land from the Moslems.

The story behind the efforts of these first Crusaders begins with a Catholic priest by the name of St. Bernard who – evidently unknowingly to the Catholics, was one of our family members. The story goes that when Bernard first made our family aware of his plans to become a Catholic priest, they were incredulous – that is, until he revealed his ingenious plan to them. That plan was none other than to use the power and organizational ability of the Catholic Church to retake the Holy Land from the Muslims and retrieve the ancient treasure that was hidden by Jeremiah and the Temple guard. The Knights Templar were well aware that the treasure still remained there and most likely knew every item of its contents. The later discovery of the Essene’s Dead Sea Scrolls included a copper scroll which contained an inventory of the items. Listed were an enormous amount of ancient manuscripts, as well as the Ark of the Covenant, the Ten Commandments and the Tables of Testimony – in addition to material treasure.

Laurence Gardner describes the Tables of Testimony as having the cosmic equation and the divine law of number, measure and weight, and wrote that, “The mystical art of reading the inscriptions was achieved by the cryptic system of the Qabala.” As you can see, there is more than one way to spell Kaballah. The tablets themselves were said to be made of either sapphire or lapis lazuli. Gardner wrote that; “In addition to the Jerusalem bullion, the Templars also found a wealth of ancient manuscripts in Hebrew and Syriac, providing firsthand accounts that had not been edited by any ecclesiastical authority. In the light of these, it was widely accepted that the Knights possessed an insight which eclipsed orthodox Christianity – an insight which permitted them the certainty that the Church had misinterpreted both the Virgin Birth and the Resurrection.” The Knights Templar’s goals during the Crusades were first of all, to retake the Holy Lands that they believed were given them by God and secondly, to recover the treasures and artifacts hidden under the Temple mount in 70 C.E. when Jerusalem was laid waste by the Romans. Gardner reveals that our family genealogies were written on the walls underneath the Temple. Legend relates that the Ark of the Covenant was, for a time, hidden in the Chartres Cathedral in France.

The Templars religion was Johannite Christianity – the beliefs passed down by John the Baptist to Jesus and then to St. John the Divine and Mary Magdalene. The personal symbol of St. John was a Holy Grail chalice entwined within the coils of the Kundalini serpent. The Knights Templar transferred the Kundalini power to others via a kiss. This is possibly done with a kiss to each area in the body where the chakras are located. Since one of these is at the area of sexuality or generation, it’s quite possible that this rite would seem alarming to outsiders who didn’t understand the reason behind the practice – if they did in fact, kiss in such places, as has been claimed.

Another so-called alarming aspect of the Templars is the depiction of Baphomet which is symbolic of the dark aspect of the Goddess. The depiction by Eliphas Levi in the mid 1800’s is certainly disturbing, but whether it is the same one used by the Templars – I couldn’t say. He claimed that he modeled it on the gargoyles on the cathedrals of Europe.  The Templars called the Holy Spirit power the Master Builder and the Freemasons know it as the Great Architect. Both refer to the physiological changes in the human body that the Holy Spirit makes in cleaning toxins from food, water and air from our bodies and also the toxicity of our unresolved emotional trauma and ‘illusory belief systems’. The author of Guardians of the Holy Grail describes the transformation;

“The ancient ‘Serpent on the Tree’, the first teacher of Gnostic wisdom, would then enter the Holy of Holies, the skull of the Knight and activate the Ajna Chakra or Third Eye of intuition, along with the remaining two-thirds of his brain power, to bring forth the timeless Gnostic revelation of “Be still and know that I AM God.” After the Kundalini serpent had completed its ascension to the top of the ‘tree’, the Templar Knight would be full of its Holy Spirit power and a true Human Holy Grail. Then, with his abundant Serpent Power a Templar Knight could heal himself and others, and he could also transmit some of his own power into a new Knight through the vehicle of touch and or the Templar kiss, thus initiating a brother’s process of alchemical development.”

Victoria LePage relates that the Templar-built cathedrals of Europe were covered in symbolical carvings that represent a coded prophecy preserved in stone for future generations, as a countdown to the Aquarian Age – the Age we are in now. She wrote;

“Following on the early Celtic and medieval prophecies, the Rosicrucian’s of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries reiterated their message in more universal terms. The Rose Cross movement electrified the Western scholarly world by prophesying a day of cultural rebirth approaching that would see the renewal of the unitive hopes and values of the first Christians. The Rosicrucian’s cherished what they believed to be a more creative vision of the religion Jesus Christ had founded, one that conformed more truly to the holy principles he had laid down while on Earth: “to gather all mankind under a universal religion of Peace.” It was to be a spiritual revolution in the fullest and most positive sense, an overturning of everything that had gone before – aiming, it would seem, at the uniting of the three Semitic religions under the combined leadership of Qabalist’s, Gnostics and Sufis.”

It appears to me that by the time of the Crusades, 1095–1291 CE, our ancestors had lost much of their spiritual heritage. There was a resurgence of gnostic practices after the Crusaders returned to Western Europe. In the Holy Lands, the Templars met up with Sufi’s, Mandeans, remnants of the Essenes, Kabbalists and the first Jewish Christian congregations and were reacquainted with gnostic practices. You will read a lot of slander towards the Templars and Freemasons. There is no doubt that some of their Orders have become corrupted. Just remember that underneath it all, they had only one goal – which was to reunite with God and further that goal among all humans. As with all other things in this world, there are dark and light versions of most everything.

The Templars Oath of Honor;

“We the Knights of Christ and of the Temple follow the destiny that prepares us to die for Christ. We have the wish to give this rule of living, of work and of honor to the constructors of churches so that Christianity can spread throughout the Earth not so that our name should be remembered, Oh Lord, but that Your Name should live.”

Among other things, the Templars were said to worship the Devil. The author of The Truth Behind the Christ Myth gives some insight into this;

“The fall of the Templar Order transpired when the Christian Inquisition found the Templars worshipping grotesque images of Rex Mundi, whom they naturally assumed was the Devil. They were half right. Rex Mundi was Lucifer, the Lord of Time and Destruction, but like the spiritually advanced members of other mystery schools, the Templars worshipped Baphomet’s (Rex Mundi/Lucifer/Devil) transformative influence, the Kundalini power, which was a concept Christian fundamentalists were never able to fully grasp. Through invoking the destructive power of Rex Mundi and Baphomet’s wisdom, the Templars sought to spiritually evolve and precipitate a golden age of enlightenment.”

From the author of Roslyn Guardian of the Secrets of The Holy Grail we learn this about Mary Magdalene;

“In ancient Egyptian symbolism, the color black indicates wisdom. In the cult of the Black Madonna the Templars were venerating the Mother of Wisdom, the ancient goddess Sophia embodied in the form of the goddess Isis with the Horus child. This pagan concept was disguised as the Christian Madonna and Child.  When drawing up the rule for the Templars in 1128, St. Bernard of Clairvaux laid down a specific requirement on all the Knights to make ‘obedience to Bethany and the house of Mary and Martha.’ Many scholars now believe that the great Notre-Dame cathedrals built by the Templars and Cistercians were dedicated not to Mary the mother of Jesus as the church teaches, but to “our Lady’ Mary Magdalene and the son of Jesus instead. In esoteric tradition, Mary Magdalene is described as ‘the symbol of divine wisdom.’ According to the Nazorean tradition, the Magdalene was to be depicted garbed in black like the priestesses of Isis, surmounted by Sophia’s crown of stars. Her infant child wears the golden crown of royalty.”

The downfall of the Templars was due to a conspiracy between King Philippe IV Le Bel of France and the then current Pope. King Philippe was from the Valois dynasty of France, who were Rex Deus. King Philippe however, had been denied membership in the Templars and also owed them a great deal of money so he had a great resentment towards them. Also, his father had been kidnapped and held for ransom and the Templars had refused to pay the ransom. French forces raided the Templars headquarters and properties only to find that the majority of the Templar’s property and valuables had already been removed, as they were forewarned. They arrested as many Templars as they could find and subjected them to the Office of the Inquisition with their usual racks, whips, stakes, chains, cold, dark, dungeons and all the other torture devices they were so good at making and using. This caused the Templars to go underground and form new secret societies such as the Knights of St. John and Freemasons. After this sad episode the foremost goal of the European Serpents of Wisdom was to remove the Catholic hierarchy and all self-serving monarchies from power – even if they were our own family members. Their goal was to transform Europe into a Dragon Empire ruled over by benevolent Serpents.

I will finish the subject of the Templars with the following from The Guardians of the Holy Grail;

Within your Johannite logo is a cup with a snake curled around it. I have seen this symbol associated with John the Apostle. Is this the ancient symbol of the Johannites? ‘Yes. The cup with the snake curled around it is synonymous with a flame emerging from the cup.’ What do the cup and flame represent? ‘The cup is representative of both the Holy Grail and the human vehicle which possesses the sacred flame within.’



“Freemasonry considers itself to be a peculiar system of morality based on brotherly love, relief, and truth. Freemasonry is not a religion in the same way that the concept of ma ’at (truth and justice) was not an integral part of some theological structure or legend. Both are pragmatic realizations that the continuance of civilization and social progress rests with the individual’s ability to “do unto others as you would have done to you.” The Hiram Key – Pharaoh’s, Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus

From what little I have studied the Freemasons thirty-three degrees of initiation, I can tell there is a lot of Biblical and family history contained in the rites. The author of The Knights of the Holy Grail relates the following about one of their degrees;

“The Dead Sea Scrolls record that the Sons of Zadok were the descendants of the high priests of the Temple who were known as the Righteous Seed and the Sons of Dawn. This ritual commemorates James the Just, who succeeded Jesus in the position of the Zadok, or Teacher of Righteousness and is obviously a celebration of the ancient Jewish tradition of the hereditary transmission of holiness preserved by the Rex Deus families. Freemasonic rituals claim that the Craft arose at the time of Hiram Abif, who was killed by a blow to the temple for his refusal to betray a secret, and this is an allegorical reference to the death of James the Just. Hiram was killed immediately prior to the completion of Solomon’s Temple and, almost 1,000 years later, when work on the Herodian Temple was nearing completion, building was brought to a temporary standstill as a mark of respect for James, the brother of Jesus, who had just been ritually murdered. Thus, when Freemasons celebrate the ritual death of Hiram Abif, they are commemorating one of the founders of Rex Deus.”

The Freemason’s myth’s main character is Hiram Abif. In the story Hiram is the head craftsman building the temple of Solomon. The story goes that three apprentice masons accosted him in order to make him divulge the secrets of his building skills which, I believe, represent the secrets of the Freemasons and the ancient Mystery schools. Hiram refused, so they killed him. According to the Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, Hiram Abif is; “a type-figure of all the saviors of humanity who sacrificed themselves for the salvation of mankind, a direct human representative of its prototype among the divinities, such as Odin and Visvakarman, the builder and artificer of the gods. Hiram Abif is also the type-figure of the individual’s inner god, crucified upon the cross of material existence.”

The author of The Knights of the Holy Grail relates that the 29th degree describes the destruction of the second Temple in 70 C.E. It tells of the grief experienced by the brethren and how they had to flee their homeland. He states that it was their intent to erect a third Temple, but this one was to be a “spiritual rather than physical edifice,” which, according to the author, is “a direct reference to the spiritual obligations of the Rex Deus families for whom the creation of this new ‘Temple of God on Earth’ is a sacred duty.” He goes on to say;

“Enshrining Rex Deus secrets in a variety of degrees within the complex symbolism of Freemasonry is akin to a man on the run seeking refuge in a large and crowded city. It is similar to the device used by Earl William in randomly hiding a plethora of Templar and Rex Deus symbolism amongst the crowded and apparently confused collection of carvings in Roslyn Chapel. Despite the vigorous attempts of the Hanoverian censors, the rituals used in these degrees have been recorded for posterity and may well still be in use in France and America. The spiritual inspiration of Freemasonry gave the world the gift of the American Constitution and made a significant contribution to the establishment of the principles of liberte’, egalite’ and fraternite’ that inspired the French Revolution and, ultimately, the transformation of despotism into democracy.

…. Pope Pius openly acknowledged that the Freemasons were the authors of his debasement and fulminated furiously against them in a series of encyclicals, papal bulls, and allocutions. Unlike many Masonic historians within the craft today, this aged pope was under no illusions as to the origins of the organization that had stripped him of all earthly power. For him, Freemasonry derived directly from the heretical Order of the Knights Templar whom he describes as being Gnostic from their inception and followers of the Johannite Heresy. Nor was Pius under any illusions as to the true purpose of the Masonic fraternity, for according to him, their aim was to destroy Holy Mother the Church. For him there was little difference between the true aim of the Rex Deus families, that of reforming the Church by bringing back the true teachings of Jesus, and the destruction of the Church that had propelled him to the dizzy heights of the papacy. Can we honestly doubt his views? It was Pius IX who first promulgated the doctrine of Papal Infallibility.”

From Fragments of a Faith Forgotten;

“Not only were many of the founders of the United States Government Masons, but they received aid from a secret and august body existing in Europe, which helped them to establish this country for a peculiar and particular purpose known only to the initiated few. The Great Seal is the signature of this exalted body – unseen and for the most part unknown – and the unfinished pyramid upon its reverse side is a trestle board setting forth symbolically the task to the accomplishment of which the United States government was dedicated from the day of its inception.”

I am sure that exalted body he refers to, are the Rosicrucians.

Manly Hall, the author of The Secret Teachings of All Ages was considered a master scholar of the Freemasons and the ancient Wisdom religion. His books are in the public domain, so I will use quite a bit of his material in this post. I will be using snippets of his material and so the following is not continuous. In the following he speaks about Freemasonic symbols;

“The apron shown above contains a wealth of symbolism: the beehive, emblematic of the Masonic lodge itself, the trowel, the mallet, and the trestle board; the rough and trued ashlars; the pyramids and hills of Lebanon; the pillars, the Temple, and checkerboard floor; and the blazing star and tools of the Craft. The center of the apron is occupied by the compass and square, representative of the Macrocosm and the microcosm, and the alternately black and white serpent of astral light. Below is an acacia branch with seven sprigs, signifying the life Centers of the superior and the inferior man. The skull and cross bones are a continual reminder that the spiritual nature attains liberation only after the philosophical death of man’s sensuous personality. To the initiated Builder the name Chiram Abif signifies “My Father, the Universal Spirit one in essence, three in aspect.” Thus the murdered Master is a type of the Cosmic Martyr – the crucified Spirit of Good, the dying god – whose Mystery is celebrated throughout the world. To interpret the Hiramic legend requires familiarity with both the Pythagorean and Qabbalistic systems of numbers and letters, and also the philosophic and astronomic cycles of the Egyptians, Chaldeans, and Brahmins.

It is generally admitted by modem Masonic scholars that the story of the martyred Chiram is based upon the Egyptian rites of Osiris, whose death and resurrection figuratively portrayed the spiritual death of man and his regeneration through initiation into the Mysteries. Chiram is also identified with Hermes through the inscription on the Emerald Tablet. From these associations it is evident that Chiram is to be considered as a prototype of humanity; in fact he is Plato’s Idea (archetype) of man. Thus the building of Solomon’s Temple represents the consummation of the magnum opus, which cannot be realized without the assistance of Chiram, the Universal Agent. The Masonic Mysteries teach the initiate how to prepare within his own soul a miraculous powder of projection by which it is possible for him to transmute the base lump of human ignorance, perversion, and discord into an ingot of spiritual and  philosophic gold.

Sufficient similarity exists between the Masonic Chiram and the Kundalini of Hindu mysticism to warrant the assumption that Chiram may be considered a symbol also of the Spirit Fire moving through the sixth ventricle of the spinal column. The exact science of human regeneration is the Lost Key of Masonry, for when the Spirit Fire is lifted up through the thirty-three degrees, or segments of the spinal column, and enters into the domed chamber of the human skull, it finally passes into the pituitary body (Isis), where it invokes Ra (the pineal gland) and demands the Sacred Name. Operative Masonry, in the fullest meaning of that term, signifies the process by which the Eye of Horus is opened. Little is known concerning the function of the pineal body, which Descartes suggested (more wisely than he knew) might be the abode of the Spirit of man. As its name signifies, the pineal gland is the sacred pine cone in man – the eye single, which cannot be opened until Chiram (the Spirit Fire) is raised through the sacred seals which are called the Seven Churches in Asia.”

This brings us to the point of the secret meaning of the Book of Revelation in the Bible. There are many references to sevens of different things in the book. The seven churches in Asia are none other than the chakras! No doubt the churches are in Asia because that’s where the doctrine originated from. This was something confirmed by Edgar Cayce. I am including this information regarding the Freemasons degrees to reinforce the fact that when it comes down to it our ancestors have always been trying to preserve and perpetuate the way for humans to reunite with God via our built-in power centers.

Next, the author describes the actual physical, i.e. ‘alchemical’ action that takes place within the body of the initiate;

“Chiram is the mysterious fiery, airy water which must be raised through the three grand centers symbolized by the ladder with three rungs and the sunburst flowers mentioned in the description of the Hindu painting. It must also pass upward by means of the ladder of seven rungs – the seven plexuses proximate to the spine. The nine segments of the sacrum and coccyx are pierced by ten foramina, through which pass the roots of the Tree of Life. Nine is the sacred number of man, and in the symbolism of the sacrum and coccyx a great mystery is concealed. That part of the body from the kidneys downward was termed by the early Qabalist’s the Land of Egypt into which the children of Israel were taken during the captivity. Out of Egypt, Moses (the illuminated mind, as his name implies) led the tribes of Israel (the twelve faculties) by raising the brazen serpent in the wilderness upon the symbol of the Tau cross. Not only Chiram but the god-men of nearly every pagan Mystery ritual are personifications of the Spirit Fire in the human spinal cord.”

This Spirit Fire is said to flow downwards into generation, and to reverse the flow and turn it upwards, is to spiritualize the fluid.  This is also known as turning back the Jordan or the waters of the Red Sea. Which brings us back to the question; are there real people and events in the Bible? Our Semitic ancestors with their distinctive clothing style who lived in the Land of Goshen can still be seen depicted on the walls of Egyptian ruins. Most certainly archeology, literature and tradition tell us they were real people, places and events. However – the lines between real, archetype and allegory are very blurred.

“The beehive is found in Masonry as a reminder that in diligence and labor for a common good true happiness and prosperity are found. The bee is a symbol of wisdom, for as this tiny insect collects pollen from the flowers, so men may extract wisdom from the experiences of daily life. The bee is sacred to the goddess Venus and, according to mystics it is one of several forms of life which came to the Earth from the planet Venus millions of years ago. Wheat and bananas are said to be of similar origin. This is the reason why the origin of these three forms of life cannot be traced. The fact that bees are ruled by queens is one reason why this insect is considered a sacred feminine symbol.”

“According to Freemasonic symbolism, Enoch, fearing that all knowledge of the sacred Mysteries would be lost at the time of the Deluge, erected the two columns mentioned in the quotation. Upon the metal column in appropriate allegorical symbols he engraved the secret teaching and upon the marble column placed an inscription stating that a short distance away a priceless treasure would be discovered in a subterranean vault. After having thus faithfully completed his labors, Enoch was translated from the brow of Mount Moriah. In time the location of the secret vaults was lost, but after the lapse of ages there came another builder – an initiate after the order of Enoch – and he, while laying the foundations for another temple to the Great Architect of the Universe, discovered the long-lost vaults and the secrets contained within.”

“The sanctum sanctorum of Freemasonry is ornamented with the gnostic jewels of a thousand ages; its rituals ring with the divinely inspired words of seers and sages. A hundred religions have brought their gifts of wisdom to its altar; arts and sciences unnumbered have contributed to its symbolism. Freemasonry is a world-wide university, teaching the liberal arts and sciences of the soul to all who will hearken to its words. Its chairs are seats of learning and its pillars uphold an arch of universal education. Its trestle boards are inscribed with the eternal verities of all ages and upon those who comprehend its sacred depths has dawned the realization that within the Freemasonic Mysteries lie hidden the long-lost arcana sought by all peoples since the genesis of human reason. The philosophic power of Freemasonry lies in its symbols – its priceless heritage from the Mystery schools of antiquity.”

“The lambskin apron worn by the Freemasons over that part of the body symbolized by Typhon or Judas represents that purification of the generative processes which is a prerequisite to true spirituality.”

The author of the book Return of the Serpents of Wisdom relates that;

“The Legend of Hiram Abif, within which Chiram was personified as Hiram Abif, the Master Builder of Solomon’s Temple. At the outset of his legend Chiram as Hiram Abif is murdered and buried by jealous masons as he attempts to leave the grounds of Solomon’s Temple thus symbolizing the Kundalini’s death and entombment at the base of the human spine. Eventually, however, Hiram is rescued by King Solomon who reaches down into the Master Builder’s grave and pulls him out with the strong grip of a lion’s paw. This last episode of Hiram’s drama represents the last stage of spiritual practice in which the Solar Spirit (whose representative animal is a lion) located in the crown chakra uses the attracting force of its positive polarity to pull Chiram, the negatively charged Serpent Fire, up to its seat at the top of the head.”

In his book World Gnosis Mark Pinkham tells us that the legends passed down through the secret societies relate that the regions of Sirius, Orion and the Pleiades are the home of the celestial Serpents of Wisdom and that the first Gnostic teacher of humanity was Karttikeya also known as the archangel, St. Michael. He says that the Great White Brotherhood was originally started on Sirius – “the great white lodge in the cosmos”. The channel Alice Bailey said that Masonry originated under “direct Sirian influence, and was modeled after certain Sirian institutions.” The Sirian influence on the secret societies is ongoing to this day. Mark Pinkham has this to say about the Sirians and their Masonic influence;

“The Sirian’s eternal support of Freemasonry is currently honored in many Masonic lodges by their prominently featured five pointed Blazing Star, which according to the late Freemason Grand Master Albert Pike, is the definitive Masonic symbol of Sirius. The Sirian support began on the Motherlands of Lemuria and Atlantis where the extra-terrestrials began using the Knighted Orders as their vehicles to evolve humanity to a point where it could accept a one-world government and a one-world spiritual tradition. Through the Freemasons, the Sirians apparently had a hand in founding the nation of the U.S., which they have always intended to use as one of their primary vehicles to precipitate the coming one world civilization. While working in tandem with the Sirian agenda, the Masonic Founding Fathers were inspired to choose July 4, 1776 as the birthday of the new nation, thus placing the destiny of the U.S. directly in the hands of the Sirians. This special date corresponds to the annual transit of the Sun moving into a direct alignment with Sirius, thus making the astrological birth chart and destiny of the U.S. forever aligned with the Sirian agenda.”

The authors of The Hiram Key – Pharaoh’s, Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus say that; “Freemason’s carry the seed of the mind of the Nazoreans and most particularly Jesus. The legend and drama of the Master Mason’s degree constitutes an indisputable link between Freemasonry and the ancient Mysteries, and few have fathomed the esoteric significance of this degree and of the legend of Hiram Abif.”

Robert McCoy in his book The General history of Freemasonry wrote;

“It appears that all the perfection of civilization and all the achievements made in philosophy, science and art among the ancients are due to these institutions which, under the veil of mystery sought to illustrate the sublimest truths about religion, morality and virtue and impose them in the hearts of their disciples. Their chief object was to teach the doctrine of One God, the resurrection of man to eternal life, the dignity of the human soul and to lead the people to see the shadow of the Deity in the beauty, magnificence and splendor of the universe.”

Freemasonry is an organization that worked behind the scenes to change society for the betterment of the people. They were behind the rebellion against King John of England which led to the Magna Carta and the House of Commons, which was considered the first democratic type of government. They were behind the French and American Revolutions. They are still behind the scenes working to spread democracy on Earth. They have fought tyranny wherever they found it – be it in a royal house, a government or a church. The Christian Reformation was brought about by the Serpents of Wisdom. The author of Return of the Serpents of Wisdom speaks about their contribution to the establishment of America;

“While the Serpent Protestant Confederacy was busy solidifying a democratic Europe, many leading Serpents of Wisdom on the continent were quietly drawing up plans for what was to be a model democratic nation across the western sea. Referred to within closed circles of initiates as the New Atlantis and the New land of the Phoenix, this proposed civilization was to be an ideal democratic republic. It was to allow freedom of speech and belief while being governed by Serpents of Wisdom elected by the people and for the people. ….Starting in the late 1600s members of the European Order of Serpents began leaving their comfortable lives behind in order to undertake the long, arduous journey across the Atlantic Ocean to become citizens of the New Land of the Phoenix. Once in North America they proceeded to organize a cohesive network of Rosicrucian and Freemasonic Lodges within a nation of thirteen colonies, the ancient number of the Phoenix Dragon.

In 1694 a Rosicrucian colony was established in Pennsylvania and by the early 1700’s Freemasonic Lodges were literally sweeping across the new land. By the beginning of the Revolutionary period there were a multitude of common lodges and seven Grand Provincial Lodges scattered evenly throughout the Thirteen Colonies. Within these various lodges the Serpents could meet and discuss strategies for the founding of an independent nation unshackled by British rule. In order to throw off the yoke of the British Crown, the Freemasonic Lodges proceeded to found subversive organizations, such as the Sons of Liberty, which were calculated to intimidate British officials and promote the boycott of all British imports. The Masons also attempted to stir up anti-British sentiment among the colonial masses by presiding over pep rallies in taverns and other public meeting places.

…When the war with Britain was finally at hand, the North American Freemasons pooled their resources in order to organize a formidable resistance against their oppressive rulers. They chose the Rosicrucian and Master Mason George Washington to supervise the building of an army, and brought over from Germany the Freemason Baron Von Steuben to instruct the virgin troops in the art of battle.

In its final form, the Colonial Army was a Military Lodge and a Who’s Who of American Colonial Freemasonry. Over 2000 of its officers were Freemasons and out of these at least 100 were also Freemasonic Grandmasters. Included in this elite list was Washington, Paul Revere and Joseph Warren, the Grandmaster of the Massachusetts Grand Lodge who became famous for sacrificing his life while leading a battalion up Bunker Hill.”

According to a New Encyclopedia of Freemasonry;

In the tense times before the American Revolution, the secrecy of the Masonic Lodges offered the colonial patriots the opportunity to meet and plan their strategy. The Boston Tea Party was entirely Masonic, carried out by members of St. John’s Lodge during an adjourned meeting. Of the fifty-six signers of the Declaration of Independence, only one was known not to be a Freemason, asserted Masonic writer Manley P. Hall, who in ‘The Secret Teachings of all Ages’ also told of a most mysterious incident at the time of the signing of this historic document. As the debate over their future reached a crescendo and many hesitated to sign the declaration realizing they would be putting their life on the line, suddenly a tall stranger with a pale face spoke out. No one knew who he was or where he came from, but the force of his oration was transfixing. His stirring words ended with the cry, “God has given America to be free!” Amid cheers filled with emotion, every man rushed forward to sign the declaration except the stranger. “He had disappeared”, wrote Hall, “nor was he ever seen again or his identity established.” Hall said this episode paralleled similar incidents in world history, when strange unknown men suddenly appeared just in time for the creation of some new nation. “Are they coincidences,” he asked, “or do they demonstrate that the divine wisdom of the Ancient Mysteries is still present in the world, serving mankind as it did of old?”

St. Germain is the mysterious gentleman who gave the rousing speech and then disappeared!

Mark Pinkham relates this fascinating information;

“The (U.S.) Constitution was modeled after the unwritten constitution of the Five Nations of the Iroquois, the native Serpents of North America. Much of the content of this document was acquired by Ben Franklin and other leading Freemasons who attended treaty councils of the Iroquois and learned firsthand the tenets of their ancient constitution. By incorporating these native precepts into the United States new Constitution, the Founding Father’s indirectly composed their own Serpent Constitution.”

The tie in with the Freemasons and Egyptian symbolism has always been a mystery to most people. The simple truth is that Egypt has played a huge role in the history of our family as is illustrated in these posts. In the book The Genesis of the Grail Kings, the author wrote that in the hermetic lore of the Egyptians spiritual regeneration took place through the thirty three vertebrae of the spinal column until reaching the pituitary gland which invoked the pineal body. He says this is the reason the Freemasons have thirty three degrees of initiation.

The book Morals and Dogma by Grand Mason Albert Pike is considered one of the authoritative volumes for insights into Freemasonry. It has been said that Albert Pike was corrupted by an agent of the Rothschild’s by the name of Mizzoni. I don’t know if this is true or not. Somewhere I read that the cabal used their first clone on Earth in the 1800’s. My mind immediately went to Albert Pike. Albert Pike was a genius and the leader of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. If the cabal wanted to corrupt American Freemasonry, Pike would have been their most likely target. However, what I have read of his works, I agree with. Whether he was corrupted afterwards and was the instigator of the plans leading into the twentieth century regarding the World Wars, I couldn’t say.

The following are just snippets from Morals and Dogma and are not continuous. I will intersperse with my comments;

“Our northern ancestors worshipped this tri-une Deity; Odin, the Almighty Father; Frea, his wife, emblem of universal matter; and Thor, his son, the mediator. But above all these was the Supreme God, “the author of everything that existed, the Eternal, the Ancient, the Living and Awful Being, the Searcher into concealed things, the Being that never changes.”

“The pavement, alternately black and white, symbolizes, whether so intended or not, the good and evil Principles of the Egyptian and Persian creed. It is the warfare of Michael and Satan, of the Gods and Titans, of Balder and Lok; between light and shadow, which is darkness; day and night; Two, or the duad, is the symbol of antagonism; of good and evil, light and darkness. It is Cain and Abel, Eve and Lilith, Jachin and Boaz, Ormuzd and Ahriman, Osiris and Typhon.”

There is no doubt that there is within Gnosticism this dualism, this clash of antagonists. However, Yeshua sees this differently now and this is reflected in his philosophy of turning the other cheek and loving your enemy. He says that he no longer believes we should strive to transcend dualism, but not fight it at all. Just accept it. See it for what it is. Don’t judge it as one being bad and the other good, just look at it dispassionately. As one author stated in an earlier post, Jesus did away with the flail of the Egyptian Pharaoh used to smite one’s enemy. Yeshua’s Way is the Way of the Heart. He says we are to overcome Satan – with love.

“In the ancient Orient, all religion was more or less a mystery and there was no divorce from it of philosophy. The popular theology, taking the multitude of allegories and symbols for realities, degenerated into a worship of the celestial luminaries, of imaginary deities with human feelings, passions, appetites, and lusts, of idols, stones, animals, reptiles. Though Masonry is identical with the ancient Mysteries, it is so only in this qualified sense: that it presents but an imperfect image of their brilliancy, the ruins only of their grandeur, and a system that has experienced progressive alterations, Masonry is a march and a struggle toward the Light.”

“It is not strange that, thousands of years ago, men worshipped the Sun, and that today that worship continues among the Parsees. Originally they looked beyond the orb to the invisible God, of whom the sun’s light, seemingly identical with generation and life, was the manifestation and outflowing….. They personified him as Brahma, Amun, Osiris, Bel, Adonis, Malkarth, Mithras, and Apollo.”

“The Holy Kabalah, or tradition of the children of Seth, was carried from Chaldæa by Abraham, taught to the Egyptian priesthood by Joseph, recovered and purified by Moses, concealed under symbols in the Bible, revealed by the Savior to Saint John, and contained, entire, under hieratic figures analogous to those of all antiquity, in the Apocalypse of that Apostle.”

“The true name of Satan, the Kabbalists say, is that of Yahweh reversed; for Satan is not a black god, but the negation of God. The Devil is the personification of atheism or idolatry. For the Initiates, this is not a person, but a Force, created for good, but which may serve for evil. It is the instrument of liberty or free will. They represent this force, which presides over the physical generation, under the mythological and horned form of the God Pan; thence came the he-goat of the Sabbat, brother of the ancient Serpent, and the Light-bearer or Phosphor, of which the poets have made the false Lucifer of the legend.”

“The first Druids were the true children of the Magi, and their initiation came from Egypt and Chaldæa, that is to say, from the pure sources of the primitive Kabalah. They adored the Trinity under the names of Isis or Hesus, the Supreme Harmony; of Belen or Bel, which in Assyrian means Lord, a name corresponding to that of Adonai; and of Camul or Camaël, a name that in the Kabalah personifies the Divine Justice.”

“There can be no interference with, or remittance of, or protection from, the natural effects of our wrongful acts. God will not interpose between the cause and its consequence; and in that sense there can be no forgiveness of sins. The act which has debased our soul may be repented of, may be turned from; but the injury is done. The debasement may be redeemed by after-efforts, the stain obliterated by bitterer struggles and severer sufferings; but the efforts and the endurance which might have raised the soul to the loftiest heights are now exhausted in merely regaining what it has lost. There must always be a wide difference between him who only ceases to do evil, and him who has always done well. He will certainly be a far more scrupulous watcher over his conduct, and far more careful of his deeds, who believes that those deeds will inevitably bear their natural consequences, exempt from after intervention, than he who believes that penitence and pardon will at any time unlink the chain of sequences. Surely we shall do less wrong and injustice, if the conviction is fixed and embedded in our souls that everything done is done irrevocably, that even the omnipotence of God cannot uncommit a deed, cannot make that undone which has been done; that every act of ours must bear its allotted fruit, according to the everlasting laws, must remain forever ineffaceably inscribed on the tablets of Universal Nature.”

“Masonry does not occupy itself with crying down this world, with its splendid beauty, it’s thrilling interests, its glorious works, its noble and holy affections; nor exhort us to detach our hearts from this earthly life, as empty, fleeting, and unworthy, and fix them upon Heaven, as the only sphere deserving the love of the loving or the meditation of the wise. It teaches that man has high duties to perform, and a high destiny to fulfill, on this Earth; that this world is not merely the portal to another; and that this life, though not our only one, is an integral one, and the particular one with which we are here meant to be concerned; that the present is our scene of action, and the future for speculation and for trust; that man was sent upon the Earth to live in it, to enjoy it, to study it, to love it, to embellish it, to make the most of it. He is sent into this world, not to be constantly hankering after, dreaming of, preparing for another; but to do his duty and fulfill his destiny on this Earth; to do all that lies in his power to improve it, to render it a scene of elevated happiness to himself, to those around him, to those who are to come after him. His life here is part of his immortality; and this world, also, is among the stars. A belief in the one true God, and a moral and virtuous life, constitute the only religious requisites needed to enable a man to be a Mason.”

“Masonry has ever the most vivid remembrance of the terrible and artificial torments that were used to put down new forms of religion or extinguish the old. It sees with the eye of memory the ruthless extermination of all the people of all sexes and ages, because it was their misfortune not to know the God of the Hebrews, or to worship Him under the wrong name, by the savage troops of Moses and Joshua. It sees the thumb-screws and the racks, the whip, the gallows, and the stake, the victims of Diocletian and Alva, the miserable Covenanters, the Non-Conformists, Servetus burned, and the unoffending Quaker hung. It sees Cranmer hold his arm, now no longer erring, in the flame until the hand drops off in the consuming heat. It sees the persecutions of Peter and Paul, the martyrdom of Stephen, the trials of Ignatius, Polycarp, Justin, and Irenæus; and then in turn the sufferings of the wretched Pagans under the Christian emperors, as of the Papists in Ireland and under Elizabeth and the bloated Henry.

The Roman Virgin naked before the hungry lions; young Margaret Graham tied to a stake at low-water mark, and there left to drown, singing hymns to God until the savage waters broke over her head; and all that in all ages have suffered by hunger and nakedness, peril and prison, the rack, the stake, and the sword, – it sees them all, and shudders at the long roll of human atrocities. And it sees also the oppression still practiced in the name of religion – men shot in a Christian jail in Christian Italy for reading the Christian Bible; in almost every Christian State, laws forbidding freedom of speech on matters relating to Christianity; and the gallows reaching its arm over the pulpit. The fires of Moloch in Syria, the harsh mutilations in the name of Astarte, Cybele, Jehovah; the barbarities of imperial Pagan torturers; the still grosser torments which Roman-Gothic Christians in Italy and Spain heaped on their brother-men; the fiendish cruelties to which Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, England, Scotland, Ireland, America, have been witnesses, are none too powerful to warn man of the unspeakable evils which follow from mistakes and errors in the matter of religion, and especially from investing the God of love with the cruel and vindictive passions of erring humanity, and making blood to have a sweet savor in his nostrils, and groans of agony to be delicious to his ears.

Man never had the right to usurp the unexercised prerogative of God, and condemn and punish another for his belief. Born in a Protestant land, we are of that faith. If we had opened our eyes to the light under the shadows of St. Peter’s at Rome, we should have been devout Catholics; born in the Jewish quarter of Aleppo, we should have contemned Christ as an imposter; in Constantinople, we should have cried “Allah il Allah, God is great and Mahomet is his prophet!” Birth, place, and education give us our faith. Few believe in any religion because they have examined the evidences of its authenticity, and made up a formal judgment, upon weighing the testimony.

The Mason’s creed goes further than that. No man, it holds, has any right in any way to interfere with the religious belief of another. It holds that each man is absolutely sovereign as to his own belief, and that belief is a matter absolutely foreign to all who do not entertain the same belief; and that, if there were any right of persecution at all, it would in all cases be a mutual right; because one party has the same right as the other to sit as judge in his own case; and God is the only magistrate that can rightfully decide between them. Among all the ancient nations there was one faith and one idea of Deity for the enlightened, intelligent, and educated, and another for the common people. To this rule the Hebrew’s were no exception. Yehovah, to the mass of the people, was like the gods of the nations around them, except that he was the peculiar God, first of the family of Abraham, of that of Isaac, and of that of Jacob, and afterward the national God; and, as they believed, more powerful than the other gods of the same nature worshipped by their neighbors – “Who among the Baalim is like unto thee, O Yehovah?” – expressed their whole creed.

The Deity of the early Hebrews talked to Adam and Eve in the garden of delight, as he walked in it in the cool of the day; he conversed with Kayin; he sat and ate with Abraham in his tent; that patriarch required a visible token, before he would believe in his positive promise; he permitted Abraham to expostulate with him, and to induce him to change his first determination in regard to Sodom; he wrestled with Jacob; he showed Moses his person, though not his face; he dictated the minutest police regulations and the dimensions of the tabernacle and its furniture, to the Israelites; he insisted on and delighted in sacrifices and burnt-offerings; he was angry, jealous, and revengeful, as well as wavering and irresolute; he allowed Moses to reason him out of his fixed resolution utterly to destroy his people; he commanded the performance of the most shocking and hideous acts of cruelty and barbarity. He hardened the heart of Pharaoh; he repented of the evil that he had said he would do unto the people of Nineveh; and he did it not, to the disgust and anger of Jonah.

But such were not the ideas of the intellectual and enlightened few among the Hebrews. It is certain that they possessed a knowledge of the true nature and attributes of God; as the same class of men did among the other nations – Zoroaster, Menu, Confucius, Socrates, and Plato. But their doctrines on this subject were esoteric; they did not communicate them to the people at large, but only to a favored few; and as they were communicated in Egypt and India, in Persia and Phœnicia, in Greece and Samothrace, in the greater mysteries, to the Initiates. It (Freemasonry) is philosophical, because it teaches the great Truths concerning the nature and existence of one supreme Deity, and the existence and immortality of the soul. It revives the Academy of Plato, and the wise teachings of Socrates. It reiterates the maxims of Pythagoras, Confucius, and Zoroaster, and reverentially enforces the sublime lessons of him who died upon the cross.

The ancients thought that universal humanity acted under the influence of two opposing principles, the good and the evil: of which the good urged men toward truth, independence, and devotedness; and the evil toward falsehood, servility, and selfishness. Masonry represents the good principle and constantly wars against the evil one. It is the Hercules, the Osiris, the Apollo, the Mithras, and the Ormuzd, at everlasting and deadly feud with the demons of ignorance, brutality, baseness, falsehood, slavishness of soul, intolerance, superstition, tyranny, meanness, the insolence of wealth, and bigotry.

We are all of us, though not all equally, mistaken. The cherished dogmas of each of us are not, as we fondly suppose, the pure truth of God; but simply our own special form of error, our guesses at truth, the refracted and fragmentary rays of light that have fallen upon our own minds. Our little systems have their day, and cease to be; they are but broken lights of God; and He is more than they. Perfect truth is not attainable anywhere. We style this degree that of Perfection; and yet what it teaches is imperfect and defective. Yet we are not to relax in the pursuit of truth, nor contentedly acquiesce in error. It is our duty always to press forward in the search; for though absolute truth is unattainable, yet the amount of error in our views is capable of progressive and perpetual diminution; and thus Masonry is a continual struggle toward the light.

Masonry, around whose altars the Christian, the Hebrew, the Moslem, the Brahmin, the followers of Confucius and Zoroaster, can assemble as brethren and unite in prayer to the one God who is above all the Baalim, must needs leave it to each of its Initiates to look for the foundation of his faith and hope to the written scriptures of his own religion. For itself it finds those truths definite enough, which are written by the finger of God upon the heart of man and on the pages of the book of nature.

The true Mason, sincerely holding that a supreme God created and governs this world, believes also that He governs it by laws, which, though wise, just, and beneficent, are yet steady, unwavering, inexorable. He believes that his agonies and sorrows are ordained for his chastening, his strengthening, his elaboration and development; because they are the necessary results of the operation of laws, the best that could be devised for the happiness and purification of the species, and to give occasion and opportunity for the practice of all the virtues, from the homeliest and most common, to the noblest and most sublime; or perhaps not even that, but the best adapted to work out the vast, awful, glorious, eternal designs of the Great Spirit of the Universe.

The religion taught by Moses, which, like the laws of Egypt, enunciated the principle of exclusion, borrowed, at every period of its existence, from all the creeds with which it came in contact. While, by the studies of the learned and wise, it enriched itself with the most admirable principles of the religions of Egypt and Asia, it was changed, in the wanderings of the people, by everything that was most impure or seductive in the pagan manners and superstitions. It was one thing in the times of Moses and Aaron, another in those of David and Solomon, and still another in those of Daniel and Philo.

Emanation from the Deity of all spiritual beings, progressive degeneration of these beings from emanation to emanation, redemption and return of all to the purity of the Creator; and, after the re-establishment of the primitive harmony of all, a fortunate and truly divine condition of all, in the bosom of God; such were the fundamental teachings of Gnosticism.

The Logos, Chief of Intelligence, of which he is the general representative, is named archangel, type and representative of all spirits, even those of mortals. He is also styled the man-type and primitive man, Adam Kadmon. The Word is not only the Creator, but occupies the place of the Supreme Being. Through him all the powers and attributes of God act. On the other side, as first representative of God gives to man the soul or intelligence, which exists before the body and which he unites with the body. The reasoning principle comes from God through the Word, and communes with God and with the Word; but there is also in man an irrational principle, that of the inclinations and passions which produce disorder, emanating from inferior spirits who fill the air as ministers of God.

The body, taken from the earth, and the irrational principle that animates it concurrently with the rational principle, are hated by God, while the rational soul which He has given it, is, as it were, captive in this prison, this coffin, that encompasses it. The present condition of man is not his primitive condition, when he was the image of the Logos. He has fallen from his first estate. But he may raise himself again, by following the directions of Wisdom and of the angels which God has commissioned to aid him in freeing himself from the bonds of the body, and combating evil, the existence whereof God has permitted, to furnish him the means of exercising his liberty. The souls that are purified, not by the law but by light, rise to the heavenly regions, to enjoy there a perfect felicity. Those that persevere in evil go from body to body, the seats of passions and evil desires.”

“Amun, at first the God of Lower Egypt only, where Moshah was reared [a word that in Hebrew means truth], was the supreme God. He was styled “the Celestial Lord, who sheds Light on hidden things”. He was the source of that divine life, of which the crux ansata is the symbol; and the source of all power. He united all the attributes that the ancient Oriental Theosophy assigned to the Supreme Being. He was the Pleroma, or ‘Fullness of things,’ for He comprehended in Himself everything; and the Light; for he was the Sun-God. He was unchangeable in the midst of everything phenomenal in his worlds. He created nothing; but everything emanated from Him; and of Him all the other Gods were but manifestations.

Moshah himself was an initiate in the mysteries of Egypt, as he was compelled to be, as the adopted son of the daughter of Pharaoh, Thouoris, daughter of Sesostris-Ramses; who, as her tomb and monuments show, was, in the right of her infant husband, Regent of Lower Egypt or the delta at the time of the Hebrew Prophet’s birth, reigning at Heliopolis. She was also, as the reliefs on her tomb show, a Priestess of Hathor and Neith, the two great primeval goddesses. As her adopted son, living in her palace and presence forty years, and during that time scarcely acquainted with his brethren the Jews, the law of Egypt compelled his initiation: and we find in many of his enactments the intention of preserving, between the common people and the initiates, the line of separation which he found in Egypt. Moshah and Aharun his brother, the whole series of High-Priests, the Council of the seventy Elders, Salomon and the entire succession of prophets, were in possession of a higher science; and of that science Masonry is, at least, the lineal descendant. It was familiarly known as The Knowledge of the Word.”

“He, the first Hermes, was the Intelligence or Word of God. Moved with compassion for a race living without law, and wishing to teach them that they sprang from his bosom, and to point out to them the way that they should go [the books which the first Hermes, the same with Enoch, had written on the mysteries of divine science, in the sacred characters, being unknown to those who lived after the flood], God sent to man Osiris and Isis, accompanied by Thoth, the incarnation or terrestrial repetition of the first Hermes; who taught men the arts, science, and the ceremonies of religion; and then ascended to Heaven or the Moon. Osiris was the Principle of Good. Typhon, like Ahriman, was the principle and source of all that is evil in the moral and physical order. Like the Satan of Gnosticism, he was confounded with Matter.”

“The Jews of Syria and Judea were the direct precursors of Gnosticism; and in their doctrines were ample Oriental elements. These Jews had had with the Orient, at two different periods, intimate relations, familiarizing them with the doctrines of Asia, and especially of Chaldea and Persia; their forced residence in central Asia under the Assyrians and Persians; and their voluntary dispersion over the whole East, when subjects of the Seleucids and the Romans. Living near two-thirds of a century, and many of them long afterward, in Mesopotamia, the cradle of their race; speaking the same language, and their children reared with those of the Chaldeans, Assyrians, Medes, and Persians, and receiving from them their names as the case of Danayal, who was called Bæltasatsar, proves, they necessarily adopted many of the doctrines of their conquerors. Their descendants, as Azra and Nahamaiah show us, hardly desired to leave Persia, when they were allowed to do so. They had a special jurisdiction and governors and judges taken from their own people; many of them held high office, and their children were educated with those of the highest nobles. Danayal was the friend and minister of the King, and the Chief of the College of the Magi at Babylon; if we may believe the book which bears his name, and trust to the incidents related in its highly figurative and imaginative style. Mordecai, too, occupied a high station, no less than that of Prime Minister, and Esther or Astar, his cousin, was the Monarch’s wife.”

“It is a significant fact, that while Christ spoke often of the Pharisees and Sadducees, He never once mentioned the Essenes, between whose doctrines and His there was so great a resemblance, and, in many points, so perfect an identity. Indeed, they are not named, nor even distinctly alluded to, anywhere in the New Testament. This faith, taught by John, and so nearly Christianity, could have been nothing but the doctrine of the Essenes; and there can be no doubt that John belonged to that sect. The place where he preached, his macerations and frugal diet, the doctrines he taught, all prove it conclusively. There was no other sect to which he could have belonged; certainly none so numerous as his, except the Essenes.

The forms and ceremonies of the Essenes were symbolical. They had, according to Philo the Jew, four degrees; the members being divided into two orders, the Practici and Therapeutici; the latter being the contemplative and medical brethren; and the former the active, practical, business men. They were Jews by birth; and had a greater affection for each other than the members of any other sect. Their brotherly love was intense. They fulfilled the Christian law, “Love one another.” They despised riches. No one was to be found among them, having more than another. The possessions of one were intermingled with those of the others; so that they all had but one patrimony, and were brethren.

Eusebius broadly admits “that the ancient Therapeutæ were Christians; and that their ancient writings were our Gospels and Epistles.” The Essenes were of the eclectic sect of philosophers, and held Plato in the highest esteem; they believed that true philosophy, the greatest and most salutary gift of God to mortals, was scattered, in various portions, through all the different sects; and that it was, consequently, the duty of every wise man to gather it from the several quarters where it lay dispersed, and to employ it, thus reunited, in destroying the dominion of impiety and vice.

The great festivals of the Solstices were observed in a distinguished manner by the Essenes; as would naturally be supposed, from the fact that they reverenced the Sun, not as a god, but as a symbol of light and fire; the fountain of which, the Orientals supposed God to be. The Word appears in all these creeds. It is the Ormuzd of Zoroaster, the Ainsoph of the Kabalah, the Nous of Platonism and Philonism, and the Sophia or Demiourgos of the Gnostics. And all these creeds, while admitting these different manifestations of the Supreme Being, held that His identity was immutable. The belief in dualism in some shape was universal. Those who held that everything emanated from God, aspired to God, and re-entered into God, believed that, among those emanations were two adverse Principles, of Light and Darkness, Good and Evil. …It resists the influences that would spiritualize it. That resisting power is Satan, the rebellious matter, matter that does not partake of God.”

“But one grand idea ever emerged and stood prominent and unchangeable over the weltering chaos of confusion. God is great, and good, and wise. Evil and pain and sorrow are temporary, and for wise and beneficent purposes. They must be consistent with God’s goodness, purity, and infinite perfection; and there must be a mode of explaining them, if we could but find it out; as, in all ways we will endeavor to do. Ultimately, good will prevail, and evil be overthrown. God alone can do this, and He will do it, by an emanation from himself, assuming the human form and redeeming the world.”

“Behold the object, the end, the result, of the great speculations and logomachies of antiquity; the ultimate annihilation of evil, and restoration of man to his first estate, by a Redeemer, a Masayah, a Christos, the incarnate Word, Reason, or Power of Deity. This Redeemer is the Word or Logos, the Ormuzd of Zoroaster, the Ainsoph of the Kabalah, the Nous of Platonism and Philonism; He that was in the beginning with God, and was God, and by whom everything was made. That he was looked for by all the people of the East is abundantly shown by the Gospel of John and the letters of Paul; wherein scarcely anything seemed necessary to be said in proof that such a Redeemer was to come; but all the energies of the writers are devoted to showing that Jesus was that Christos whom all the nations were expecting; the ‘Word,’ the Masayah, the Anointed or Consecrated One.”

“These old controversies have died away, and the old faiths have faded into oblivion. But Masonry still survives, vigorous and strong, as when philosophy was taught in the schools of Alexandria and under the portico; teaching the same old truths as the Essenes taught by the shores of the Dead Sea, and as John the Baptist preached in the desert; truths imperishable as the Deity, and undeniable as Light. Those truths were gathered by the Essenes from the doctrines of the Orient and the Occident, from the Zend-Avesta and the Vedas, from Plato and Pythagoras, from India, Persia, Phœnicia, and Syria, from Greece and Egypt, and from the Holy Books of the Jews. Hence we are called Knights of the East and West, because their doctrines came from both. And these doctrines, the wheat sifted from the chaff, the truth separated from error, Masonry has garnered up in her heart of hearts, and through the fires of persecution, and the storms of calamity, has brought them and delivered them unto us. That God is One, immutable, unchangeable, infinitely just and good; that Light will finally overcome darkness – good conquer evil, and truth be victor over error; – these, rejecting all the wild and useless speculations of the Zend-Avesta, the Kabalah, the Gnostics, and the Schools, are the religion and Philosophy of Masonry.”

“All antiquity solved the enigma of the existence of evil, by supposing the existence of a principle of evil, of demons, fallen angels, an Ahriman, a Typhon, a Siva, a Lok, or a Satan, that, first falling themselves, and plunged in misery and darkness, tempted man to his fall, and brought sin into the world. All believed in a future life, to be attained by purification and trials; in a state or successive states of reward and punishment; and in a Mediator or Redeemer, by whom the evil Principle was to be overcome, and the Supreme Deity reconciled to His creatures. The belief was general, that he was to be born of a virgin, and suffer a painful death. The Indians called him Chrishna; the Chinese, Kioun-tse; the Persians, Sosiosch; the Chaldeans, Dhouvanai; the Egyptians, Har-Oeri; Plato, Love; and the Scandinavians, Balder.”

“The first Masonic legislator whose memory is preserved to us by history, was Buddha, who, about a thousand years before the Christian era, reformed the religion of Manous. He called to the Priesthood all men, without distinction of caste, who felt themselves inspired by God to instruct men. Those who so associated themselves, formed a society of prophets under the name of Samaneans. They recognized the existence of a single uncreated God, in whose bosom everything grows, is developed and transformed.  Man had fallen, but not by the tempting of the serpent. For, with the Phœnicians, the serpent was deemed to partake of the Divine Nature, and was sacred, as he was in Egypt. He was deemed to be immortal, unless slain by violence, becoming young again in his old age, by entering into and consuming himself. Hence the serpent in a circle, holding his tail in his mouth, was an emblem of eternity. With the head of a hawk he was of a divine nature, and a symbol of the sun. Hence one sect of the Gnostics took him for their good genius, and hence the brazen serpent reared by Moses in the desert, on which the Israelites looked and lived.”

“Jesus of Nazareth, the ‘Son of Man’ is the expounder of the new Law of Love. He calls to him the humble, the poor, the pariahs of the world. The first sentence that he pronounces blesses the world, and announces the new gospel: “Blessed are they that mourn for they shall be comforted.” He pours the oil of consolation and peace upon every crushed and bleeding heart. Every sufferer is his proselyte. He shares their sorrows, and sympathizes with all their afflictions. He raises up the sinner and the Samaritan woman, and teaches them to hope for forgiveness. He pardons the woman taken in adultery. He selects his disciples not among the Pharisees or the philosophers, but among the low and humble, even of the fishermen of Galilee. He heals the sick and feeds the poor. He lives among the destitute and the friendless. “Suffer little children,” he said, “to come unto me; for of such is the kingdom of Heaven! Blessed are the humble-minded, for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven; the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth; the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy; the pure in heart, for they shall see God; the peace-maker, for they shall be called the children of God.

First be reconciled to thy brother, and then come and offer thy gift at the altar. Give to him that asketh thee, and from him that would borrow of thee turn not away! Love your enemies; bless them that curse you; do good to them that hate you; and pray for them which despitefully use you and persecute you! All things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye also unto them; for this is the Law and the Prophets! He that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me. A new commandment I give unto you, that ye love one another: as I have loved you, that ye also love one another: by this shall all know that ye are my disciples. Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friend.

The Gospel of Love he sealed with his life. The cruelty of the Jewish priesthood, the ignorant ferocity of the mob, and the Roman indifference to barbarian blood, nailed him to the cross, and he expired uttering blessings upon humanity. Dying thus, he bequeathed his teachings to man as an inestimable inheritance. Perverted and corrupted, they have served as a basis for many creeds, and been even made the warrant for intolerance and persecution. We here teach them in their purity. They are our Masonry; for to them good men of all creeds can subscribe.

That God is good and merciful, and loves and sympathizes with the creatures He has made; that His finger is visible in all the movements of the moral, intellectual, and material universe; that we are His children, the objects of His paternal care and regard; that all men are our brothers, whose wants we are to supply, their errors to pardon, their opinions to tolerate, their injuries to forgive; that man has an immortal soul, a free will, a right to freedom of thought and action; that all men are equal in God’s sight; that we best serve God by humility, meekness, gentleness, kindness, and the other virtues which the lowly can practice as well as the lofty; this is “the new Law,” the “Word,” for which the world had waited and pined so long; and every true Knight of the Rose ✠ will revere the memory of him who taught it, and look indulgently even on those who assign to him a character far above his own conceptions or belief, even to the extent of deeming him divine.”

“Originally the Mysteries were meant to be the beginning of a new life of reason and virtue. The initiated or esoteric companions were taught the doctrine of the One Supreme God, the theory of death and eternity, the hidden mysteries of Nature, the prospect of the ultimate restoration of the soul to that state of perfection from which it had fallen, its immortality, and the states of reward and punishment after death.”

“From the bosom of Egypt sprang a man of consummate wisdom, initiated in the secret knowledge of India, of Persia, and of Ethiopia, named Thoth or Phtha by his compatriots, Taut by the Phœnicians, Hermes Trismegistus by the Greeks, and Adris by the Rabbins. Nature seemed to have chosen him for her favorite, and to have lavished on him all the qualities necessary to enable him to study her and to know her thoroughly. The Deity had, so to say, infused into him the sciences and the arts, in order that he might instruct the whole world. He invented many things necessary for the uses of life, and gave them suitable names; he taught men how to write down their thoughts and arrange their speech; he instituted the ceremonies to be observed in the worship of each of the Gods; he observed the course of the stars; he invented music, the different bodily exercises, arithmetic, medicine, the art of working in metals, the lyre with three strings; he regulated the three tones of the voice, the sharp, taken from autumn, the grave from winter, and the middle from spring, there being then but three seasons. It was he who taught the Greeks the mode of interpreting terms and things, whence they gave him the name of Ἑρμης [Hermes], which signifies Interpreter. In Egypt he instituted hieroglyphics: he selected a certain number of persons whom he judged fitted to be the depositaries of his secrets, of such only as were capable of attaining the throne and the first offices in the Mysteries; he united them in a body, created them Priests of the Living God, instructed them in the sciences and arts, and explained to them the symbols by which they were veiled. Egypt, 1500 years before the time of Moses, revered in the Mysteries One Supreme God, called the Only Uncreated. Under Him it paid homage to seven principal deities.

It is to Hermes, who lived at that period, that we must attribute the concealment or veiling [velation] of the Indian worship, which Moses unveiled or revealed, changing nothing of the laws of Hermes, except the plurality of his mystic Gods. The Egyptian Priests related that Hermes, dying, said: “Hitherto I have lived an exile from my true country: now I return thither. Do not weep for me: I return to that celestial country whither each goes in his turn. There is God. This life is but a death.” This is precisely the creed of the old Buddhists of Samaneans, who believed that from time to time God sent Buddhas on Earth, to reform men, to wean them from their vices, and lead them back into the paths of virtue.”

“The Druidical ceremonies undoubtedly came from India; and the Druids were originally Buddhists. The word Druid, like the word Magi, signifies wise or learned men; and they were at once philosophers, magistrates, and divines. There was a surprising uniformity in the temples, priests, doctrines, and worship of the Persian Magi and British Druids. The Gods of Britain were the same as the Cabiri of Samothrace. Osiris and Isis appeared in their Mysteries, under the names of Hu and Ceridwen; and like those of the primitive Persians, their temples were enclosures of huge unhewn stones, some of which still remain, and are regarded by the common people with fear and veneration. They were generally either circular or oval. Some were in the shape of a circle to which a vast serpent was attached. The circle was an Eastern symbol of the Universe, governed by an Omnipotent Deity whose center is everywhere, and his circumference nowhere: and the egg was a universal symbol of the world. The Gothic Mysteries were carried Northward from the East, by Odin; who, being a great warrior, modeled and varied them to suit his purposes and the genius of his people. He placed over their celebration twelve Hierophants, who were alike Priests, Counsellors of State, and Judges from whose decision there was no appeal.”

“Joseph was undoubtedly initiated. After he had interpreted Pharaoh’s dream, that Monarch made him his Prime Minister, let him ride in his second chariot, while they proclaimed before him, Abrech! and set him over the land of Egypt. In addition to this, the King gave him a new name, Tsapanat-Paänakh, and married him to Asanat, daughter of Potai Parang, a Priest of An or Hieropolis, where was the temple of Athom-Re, the great God of Egypt; thus completely naturalizing him. He could not have contracted this marriage, nor have exercised that high dignity, without being first initiated in the Mysteries. When his brethren came to Egypt the second time, the Egyptians of his court could not eat with them, as that would have been abomination, though they ate with Joseph; who was therefore regarded not as a foreigner, but as one of themselves: and when he sent and brought his brethren back, and charged them with taking his cup, he said, “Know ye not that a man like me practices divination?” Thus assuming the Egyptian of high rank initiated into the Mysteries, and as such, conversant with the occult sciences.

So also must Moses have been initiated: for he was not only brought up in the court of the King, as the adopted son of the King’s daughter, until he was forty years of age; but he was instructed in all the learning of the Egyptians, and married afterward the daughter of Yethru, a Priest of An likewise. Strabo and Diodorus both assert that he was himself a Priest of Heliopolis. Before he went into the desert, there were intimate relations between him and the priesthood; and he had successfully commanded, Josephus informs us, an army sent by the king against the Ethiopians. Simplicius asserts that Moses received from the Egyptians, in the Mysteries, the doctrines which he taught to the Hebrews: and Clement of Alexandria and Philo say that he was a theologian and prophet, and interpreter of the Sacred Laws. Manetho, cited by Josephus, says he was a Priest of Heliopolis, and that his true and original (Egyptian) name was Asersaph or Osarsiph. And in the institution of the Hebrew priesthood, in the powers and privileges, as well as the immunities and sanctity which he conferred upon them, he closely imitated the Egyptian institutions; making public the worship of that Deity whom the Egyptian initiates worshipped in private; and strenuously endeavoring to keep the people from relapsing into their old mixture of Chaldaic and Egyptian superstition and idol-worship, as they were ever ready and inclined to do; even Aharun, upon their first clamorous discontent, restoring the worship of Apis; as an image of which Egyptian God he made the golden calf.”

“The Egyptian Priests taught in their great Mysteries, that there was one God, supreme and unapproachable, who had conceived the universe by His Intelligence, before He created it by His Power and Will. They were no materialists, nor pantheists; but taught that matter was not eternal or co-existent with the great First Cause, but created by Him. The early Christians, taught by the founder of their religion, but in greater perfection, those primitive truths that from the Egyptians had passed to the Jews, and been preserved among the latter by the Essenes, received also the institution of the Mysteries; adopting as their object the building of the symbolic Temple, preserving the old scriptures of the Jews as their sacred book, and as the fundamental law, which furnished the new veil of initiation with the Hebraic words and formulas, that, corrupted and disfigured by time and ignorance, appear in many of our degrees.”

“Everywhere, and in all their forms, the Mysteries were funereal; and celebrated the mystical death and restoration to life of some divine or heroic personage: and the details of the legend and the mode of the death varied in the different countries where the Mysteries were practiced. Nothing of this recital (story of Isis, Osiris and Horus) was historical; but the whole was an allegory or sacred fable, containing a meaning known only to those who were initiated into the Mysteries. All the incidents were astronomical, with a meaning still deeper lying behind that explanation, and so hidden by a double veil. The Mysteries strove to recall man to his divine origin, and point out to him the means of returning thither. The great science acquired in the Mysteries was knowledge of man’s self, of the nobleness of his origin, the grandeur of his destiny, and his superiority over the animals, which can never acquire this knowledge, and whom he resembles so long as he does not reflect upon his existence and sound the depths of his own nature.

By doing and suffering, by virtue and piety and good deeds, the soul was enabled at length to free itself from the body, and ascend along the path of the Milky Way, by the gate of Capricorn and by the seven spheres, to the place whence by many gradations and successive lapses and enthrallments it had descended. And thus the theory of the spheres, and of the signs and intelligences which preside there, and the whole system of astronomy, were connected with that of the soul and its destiny; and so were taught in the Mysteries, in which were developed the great principles of physics and metaphysics as to the origin of the soul, its condition here below, its destination, and its future fate.”


From Albert Pike’s Morals and Dogma;

Secret teachings prominent among Rosicrucian apologists was John Heydon, who inscribes himself “A servant of God, and a secretary of nature.” In his curious work, The Rosie Cross Uncovered, he gives an enigmatic but valuable description of the Fraternity of R.C. in the following language: “Now there are a kind of men, as they themselves report, named Rosie Crucians, a divine fraternity that inhabit the suburbs of heaven, and these are the officers of the Generalissimo of the World, that are as the eyes and ears of the great King, seeing and hearing all things: they say these Rosie Crucians are seraphically illuminated, as Moses was, according to this order of the elements, earth refined to water, water to air, air to fire.”

…..He further declares that these mysterious Brethren possessed polymorphous powers, appearing in any desired form at will. In the preface of the same work, he enumerates the strange powers of the Rosicrucian adepts: “I shall here tell you what Rosie Crucians are, and that Moses was their Father, and he was Θεοῦ παῖς; some say they were of the order of Elias, some say the disciples of Ezekiel; (…) For it should seem Rosie Crucians were not only initiated into the Mosaical Theory, but have arrived also to the power of working miracles, as Moses, Elias, Ezekiel, and the succeeding Prophets did, as being transported where they please, as Habakkuk was from Jewry to Babylon.”

“The Fraternity of R.C. is an august and sovereign body, arbitrarily manipulating the symbols of alchemy, Qabbalism, astrology, and magic to the attainment of its own peculiar purposes, but entirely independent of the cults whose terminology it employs. One of three major objects of the Fraternity is:

The abolition of all monarchical forms of government and the substitution therefore of the ruler ship of the philosophic Elect. The present democracies are the direct outgrowth of Rosicrucian efforts to liberate the maws from the domination of despotism. In the early part of the eighteenth century the Rosicrucian’s turned their attention to the new American Colonies, then forming the nucleus of a great nation in the New World. The American War of Independence represents their first great political experiment and resulted in the establishment of a national government founded upon the fundamental principles of divine and natural law. As an imperishable reminder of their sub rosa activities, the Rosicrucian’s left the Great Seal of the United States. The Rosicrucian’s were also the instigators of the French Revolution, but in this instance were not wholly successful, owing to the fact that the fanaticism of the revolutionists could not be controlled and the Reign of Terror ensued.

The Rosicrucian’s declared that the material arts and sciences were but shadows of the divine wisdom, and that only by penetrating the innermost recesses of Nature could man attain to reality and understanding. Though calling themselves Christians, the Rosicrucian’s were evidently Platonists and also profoundly versed in the deepest mysteries of early Hebrew and Hindu theology. There is undeniable evidence that the Rosicrucian’s desired to reestablish the institutions of the ancient Mysteries as the foremost method of instructing humanity in the secret and eternal doctrine. Indeed, being in all probability the perpetuators of the ancient Mysteries, the Rosicrucian’s were able to maintain themselves against the obliterating forces of dogmatic Christianity only by absolute secrecy and the subtlety of their subterfuges. They so carefully guarded and preserved the Supreme Mystery – the identity and interrelationship of the Three Selves – that no one to whom they did not of their own accord reveal themselves has ever secured any satisfactory information regarding either the existence or the purpose of the Order. The Fraternity of R.C., through its outer organization, is gradually creating an environment or body in which the Illustrious Brother C.R.C. may ultimately incarnate and consummate for humanity the vast spiritual and material labors of the Fraternity.”

“The perfect Rosicrucian medicine was for the healing of nations, races, and individuals. In an early unpublished manuscript, an unknown philosopher declares alchemy, Qabbalism, astrology, and magic to have been divine sciences originally, but that through perversion they had become false doctrines, leading seekers after wisdom ever farther from their goal. The same author gives a valuable key to esoteric Rosicrucianism by dividing the path of spiritual attainment into three steps, or schools, which he calls mountains. The first and lowest of these mountains is Mount Sophia; the second, Mount Qabbalah; and the third, Mount Magia. These three mountains are sequential stages of spiritual growth. The unknown author then states:

“By philosophy is to be understood the knowledge of the workings of Nature, by which knowledge man learns to climb to those higher mountains above the limitations of sense. By Qabbalism is to be understood the language of the angelic or celestial beings, and he who masters it is able to converse with the messengers of God. On the highest of the mountains is the School of Magia (Divine Magic, which is the language of God) wherein man is taught the true nature of all things by God Himself.”

And that, my friends – is Gnosis.




The Grail Dynasties


According to The Grail dynasties were started on Atlantis by Melchizedek – who as we learned, was an incarnation of the Logos. This website’s author says that the Melchizedekean temples served as birthing grounds for the first Grail blood lineages founded on Earth. My understanding is that the importance of the Grail lines is that they contain light codes within their dna. I believe there was a re-infusion of the light codes at the time of the white Adam in the Caucasus and then at various stages in the line of the biblical patriarchs, who looked like ‘angel children’. This sites author says that Jesus came to re-vivify these codes, which could only mean that they are handed down genetically. There were initially twelve branches or lines perpetuated. Ms. Cooper relates that the Grail families, “were men and women who lived their lives in service to God through humanity.” They were, “spiritual magicians who used their powers selflessly to promote the Christic Presence in the world.” She relates that their places of worship included an outer hall where the history of the Melchizedekean generations was recorded. So as you can see, we have been keeping track of our genealogy for a long time!

The book I’ve found that holds the most information on the Grail family lineages is Guardians of the Holy Grail. Since it’s so all-inclusive I will be referencing information from that book for the majority of this post.  I will also add my comments within the material.

One appellation of the Grail kings was ‘Fisher Kings’. This symbolism is the same that came down to Jesus who was a ‘Fisher of Men’. They were also called ‘Righteous Shepherds’, another symbol we see in the stories of the Davidic bloodline.

According to the author of Guardians of the Holy Grail;

“These early priest kings of our planet’s sacred history were renowned for their supernatural power and penetrating wisdom; and their exalted status was reflected in their uniquely telling emblems, such as dragons, serpents, and lions, which are symbolic of the Kundalini life force they embodied. Their emblems also included various Holy Grail manifestations, including the spear, cup, sword, and platter or stone, which are collectively known to us as the Hallows of the Grail Castle and understood to denote the royal powers of discrimination, intuition, and the accumulation and dissemination of supernatural power. The Fisher Kings have also been identified with the symbol of a fish, which represented them as Kundalini masters swimming within the cosmic sea of life-force that surrounds and interpenetrates our universe.”

The first Fisher king on Lemuria was known as both Murrugan and Sanat or as some say – Satan. One of his brothers was Sananda Kumara who was the same soul as manifested in Jesus.  Another name for the Fisher Kings is Priest Kings. They are understood to be the incarnations of the good/bad sons of our Mother the Holy Spirit. Another title for the Fisher Kings that is often used is the Green Man. Since this is a dualistic universe we live in, just as we humans have the capacity for great evil and great virtue, so does the Fisher King. His manifestations can be evil, or benign, or beneficent, or a combination thereof. He can be a saint or a demon, a Christ or a Lucifer. Since this applies to the ‘sons’ of the Goddess, so too can this be said of the Goddess herself – as hard as that is to fathom. This is reflected in the Holy Spirit’s three modes of creation, preservation and destruction.

“If a Fisher king desires to hold onto his Grail Hallows the ultimate lesson he must learn is ‘whom the Grail serves’, otherwise he will lose his power and one or more of his Grail Hallows is likely to be destroyed, stolen or disappear. The Holy Spirit power that moves through a Fisher King is not for himself alone, but everyone, and unless the monarch comes to this understanding he will undergo a fall and his subjects will suffer. Once a Fisher King falls, only after being asked by a thoughtful visitor to his Grail Castle, “whom does the Grail serve?” can the monarch expect to be redeemed and regain his power. This question will ostensibly trigger within a fallen Fisher King some innate wisdom about the Grail and how his selfishness and pride has led to his demise.”

The author relates that the Fisher King is beneficent at the beginning of his reign, but succumbs to pride and self-centeredness midway through his reign. In the Grail legends, when the Fisher King is not doing well, he becomes physically disabled in some way. In the European legends, the Fisher King has an injury to his groin – which some attribute to the fact that his wife, the Goddess has been taken from him. In this state, the Fisher Kings kingdom turns dark and decays. The author points to the book of Revelation which shows Lucifer’s manifestation as the Life-Force where, as the ‘red dragon’ a universal symbol of the fiery life force – Lucifer is tossed out of Heaven by St. Michael. According to the author;

“Lucifer was not originally considered evil. During the matriarchal era Green Man Lucifer was the Son of the Goddess, the embodiment of the Life Force, and the controller of her two powers of creation and destruction. His so-called ‘evil’ nature was first exploited during the inception of the categorical and divisive thinking that characterized the rise of patriarchal theology. At that time the Green Man was split into two Sons of the Goddess, with Lucifer associated with her power of destruction and his twin brother, who eventually became known as the Christ, the guardian of her power of creation.

…When Lucifer first became the King of the World, he was a righteous monarch. The Prophet Ezekiel recounts that Lucifer began his reign as the anointed cherub who was perfect in his ways and set upon the holy mountain of God (Ezekial 28:14-15). (Called the King of Tyre here and was tainted by becoming rich from trade and by his good looks) …The Koran is another scripture which, like the Holy Bible, is explicit in identifying the cause of Lucifer’s infamous fall in the Garden of Eden. This holy text maintains that following God’s creation of Adam, the angels that had descended to Earth from Heaven were instructed to surround the newborn son of Earth and to “Bow down to Adam.” All of them complied except for the rebellious Lucifer, who as Iblis ‘was haughty’.”

In India and Sri Lanka, Murrugan/Satan, is known as the androgynous divine son of Shiva and Shakti. In Atlantis he was Neptune. To the Arabs, he is Al Khadir. In India, one manifestation was King Nahusha – a name which denotes ‘serpent’. King Nahusha let his supernatural abilities inflate his ego, as so many other Fisher Kings have done, so he is remembered as one of their most demonic monarchs. His descendants were also fallen and are known as the Asuras, or the ‘fallen angels’.  What’s important to remember is that the Primal Serpent manifests in humans who are subject to all the temptations and weaknesses all humans are subject to. If I understand correctly, there can be multiple manifestations of the Fisher King at the same time. Anyone whose spiritual level can attain it are manifestations of the Fisher King. They can reign as a ‘Christ’ or a ‘Lucifer’.

We go now to ancient Mesopotamia and Enki (Sumerian) or Ea (Babylonian) the ‘Lord of the Earth,’ the ‘House of Water,’ and ‘Lord of the Two Streams’. Enki’s capital city in Sumeria was Eridu. According to the ancient historian Berossus, Enki took form as Oannes who reputedly had a fish’s head atop a human head, a fish’s body with a man’s feet adjoined to a fish’s tail! Some liken this to ceremonial regalia. In fact, they say that the headdress worn by the Catholic Pope and Cardinals were modeled after the fish’s head of Enki/Oannes which sat atop his human head. The ancient Greek historian Apollodorus evidently believed that Oannes and his entourage really did look as described. He called them the Annedoti, the ‘Repulsive Ones’. According to Pinkham the Annedoti have “since been associated with the Anunnaki.”

I don’t understand why there would be an association of a fish-like creature with a serpent-like creature, it could be that Enki was some sort of combination of both. Pinkham says that some researchers believe their original homeland was either Sirius or Venus. He says that Enki/Oannes founded a lineage of Fisher Kings that included, “ten pre-flood monarchs known both as the Ab-Gal, the ‘Masters of Knowledge,’ as well as the ‘Seven Sages’.” Pinkham cites the Biblical Adam, Enoch and Noah as having been Fisher Kings in the lineage of Enki. I believe those ten pre-flood monarchs might have been Adam, Seth, Enos, Cainan, Mahaleel, Jared, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech and Noah.

Pinkham cites King Nimrod as being an example of a fallen Fisher King due to his inflated ego. He declared himself to be God on Earth. Nimrod is credited with being the king who oversaw the building of the Tower of Babel as related in the Bible. One legend relates that he had the tower built in order to do battle with God for bringing the Flood upon the Earth. According to Pinkham; “His inglorious reign came to its conclusion after the megalomaniac king received a prophetic vision of the prophet Abraham re-establishing the religion of the one God in the future. In order to protect his rule, Nimrod slew all the firstborn sons of the Babylonians just in case one of them happened to be the infant Abraham. Because he fell so far from his pride, King Nimrod is rightly regarded as having been a legitimate manifestation of the Fisher King Vulcan-Lucifer.”

In the Book of Jasher, written by Moses’ staff bearer, the story of Nimrod’s edict of killing the firstborn sons is told.  In that text, Abraham’s father Terah can’t bear to allow Abraham to be killed, so he substituted a son of one of his servants.  Abraham and his mother went into hiding and lived in a cave for some ten years. Afterwards, Abraham went to live with Shem and Noah and was taught the true religion of the One God. After the Flood of Noah, as the Bible briefly mentions, there were still giants on the Earth. Those giants included Nimrod, Ham, Japheth and other Biblical characters. It was the time of the Anakim and Rephilim of the Bible. Pinkham relates that when Nimrod died, the ruler-ship of the Middle East was placed principally in the hands of King Melchizedek and the Rephilim and Anakim, “the giant descendants of the early Sons of God.” We know that those giants are still around – and living within the Earth. Our beloved Zorra is one of them.

One author wrote that the angels were given charge of the Earth they had almost destroyed. That was the time when the seventy sons of God were made to rule over the seventy people or languages of the Earth as depicted in the Bible. Cain also founded a lineage, which continued – contrary to the Noah’s Ark story that makes it seem like all of Cain’s line died out. Pinkham says that Cain’s line, called ‘Possessors,’ embodied the spirit of Vulcan-Lucifer. He says that the Fisher King lineage founded by Cain went to Enoch, then Lamech and to Noah and that Noah passed it to his son Ham. The alternate, Biblical version shows the descent to Noah, from Seth to Seth’s son Enosh, Kenan, Mahalalel, Jared, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech and then to Noah. It may be that all this confusion goes back to what Helena Blavatsky termed the disfigured allegories of the race of Cain and Noah and his family that came out of Atlantis.

The reason I’m including these points is because it does seem that the Freemasons follow a line that descends from Cain. We also learned earlier from Alice Linsley that Cain married his cousin who was a daughter of Enoch, who was a son of Seth. I believe this may account for the similarity in the bloodlines of Seth and Cain listed in the Bible. The lines were joined from the start – although I will say that in the Bible, Seth’s son is given as Enosh – a difference in spelling of just one letter. I believe this is part of the confusion. I have seen authors who state that both sides, Seth’s and Cain’s swore they would never marry with each other because Cain slew Abel or because Cain’s line was ‘superior’, but I believe they inter-married quite early. Pinkham wrote regarding this bloodline;

“Abraham whose original name, Ab-ram denoted “Possessor of Fire.” Abraham, a priest of Ur, when called by Yahweh to father a race of ‘chosen ones’, received much of his power from the Fisher King Melchizedek by “drinking from his chalice.” King Melchizedek, whose name King of Salem (or Shalem) denotes “King of Venus,” is recognized in the Arab world as a manifestation of Al-Khadir, the Green Man, who was both the Son of Venus and primal king of the World. The Water of Life Abraham received from King Melchizedek was subsequently transmitted to all the tribes of Israel, especially the Tribes of Levi and David out of which emerged the Hebrew priests and Fisher Kings.”

The Water of Life referred to is our Mother the Holy Spirit’s power. We learned earlier that Melchizedek was an incarnation of the Logos. We also learned that some say that Melchizedek was Shem. The edict of Nimrod’s to kill the first-born sons had, in hindsight, assured that Abraham had been taught by Melchizedek/Shem the truth about God. Otherwise, Abraham would have most likely worshiped the Anunnaki/Teraphim as his father Terah had. By the way, the clay figurines of the serpent men and women we saw earlier, were, I believe, examples of the Teraphim that Terah worshiped. The word Teraphim means ‘earth spirits’. Some very specific facts are related about the Davidic Fisher King line Mark Pinkham;

“One of Murrugan’s Kundalini lineages was taken west to the Middle East, where it culminated in the birth of one of the greatest Kundalini Masters of all time, John the Baptist, who was known by his people, the Mandeans, as the “Fisher of Souls”. John was the fountain head from which numerous Kundalini lineages eventually spread throughout the West via his foremost disciples, which included Jesus Christ and the Gnostic Master Simon Magus. One of John’s most empowered lineages, the Johannite Cupholders, moved from John to Jesus, and then to John the Apostle, and was later transmitted along a line of Knights Templar Grand masters beginning in the 12th century. The Templars carried the Johannite lineage back to their native Europe, after which they helped spawn a constellation of Kundalini focused European secret societies that included the Freemasons, Rosicrucian’s and the Illuminati.”

I tell my family that we have Asian ancestry and they look at me like I have lost my mind. I even have a bone formation in my mouth that a dentist said was only found among Asians. Probably our most recent Asian infusion came from the Aesir who migrated westward with the Fisher King Odin. In Asia they were known as the Yngling or Ynglingeaett dynasty. This dynasty was a pre-cursor to the Ulvungar dynasty. The story goes that Odin left one of his sons in different locations along the way to establish settlements. One author said that Odin was Anu – one of the Anunnaki – who was the father of Enlil and Ea/Enki.

From the Black Sea area, one of our lineages were the Sicambrians, who intermarried with the Scythians who were nomadic horse riding people from Asia and the Near East. They made their way westward and are now western Europeans and Americans. The author relates that the Scythians were worshipers of the Fisher King Neptune of Atlantis.  The Scythians separated into tribes and were known as the Alans, Franks, Visigoths, Goths, Saxons, Alemanni, and probably many others. All these examples are just some of the actual lineages. These are lines I have seen in my own family, however, there were other Grail dynasties that were separate from mine. If it’s true that only Noah’s family lived after the Flood, then the original twelve dynasties were narrowed down to one, which would have then went on to have many sub-lineages.

So now we come to the question; did the Davidic Grail line die out? In the following scripture from the Gospel of the Holy Twelve, Lection 66, Jesus says; “Again I say unto you, I and my Bride are one, even as Maria Magdalena, whom I have chosen and sanctified unto myself as a type, is one with me; I and my Church are one. And the Church is the Elect of humanity for the salvation of all.” When Jesus says that to him, Maria Magdalena is his bride and also a type, he is speaking of the archetypal image that she is. Just as he is the Royal Bridegroom archetype, she is the Royal Bride. Something important to consider when thinking about the question of whether Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married, is to take into consideration the times and social mores of the era in which they lived. First of all, women were considered second class citizens. They had no rights and as far as the Jews were concerned, Eve was the cause of all the woe in the world, therefore all women were condemned for this reason. A woman would not talk to a man they didn’t know. Look at some of the Middle Eastern countries today and you will get a good idea of what Palestine was like in those days. A woman would not touch the head and feet of a man she wasn’t married to, as Mary did when she anointed Jesus. She would not have cleaned and anointed the dead body of a man she was not married to – something that Mary Magdalene was said to have done to the body of Jesus.

As far as ‘proof’ of Jesus and Mary Magdalene’s marriage and family, the church father Eusebius, quoting Julius Africanus, talks of the Desposyni and calls them; “The descendants of the Master” – not descendants of the Master’s family. Our family has faithfully recorded their genealogies for several thousand years. I believe the descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene kept track of theirs. My Welsh ancestors from Gwynedd brought several large volumes of their detailed family lines with them when they came to America. The following relates information on the bloodline in early Briton/Wales. From the book The Holy Kingdom the Quest for the Real King Arthur;

“The King List of Owain, the son of Hywell Dda, turns out to be, as on other occasions, an important document for tracing the Joseph of Arimathea connection. List 1 traces back to Abatlac, son of Amalech. Here there is a note that says in Latin: Amalech, qui fuit Beli magni filius et Anna mater jesu, quae dicitur esse consobrina maria Virginia, matris Domini nostri Jesu Christi” This translates as Amalech, who was the son of Beli the great and Anna his mother, of whom they say the Virgin Mary, mother of our Lord Jesus Christ, to be a blood-relative.

List 10 presents a different line to Owains tree, but still terminating in Anna, going back to “Eudos, son of Eudelen, son of Aballac, son of Beli and Anna. …More information on this matter is supplied in the genealogies of St. Cadoc, a sixth century British saint and the son of Gwynlliw by Gwladys, a daughter of Brycham of Brecon. On his father’s side, the tree traces back to Baallad son of Aballach, son of Beli, son of Anna. We may therefore assume that Baallad is a brother of the Eudelen mentioned in list 10 of Owen. St. Cadoc’s mother’s tree is more provocative still. It goes back to Battled, son of Aballach, son of Beli and terminates with the Virgin Mary herself.”

The author of The God Kings of Outremer says that there were at least three, “…well-known and authentic lines of legitimate blood descendants from Jesus own family.”  One was from Joachim and Anna, Mary’s parents, another from Mary’s cousin Elizabeth through her son John ‘the Baptist’, and one from Cleophas and his wife, who was a cousin of Mary. Many people today define Jews as people whose mothers are Jewish. I believe the reason for this is because the Davidic line, or possibly even the entire line of Judah, at one point, only consisted of two sisters. They were the daughters of King Zedekiah who escaped to Egypt and Ireland with the prophet Jeremiah when Zedekiah and his sons were killed. Therefore the Davidic lineage is maternal. I believe that’s why it’s said that descendants of Jesus mother Mary are the royal Davidic line of Israel – the Desposyni. The author states that this information came from the book by Malachi Martin, The Decline and Fall of the Roman Church, which was written by a former priest, who had access to the Vatican library.

Hugh Montgomery, author of The God Kings of Outremer makes a good case for Mary Magdalene’s having been the daughter of John the Baptist. He says that Dr. Hugh Sinclair had come to the same conclusion some forty years earlier. They both see in John’s line a connection to the royal Petran Dynasty, the Sabeans/Nabateans. Montgomery does a good job of sleuthing and presenting his case for there being several children of Jesus, from both his first marriage and his marriage to Mary Magdalene. Montgomery details at least four brothers and two sisters of Jesus as well. The following is taken from that book;

John the Baptist’s line according to Dr. Hugh Sinclair.

(Black line of Nabatea and Pharaohs)

Zacharias & Elizabeth

John the Baptist and Anya of Petra

Mary Magdalene and Yeshua

3 children: Jacob (Iraq), Ruth and John Martinus

Jacob’s line turned into the Odonic line

Ruth’s line also went into the Odonic line

John Martinus married first Sarah and had a daughter Sarah Bernice

John Martinus married second Muriel and had sons Thomas and German.

Thomas had a son Simon (very dark skinned)

Simon had a son Joseph

Joseph’s line went into the Sinclair’s

Montgomery points out a relationship between the House of Burgundy and either Mary of Bethany or Mary Magdalene – or both, as related in The Golden Legend. The author believes that the lines of the two Mary’s inter-mixed as they descended. The Burgundian connection is important to note because  when I went on the Family Tree dna website on the Ulvungar Dynasty page, it was reported that Merovingian remains from Ergolding Bavaria that had been DNA tested, were ‘Burgundian’.

Montgomery has traced the Ulvungar Dynasty to Ramesses I and Seti I, his son by Queen Sitre, who were founders of the 19th Dynasty of Egypt (1342-1197 BC).  He says that the Hyksos, who were the Habiru of the Nile Delta, took Seth as their main god. He points out that Seth, or Seti I was given as wives or concubines Anat and Astarte also known as Asherah who were both war goddesses from the Syria-Palestine area. Asherah was also known as the Queen of Heaven, spouse of Yahweh. Astarte, as I pointed out earlier was also known as Queen Esther in the Bible. At that time, the ruling dynasty of Babylon, were the Kassites. The first Kassite king was called Iddina or Odin. The royal families of Egypt and Babylon inter-married at that time. Shortly thereafter, the Kassite dynasty was overthrown and it was at that time that Odin and all his people migrated in a northwesterly direction and eventually became the Goths of Scandinavia, who would later become known as the Vikings and Ulvungar Dynasty.

Montgomery stated that another researcher had traced the Ulvungar dynasty back to a ‘Seth’. He said that it was possible that the Seth referred to was the Biblical Seth, ancestor of Noah. He states that “Rashi (Rabbi Shlomo Yitzhaqi) refers to Seth as “…the father of Noah and the ancestor of all of the generations of the Tzaddikim, the righteous ones.” Montgomery wrote that it occurred to him that the Egyptian Seth and Biblical Seth may be the same man. He cites a document that shows Mary of Bethany as a priestess of Isis.

The Tribe of Benjamin – who were Mary’s ancestors, were mercenary warriors of the Pharaoh and lived on Elephantine Island in Egypt. They were the king’s personal guard. It was on this island that the Zadokite Temple was built by Onias who was of the exiled true High Priests line of Israel. The Essenes in all lands considered this to be their main Temple.

Hugh Montgomery wrote that the period from 1100-1133 was the high point of the Ulvungar dynasty. At that time, they ruled Scandinavia, Russia, Normandy, England, Southern Italy, Sicily, North Africa and Outremer, a name for the ‘Holy Lands’ regained during the Crusades. They even had their own man installed as Pope during that period! I have read that the ‘good’ side of our family had three or four men as Popes. From what I can tell, some of that was probably done through subterfuge, but there were also alliances and even inter-marriage into the (un)-Holy Roman Empire.

Montgomery also found a link between the bloodline and the Herodian dynasty. Considering the history between our family and the Herodian line in Palestine this wouldn’t seem very likely, but there is a story of a Herodian who, when he was young, was told by an Essene prophet that he would one day be a king. This came true, so that Herodian always favored the Essenes. We also learned that there was a tie-in with John the Baptist’s family and Herod who had married King Aretas daughter who was John the Baptist’s sister in law. There is also a story of Mary Magdalene seeking to escape Palestine and appealing to Herod Agrippa’s son, Herod Agrippa the II for help. The younger Herod Agrippa had been tutored by Saul/Paul. Paul at that time was not a champion of Jesus because of Jesus’ reformation of the religion, but did ask his former student to protect Mary. The reason Mary went to Gaul (France) is that Herod Agrippa II’s relatives Herod Antipas and his brother Archelaus had been sent there in exile and had a large estate there. The Herodian’s and the family of John the Baptist were joined in a marriage of political expedience. It seems it was a marriage that may have contributed to the death of John the Baptist and possibly saved the life of Mary Magdalene. We know from the Bible that Saul/Paul was related to the Herodian’s and Montgomery says that a daughter of Jesus and Mary of Bethany and the Apostle Saul/Paul were married.

The authors of the book Rex Deus the True Mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau and the Dynasty of Jesus wrote that documents exist, called the Rex Deus Sagas, which relate the following;

“The children of Jesus were parted in an attempt to ensure their security and the continuation of his bloodline. James, his two and a half year old son, was entrusted to the care of Judas Thomas Didymus, Jesus’ twin brother. They sought immediate sanctuary with King Abgar of Edessa, who was a supporter of Jesus. Mary Magdalene, who was pregnant at the time, fled in the opposite direction, to a refuge of comparative safety among a community whose silence and protection could be relied upon, the Therapeutae in Egypt. Legend tells us that Joseph of Arimathea, a wealthy merchant, had the contacts and resources necessary to effect an immediate escape.

…After an unspecified period in Edessa, James, in the care of his uncle, traveled to the Celt-Iberian settlements in the vicinity of the present-day city of Compostela in the north-west of Spain. James’ age when he first arrived in Spain is not immediately clear from the version of the Rex Deus sagas that were recounted to us, nor are the full details of his later travels. It is with Joseph of Arimathea, but the Rex Deus legends recount that he died in Spain. Could it be that his visit by James the son of the Messiah was the real foundation for the later legends that James the Apostle visited the Iberian Peninsula? It would be ironic indeed if all the devout and orthodox pilgrims who visit Compostela and kneel in front of the tomb of the Apostle are in fact unknowingly venerating the child of a marriage that the Church denies ever took place.”

That book’s authors go on to say that there were four strands of early transmission of the bloodline in Rome, Provence, Spain and Britain. I don’t know if this is an indication of four children or not. Laurence Gardner attributes to Jesus and Mary Magdalene a daughter Tamar, a son Jesus II also called Justus, and another son, Josephes ha Rama Theo. Gardner explains that  ‘ha Rama Theo’ is a title that has gotten re-identified as a place name, i.e. Arimathea, but means ‘Of the Highest of God’. ‘Ra’ is an Egyptian term for ‘God’. I have also seen the name Michael attributed to one of their sons, but this was most likely a title as the office holders in the dynasty took the names of the archangels.

There are varying stories about how many children Jesus and Mary Magdalene might have had. I have seen anywhere from one to three. I think there’s confusion because there are children of two different Mary’s. One of Jesus and Mary Magdalene’s sons took a vow of abstinence and didn’t marry or produce heirs. I’ve not tried to trace the separate lines through history, but as far as the Merovingian line goes, at one point, there was only one male named Dagobert who, under an assumed name, continued the Merovingian lineage in the Languedoc area of southern France. This narrowed down the gene pool as far as the Merovingian line goes, but I still believe there are probably millions of descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene today. Pocahontas only had one son circa 1625. Historians believe there are tens of thousands of descendants of Pocahontas living today. Giving the greater immensity in time we can see that there could easily be millions of descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene today. Laurence Gardner claims that the Merovingians were related to Jesus family through Jesus brother James, but Hugh Montgomery cites a document titled ‘The House of Bethany’ which shows a descent from Jesus and Mary of Bethany, who I believe to be Jesus’ first wife. He cites a daughter Miriam who married Sigismundus, which I am pretty sure is another name for Saul/Paul. Miriam most likely was a dynastic name and not her actual name. As the men took the names of the archangels as titles, the women had theirs as well. This line descends to a Maria who was the mother of Clodomir, who fathered Merovee – the father of the Merovingians.

In the Jeshua channelings, where Jeshua is talking to Lightworkers, he makes the statement that the Light workers were direct descendants of the Apostles. I got the feeling that he may have meant that literally. Hugh Montgomery makes an interesting summary statement in his God Kings of Outremer book;

“I and my colleague Dr. Margaret Tottle-Smith have shown that Jesus himself was one of the Elchasai and that he was party to a hidden tradition, which included the use of the language of the Buddha. That the families of the Odonic God-Kings and the God-Kings of Israel merged into the House of Brocus with the marriage of Maria to Ataulf, and we have been able to tentatively identify the missing generation within the Elchasaic line as follows: Jeshua and Miriam of Bethany to their daughter and Sigismundus to Ruth and Osmeus, to Thomas, to Simeon (of the skin so dark), Joseph, Jonathon, the two Martha’s, Jacob (who was one of the delegates to Pope Sylvester in 318 AD), to Joseph, to John Cassian (who preached to Alaric and Ataulf) and then to Maria and Ataulf.”

Montgomery found evidence of at least one child with Mary of Bethany. Some think Mary of Bethany and Mary Magdalene were the same person. According to Montgomery, there’s a legend stemming from the first century that tells of Mary Magdalene’s arrival in Southern France in 44 C.E. The legend relates that she was accompanied by Mary Jacob, wife of Cleophas, who was a cousin of Jesus, a young girl and Joseph of Arimathea. The author states that their arrival, “is recorded in The Acts of Magdalene and the ancient manuscript History of England which is in the Vatican archives.” He then gives us some interesting information; “St. Mary Jacob was a Nazarene priestess, who became better known in Europe as Mary the Gypsy or Mary the Egyptian. In England her cult was widespread in medieval times and her Oath of Wedlock was referred to as the Merrie. She was said to be the origin of Maid Marian in the Robin Hood legends. There is to this day, a yearly festival celebrating this group’s arrival in France.” Do you see what I mean about our family history being woven into fairy tales and folklore?

From Celt, Druid and Culdee by Isabel Hill Elder;

“The universally held belief that the British are a mixed race has prevailed during many centuries; this belief, however, is now fading out of the scientific mind and giving place to the exact opposite. Britons, Celts, Gaels, Anglo-Saxons, Danes and Normans when warring with each other were kinsmen shedding kindred blood. The British prince, Caradoc, in maintaining his descent from illustrious ancestors, could bring from the clan records evidence of his pedigree; in those remote times genealogies were guarded with extreme care and recorded with exactitude by the herald-bard of each clan. On the public reception of a child, at the age of fifteen, into the clan, his genealogy was proclaimed and challengers of it commanded to come forward. Pedigree and inheritance were so identified in the ancient British code that an heir even in the ninth descent could redeem at a valuation by jury any portion of an estate with which his forefathers had been compelled to part.”

DNA studies have proven this author’s words to be true. The British Isles are some 97% male haplo-group R1b. They are all ‘Isaac’s sons’.

Manly Hall, author of The Secret Teachings of All Ages speaks of an unfamiliar understanding of the Grail stories;

“In the personality of Arthur is to be found a new form of the ever-recurrent cosmic myth. The prince of Britain is the sun, his knights are the zodiac, and his flashing sword may be the sun’s ray with which he fights and vanquishes the dragons of darkness or it may represent the Earth’s axis. Arthur’s Round Table is the universe; the Siege Perilous the throne of the perfect man. In its terrestrial sense, Arthur was the Grand Master of a secret Christian-Masonic brotherhood of philosophic mystics who termed themselves Knights. Arthur received the exalted position of Grand Master of these Knights because he had faithfully accomplished the withdrawal of the sword (spirit) from the anvil of the base metals (his lower nature). As invariably happens, the historical Arthur soon was confused with the allegories and myths of his order until now the two are inseparable. …..The body of the historical Arthur was probably interred at Glastonbury Abbey, a building closely identified with the mystic rites of both the Grail and the Arthurian Cycle. The medieval Rosicrucian’s were undoubtedly in possession of the true secret of the Arthurian Cycle and the Grail legend, much of their symbolism having been incorporated into that order. Though the most obvious of all keys to the Christos mystery, the Grail legend has received the least consideration.”

And from the author of Guardians of the Holy Grail;

“In Robert de Boron’s poem, Galahad is said to be Joseph of Arimathea’s son – although the identity of the knight’s mother is unclear. And the Queste del Saint Graal calls Galahad, like Jesus, a scion of the house of David and identifies Galahad with Jesus himself. Indeed, the very name Galahad, according to modern scholars, derives from the name Gilead, which was deemed a mystical designation for Jesus.”

We saw in the Gospel of the Holy Twelve that Jesus’ father Joseph was still alive after Jesus resurrection. Could it be that his father Joseph was Joseph of Arimathea, or ‘ha Rama Theo’?

From Hidden Wisdom Secrets of the Western Esoteric Tradition;

“Both King Louis and Count Hugh were members of a mysterious and secretive group of families known as Rex Deus. They claim to be the direct lineal descendants of the twenty-four ma’madot, the high priestly families of biblical Israel, direct descendants of Zadok the priest the true heirs to the Hebraic/Egyptian Gnostic and initiatory tradition. …speaking of Grail stories; these stories tell, in an allegorical way, of the search for enlightenment. Under the guise of describing a search for a holy relic, supposedly the cup or chalice used by Joseph of Arimathea to collect Jesus blood after the crucifixion, the stories reveal, in coded form, the pathway of initiation taught by Jesus.”

The author of The Knights of the Holy Grail puts things in perspective;

“The two principal Grail romances carry coded clues to a heretical belief system embedded within them that contradict the dogmas of the Church. The King of the Grail castle, the wounded Fisher King, imperfectly serves his impoverished realm just as the usurpers of the true teachings of Jesus, those who lead the Christian Church, despoil the spiritual lives of the flock they claim to serve. When someone pure enough to see the Grail restores the Fisher King to full health, his wasted kingdom will be restored. Likewise, when the true teachings of Jesus triumph over greed, lies, and distortion the dream of heaven on Earth will become a reality.”

Some of the following is paraphrased from Bloodline of the Holy Grail;

Merlin was actually a long-held Druidic title of the Seer to the King, not just one historic character. The familiar historical Merlin however, was Emry’s of Powys in Wales. Before him, the position was held by Taliesin the Bard who was a husband of Viviane I del Acqs. King Arthur’s father was King Aedan mac Gabran of Scots who held the title of Pendragon. Aedan’s mother was Lluan of Brecknock and she was descended from Joseph of Arimathea. Arthur was made commander of the British forces on his sixteenth birthday in 575. He was later anointed High King of the Britons. In our family, Kings and Queens did not rule countries – they ruled people. In fact, ‘rule’ is probably not a good word as their role was to oversee the welfare of the people. Arthur’s mother Ygerna del Acqs, was made the High Queen of the Celtic Kingdoms, a position granted by the Celtic Church. Ygerna’s mother Viviane I, was the dynastic Queen of Burgundian Avallon. The Burgundians were a tribe with marital ties to the Merovingians, as we learned previously.

Laurence Gardner makes the statement that Arthur’s father, King Aedan was a Celtic Church Christian “of the Sacred Kindred of St. Columba.” He says that the Sacred Kindred was, “distinctly grounded in the Nazarene tradition,” but also incorporated some druidic and pagan ritual. He goes on to write about the disturbance caused within the Celtic church because – in his words, Arthur “Became obsessed with Roman Christianity.” Evidently this led to a breakdown in the once conjoined lands of Wales, Stratchclude and Dumnonia. Shortly thereafter, the kingdom fell to the Anglo Saxons. This signaled the end to over six hundred years of the Celtic kingdom under the Pendragons. The last Pendragon was a direct ancestor of mine, Cadwaladr of Wales, who was twenty sixth in line from Joseph of Arimathea.  The marriage of Ygerna and King Aedan brought together the lineages of Joseph of Arimathea and Jesus once again for the first time in 350 years. This is the importance of Arthur in the Grail legends, he was ‘dually Desposynic.’ The two lines were the Arimathean and Christic. Arthur’s half-sister Morgaine married King Urien of Rheged and Gowrie who is known as Urien of Gore in the Arthurian Grail Romances. According to Gardner, Morgaine was a Celtic High Priestess with prophetic and healing powers. Morgaine’s Avallonian Dynasty was perpetuated in the female line. Gardner relates that;

“It is apparent from the annals of saintly genealogy and bardic pedigree that the Messianic line of the Sangreal came into Britain from first century Gaul. In the Lord’s Vineyard the line flourished to become the Princely House of Wales and from this early root stemmed the Gwyr-y-Gogledd chiefs of the northern regions. In parallel, another branch of the Vine conjoined with the great kings of Camulod and Siluria. It was by no chance that Prince Linus, son of Caractacus, (Caradoc) became the first Bishop of Rome. Neither was it a fluke of circumstance that Helena daughter of Britain’s Coel II married Emperor Constantius. By way of this alliance Rome was attached to the Judean royal succession which it had tried so hard to suppress by other means. St. Helena’s son was Constantine the Great and having a Celtic Christian mother of a Desposynic line, he was not slow to proclaim himself the true Messiah, even though his father’s predecessors had been savage persecutors of the Christian movement.”

Those Gwyr-y-Godledd chiefs were the rulers of Gwynedd, whose descendants would move to Pennsylvania many centuries later. The kingdom of Camulod was later known as Camelot. The author of The Magdalene Legacy wrote that Archbishop Rabanus Maurus born circa 780, wrote a manuscript titled The Life of Mary Magdalene. In his manuscript, he tells how Mary, Martha, and their brother Simon-Lazarus and several others, made their way by boat on the Mediterranean Sea until they arrived in the city of Marseilles in what was then Gaul and is now France. To quote;

“The libraries of Paris contain a number of manuscripts even older than that of Rabanus Maurus, which bear witness to Mary’s mission in Provence. The story is mentioned in a hymn of the AD 600’s that was republished in the records of the Acta Sanctorum by the Jesuit, Jean Bolland, in the 17th century. Individual documents containing aspects of the story date back to the early 4th century, and a century before that the Cassianites were installed at La Sainte-Baume in the era of the Fisher Kings of Gaul, before Merovingian times. The 9th century manuscript entitled Vita emeritica beatae Maria Magdalenae is reckoned to be copied from a Greek original from the 2nd century, possibly written by Hegesippus. (Mary buried in the Chapel of St. Maximus in AD 63).

These various records show that Jesus’ sisters, Sarah-Salome and Mary Jacob Cleophas, Helena-Salome, the consort of Simon-Lazarus, and a young girl, accompanied Mary Magdalene and Joseph. Simon-Lazarus is the brother of Mary Magdalene and Martha and is the Lazarus whom Jesus raised from the dead. A consort is a royal spouse, so it’s quite possible that Simon-Lazarus was also from a royal line, and I believe that would have been from the Benjamite King Saul of ancient Israel. Jesus sisters and Helena-Salome are buried in the crypt of Les Saintes Maries de la Mer in the Camargue. Gardner relates;

“In AD 44, Mary gave birth to her second son, and there is a specific reference to this in the New Testament: “The word of God grew and multiplied.” (Acts 12:24) This son was the all-important Grail Child and, in recognition of his grandfather, he was called Josephes. Having fulfilled his dynastic obligation to father two sons, Jesus was duly released from restrictions and was able to lead a normal life once more. From AD 46, his elder son, Jesus II then aged nine, was schooled in Caesarea. Three years later, he underwent the ceremony of his community birth in Provence. In accordance with custom, he would have been symbolically born again from his mother’s womb at the age of twelve. In AD 53, Jesus junior was officially proclaimed Crown Prince at the synagogue in Corinth and duly received the Davidic Crown Prince’s title of ‘Justus’ (the Righteous). He thereby formally succeeded his uncle, James the Just, as the kingly heir. Having reached the sovereign majority age of 16, Jesus Justus also became the Chief Nazarite gaining entitlement to the black robe of that office – as worn by the priests of Isis, the universal Mother Goddess.”

From Rex Deus the True Mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau and the Dynasty of Jesus;

“There is evidence to suggest that the royal bloodline of Jesus and Mary Magdalene eventually flowed in the veins of the Merovingian monarchs of France. The name Merovingian may itself be a linguistic fossil. The lore surrounding the royal family of the Franks mentions an ancestor ‘Merovee.’ But the word Merovingian breaks down phonetically into syllables that we can easily recognize: mer and vin, Mary and the vine. Broken down this way, it may be seen to allude to the ‘vine of Mary’ or perhaps the ‘vine of the Mother.’ The royal emblem of the Merovingian King Clovis was the fleur-de-lis (the iris). The Latin name for the iris flower, which grows wild in counties of the Middle East, is gladiolus, or ‘small sword.’ The trefoil fleur-de-lis of the royal house of France is a masculine symbol. In fact, it is a graphic image of the covenant of circumcision in which are inherent all the promises of God to Israel and to the House of David.

Not only was the royal line trying to live inconspicuously during this period, but the Roman church, in a ploy to take over the dynastic apostleship from the family of Jesus, was intentionally masking the identity of Jesus family in the Bible. Jesus brother James was known for his piety and righteousness and held in great esteem. The Catholics labeled him as “James the Less’. They even adopted the notion that Jesus was celibate so that a direct line of descent from Jesus was not possible.”

From St. Mary Magdalene the Gnostic Tradition of the Holy Bride by Tau Malachi we learn;

“The conception of St. Michael, it is generally held that Our Lady and Our Lord conceived St. Michael, their son and the heir of the lineage of royal blood, on the eve of the Shabbat the week before the drama of the Passion and Crucifixion. Thus, at the Crucifixion and Resurrection, and while the Risen Savior appeared until the time of the final Ascension, Lady Mary was with child, having St. Michael in her womb. The Holy Bride had become the Holy Mother, the mother of a supernal humanity. Jesus blood and flesh given over to the Demiurges and Archons as ransom for those souls he sought to liberate from their dominion and for the sake of binding the serpent in cessation. Thus with Him, she was making a holy sanctuary for the souls of the Elect throughout time who might cleave to the Anointed and also become the Anointed.”

I find it intriguing that the author said that Mary and Jesus were making a holy sanctuary for the souls of the Elect through their act of conceiving St. Michael. I believed long before I read that book that the souls of the Elect were in the descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. He calls us a supernal humanity. I’m not sure I am living up to that description! The reference to ‘also become the Anointed’ refers to what is probably our most important reason for incarnating into the Earth at this time. At some point, simultaneously, an anointing of the Holy Spirit power will come upon us. We will be the Christ’s of this era. We will have our own Day of Pentecost. We will tell people that they too will one day be capable of doing everything they see us do – if they turn to God and choose to evolve in God Consciousness.

Tex Marrs, the author of Rule by Secrecy says this about the Rex Deus bloodline;

“The author Lawrence Gardner as an internationally recognized expert of sovereign and chivalric genealogy was permitted to study the private records of thirty-three European royal families. He confirmed that the Merovingian’s were related to Jesus, but through his brother James, who Gardner claimed was the same person as Joseph of Arimathea. …It was never any secret…for the majority of these people (European Royalty) that Jesus was married and that Jesus had heirs, because it is written as such in very many family archives…The published papers of Mary, Queen of Scots talk about it at length. The papers of James II of England, who wasn’t deposed until 1688, talk of it at length.”

He goes on to quote Gardner who says that he was allowed access to documents that were hundreds of years old which, in 1128, the Knights Templar brought out and confronted the Church establishment with. It was shortly after this that the Templars institutions were raided and the Templars jailed and tortured. The Templars had been forewarned and most had escaped by boat to Scotland. The Templars were re-formed there into Scottish Rite Freemasonry.

There were various lines in Briton and Wales through the ages that stemmed from the lineage of Joseph of Arimathea. The rulers of Gwynedd in Wales were one of them. The Plantagenet’s and Tudors were others. We also had family lines in the other British Isles such as the Stuarts in Scotland. The Odinic line was in Scandinavia before moving to France and Britain. A later infusion of Eastern Jewish blood was through Makhir who ruled in Septimania – an independent Jewish state in southern France. Makhir was originally the Jewish Exilarch in Babylon. The Jews flourished during their captivity there and many didn’t leave when they were given their freedom. It will probably come as a surprise to many readers to learn that the prophet Muhammad was a descendant of Jesus brother Simon – so he too was Rex Deus.

There is a story that relates that members of Rex Deus went to Pope Sylvester to try and assert their hereditary right to lead and practice the form of the ancient religion transmitted to them by Jesus. The Pope told them that they and their teachings had no place in the new Christian order and that the teachings of Jesus had been superseded by Church doctrine! That, unfortunately still remains true. It seems one point of contention between our family and the Catholic Church was the doctrine of Jesus divinity, which evidently our family found blasphemous. I think it all comes back to separating the soul who was Jesus the man and the soul who ‘overshadowed’ Jesus, the Logos, the Son of God. If they were talking about Jesus the man, then he wasn’t equal to God, he was exactly the same as you and I. Technically the Logos is one third a part of God and was actually the third realization of God. The Father and Mother came before the son – so maybe that’s why they don’t believe Jesus and God are equal. I find nothing blasphemous in saying that either is true. Everyone and everything is God. It’s all God!

Early in my research I saw on the internet that there had been a scientific DNA analysis done on some remains of Merovingian’s from the Court of Merovech who lived circa 670 C.E.  I had already had some testing done on my dad’s DNA so I compared it with the results listed in the report and came up with a one hundred percent match. However, there were many more ‘locus’ tested on the Merovingian remains than I had tested on my dad’s DNA, so I sent off another sample to be tested so that I would be able to compare every marker tested in the study. It took several weeks for the results to come back. I can truly say that there was not a scintilla of doubt in my mind that my dad’s DNA would show descent from the test subjects. I was not disappointed. The testing proved that my dad descended from either of two of the subjects, who were said to be brothers. As of November 2012 the report can still be found online at;

The scans I made of the study results are too light and in too small of print to be practical to add to the even smaller pages of a post. I have found other websites that have copied and pasted the results, so hopefully they will be available in the future. Just type ‘Merovingian DNA Ergolding Bavaria’ into your search engine and you should find one.

“After these things I will return and will rebuild David’s tent which has fallen down. I will rebuild its ruins and set it up again. So that those who are left of mankind may seek the Lord even all the Gentiles who are called by my name, says the Lord who does these things, which have been known from long ago.” Acts 15:16-18

Some believe that this verse refers to Jesus rebuilding David’s tent two thousand years ago and then our ministry to the Gentiles for the last two thousand years. Jesus did re-establish David’s tent then, and we have been witnessing to the ‘Gentiles’ since then as well. However, the very important words ‘those who are left of mankind’ speaks of a day which, thankfully, will not be, as our timeline has changed. We no longer are faced with the loss of the majority of humankind.

And to my brothers and sisters I ask, how can we rebuild David’s tent if we deny that we are of David’s household?

Our Mother the Holy Spirit

The Hebrew Goddess is in both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. She is the woman praised in the Psalms and Song of Solomon, in Ecclesiastes, Proverbs and Job. She has been translated as ‘wisdom’ and ‘knowledge’ in both the Old and New Testaments and so people have no idea that our Mother the Holy Spirit is who is being referred to. Our ancestors considered the Cosmic Mother to be the executive power of the Divine, who gives body to life. In the Wisdom literature she is the Mother, Bride and Consort (royal spouse) of the Father God. She is the image of Light, Truth, Law, Insight, Understanding, Compassion and Justice.

At first it seemed unnatural to pray to God as Father-Mother.  But once I realized the truth and importance of the feminine aspect of God it just made me sad to think how she has been – and still is – ignored and denied. Our ancestors not only worshiped her – they adored her. We can look all around us today and see what a world is like without its Mother. We can see it in the veiled and abused women in the Middle East. We can see it in the denigrated sexuality and views of women as sex objects in the West. This is a world that doesn’t value its women. If, for the last several thousand years, the feminine side of God had been respected and celebrated, this Earth would be a much kinder and loving place. Wherever I studied our ancestors, whether it was the Quakers in Pennsylvania, or the Knights Templars, or the Cathars, or the Essenes, women were treated equally with men in all ways – including spiritually. In the early Christian church, women were apostles, deacons, prophets, missionaries and healers. There was no office that was closed to them.

Our family has always been the preservers of our Mother’s worship. Well, not in recent history with my direct family, but historically. John the Baptist and Jesus were both instrumental in trying to bring a new understanding of our Mother as the Goddess of Wisdom. Unfortunately that Light of Truth was only to surface for a short time. However, it has been perpetuated by a hidden lineage that has never failed since their day and before. The age of Patriarchy was necessary in order for humanity’s intellect to develop. Many believe that the next age will be that of the Goddess. If so, we can expect humanity’s quality of life will improve considerably.

Jesus and the Goddess: The Secret Teachings Of the Original Christians
By Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy

The Myth of Sophia

“There are many versions of the Christian Sophia myth, but the essence is the story of her fall from her Father’s house into the world, where she loses her way, looks for love in all the wrong places, becomes abused by many false lovers, and eventually falls into prostitution. Eventually she repents and calls out for help, whereupon her Father sends down her lover-brother Christ to rescue her. Sophia represents the soul of each initiate and the myth is an allegory for the fall of the soul into incarnation in a human body, where it becomes lost in the world, until its eventual spiritual liberation through contacting the Christ within, representing the Consciousness of God at the heart of all beings.

The Christians often picture Sophia as having two aspects. The higher Sophia is symbolized by a virgin mother and represents the pristine purity of the soul, from which our bodily self materializes. The fallen Sophia is symbolized by a prostitute who is redeemed, representing the soul fallen into incarnation, lost in the world and in need of spiritual enlightenment. The myth of the Christian God man Jesus can only be properly understood alongside the myth of the Christian Goddess Sophia. In the myth of Sophia, the Goddess is the central figure, whilst her brother-lover is an incidental character. In the Jesus myth it is the opposite. The God man is the central character. Yet the myth of the lost Goddess forms an important subtext to the Jesus story, which would have been obvious to Christian initiates familiar with both allegories.

In the gospels the two Mary’s represent the higher Sophia and the fallen Sophia. They are both called by the same name to emphasize the fact that they are mythologically aspects of the same figure. As in the Sophia myth, the first Mary is a virgin mother, like Sophia with the Father, and the second is a prostitute lover who is redeemed by Jesus, like Sophia lost in the world. Like her son/brother/lover Jesus, the Christian Goddess is a syncretic figure created from both Pagan and Jewish sources. The Gnostic Christians themselves trace the sources of their Sophia myth back to Jewish texts, such as Genesis, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Proverbs, and various Pagan myths. For example, essentially the same story of the fallen and redeemed Goddess, often pictured in two aspects as virgin lover and prostitute lover, can be found in the Pagan myths of Aphrodite, Helen, Eros and Psyche, and most famously Demeter and Persephone at Eleusis, all of which Pagan writers tell us are allegories for the descent of the soul into incarnation and its eventual redemption.

The figures of Demeter and Persephone were developed by the Greeks from ancient Egyptian mythology. The Pagan philosopher Porphyry tells us that the Egyptian Goddess Isis is equivalent to both the Greek Goddesses Demeter and Persephone. Just as the Egyptian myth of the dying and resurrecting God man Osiris is the earliest source of the myth of Jesus, so the myths of Isis is the earliest sources of the Christian myth of Sophia the lost and redeemed Goddess. Sophia, whose name means ‘Wisdom’, had been the Goddess of the Pagan philosophers for centuries. Indeed, the name ‘philosopher’, first used by Pythagoras, means ‘lover of Sophia’. Although often pictured today as dry academics, these brilliant intellectuals were actually mystics and devotees of the Goddess. Sophia was also an important mythical figure for Jewish Gnostic philosophers, such as Philo the Pythagorean.

……. The Jewish Sophia literature talks of a mythical ‘Good Man’ – no one in particular – who is the Goddess’ envoy on Earth. Moses was pictured as such an envoy. According to the Exodus myth, when he passes on his authority to Joshua (Jesus) he also receives ‘the Spirit of Sophia’. For the Christian Gnostics, their mythical hero Joshua/Jesus is likewise Sophia’s envoy who comes to reveal her Wisdom which leads to Gnosis. Hence ‘the secret’ that Paul proclaims in his Letter to the Colossians is ‘Christ in whom is hid the treasures of Sophia and Gnosis.’

In our view the evidence clearly suggests that Christianity was originally a synthesis of pre-existing Jewish and Pagan spiritual philosophy and allegorical mythology, and that central to that tradition was the myth of the Goddess Sophia. The eradication of the Christian Goddess by the patriarchal Roman Church has left us all motherless children. Women have been denied a sympathetic rapport with the Divine Feminine. Men have been denied a love-affair with a female face of Deity. Spirituality has become part of the battleground which separates the sexes, when it should be the sanctuary of eternal fellowship. The original Christians, however, practiced ‘partnership spirituality’. They were noted for valuing men and women equally, as expressions of God and Goddess. They saw the division of the sexes as a correlate of that primal polarity which is the basis of life. A duality which when made one, as in the act of love, brings the bliss of mystical union that they called ‘Gnosis’.”

Timothy Freke has an honors degree in philosophy and is an authority on world spirituality and the author of more than twenty books. Peter Gandy has an MA in Classical Civilization. For more information about the authors, their books, lectures and seminars, visit;

From the author of Gnostic Secrets of the Naassenes;

“The text of the Naassenes Sermon confirms that this new awareness of the Divine Mother was absorbed into Gnostic Christianity. The Sermon actually quotes a hymn honoring the Mother as the companion to the Father; “From thee (comes) Father and through thee (comes) Mother, two names immortal, progenitors of Aeons.” …We also know from a scripture called the Gospel according to the Hebrews that Jesus made another extraordinary contribution to the Wisdom dialogue. Though this gospel was suppressed and thus did not survive, from the descriptions of early writers it seems to have closely followed the Gospel of Matthew, except that it was written in Hebrew or Aramaic instead of Greek – hence its name. The scripture was apparently so popular that it was referred to as the ‘fifth gospel’. Most important, it included the following key passage quoting Jesus, which fortunately is preserved in two separate places in the writings of Origen and also in the writings of Saint Jerome: ‘Even now did my Mother the Holy Spirit take me by one of my hairs, and carry me away to the great Mountain of Tabor.’

…The idea that the Spirit flows from the Divine Mother was unprecedented in Judaism, and thus was a momentous development in the West. But the idea had long been understood in the East. In the Hindu traditions the same Divine Mother who brings the world into existence and sustains it also makes available a very special form of her own divine Self; a divine grace that is the Eastern equivalent of the Holy Spirit. Hindus believe that by means of this extremely subtle energy, known as the Chitti Kundalini or the Shakti Kundalini, the Divine Mother brings about the dramatic reversal of flow that leads to the heavenly source and today, the living traditions of Hinduism describe the concept of the reversal of flow in almost exactly the same language the Gnostics used in the first centuries of Christianity. The only difference is that Hindus usually describe the Gnostic Christian ‘descent’ of Spirit as an awakening from within. From our discussion of immanence, it should be obvious that both are equivalent. Either way, it is the decisive turning point in the spiritual life of the disciple.”

Our Mother’s devotees believed she was the Serpent on the Tree in the Garden of Eden who brought knowledge to Adam and Eve. If this is confusing to you because as we understand it, Satan brought that knowledge, and it was a ‘bad’ thing; here is the key to understanding it; The Holy Spirit is sometimes represented as two sons with opposite characteristics. Originally there was only one son with both characteristics. When one is only recognizing the ‘bad’ son one is not acknowledging ‘good’ son. One is, in fact, judging God. I have tried to get this across at many points throughout my writings, because I know from experience, it’s very hard to wrap your head around. Especially since we have been taught a corrupted version of the Eden allegory. The Mother and her two sons are the same. Knowledge is a good thing. Access to the Tree of Life is a good thing. The Power of the Holy Spirit is a Great Thing.

Our Mother wields three powers; that of creation, preservation and destruction. She’s the life-force that creates the universe and sustains it and at the end of a period of time, she destroys it and turns it back into pure energy. The author of Guardians of the Holy Grail says; “It is the destructive power of the Goddess that gives a Holy Grail the power to transform a human into a god or goddess, a process it accomplishes by destroying the physical and emotional impurities, as well as the false notions that keep him or her from knowing their true self.” The black Madonna’s of the European cathedrals are most likely representative of this aspect of our Mother. To the Templars she was Baphomet which looks hideous, if you don’t understand her purpose. The destructive Life Force is what accomplishes the Christening that leads to the Sacred Marriage of our soul and spirit – so this gives you an idea of why the destructive side of her was so important to our ancestors. What most Christians look at as evil, they saw as constructive and beneficent.

We learned earlier that we are a star race and that God was said to send his/her power through a central Sun that traveled through other Suns. This power is the Life Force. It’s the true Holy Grail, the subtle, etheric energy that surrounds and interpenetrates an object and has the power to transform those who come into contact with it. This Life Force is the Goddess. The ancients believed that God and Goddess were locked in an eternal embrace and it was that embrace that sustained life. This was said to be represented by the two angels locked in an embrace that adorned the top of the Ark of the Covenant. The Israelites called their Goddess the Shekinah, the royal Consort of the God Yahweh.

The Pyramids of Egypt were built to be conductors of the Holy Spirit power, which is why initiations took place in them. The Templars built all the beautiful cathedrals of Europe and made them conducive to accumulating the Life Force for their initiations. To learn about the Divine Feminine, a great source is the author Margaret Starbird. She has dedicated her life’s work to further the understanding and acceptance of the feminine aspect of God. She has this to say about the loss of the Sacred Feminine in our world. From her book; The Woman with the Alabaster Jar;

“Our worship of an exclusively male image of God is both distorted and dangerous. According to the principle ‘As in Heaven, so on Earth,’ male preferences and male domination cause society to form institutions based on a male model, with power concentrated at the top and the exploited masses imprisoned at the bottom. This is the model for dictatorship and oppression. In a society where the feminine is given equal time, children are nurtured and widows are consoled; arts, letters, music and dance are encouraged; childhood is joyful; work is productive and people live in harmony.”

In her book, Margaret informs us that the dove, which is a sign of the Holy Spirit, wasn’t considered masculine until it was translated into the Latin spiritus sanctus. She says that the original Hebrew word for Spirit is feminine. Don’t think for a minute that this was inadvertently done by the Catholics. They eventually succumbed to their parishioner’s wishes and brought the Divine Feminine back in the guise of the Virgin Mary. Ironically, or sadly, Southern Baptists, and myself until recently, cannot fathom the reason the Catholics deify the Virgin Mary as they do. The author of Gnostic Secrets of the Naassenes has this to say about the loss of the Divine Mother in Christianity;

“The Wisdom dialogue inspired by the Book of Job reached its culmination in the teachings of Jesus – yet those same teachings never found their way into orthodox Christianity. The church aggressively resisted the Divine Mother and succeeded in erasing every trace of her from its official doctrines. In Christianity’s earliest days, of course, things were very different. The first Christian churches were loosely organized communities in which a spirit of gender equality often prevailed. We know that women participated in discussions, taught alongside men, and sometimes even led services. ….During the second century a male hierarchy of deacons, priests, and bishops emerged. By 200 CE women had been relegated to subservience.”

That author fills us in on the role of the Holy Spirit. He says that she controls all human activity via the power of the planets and stars. I know many Christians will object to this, but the truth is that destiny and fate are part of the plan put in place by God. The Essenes – and in fact all of our ancestors, were involved with astrology and the keeping of time through the movements of the heavens. The planets and stars were intended to guide us in more ways than just navigation! The cosmic powers are benign. They are neither good nor evil. They serve both purposes, depending on what is called for by the choices and actions of the people concerned.

Our ancestors believed that every star and planet was the body of a soul. In fact, we humans are made from the ‘stuff of the stars’, which is a scientific fact. Since I was young I have believed that the twelve signs of the Zodiac were the system put in place by God to insure that there are twelve types of personalities or sets of characteristics needed to fulfill all the functions of earthly life. There’s a science behind it. It’s one of the laws of the universe put in place by God to insure proper functioning of this creation.

The Goddess lives within us as our inner Wisdom and Guidance. She is that ‘still small voice’ that I have audibly heard. She gives us the gifts of understanding and discernment, which is something I fervently pray for day after day. The Goddess, our beloved Holy Spirit, is my best friend, and my constant companion. The Bible and Wisdom texts have this to say about our Mother;

“I am Wisdom, I bestow shrewdness and show the way to knowledge and discretion.” Proverbs 8:12

“From me come advice and ability; understanding and power are mine.” Proverbs 8:14

“Through me kings hold sway and governors enact laws.” Proverbs 8:15

“Whoever listens to me will live without a care, undisturbed by fear of misfortune.” Proverbs 1:33

“I was set up from everlasting, from the beginning, or ever the Earth was.” Proverbs 8:23

King Solomon showed his love for her in saying;

“She knows and understands all things; she will guide me prudently in whatever I do, and guard me with her glory.” Wisdom 8: 9.11

“I called for help and there came to me the Spirit of Wisdom. I valued her more than health and beauty. I preferred her to the light of day, for her radiance is unsleeping.” Wisdom 7:7-8

“She is an inexhaustible treasure for mortals and those who profit by it become God’s friends.” Wisdom 7:14

“I was taught by Wisdom, by her whose skill made all things.” Wisdom 7:22

“She is quick to make herself known to all who desire knowledge of her, he who rises early in search of her will not grow weary in the quest, for he will find her seated at his door.” Wisdom 6: 13-14

“She herself searches far and wide for those who are worthy of her, and on their daily path she appears to them with kindly intent, meeting them half way in all their purposes.” Wisdom 6:16

“Wisdom working through a holy prophet, gave them success in all they did.” Wisdom 11:5

I mentioned earlier that the word Elohim was a plural word. If it was singular it would be El. According to Richard Smoley; “This word is a feminine noun and a masculine plural, implying Goddess and God and yet more, the One become many – hence singularity and multiplicity as a simultaneous truth. In effect, it alludes to all creatures and specifically, to human beings, as quantum manifestations of the One, the Holy Father-Mother.” To simplify the term quantum manifestations, just think of us as individual sparks of God living on planet Earth in this incarnation, most of whom are unaware that we are in actuality temples of God him/herself. Of course, Light workers already know this.

He is absolutely correct. Elohim stands for everything that is God. That includes gods, goddesses, lords, elfs, fairies, humans, extra-terrestrials, animals, plants, you name it – it’s all Elohim! Without the Spirit of God in it – nothing would have life.

The Dictionary of Common Era Gnosticism tells us that; “The Holy Spirit is the heavenly partner with whom a union, a marriage, is formed. The Holy Spirit delivers its human partner from death and seals that soul so that it will no longer be capturable by the lower powers (Archons). Holy Baptism, a ritual much older than Christianity, is a purification by fire and by water to assist one to receive the heavenly partner, the Spirit.”

And from the brilliant author of Mysteries of the Bridechamber;

“The Mother principle is synonymous with the heart systems, and as such a peerless organizer of groups, of societies, but prone to a deficiency in individualism. Unlike the Father, she values peace and longs for bliss. Mistress of the psyche, gateway of the soul, she is subtle and intuitive in her dealings, but also given to inertia and materialism. She is therefore at her best in tandem with the Father. If robbed of dignity, if excluded from her rightful place of authority at his side at the helm of creation, the Mother will turn to the sensory satisfactions of the physical realm and become licentious, or else hide herself in the black burka of Puritanism.

…The foundational laws, the moral guidelines of society, and the means to their ends, both secular and religious, are worked out only by men, and the only ruling deity is male. Every vital decision concerning foreign and economic policies, every law concerning the family, criminal justice, racial attitudes, moral boundaries, and the sexual or scientific ethos is driven and controlled by men. As a result, our civilization is in the grip of a faster and faster demon of productivity, driven by a phantom called progress, overworked, out of balance, suffering vertigo and despair. The sickening of the Earth, vast populations starving or perishing by genocide; crime, suicide, drug addiction, the rape of childhood, and the death of joy – all these are the inevitable consequences of rampant patriarchy and a repressed mother archetype.

…Above all, the Christian religion needs to renew its ancient tryst with prophecy. But the prophetic vocation is born only in the marriage chamber, where the male and female principles must be equally honored if they are to unite. This is a fact that the history of the prophets, of whatever nation, has confirmed again and again. Where either gender is degraded, the heart of religion dies. The Gnosis withers; the evolution of the human spirit cannot go forward and the civilization dies. Yet it was for this evolution, indeed, that Christianity was brought into existence. And perhaps for this same reason it is already beginning to renew itself in the hidden mystical schools of the Far East, where the oceanic Mother principle has always held sway. …We can be certain that one day, if not tomorrow as projected, the Renaissance prophecies of a coming world order based on a united brotherhood of world religions will be fulfilled. The One Primal Spirit will eventually prevail.”

The most important thing I can bring you regarding our Mother, the Holy Spirit, are these words from Jesus spoken in The Gospel of the Holy Twelve – Lection 45;

For I say unto you, whosoever blasphemeth the Son of Man,

it shall be forgiven them; but whoso blasphemeth the Holy Spirit

it shall not be forgiven them either in this age, or in the next,

for they resist the Light of God, by the false traditions of men.



Mary Magdalene – Bride of Christ

“There were three who walked with the Lord: Mary his mother, and his mother’s sister, and Miriam Magdalene, known as his companion. For him, Miriam is a sister, a mother, and a wife.” – From the Gospel of Philip – who was an original Apostle

“On this account I have said unto you aforetime: Where I shall be, there will be also my twelve ministers. But Mary Magdalene and John, the virgin, will tower over all my disciples and over all men who shall receive the mysteries in the Ineffable. And they will be on my right and on my left. And I am they, and they are I.” – Spoken by Jesus in the Pistis Sophia

I first contemplated about Jesus and Mary’s relationship from the standpoint of whether or not Mary was an important follower of Jesus – as important as we regard the men who were the Apostles. The first thing going in favor of this is the fact that our family for thousands of years had revered the feminine power of God and always shown that they believed in equality of the sexes. Probably the best sources to consider the relationship of Jesus and Mary from are the ancient texts which record actual conversations between Mary, Jesus, and the other disciples. The author of Forbidden Faith notes how in these texts, Mary Magdalene is presented as a disciple at least equal to the male disciples. In the text the Dialogue of the Savior she is referred to as, ‘The woman who knew the All’. In the text Pistis Sophia, Jesus tells her, “Thou are she whose heart is more directed to the Kingdom of Heaven than all thy brothers.” Phillip was an original apostle, yet his book is not in the Canonical Bible. Many believe one reason for its exclusion is this verse; “The companion of the (Savior is) Mary Magdalene. (But Christ loved) her more than (all) the disciples (and used to) kiss her (often) on her (mouth). The rest of (the disciples were offended) by it (and expressed disapproval.) They said to him, “Why do you love her more than all of us?” The Savior answered and said to them, “Why do I not love you like her?”

The words in parenthesis represent actual holes in the ancient texts, but the above translation seems to be accepted among scholars. Many people probably still have the impression that Mary was the woman at the well who had five husbands. The Catholic Church taught this until fairly recently. The Catholics have back-tracked on this assertion and announced they had changed their understanding of her. The author of Forbidden Faith concluded his comments regarding her by saying that there is no stain on her character, she has a status at least equal to that of the male apostles, “Her spiritual illumination surpasses theirs, she is Jesus’s ‘companion’ and possibly his wife.” He then goes on to comment that Elaine Pagels in her book The Gnostic Gospels suggests that Mary Magdalene’s demotion, “reflects the reduced status of women in the early Christian church. At first regarded as equals to men, they were gradually reduced to being second class citizens, forbidden to have authority over men or to serve as clergy. The demotion of Mary Magdalene mirrors this shift.”

The Gospel of the Beloved Companion, who, according to the Gnostics, was Mary Magdalene, is a first century Greek text. The following comes from that text:

“On the third day of the week, there was the marriage feast in the house of Shimon (Simon) near Hyrcana (Cana) in the land of Yehuda (Judah). At the feast were Miryam the mother of Yeshua, and his brothers Yakov (Jacob) and Yosef (Joseph) and his sister Miryam Salome. Also in that place were Martha of Bethany, the sister of Miryam called the Beloved Companion and Eleazar (Lazarus) her brother, whom Yeshua would restore to life. Levi whom some have called Mattithyahu was also there, along with Toma called the twin, who was a friend of the companion. All of the other disciples had also been invited. When the wine would soon give out, his mother came to him and said, ‘Soon there will be no more wine.’ Yeshua said to her, ‘Lady, what does that have to do with me? My hour has not yet come.’ His mother said to the servants, ‘Whatever he says to you, do it.’ Now there were six water pots of stone set there for the purposes of purification. Yeshua said to them. ‘Fill the water pots with what little wine you have, to each one a measure.’ So they did as he told them. Then Yeshua stood and raised his right hand and blessed the pots. And therefore he said to them, ‘Now draw what you need, that all the guests may drink their fill.’ He told them also to take some of the wine they had drawn to the steward of the feast. So they took the wine and gave it to the guests and all that were there drank their fill and were satisfied.

When the steward of the feast tasted the wine and not knowing where it came from, he came to the bride and bridegroom and said to Yeshua, ‘Everyone serves the good wine first, and when the guests have drunk freely, then that which is worse. You have kept the good wine until now!’ The disciples wondered at what he had done, but he said to them, ‘Why do you marvel thus? Have I not told you that I am in the Spirit as the Spirit is in me? It is man who sees only poverty, for he sees with the eyes of the master of the world. But where man sees poverty, the Spirit sees only abundance. What the Spirit sees I see, and what I see the Spirit sees. And what the Spirit sees is.’ This beginning of his signs Yeshua did at his wedding feast at a place near Hyrcana in the land of Yehuda and revealed his glory and his disciples believed in him.”

19: 35: And they said ‘Is this not Yeshua the son of Yosef of the tribe of Judah and Miryam his wife, whose father and mother we know?’

35:7 The companion whom Yeshua loved was at the table, leaning against Yeshuas breast. Shimon Kefa (Simon Peter) therefore beckoned to her and said to her, ‘Tell us who it is of whom he speaks.’ She, leaning back as she was on Yeshua’s breast, asked him. ‘Rabbouni, who is it?’

When you think about it, would another man be leaning on Jesus’ chest? That wouldn’t be common today. Do you think it was common in Jesus day? It’s only because we consider Jesus a God rather than a man that we can’t conceive of him being human in all aspects.

35:16-17 The disciples said to Yeshua, When will you depart from us? Who is to be our leader? And Yeshua said to them ‘I will not leave you orphans. When a father goes away, it is the Mother who tends the children.’ ‘Only from the truth I tell you, there is one amongst you who has had my commandments and keeps them. That one is the one who loves me and that one who loves me is also loved by me, and by the Spirit. To that one will I reveal myself so that you will know that what I have said to you is true, that I am in the Spirit as the Spirit is in me. And that same one will the Spirit complete in all ways, so that by this sign, you may know my words are true and that my testimony is of the Spirit, the one who sent me.’

43:5 And Levi answered and said to Shimon Kefa, ‘Shimon Kefa, (Simon Peter) you have always been hot tempered. Now I see you contending against this woman like the adversaries. But if the Rabbi made her worthy, who are you indeed to reject her? Surely as his companion, Yeshua knew her better than all others. That is why he loved her more than us.’

44:1 These are the words and deeds of Yeshua the Nazorean, the son of humanity. There are also many other things which Yeshua did, which if they would all be recorded, then even the world itself would not have room for the books that would be written. I have testified and recorded all that I have seen and heard in the light and truth of his love and the grace and power of his word. Only from the truth I tell you, those amongst you who understand and believe his words will not know death. I am Miryam, called the Migdalah, the Beloved Companion

The author of World Gnosis believes Mary was the successor of Jesus in the early church. He wrote;

“Mary’s exalted status as Jesus future successor is also disclosed in a passage of the Pistis Sophia wherein Jesus refers to her as the one who is the inheritor of the Light, meaning it was she who inherited the true Gnostic wisdom or Light from the Master. In the Nag Hammadi texts Mary is repeatedly revealed to be the closest disciple to Jesus and the one who received secret teachings from the Christ that the others did not.”

In ancient Gnostic texts, Mary Magdalene makes the statement that she is afraid of Peter because he “hates her race”, i.e. women. The author of World Gnosis discusses this. He says that the events of this contentious gathering were prophetic and destined to become a mirror to the future. He sees that the seeds of a future split among Jesus Apostles was evident at that time and “Eventually two divergent churches began to take shape. Mary and John the Apostle would found the Gnostic Christian or Johannite Church and Peter would found what would become the Catholic Church.” He states that Mary’s church would be based upon the Left Hand Path that exalted the female principle while Peter’s church was founded upon male God tradition of the right hand path, “that denigrated the female principle.” The author notes that the name Peter and the Latin Pater, or Father, “is instructive as it reveals Peter to be the emissary of patriarchy and the right hand path while the name Mary with its prefix of Ma, or Mother reveals Mary to be the embodiment of matriarchy and the Left Hand Path.”

At the very beginning of my research, I found a magnificently crafted brass repousee of the Last Supper at a swap meet. It is created by sculpting it from the reverse side. The artistry to be able to create something so magnificent cannot be overstated. This piece has high relief, meaning it has an incredible depth to it. One day I was contemplating whether Mary Magdalene had been an apostle of Jesus. I stood before this beautiful image, just staring at it. Out of the blue, the words ‘look at the hands, look at the hands’ went through my mind. So, I looked at the hands – and immediately noticed that they were all very prominent, like the artist was trying to attract attention to them.  When I looked at the apostle at Jesus left side, I noticed that she had her hands crossed in front of her breasts! My question had been answered! I believe it was created in the early 1900’s in Spain, as the artist had a Spanish name. Included in the surrounding decor are four Templar crosses. So the artist was one of ‘us’.

Since then, I have come across a picture of the Last Supper, probably from the 1930’s. There are twelve people seated at the table with Jesus making the 13th. One of the apostles has long blond hair and she again has her arms raised to her breasts, not crossed like the other, but in essence almost pointing to them. Jesus is the one who gave Mary the epithet ‘Magdalene’, which means watchtower or stronghold. This verse from the Old Testament prophet, Micah is speaking of her;

“In that day, declares the Lord, I will gather the lame. I will assemble the exiles and those I have brought to grief. I will make the lame a remnant, those driven away a strong nation. The Lord will rule over them in Mount Zion from that day and forever. As for you, O Watchtower of the flock, O stronghold of the Daughter of Zion, the former dominion will be restored to you; “Kingship will come to the Daughter of Jerusalem.”

In Bloodline of the Holy Grail Laurence Gardner wrote that the Rosicrucian’s had an ancient history dating back to the Egyptian Mystery school of Pharaoh Tuthmosis II circa 1468-1436 BC. He describes the teachings descent to the philosophers Pythagoras and Plato, through the Essenes and Egyptian Therepeutae. He mentions that they were allied with the Samaritan Magi who were founded in 44 BC by Menahem, a “Diaspora Essene and the grandfather of Mary Magdalene.”  He relates that Menahem’s descent was from the Hasmoneans, the family of Judas Maccabaeus who was revered in the Arthurian Grail story of Gawain. Isn’t it amazing how all these seemingly disparate people and places have such an inter-woven history?

The following is from the forward of the book The Woman with the Alabaster Jar by Margaret Starbird. By Rev. Terrance A. Sweeney, Ph.D. – author of A Church Divided and What God Hath Joined:

“There is nothing in Scripture that proves that Jesus was married, nor is there anything in the Bible that says that Jesus was unmarried, nor that he made a promise or vow not to marry. The Jewish scholar Ben-Chorin presents a chain of indirect proofs’ to support his belief that Jesus was married. In the time Jesus walked the Earth, Judaism regarded marriage as a fulfillment of God’s command to ‘be fruitful and multiply.’ …Ben-Chorin argues that it would have been quite likely that Jesus’ parents, as was the custom, would have sought out a suitable bride for him, and that Jesus, like every young man, especially those who studied the Torah, would have married. Moreover, if Jesus had not been married, he most certainly would have been reproached for this omission by those Pharisees who opposed him. And Saint Paul, in presenting reasons for supporting the value of celibacy, would undoubtedly have cited Jesus’ own life, had Jesus been celibate. But Saint Paul did not.”

The author goes on to say that Ben-Chorin concludes that Jesus was married. The author then poses the question, if Jesus was married why is there no specific mention of this or of his wife’s name in scripture? He says that Margaret Starbirds answer to this is that the physical threat to his spouse’s life would have been reason enough to exclude her name from all written records.

In Margaret’s book, she refers to the book Holy Blood, Holy Grail, which was the first book in recent history to claim that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married. Margaret was a Catholic and is a devout Christian, and reading the book incensed her so much that she decided to write a book to refute it. Margaret remarks that the book had touched on subjects that were of special interest and expertise to her such as religion, medieval civilization, art, literature and symbolism. Margaret had taught Bible study and religious education for years. She believed that debunking the ‘heresy’ of Jesus marriage would be a simple matter.

In the book Holy Blood Holy Grail, the authors mention paintings that were made by artists “in collusion with the Grail heresy.” In their paintings, the artists would place secret symbolism related to the Grail. Margaret examined symbols in the works mentioned and cross-referenced them with watermarks of the Albigensians (Cathars) of Southern France. Margaret says that she was disconcerted to discover that these paintings contained, “obvious references in support of the Grail heresy.” Margaret relates that her research drew her, “deep into European history, heraldry, the rituals of Freemasonry, medieval art, symbolism, psychology, mythology, religion, and the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures.” She states that everywhere she looked she found evidence of the Divine feminine that had been lost and denied in the Judeo-Christian tradition. Margaret also noted various attempts to restore the Bride to her once-cherished status.

Margaret wrote that the more deeply involved she became with the material the more obvious it became that there was real substance in the theories set forth in Holy Blood, Holy Grail. She found that she had been won over to the central tenets of the Grail heresy, “the very theory I had originally set out to discredit.” Margaret does not claim to have proof of their marriage, but states that she can, “verify that these are tenets of a heresy widely believed in the Middle Ages; that fossils of the heresy can be found in numerous works of art and literature; that it was vehemently attacked by the hierarchy of the established Church of Rome; and that it survived in spite of relentless persecution.”

Margaret says that medieval poets writing in the twelfth century when the Grail legends first surfaced, mention a ‘Grail Family’. She notes that a connection is sometimes drawn by Grail scholars between the word sangraal and gradales, “a word that seems to have meant ‘cup,’ ‘platter,’ or ‘basin’ in the Provencal language.” Margaret notes that if one breaks the word sangraal after the g, “the result is sang raal, which in Old French means ‘blood royal.” She also notes the provocative meaning of this second derivation. One can now see a new meaning to the Grail legend. According to Margaret, “Instead of a cup or chalice, the story now states that Mary Magdalene brought the ‘blood royal’ to the Mediterranean coast of France.”

Margaret notes that both of the New Testament genealogies of Jesus show that he was descended from King David and that the messianic promises to Israel are all specifically tied to the royal blood of Judaic princes descended from the root of Jesse, the father of King David. Jacob-Israel told his son Judah that his descendants – the line of King David, would never fail to have a leader over Israel. As Margaret wrote; “The wife of Jesus, if she bore him a child, would have been quite literally the bearer of the Sangraal, the royal bloodline of Israel.”

Margaret notes how in medieval and Renaissance paintings, it is invariably the Magdalene at the foot of the cross with Mary, the mother of Jesus. She notes that, “These paintings recall for us the mythologies of several pagan sun/fertility gods (Osiris, Dumuzi, and Adonis) who were slain and resurrected. In each case, the bereaved widow (Isis, Inanna, and Aphrodite) poured out her grief and desolation over the corpse of her beloved, bitterly lamenting his death.” I don’t know if Margaret knows of the connection with Gnosticism and pagan Mystery religions and their tie-in with Christianity or not – but I suspect she does. More importantly, Margaret sees the beauty in the pagan mythologies that most people do not see.

Margaret relates that there is a very old tradition identifying Mary of Bethany with Mary Magdalene and in medieval art she is identified with the Sister-Bride of the ancient mythologies. Margaret tells us that the Bride, who was the moon or earth goddess of antiquity, was not only the spouse of the sun god, but was also “the intimate friend and partner of her Bridegroom deity, his mirror image or ‘other half,’ a feminine alter ego or ‘twin sister’.” As Margaret acknowledges “The archetypal Bridegroom just could not be whole without her! The relationship of these two was much more than a sexual union; it was a deep spiritual intimacy and ‘kinship’ summed up in the word sister. The Sacred Marriage of the Bridegroom with the Sister-Bride was not limited to a physical passion; it was a marriage of deepest spiritual and emotional ecstasy as well.”

Margaret sees that in the Bible, Mary’s anointing of Jesus represents the tradition of the royal Bridegroom who is to be slain. She understands that the reason Mary cried while anointing Jesus was that she knew that she was preparing him for his ritual death. Margaret notes that, “It is clear from Jesus’ response to the anointing that he understood and accepted it, and that he also accepted his mythic role as the sacrificed Bridegroom/King.”

What I like about Margaret’s work is that she understands the sublime truths that underlie the ancient Wisdom religions and beautifully ties them in with Jesus’ and Mary Magdalene’s lives.

From the Bible’s book of Isaiah, the fifty-third chapter:

“We all, like sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned to his own way, and the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all. He was oppressed and afflicted, yet he did not open his mouth. He was led like a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before her shearers is silent, so he did not open his mouth. By oppression and judgment he was taken away.

And who can speak of his descendants? For he was cut off from the land of the living; for the transgression of my people he was stricken. He was assigned a grave with the wicked and with the rich in his death, though he had done no violence, nor was any deceit in his mouth. Yet it was the Lord’s will to crush him and cause him to suffer, and though the Lord makes his life a guilt offering, he will see his offspring and prolong his days, and the will of the Lord will prosper in his hand.”

Who do you think the prophet Isaiah is speaking of here? No doubt he’s speaking of Jesus. Do you see that the Bible tells us he had descendants and offspring?

The author of The Magdalene Legacy says that the biblical almahs of the New Testament, which included Jesus’ mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, were the equivalent of conventual nuns. From the age of seven they were raised and educated for the prospect of dynastic marriage. He calls them, “high-bred priestesses who were assigned to various tribal Orders such as those of Dan, Asher and Manasseh and were attached to the ascetic Therapeutae community at Qumran.” I don’t think the author realizes there were Essenes at Mount Carmel too. The author notes that, “sexual activity was not a leisure or pleasure pursuit, nor even particularly related to affection.” Laurence Gardner also says they were under strict guidelines as to procreation.

I have learned and presented to you, that Jesus was married when he was eighteen and that his first wife died when he was twenty-five. It was the custom of our people that the groom’s father would choose a wife for him and he would be married at eighteen. This is not something that would have gone unheeded. Also, a man couldn’t be a rabbi at that time unless he was married.  Jesus was a scion of the Grail Family lineage, of the line of David, which the Bible tells us will be re-formed in the ‘last days’. The continuance of his bloodline was important – and it did happen.

Jesus brother’s James and Jude, and his cousin Cleopas were martyred not long after Jesus was crucified. In fact, the Romans and the Jews wanted every member of the royal line of David dead. If for no other reason than safety and to facilitate the endurance of the line, any child of Jesus and Mary Magdalene would have to be hidden.

Margaret Starbird, in her book The Woman with the Alabaster Jar, discusses the use of the word vine as a metaphor for the chosen people of God. She cites; “A vine thou didst bring out of Egypt.” (Psalms 89:9) “The vineyard of the Lord of Hosts is the House of Israel and the men of Judah are his cherished plant.” (Isaiah 5:7) Several passages refer to the vine as feminine: ‘Thy wife is like a fruitful vine.’ (Psalms 128) ‘Your mother is like a vine planted by the water, fruitful and branchy…but she was torn up…and now she is planted in the desert…she is now without a royal branch, a ruler’s scepter.’ (Ezekiel 19:10-14)

She wrote that the transplanted royal vine is understood by biblical scholars to refer to the royal Davidic line of Judah. She notes that in the New Testament book of Mark, Jesus tells the parable of the caretakers of the vineyard (Israel) who beat the servants of their master when they came to inspect the condition of the vines and then killed the master’s son. She wrote; “No one who knew Jesus of Nazareth and who ‘had ears to hear’ was in any doubt as to the identity of that faithful son.” Jesus was the legitimate heir to the vineyard of Judah.  Margaret says that, “The transplanting of the Davidic vine would have come as no surprise to the Zealot fundamentalist friends of Jesus. They knew it had been prophesied. (Ezekiel 17) It had happened before, when the people of Israel were taken as slaves to Babylon. But it could also happen again.” Margaret makes the logical comment that; “In light of the danger to the vine of Judah, the royal blood-line, it is likely that the friends of Jesus took strong and perhaps desperate measures to protect the family of Jesus. It would have been their top priority.”

At one point in my research, my sister asked me if we had black ancestors. She said this because we have dark curly hair! No doubt she probably thought that at some point in our ancestors sojourn in the southern states of the U.S., when some of them were slaveholders, there was inter-racial mixing. I told her that I believed that we did have some black dna. I didn’t elaborate that I believed that connection was from inter-marrying with Noah’s son Ham’s family, or that our ancestress Mary Magdalene was said to have been part Ethiopian! In the book The God Kings of Outremer, the author says that John the Baptist was married to a woman named Anya who was the daughter of King Aretas of Ethiopia. Through his wife, John would have been heir apparent to the throne of the Sabean/Nabataean Empire, which was a mixed Semitic/Hamitic (Arab/African) race, connected to the Biblical land of Sheba. Nabataeans was the Arabic name for Aramaeans. Jesus and his family spoke the Aramaean language which was the ‘language of the angels’. According to Robert Morcot, “The priestess daughters of the nobles of Egypt and Ethiopia under the black Pharaohs were called Chantresses to the Lord of Miam, or Mi-ri-am.”

The author goes on to point out that in 31 B.C., the Nabataeans lost a large part of their kingdom to the Romans who gave Herod the Great control over it. In order to regain control of their land, king Aretas married one of his daughters to Herod Antipas, Herod the Great’s son – with the understanding that any son of theirs was to become Tetrarch (ruler) after Herod Antipas, through which the land would come back into the Nabataean kingdom. Later on, Herod Antipas was divorcing King Aretas daughter so he could marry his deceased brothers’ widow.  King Aretas’ daughter found out about this and fled to her father in Petra. King Aretas mounted a military campaign to overthrow Herod Antipas.

John the Baptist was furious, not so much because of Herod’s wishing to marry his brother’s widow, but because Herod’s current wife was John’s sister-in-law. To the books author, the story in the Bible given for the reason of John’s beheading always seemed far-fetched. He believes John was held hostage during the battle and that in revenge, Herod Antipas had him beheaded. This all brings us back though, to Mary Magdalene’s having been part Ethiopian.

Some of you may be familiar with the Black Madonna’s portrayed in statuary and art in the European cathedrals built by the Knights Templars. From what I understand, the Black Madonna’s are not representative of the Virgin Mary at all – but of Mary Magdalene.  I will add, though, that the Black Madonna’s are also said to represent the destructive power of the Goddess. That author goes on to relate that the Valois dynasty of France claimed descent from Jesus and Mary Magdalene. One of their descendants – a queen, bore a black child. The Queen was said to have had a black dwarf as a servant. The Queen was accused of having sexual relations with him – but she always protested her innocence. Pictures of the Valois dynasty do show a propensity to curly hair. This can be seen in many pictures of European royalty. Queen Elizabeth the 1st is a good example. The author of the book The God Kings of Outremer relates a story of the British King Edward III who was called ‘The Black Prince’. He cites “both Froissart and the French” who called him ‘dark visaged’.

Laurence Gardner, in his book Bloodline of the Holy Grail, wrote that there are stories written about Mary Magdalene dating well beyond the 5th century. He says that King Louis the XI of France was insistent on Mary’s dynastic position in the royal lineage of France. He relates that there is a book called Saint Mary Magdalene by the Dominican friar Pere Lacordaire published after the French Revolution that, “is a particularly informative work, as is La Legende de Sainte Marie Madeleine by Jacobus de Voraigne, Archbishop of Genoa.” He wrote that “Both de Voraigne and Maar say that Mary’s mother Eucharia was related to the Hasmonean royal house of Israel, descended from King Saul, a Benjamite.”

In The Sign of the Dove by Elizabeth van Buren, she wrote; “Caesar Baronius, librarian of the Vatican in 1596, wrote in his ‘Annales Ecclesiastici’ of his discovery in the Vatican Library of a most ancient manuscript which told of the voyage of a company of our Lord’s friends, who traveled in an old boat which had been abandoned by its master and was without oars or sails. Baronius dated the arrival of this boat in France as 35 A.D….The coming of Lazarus and his sisters to the West was not only to convert the people to Christianity, but to perpetuate the old Mystery religion. Lazarus, as John, was the head of the secret church of Christ, which possessed knowledge that was only for initiates. It was the same knowledge that had been cherished by those such as the Celts, whom the exoteric Church was to condemn as pagans in later times.”

When the author says “Lazarus, as John”, she is referring to John as a dynastic title of the leader of the Johannites. The author says that on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea outside Marseilles at Les Saintes Marie de la Mere, there is a chapel dedicated to Mary Magdalene. Within this chapel are paintings of her arrival from Palestine in a small rudderless boat. According to local legends, soon after the Crucifixion and Resurrection, Mary Magdalene and her family were expelled from the Holy Land, set adrift on the Mediterranean Sea, and made their way to this region – particularly the area around Southern France and Northern Spain. At that time in history, there were already Jews living in the area. There was a Jewish city called Glanum Levi whose ruins can be found in Provence.

The author notes how in the midst of the cosmopolitan confluence of cultures in that area, there must have been an exchange of philosophical and religious ideas. She notes that, “It is very possible that during this period many spiritual and symbolic links were discovered between these diverse peoples and their traditional belief systems that stretched back to the temples of Egypt. She notes that before her arrival in Les Saintes Marie Sur Les Mere, France was riddled with Isis cults. She says that the name ‘Paris’ etymologically can be linked to the pre-Celtic ParIsis, the ‘grove of Isis’. She states; “Clearly this region was fertile ground for Mary Magdalene’s mission.”

The legends reveal that following her arrival in France, Mary was said to have traveled the land preaching the authentic Gnostic gospel of Jesus which had been transmitted to her during his time on Earth and in mystic visions after his return to the more subtle dimensions of light. She relates that French religious literature from the Middle Ages is filled with legends and stories of the life of Mary Magdalene from that period until her death. “Tales abound of her miraculous healings, her performance of the ritual of baptism, her aid in fertility and childbearing and even her ability to raise the dead. There are even reports of a secret tradition of the healing arts that exists today in France and traces its roots back to Mary Magdalene.”

Later in life, Mary was said to have withdrawn to a cave in Ste. Baum where she spent the remainder of her days in prayer and seclusion. The author reveals that she is believed to have been buried at Ste. Maximin where her remains were watched over by Cassianite monks from the fifth century until the Saracen invasion. In a 1058 papal bull, Pope Stephen acknowledged the existence of her relics in the church of Vezelay.

The author noticed that when one looks at the history of the area one finds evidence that with Mary’s arrival there came a surge of spiritual awareness, a code of ethics and respect for feminine values. “The alchemists began their flurry of Cathedral building to preserve the secret metaphysical teachings passed down to them from ancient Egypt.” She also notes that the Crusades and the ‘Back to Jerusalem movement’ began in this area. The mystical Kabbalistic texts the Bahir and Zohar emerged from this region, “bringing to the Jewish people knowledge of the Shekinah, or ‘indwelling presence’ and ‘feminine potency of God’.” She notes that the cults of the Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalene and Black Madonna, who symbolically represented the three aspects of Isis in her role as Universal Goddess arose there and spread throughout Europe.

It was also from this area that the troubadours and poets such as Wolfram von Eschenbach, Robert de Boron and others sang their songs of devotion to the feminine principle and wrote their fables of the Holy Grail. And it was there in the mountains and valleys of Provence and Languedoc, “that the Cathars, as carriers of the Gnostic transmission of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, rebelled against what they considered to be the excesses of the priestly hierarchy, renounced all worldly possessions and fully committed themselves to the path of spirit.”

The following are from The Gospel of the Sophia of Ain Sof in Tau Malachi’s book St. Mary Magdalene the Gnostic Tradition of the Holy Bride. The quotes are not continuous.

The companions said to Mary, ‘Tell us about New Jerusalem.” Mary said, “It is Wisdom, not of this world, but of the World of Supernal Light. When all of the sparks are gathered in and all of the vessels of light are mended, you will see the glory of New Jerusalem coming out of heaven, and in it you will behold the bridal chamber and the image of the Anointed One in it.”

Mary said, ‘The holy land is wherever a child of Light goes, and it is where the child of Light abides. The holy land is where the Anointed and the soul are joined. It is the bridal chamber.”

Mary spoke and said, “There is baptism, chrism, and wedding feast, and there is the ransom and bridal chamber. Baptism is water, chrism is fire and the ransom is earth. The wedding feast is the air, for in the Spirit we shall meet the Anointed in the air on the Day of Joy, and then the element of the bridal chamber shall be fully revealed. Everything the Lord accomplished he accomplished in a mystery, and the Anointed Bride is the mystery.”

Mary said “No one finds the Lord save those to whom the Lord reveals himself, for the Lord seeks his own and has come for the Elect.”

Mary said “The Divine Mother is Light and she is darkness, she is the saint and she is the sinner, angels and demons are image in her, as are the gods and all of the archons; yet she is beyond all of these. Know her in all things and you will be free of bondage, even as the Anointed is free.”

“Mary was teaching in the assembly, and a woman exclaimed, ‘Now is the hour of the Holy Bride!’ Mary said, ‘No, before the Bride is received, she must be rejected, and before the Second Coming there must come a great darkness. Until the Second Coming of Christ, the Wisdom of God shall not be received. When the bride is received, know the Second Coming is near.”

“Because of the power of the demiurges you have forgotten yourself. You believe you are a child of darkness, yet you are a child of Light. Indeed! Truly, I say to you, you are a person of Light who has come from the Light, and if you remember yourself, you will know where your home is. This is the remembrance of the wedding feast, regarding which the Lord instructed us, “Do this in remembrance of me.”

“What the Anointed is, I am and you are, for this reason the Anointed has come, to remind those caught in the spell of forgetfulness.’ ‘Beware! If you blaspheme the Mother Spirit, there will be no one to save you, for she is the Spirit of salvation and your very life.”

“The Logos emanated into the world for the redemption of Sophia. If the redemption of Sophia is not received in the world, then the world is not redeemed. Sophia received the Logos, and those who cleave to Sophia have received the Logos and they are redeemed. It is Sophia in you that receives the Logos and is saved. Logos is the name of the Lord and Sophia is the name of the Bride. In the bridal chamber, their name is Christos.”

“Of all things I wish you to have the Sacred Heart of Christ, which is compassion. For compassion is the womb of the Mother in which Christ is born, and in this, Christ will be born in you. Pray to the Mother Spirit to have her womb and to conceive and birth the Anointed in you”

“Pray the Holy Spirit moves so that you might recognize her, for then she can lead you into perfect repose, even as she led the Son to repose in the Living Father. If you believe in a multiplicity of gods, it is inferior; yet if you do not recognize the many powers, superior knowledge is impossible”

“Do not be deceived by the name ‘Comforter’ that is given to the Holy Spirit. Before she is the Comforter, her name is Deep Trouble, and she will seem as an angel of wrath before appearing as an angel of mercy.”

“Some disciples inquired of Mary about the end of time. Mary said, ‘It is the Day of Understanding. In that time, there will be holy apostles who bring the knowledge of the covenant of the Mother Spirit, and there will be many false prophets in the world. A great Light and great darkness shall enter into the world, and great conflict and confusion will follow. The Bride will be with the holy ones and she will bring with her two witnesses, and there will be many signs in the matrix of the world, and also there will be wonders, though hidden. If peace is attained before that time, then all shall come to pass by way of pure grace; yet in those days, if peace is not attained then grace shall surely appear as woes and wrath. On account of the archons, it is unlikely that peace shall be attained before that day. But the holy shall be set apart, and though they die, yet shall they live to enter the bridal chamber.”

“In the day of the coming of the Anointed, many shall look and see, and among them many will be unwilling to enter the Light, for they shall not recognize the Light in the Daughter sent among them. One who knows the Mother is near to the Father, but one who denies the Mother is far from the Father. There is not two, but only one God and God is both Father and Mother.”

“This is the Gospel of the Sophia of Ain Sof (One-Without-End), for there is no end to the divine revelation transpiring through the Holy Bride. Whatever might be spoken or written, there is always much more to be received. To all who listen and hear in the Spirit, she continues to speak.”

In Tau Malachi’s words;

With the dawn of male-dominated orthodoxy and fundamentalism, which occurred some 300 to 400 years into the Christian movement, and the complete rejection that followed of the Holy Bride, St. Mary of Magdala, the deeper mystical and magical elements of Christianity were rejected. I dare say the true spirit and soul of the Christ revelation was lost to the majority of Christians. Today, we can only wonder what the face of Christianity and our Western societies and cultures would look like had the Holy Bride been well received and the Sacred Feminine remained a central part of Christianity. Of course, we cannot go back in time and undo the injustice and harm that has been done, but we can actively seek to reclaim the Sacred Feminine and restore the Holy Bride to her rightful place alongside the Bridegroom, seeking a more holistic and integral Christianity. Given the extreme imbalance between the masculine and feminine in our present human condition and world and the evolutionary crisis we are facing, the need to reclaim the Sacred Feminine and to restore the Holy Bride to her rightful place is clear.

When we seek to reclaim the Sacred Feminine in our spiritual quest and to actively invoke the Holy Bride, we do so not only for ourselves, but for the sake of humanity and the world. According to the Sophian vision of the Christ revelation, it is the coequality and mystical union of the masculine and feminine that is the spiritual hope for the future of humanity and Planet Earth.

Heavenly Father, Earthly Mother, may the Holy Bride be

received and may the dawn of the Age of the Mother Spirit come.

May the fullness of the Truth and Light shine among us,

the image of the Bridegroom and Holy Bride in the bridal chamber!


The Truth From Jesus

Thus saith the Lord of Hosts. Take these evidences and put them in an earthen vessel that they may continue many days. Jeremiah 32:14

For there is nothing veiled which shall not be revealed, and hidden which shall not be made known. Matthew 10:26

Jesus saith, “Everything that is not before thy face and that which is hidden from thee, shall be revealed to thee. For there is nothing hidden that shall not be made manifest, nor buried that shall not be raised.” 1st Book of Enoch ch. CIV 12

And now I know this mystery, that sinners will alter and pervert the words of righteousness in many ways, and will speak wicked words, and lie, and practice great deceits, and write books concerning their words. But when they write down truthfully all my words in their languages, and do not change or minish aught from my words but write them all down truthfully – all that I first testified concerning them. Then, I know another mystery, that books will be given to the righteous and the wise to become a cause of joy and uprightness and much wisdom. And to them shall the books be given, and they shall believe in them and rejoice over them, and then shall all the righteous who have learnt therefrom all the paths of uprightness be recompensed. Book of Enoch ch. CIV 10-13.

Previously I have made reference to texts that may be unfamiliar to some readers. When the Catholic Church was in its ascendancy, it sought to eliminate all competition and all texts that gave different interpretations to religious matters other than their own. They collected the texts and burned them. But through divine intervention, some of them were buried to preserve them for future generations – for our generation – for these specific times. To me, the New Testament of the Bible is disappointing due to the paucity of Jesus actual words. When I discovered the Gospel of the Holy Twelve, which was also known as the Gospel of the Hebrews and the Gospel of Matthew, I was ecstatic because I could hear Jesus voice come through the words. This is a text that was found in the 1800’s in a Buddhist monastery in the East. This Gospel can be found for free online and is also available in book form. I think most people would agree with me that it is most likely the original text that the New Testament was formed from. We go now to selections from that text;

The Gospel of the Holy Twelve; Lection 8

The Baptism of Iesu Maria the Christ

AND it was in the midst of the summer, the tenth month. Then came Jesus from Galilee to Jordan unto John, to be baptized of him. But John forbade him, saying, ‘I have need to be baptized of thee, and comest thou to me?’ And Jesus answering said unto him, ‘suffer it to be so now, for thus it becometh us to fulfill all righteousness.’ Then he suffered him. And Jesus, when he was baptized, went up straightway out of the water; and, lo, the heavens were opened unto him, and a bright cloud stood over him, and from behind the cloud Twelve Rays of light, and thence in the form of a Dove, the Spirit of God descending and lighting upon him. And, lo, a voice from heaven saying, ‘This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased; this day have I begotten thee.’ (my emphasis)

And John bare witness of him, saying, ‘This was he of whom I spoke, He that cometh after me is preferred before me, for he was before me. And of his fullness have all we received, and grace for grace. For the law was in part given by Moses, but grace and truth cometh in fullness by Jesus Christ.’

No man hath seen God at any time. The only begotten which cometh from the bosom of the Eternal in the same is God revealed. And this is the record of John, when the Jews sent priests and Levites from Jerusalem to ask him, ‘Who art thou?’ And he deified not, but confessed ‘I am not the Christ.’

And they asked him, ‘What then? Art thou Elias?’ And he saith ‘I am not.’  ‘Art thou that prophet of whom Moses spoke?’ And he answered, ‘no.’ Then said they unto him, ‘Who art thou that we may give an answer to them that sent us? What sayest thou of thyself?’ And he said, ‘I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness, “Make straight the way of the Holy One”, as said the Prophet Esaias.’  And they which were sent were of the Pharisees, and they asked him and said unto him, ‘Why baptizes thou then, if thou be not that Christ nor Elias neither that prophet of whom Moses spoke?’ John answered them, saying, ‘I baptize with water; but there standeth one among you, whom ye know not, He shall baptize with water and with fire. He it is who coming after me is preferred before me, whose shoe’s latchet I am not worthy to unloose.’

These things were done in Bethabara, beyond Jordan, where John was baptizing. And Jesus began at this time to be thirty years of age, being after the flesh indeed the son of Joseph and Mary, but after the Spirit the Christ, the Son of God, the Father and Mother Eternal, as was declared by the spirit of holiness with power. And Joseph was the son of Jacob (Boaz) and Elisheba, and Mary was the daughter of Eli (called Joachim) and Anna, who were the children of David and Bathsheba, of Judah and Shela, of Jacob and Leah, of Isaac and Rebecca, of Abraham and Sarah, of Seth and Ma ’at, of Adam and Eve, who were the children of God.  And in the eighteenth year of his age, Jesus was espoused unto Miriam, a virgin of the tribe of Judah with whom he lived seven years, and she died, for God took her, that he might go on to the higher things which he had to do and to suffer for the sons and daughters of men.

And Jesus, after that he had finished his study of the law, went down again into Egypt that he might learn of the wisdom of the Egyptians, even as Moses did. And going into the desert, he meditated and fasted and prayed, and obtained the power of the Holy Name, by which he wrought many miracles. And for seven years he conversed with God face to face, and he learned the language of birds and of beasts, and the healing powers of trees, and of herbs, and of flowers, and the hidden secrets of precious stones, and he learned the motions of the sun and the moon and the stars, and the powers of the letters, and mysteries of the square and the circle and the transmutation of things, and of forms, and of numbers, and of signs. From thence he returned to Nazareth to visit his parents, and he taught there and in Jerusalem as an accepted rabbi, even in the temple, none hindering him. And after a time, he went into Assyria and India and into Persia and into the land of the Chaldeans. And he visited their temples and conversed with their priests and their wise men for many years, doing many wonderful works, healing the sick as he passed through their countries.”

The next scripture was heart-breaking to me when I first read it, because I was raised a devout Christian and had heard all my life that Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sins.

The Gospel of the Holy Twelve; Lection 33

By the Shedding of Blood of Others Is No Remission of Sins

“Jesus was teaching his disciples in the outer court of the Temple and one of them said unto him: ‘Master, it is said by the priests that without shedding of blood there is no remission. Can then the blood offering of the law take away sin?’ And Jesus answered: ‘No blood offering, of beast or bird or man can take away sin, for how can the conscience be purged from sin by the shedding of innocent blood? Nay, it will increase the condemnation. The priests indeed receive such offering as a reconciliation of the worshippers for the trespasses against the Law of Moses, but for sins against the Law of God there can be no remission, save by repentance and amendment. Is it not written in the prophets; ‘Put your blood sacrifices to your burnt offerings, and away with them, and cease ye from the eating of flesh, for I spake not to your fathers nor commanded them, when I brought them out of Egypt, concerning these things?’ But this thing I commanded saying:’

‘Obey my voice and walk in the ways that I have commanded you, and ye shall be my people, and it shall be well with you.’ But they hearkened not, nor inclined their ear.  And what doth the Eternal command you but to do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with your God? Is it not written that in the beginning God ordained the fruits of the trees and the seeds and the herbs to be food for all flesh? But they have made the House of Prayer a den of thieves, and for the pure Oblation with incense, they have polluted my altars with blood, and eaten of the flesh of the slain. But I say unto you: Shed no innocent blood nor eat ye flesh. Walk uprightly, love mercy, and do justly, and your days shall be long in the land.”

The Gospel of the Holy Twelve; Lection 88

The Eighth Day after the Resurrection

“And after seven days again, his disciples were within the upper room; then came Jesus, the doors being shut, and stood in their midst and said, ‘Peace be unto you’, and he was known unto them in the holy Memorial. And he said unto them. ‘Love ye one another and all the creatures of God. Yet I say unto you, not all are men, who are in the form of man. Are they men or women in the image of God whose ways are ways of violence, of oppression and wrong, who choose a lie rather than the truth? Nay, verily, till they are born again, and receive the Spirit of Love and Wisdom within their hearts. Then only are they sons and daughters of Israel, and being of Israel they are children of God, and for this cause came I into the world, and for this I have suffered at the hands of sinners. These are the words which I spake unto you, while I was yet with you, that all things must be fulfilled which were written in the Law of Moses and in the prophets, and in the psalms, concerning me.’ And Jesus said, ‘I stood in the midst of the world, and in the flesh was I seen and heard, and I found all men glutted with their own pleasures, and drunk with their own follies, and none found I hungry or thirsty for the wisdom which is of God. My soul grieves over the sons and daughters of men because they are blind in their heart and in their soul are they deaf and hear not my voice.’

Then opened he their understanding, that they might understand the scriptures. And said unto them; ‘Thus it is written and thus it behooved the Christ to suffer and to rise from the dead after the third day. And that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in my name among all nations, beginning at Jerusalem. And ye are witnesses of these things. And, behold, I send the promise of my Parent upon you, even of my Father One with my Mother, whom ye have not seen on the Earth. For I say unto you of a truth, as the whole world have been ruined by the sin and vanity of woman, so by the simplicity and truth of woman shall it be saved, even by you shall it be saved. Rejoice therefore and be ye glad, for ye are more blessed than all who are on Earth, for it is ye, my twelve thousand who shall save the whole world. Again I say unto you when the great tyrant and all the seven tyrants began to fight in vain against the Light, they knew not with whom or what they fought. For they saw nothing beyond a dazzling Light, and when they fought they expended their strength one against another, and so it is. For this cause I took a fourth part of their strength, so that they might not have such power, and prevail in their evil deeds.”

In the previous, it is stated that the door to the room is shut, but Jesus came into the room. I believe this is showing that he was in a spirit body. In the Jeshua channelings, Jesus describes how he was able to de-materialize his body and then remake another more spiritual body that still had substance. I believe this is the reason why Mary Magdalene at first didn’t recognize Jesus in the Garden after his crucifixion. Regardless, Jesus re-constituted his body in some way and most certainly was victorious over physical death. Many authors who claim to be ‘insiders’ say that Jesus’ family said that he did not die through his crucifixion. They could not be more wrong. It was in the spirit world after he died that he confronted and fought with Yaldabaoth and the other archons as spoken of previously. When Jesus said that the whole world was ruined by the sin and vanity of woman, I believe he was referring to Pistis Sophia, because she caused a flawed creation when she didn’t ask the Infinite Spirit for permission, or work with her syzygy in doing so. I don’t believe he was speaking of Eve.

Gospel of the Holy Twelve; Lection 93

“And another spake, saying, ‘Master, if one have committed a sin, can a man remit or retain his sin?’ And Jesus said, ‘God forgiveth all sin to those who repent, but as ye sow, so also must ye reap; Neither God nor man can remit the sins of those who repent nor forsake their sins; nor yet retain the sins of those who forsake them. But if one being in the spirit seeth clearly that any repent and forsake their sins, such may truly say unto the penitent, ‘Thy sins are forgiven thee’, for all sin is remitted by repentance and amendment and they are loosed from it, who forsake it and bound to it, who continue it. Nevertheless the fruits of the sin must continue for a season, for as we sow so must we reap, for God is not mocked, and they who sow to the flesh shall reap corruption, they who sow to the spirit shall reap life everlasting. Wherefore if any forsake their sins and confess them, let the presbyter say unto such in this wise, ‘may God forgive thee thy sins, and bring thee to everlasting life’. All sin against God is forgiven by God, and sin against man by man.”

Jesus foretold that the Christian religion would be corrupted. He said;

“But there shall arise after you, men of perverse minds who shall through ignorance or through craft, suppress many things which I have spoken unto you, and lay to me things which I never taught, sowing tares among the good wheat which I have given you to sow in the world.

Then shall the truth of God endure the contradiction of sinners, for thus it hath been, and thus it will be. But the time cometh when the things which they have hidden shall be revealed and made known and the truth shall make free those which were bound.”

The Gospel of the Holy Twelve; Lection 95

The Ascension

“And Jesus after he had shewed himself alive to his disciples after his resurrection and sojourned with them for ninety days teaching and speaking of the Kingdom, and the things pertaining to the Kingdom of God and had finished all things that he had to do, led forth the twelve with Mary Magdalene and Joseph his father and Mary his mother and the other holy women as far as Bethany to a mountain called Olivet, where he had appointed them. And when they saw him as he stood in the midst of them, they worshipped him, but some doubted. And Jesus spake unto them, saying, ‘Behold, I have chosen you from among men, and have given you the Law, and the Word of truth. I have set you as the light of the world, and as a city that cannot be hid. But the time cometh when darkness shall cover the Earth, and gross darkness the people, and the enemies of truth and righteousness shall rule in my Name, and set up a kingdom of this world, and oppress the peoples, and cause the enemy to blaspheme, putting for my doctrines the opinions of men, and teaching in my Name that which I have not taught, and darkening much that I have taught by their traditions. But be of good cheer, for the time will also come when the truth they have hidden shall be manifested, and the light shall shine, and the darkness shall pass away, and the true kingdom shall be established which shall be in the world, but not of it, and the Word of righteousness and love shall go forth from the center, even the holy city of Mount Zion, and the Mount which is in the land of Egypt shall be known as an altar of witness unto the Lord. And now I go to my Parent and your Parent, my God and your God. But ye, tarry in Jerusalem, and abide in prayer, and after seven days ye shall receive power from on high, and the promise of the Holy Spirit shall be fulfilled unto you, and ye shall go forth from Jerusalem unto all the tribes of Israel and to the uttermost parts of the Earth.’

And having said these things, he lifted up his pure and holy hands and blessed them. And it came to pass that while he blessed them, he was parted from them, and a cloud, as the sun in brightness, received him out of their sight, and as he went up some held him by the feet and others worshipped him, falling to the Earth on their faces. And while they gazed steadfastly into heaven, behold two stood by them in white apparel, and said, ‘Ye men of Israel, why stand ye gazing into the heaven; this same Jesus who is taken from you in a cloud, and as ye have seen him go into heaven, so shall he come again to the Earth.’

Then returned they unto Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives, which is from the city a Sabbath day’s journey. And as they returned they missed Mary Magdalene, and they looked for her, but found her not. And some of the disciples said, ‘The Master hath taken her, and they marveled and were in great awe.’ Now it was midsummer when Jesus ascended into heaven, and he had not yet attained his fiftieth year, for it was needful that seven times seven years should be fulfilled in his life. Yea, that he might be perfected by the suffering of all experiences, and be an example unto all, to children and parents, to the married and the celibates, to youth and those of full age, yea, and unto all ages and conditions of mortal life.”

In this scripture, we learn that Jesus father Joseph was alive at the time of Jesus’ crucifixion. He disappears from the Bible previous to that. There has been an intentional removal of evidence of Jesus family from the Bible. Jesus had at least four brothers and two sisters, something that is barely touched on in the Bible. This last verse infers that Jesus did marry and father children, so that he could suffer all of human experiences during his lifetime. Christians are taught that he was thirty-three when he died, but that number, I am pretty sure, is just part of the gematria number code used in the Bible and not his actual age. Need I mention that the disciples believed Jesus had taken Mary Magdalene with him?

Gospel of the Holy Twelve; Lection 96

The Pouring Out Of the Spirit

“And as the disciples were gathered together in the upper room when they returned from the Mount, they all continued with one accord in prayer and supplication, and their number was about one hundred and twenty. And in that day James stood up and said; ‘Men and brethren, it is known unto you how the Lord, before he left us, chose Peter to preside over us and watch over us in his name, and how it must needs be that one of those who have been with us and a witness to his resurrection be chosen and appointed to take his place.’ And they chose two called Barsabas and Matthias, and they prayed and said, ‘Thou lord, who knowest the hearts of all men, shew which of these two thou hast chosen to take part in this Apostleship from which thou dost raise thy servant Peter to preside over us.’ And they gave forth their lots, and the lot fell upon Matthias, and the Twelve received him, and he was numbered among the Apostles. Then John and James separated Peter from their number by laying on of hands, that he might preside over them in the Name of the Lord, saying, ‘Brother be thou as a hewn stone, six squared. Even thou, Petros, which art Petra, bearing witness to the truth on every side.’

And to the Apostles were given staves to guide their steps in the ways of truth, and crowns of glory withal, and to the Prophets burning lamps to shew light on the path and censers with fire, and to the Evangelists the Book of the Holy Law to recall the people to the first principles, and to the Pastors were given the cup and platter to feed and nourish the flock. But to none was given aught that was not given to all, for all were one priesthood under the Christ as their Master Great High Priest in the Temple of God; and to the Deacons were given baskets that they might carry therein the things needful for the holy worship. And the number was about one hundred and twenty, Peter presiding over them. And when the third day had fully come they were all with one accord in the one place, and as they prayed there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind and the room in which they were assembled was shaken, and it filled the place. And there appeared cloven tongues of flame like fire, and sat upon the head of each of them. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance.

And Peter stood up and preached the Law of Christ unto the multitude of all nations and tongues who were gathered together by the report of what had been seen and heard, each man hearing in his own tongue wherein he was born. And of them that listened there were gathered unto the Church that day, three thousand souls, and they received the Holy Law, repented of their sins, and were baptized and continued steadfastly in the Apostles’ fellowship and worship, and the Oblation and prayers. And they who believed gave up their possessions, and had all things in common and abode together in one place, shewing the love and the goodness of God to their brothers and sisters and to all creatures, and working with their hands for the common weal. And from these there were called twelve to be Prophets with the Apostles, and twelve to be Evangelists and twelve to be Pastors, and their Helps were added unto them, and Deacons of the Church Universal, and they numbered one hundred and twenty. And thus was the Tabernacle of David set up, with living men filled with goodness, even as the Master had shewn unto them.

And to the Church in Jerusalem was given James the Lord’s brother for its president and Angel, and under him four and twenty priests in a fourfold ministry, and helpers and deacons also. And after six days many came together, and there were added six thousand men and women who received the holy Law of Love, and they received the word with gladness. And as they gathered together on the Lord’s Day after the Sabbath was past, and were offering the holy Oblation, they missed Mary and Joseph, the parents of Jesus. And they made search but found them not. And some of them said, ‘Surely the Lord hath taken them away, as he did Magdalene. And they were filled with awe, and sung praises to God.’ And the Spirit of God came upon the apostles and the prophets with them and, remembering what the Lord had taught them, with one voice they confessed and praised God, saying;

‘We believe in one God: the Infinite, the Secret Fount, the Eternal Parent of whom are all things invisible and visible. The All in all, through all, around all. The holy Twain, in whom all things consist; who hath been, who is, who shall be. We believe in one Lord our Lady, the perfect holy Christ, God of God, Light of Light begotten. Our Lord, the Father, Spouse and Son. Our Lady the Mother, Bride and Daughter. Three modes in one essence undivided: One biune trinity. That God may be manifest as the Father, Spouse and Son of every soul: and that every soul may be perfected as the Mother, Bride and Daughter of God. And this by ascent of the soul into the spirit and the descent of the spirit into the soul. Who cometh from Heaven, and is incarnate of the Virgin ever blessed, in Jesu-Maria and every Christ of God: and is born and teacheth the way of life and suffereth under the world rulers, and is crucified, and is buried and descendeth into hell. Who riseth again and ascendeth into glory; from thence giving light and life to all.

We believe in the Sevenfold Spirit of God, the Life-Giver: Who proceedeth from the holy Twain. Who cometh upon Jesu-Maria and all that are faithful to the light within: Who dwelleth in the Church, the Israel Elect of God. Who cometh ever into the world and lighteth every soul that seeks. Who giveth the law which judgeth the living and the dead, who speaketh by the prophets of every age and clime. We believe in one holy universal and apostolic church: the witness to all truth, the receiver and giver of the same. Begotten of the spirit and fire of God. Nourished by the waters, seeds and fruits of Earth. Who by the Spirit of Life, her twelve books and sacraments, her holy words and works: knitteth together the Elect in one mystical communion and atoneth humanity with God. Making us partakers of the divine life and substance: betokening the same in holy Symbols.

And we look for the coming of the Universal Christ and the Kingdom of Heaven wherein dwelleth righteousness. And the holy City whose gates are Twelve: wherein are the Temple and Altar of God. Whence proceed three Orders in four-fold ministry: to teach all truth and offer the daily sacrifice of praise. As in the inner so in the outer: as in the great so in the small. As above, so below: as in Heaven so in Earth. We believe in the purification of the soul: through many births and experiences. The Resurrection from the dead: and the Life everlasting of the just. The Ages of Age: and Rest in God forever.'”

Pamela Kribbe was asked this by an interviewer; “Jeshua takes great care to separate himself (his Earth life as Jeshua) from Jesus as portrayed in the Bible, what would you say is the key difference between their portrayals?” She answers that the greatest difference, “is with his portrayal by Church tradition.” She says that in the Bible, the stories are interpreted by humans with their own cultural and psychological backgrounds projected onto the material. She says that according to the Church’s interpretation, Jeshua appears, “as a deified figure, being closer to and more like God than us.” And that to underline his special position, “he is said to have died for our sins.” She goes on to say that Jeshua as he presents himself to her, wants us to know that, “we are as close to God as he is, that he was human as we are, and that he died not to take away our sins, but simply because ruling authorities were opposed to him, like they have been opposed throughout history to freethinkers and teachers of the heart.” She says that according to Jeshua, no one needs to take away our sins, and what we call ‘sins’ “are areas of ignorance and fear which are part of the human experience.” Pamela says that we are here to gracefully transcend them and enjoy the journey Home. She tells us that we are granted to be “fully human” by Jeshua.

From Pamela’s website; Pamela asks: Jeshua, who are you?

”I am the one who has been among you and who you have come to know as Jesus. I am not the Jesus of your church tradition or the Jesus of your religious writings. I am Jeshua-ben-Joseph; I have lived as a man of flesh and blood. I did reach Christ consciousness before you, but I was supported in this by powers which are beyond your imagination at present. My coming was a cosmic event – I made myself available for this.’  ‘It wasn’t easy. I did not succeed in my endeavors to pass on to people the immensity of God’s love. There was much misunderstanding. I came too early, but someone had to come. My coming was like throwing a stone in a large fishpond. All fish flee and the stone sinks into the deep. There are ripples noticeable long after though. One might say that the kind of consciousness I wished to convey, did its work underground after that. At the surface of the pool there were constant ruffles; well-meant but misguided interpretations rose to meet and fight each other in my name. The ones who were touched by my energy, moved by the impulse of Christ energy, could not really integrate it with their psychological and physical reality.

It has taken a long time before Christ consciousness could set foot on Earth. But now the time has come. And I have returned and speak through many, through all and to everyone who wants to hear me and who has come to understand me from the quietness of their hearts. I do not preach and I do not judge. My sincerest hope is to speak to you of the vast and unfailing presence of Love, accessible to you at any time. I am part of a much larger consciousness, a greater entity, but I, Jeshua, am the incarnated part of that entity (or field of consciousness).

I do not like the name Jesus much, for it has become so caught up with a distorted version of what I stand for. ‘Jesus’ is owned by the church traditions and authorities. He has been molded to fit the interests of the church patriarchs for centuries, so much so that the prevailing image of Jesus is now so far removed from what I represent, that it would truly please me if you could just let it go and release me from that heritage. I am Jeshua, man of flesh and blood. I am your friend and brother. I am familiar with being human in every way. I am teacher and friend. Do not fear me. Embrace me like you’d embrace one of your kin. We are family.”

Jeshua talks about the Christ energy on Pamela’s website;

“The Christ energy that I came to offer you stems from a collective energy that has gone beyond the world of duality. This means that it recognizes the opposites of good and bad, light and dark, giving and taking, as the aspects of one and the same energy. Living from the reality of Christ consciousness means that there is no struggle with anything. There is a complete acceptance of reality. This absence of struggle or resistance is its main characteristic. Since Christ (or the Christ energy) recognizes the extremes of all thoughts, feelings and actions as the manifestation of the one divine energy, there can be no duality, no judgment in the way ‘he’ (the Christed energy) experiences reality.

Let’s give an example here. When the Christ in you watches an armed conflict between people, her heart weeps for the fate of the beaten one, but she does not judge. She feels the pain and humiliation with each blow, and her heart is filled with compassion, but she does not judge. She watches the offender, the one with the gun, who has power, who inflicts pain, and she feels the hatred and bitterness inside of him, and her heart grieves, but she does not judge. The heart of Christ embraces the whole spectacle with deeply felt compassion, but without judgment, for she recognizes all aspects as experiences she has gone through herself. She herself has lived out all of these roles, of offender and victim, of master and slave, and she has come to the understanding that she is neither of them, but that which underlies both.

The Christ energy has passed through all the energies of duality. It identified itself now with the dark, then with the light, but through it all, something remained the same. And when she realized this “sameness” underlying all her experiences, her consciousness obtained a new kind of unity: it was “Christed”. The Christed energy was the energy I came to offer you. Who I was is quite difficult to explain. I will try so by distinguishing between three ‘identities’: Jeshua, Jesus, and Christ. I, the one who is now speaking, am Jeshua. I was the human being who carried the Christ energy in my incarnation on Earth. This energy may also be called Christ. Jesus – in my terminology – is the name for the Godlike man who was the result of the infusion of Christ energy into the physical and psychological reality of Jeshua. This Christ energy was poured into Jeshua from spheres of Light which are – from your standpoint – located in your future.

Jesus was the man who performed miracles and put forward prophesies. Jesus was an emissary from the spheres of light, incarnated in me. In fact, he was my future self. Jesus was, from my perspective as the man Jeshua living on Earth, my future self, who had become one with the Christ energy. Because the Christ in him was clearly present and visible to many people around him, he appeared to them as divine.

I, Jeshua, was a man of flesh and blood. The unique and to some extent artificial aspect of the “Jesus-construction” was that I received his/my Christed self from the future. I did not become Christed on the basis of my past and the experiences therein. I did not achieve enlightenment in a natural way, but by means of an intervention from outside so to speak, by an infusion of Christ energy from the future. I had agreed to play this role before I began this lifetime. I agreed to be ‘overshadowed’ by the Jesus presence, as an act of service, and also because of a deeply felt longing to get to know the reality of my deepest potentials. Jesus, my future self from the spheres of light, had become one with the Christ energy. Yet he did not represent the entire energy of Christ here on Earth, for this energy encompasses more than Jesus. He is one part or cell of it.

Christ or the Christ energy (it is more like an energy field than a personal entity) is a collective energy which has many aspects or “cells”, which are cooperating in such a way that they function as one “organism”. All cells make a unique contribution to the whole and experience themselves as individuals while being part of the whole as well. One might call these several aspects of the Christ energy angels or arch-angels. It is the hallmark of angels that they have a sense of individuality as well as a high-degree of selflessness, which allows them to feel one with collective energies and be joyfully in their service.

Jesus was an energy from the future who came to Earth to bring illumination and knowledge to humanity. He came from another world or even dimension, and he brought with him the elevated energy of this reality. His awareness of his own Greater Self remained intact while he incarnated on Earth. Because of his presence in me, Jeshua, I could easily realize the flexibility of material laws and “perform miracles”. The reason why the Jesus/Jeshua personality came to Earth was to create an opening or doorway to a different state of consciousness. I wanted to set an example of the possibilities that are available to each human being.

In the spheres of light where Jesus came from, it was felt that the Earth was going into a direction which would end up in great darkness and self-alienation for the souls involved in the Earth experiment. It was decided that a powerful impetus for change was going to be given which would clearly show human beings the choices available to them. By sending the energy personality of Jesus, we wanted to hold up a mirror to human beings and remind them of their own divine origin and the dormant potentials they carried within. The potentials for peace, freedom and mastership over yourself.

Every human being is the master of his own reality. You are creating your own reality all the time. You are able to let go of a miserable or unsatisfying reality and allow Light to enter and transform your creation. Man is his own master, but he tends to give his power away to outside authorities who claim to know the truth and to want the best for you. This happens in politics, medicine, education, and etcetera. Also, your “entertainment industry” is full of false images about happiness, success and beauty, which serve no one except the ones who construct them. Have you ever thought about how much money is spent just creating images? In the media, the newspapers, the movies, on radio and television, images are spread all the time. Where do these images come from? Why are they there? Who designs them? Images are a means of exerting power over people. Images can make people subservient and disconnected from their true needs, without the use of physical force or violence. Images can make people voluntarily give away their own power and self-worth. They delude you in such a way that you need not be violently forced into anything; you will accept the values portrayed by the image as your own and act accordingly. This is what we would call invisible mind-control and it is rampant among your ‘free’ western societies.

The function of Light is primarily to bring clarity, awareness and transparency to the invisible structures of thought and feeling that shape your life. Light is the opposite of mind-control. Where Light enters a reality, it breaks the bonds of mere power and authority and it breaks down the hierarchies based on it. It holds misuse of power up to the light and it frees people of delusions and illusions that take away their power for self-determination.

Jesus was a threat to the ruling order at the time he lived. By what he told people and sheerly by what he radiated, he caused structures of power to be seen for what they truly were. This was unbearable and unacceptable for the existing hierarchy. The role of Light worker, which Jesus took upon him, was heavy; especially for me, Jeshua, the human being who agreed to carry this intense, bright energy in my lifetime. I, Jeshua, was almost overshadowed by the force of Jesus’ presence, the presence of my future self! Although it filled me with great insights, love and inspiration, it was quite a challenge physically to carry or “hold” his energy. I could not really integrate his energy into my physical being – the cells in my body were ‘not ready’ for it yet – so on a physical level my body got exhausted from carrying these intense energies of Light. Apart from the physical aspect, there was also a psychological burden to carrying the Christ energy. I found it very hard to watch the nature of the Christ energy being misunderstood frequently, even by my closest friends or ‘disciples’.

As the human being that I was, I sometimes became desperate and doubted the value of the journey I undertook. I felt that the world was not ready for the Christed energy. I felt that its essence was not recognized. Jesus was truly a pioneer in his time. By the coming of Jesus to Earth, a seed was planted. It was the seed of the Christ energy. People were moved by what I said and did, and unconsciously, at the soul-level, they did recognize the Christ energy. Deep within their souls, a memory was stirred. Something was touched and set in motion. At the surface, on the level of what can be seen and felt in the physical world, my coming created much commotion. In virtue of the law of duality, the powerful infusion of Light creates a powerful reaction from the Dark. This is just a matter of logic. Light is confronting. It wants to break structures of power and set the imprisoned energies free. Darkness is the energy that wants to suppress and control. So these two energies have opposing interests. Where one gains in power, the other will strike back to defend itself and regain balance.

Thus, my coming to Earth also initiated much struggle and violence, as a counter reaction to the Light I came to spread. The persecution of my followers, the early Christians, is one example of this violent counter reaction. But the Christians themselves, the founders of the Church, did not shun violence either in their pursuit to spread my teachings. Think of the Crusades and the Inquisition. In the name of Christ, the most barbaric deeds of darkness have been performed, by Christians as well as non-Christians.

An important reason for my coming was to awaken the light worker souls on Earth. (See the other channeled material for an explanation of the notion of light worker). They would be most sensitive and receptive of my energy, although many had become lost in the density and darkness of the Earth plane as well. Light workers are in fact emissaries of Light with the same mission as Jesus. The difference is that in their incarnation in a physical body, they are less connected to their wider divine Self than I was. They are more subject to the karmic burdens and illusions of the Earth plane. They are more bound to the past. With the incarnation of Jesus, something special was occurring. Jesus did not carry any karmic burdens from the past and he could therefore more easily keep in touch with his divinity. He was here in a somewhat artificial way, a presence from the future, being here and there at the same time.

The consciousness of the beings of Light which jointly decided to ‘insert’ the energy of Jesus into Earth reality at the time was not perfect and all-knowing. Every conscious being is in the process of developing and understanding itself all the time. Among humans, there is a persistent belief that everything is predestined by some divine plan; behind this belief is the notion of a dominant, omniscient God. This notion is false. There is no predestination by an outside force. There are only probabilities which are the result from inner choices you yourself make. My coming to Earth was based on a decision made by a collective energy of light, which Jesus was a part of. It was a choice that involved risks and an unpredictable outcome.

The collective energy of light I am speaking of is an angelic realm that is deeply connected to humanity and Earth because it helped to create man and Earth. Actually, you are part of them and not separate from them at all, but we are now speaking multidimensionally, i.e. on a level of consciousness that is outside of your linear framework of time. In another dimension or framework of time, you are these angels that make up the spheres of light, from which Jesus descended to Earth. (See the last chapter of the Light worker series (‘Your Light Self’) for an in-depth explanation of multidimensionality and your angelic nature).You – light workers, are much more interconnected with ‘the Jesus event’, this infusion of Christ energy on Earth, than you suppose. It was to some extent a collective endeavor, to which you all contributed, and from which I, Jeshua, was the visible, physical representative.

My message was that the Christ energy is present in all human beings as a seed. When you look up to me as some kind of authority, you have mis-understood my message. I wished and still wish to invite you to believe in yourself, to find the truth within your own heart, and not to believe in any authority outside of you. Ironically, the official Christian religion has placed me outside of your reality as an authority to worship and obey. This is quite the opposite of what I intended. I intended to show you that you can be a living Christ yourself. I now ask you to recognize the Christ within, and to return to me my humanness. I am Jeshua, man of flesh and blood, and truly a friend and brother to you all.”




The Gnostic Paul

Victoria LePage tells us of the early period of Christianity in her book Mysteries of the Bridechamber.  She says that by the time Epiphanius was writing his history of Christian heresies, the Nazorean Church of Jerusalem no longer existed and great changes had overtaken the Christian religion. Its leaders no longer identified with the Nazoreans and the Hasidim had disappeared from public, not reappearing until the eighteenth century. She relates that many of the followers of Jesus had been dissatisfied with the continuing observance of Mosaic Law in the Jamesian church (led by Jesus brother James) and, “Had long since sought a more liberal climate in Syria and the Trans-Jordan, among those Nazorean groups, which had managed to retain the original Gnostic form of Christianity.” LePage notes that after his visionary conversion to Christianity on the Damascus Road, Paul immediately went to Roman Arabia to study all he could of the new faith. I have seen many scholars make a big deal out of the acrimony between Paul and the church led by Jesus’ brother James, and who note that he rarely spent time in Jerusalem learning from James and the other Church leaders. We learn from Paul’s own gospels that he adamantly believed that Jesus came to free us from the Law of the Old Testament – and he was absolutely correct. James and the other Jerusalem church leaders were still slaves of the Law.

LePage wrote; “Far from turning to the Jamesian church in Jerusalem, we learn it was to Nazorean and Essene country in Nabatea that Paul straightaway repaired, visiting Jerusalem only once in fourteen more years. He evidently believed that the spiritual instruction and Christological initiation he received was not available in the Judaean capital, where the legalism of the synagogues had infected James’s leadership of the young church.” I have often wondered if James’ reverting to the Law was due to persecution from the priests of the corrupted temple. Those same priests were said to have pushed James off the steps of the temple, and when that didn’t kill him, they forced him to dig a hole and stand in it, and then they proceeded to stone him. When that didn’t kill him, they took a fullers club – a stick used in clothes washing – and beat his brains out. James might have just been trying to avoid the persecution of the people of his church in adhering to the laws as set forth by the rabbis.

The importance of Paul’s writing is that in them, he is speaking both esoterically and exoterically. It wasn’t until I read Elaine Pagels book The Gnostic Paul; Gnostic Exegesis of the Pauline Letters that everything fell into place. The Christian religion is a combination of both esoteric and exoteric teachings. For those people who are still psychics, they are still under the Law. They need to work their way back to God by their faithfulness and good works and by following the new Law of Love. They are consigned to the Wheel of Life – reincarnation.

The reason this book made all the difference to me, was that, in it, Professor Pagels shares some of the keys of how to read the Bible in its coded form. I came to understand that the importance of Paul’s gospels was the fact that his was a fusion of the esoteric and exoteric beliefs. Or, as Elaine Pagels puts it, he is speaking to both those ‘on the outside’ and ‘those on the inside’ simultaneously. This is confirmed in 2 Peter 3: 15b-16 …“just as our dear Brother Paul also wrote you with the wisdom that God gave him.”  This reference to the wisdom that God gave him is referring to gnosis. With our people, wisdom or knowledge always either stands for gnosis, i.e. direct revelation from God – or it refers to our Mother, the Holy Spirit.

In the introduction to Pagels book, after mentioning writers who claimed that Paul was anti Gnostic, she wrote; “Instead of repudiating Paul as their most obstinate opponent, the Naassenes and Valentinians revere him as the one of the apostles who – above all others – was himself a gnostic initiate. The Valentinians, in particular, allege that their secret tradition offers direct access to Paul’s own teaching of wisdom and gnosis.” Professor Pagels, who, by the way, is the Harrington Spear Paine Professor of Religion at Princeton University, graduated from Stanford University, and received her Ph.D. in religion at Harvard University. She was also part of a team of scholars who studied the Nag Hammadi manuscripts.

To reiterate, there are three types of humans in the world, the pneumatic, psychic and hylic. I will only be addressing the pneumatic and psychic in this chapter. In the Bible’s book of Romans 1:1, Paul makes the statement in part, that, “I Paul, a servant of Christ Jesus, called to be an apostle and set apart for the gospel of God”. What Paul is saying here, is that he was, from childhood, an initiate of the Jewish Old Religion. That is what being ‘set apart’ means. Parents make the choice to set apart their children for this. They start their training at the age of seven. This is important to know since it means that Paul will have a greater gnostic understanding than many of the other apostles.

Pagels states regarding Paul:

“Texts now becoming available from Nag Hammadi, offer extraordinary new evidence for gnostic Pauline tradition. …The fourth treatise from the same codex, the Tripartite Tractate, besides containing many allusions to the Pauline letters, concludes …with the prayer of the apostle Paul, in which the apostle, as one of the Elect, prays to be redeemed, to receive the Pleroma revelation, and to be unified with the beloved Elect.”

This statement, in which Pagels is relating that Paul is praying to be redeemed, is telling us that Paul is one of the Elect. You might wonder why Paul needs to be redeemed, since he became a believer in Christ when he had a vision on the road to Damascus. The truth is that we are the race who went astray. We are collectively the Prodigal Son. We have become embedded in materiality and have lost our true identity. We, like Paul, need to believe, not in Jesus death on the cross, for that was a sign for the psychics. They can be saved through the belief in the self-sacrifice of Jesus. For us, however, what redeems us is the belief in the resurrection of Jesus – which was a spiritual event. We also have to ask for forgiveness for our sins committed while in the cloud of materiality.

This contradicts a few authors I came across who said that Jesus came to reveal and not to redeem. The Nag Hammadi text, the Gospel of Philip, was written by an original Apostle. Philip says; “Christ came to ransom some, to save others, to redeem others. He ransomed those who were strangers and made them his own. And he set his own apart, those whom he gave as a pledge according to his plan. It was not only when he appeared that he voluntarily laid down his life, but he voluntarily laid down his life from the very day the world came into being. Then he came first in order to take it, since it had been given as a pledge. It fell into the hands of robbers and was taken captive, but he saved it. He redeemed the good people in the world as well as the evil.” We are those, “who he gave as a pledge according to his plan.” Jesus’ coming two thousand years ago, was certainly redemptive. I will paraphrase Elaine Pagels work in the following and also add comments.

Paul used parables to hide the esoteric meaning in his stories. For instance when Paul speaks of the Jews and Gentiles, he is really speaking of the relationship between the psychic/Jews, and the pneumatic/Gentiles.

“A man is not a Jew if he is only one outwardly, nor is circumcision merely outward and physical. No, a man is a Jew if he is one inwardly; and circumcision is circumcision of the heart, by the Spirit, not by the written code. Such a man’s praise is not from men, but from God.” Romans 2:28-29

Pagels tells us that in this last verse, Paul is telling the initiates that those called Jews inwardly, or Jews in secret, are the true Israel, the pneumatic Elect. I can certainly agree with her that we are Jews in secret!  Paul also refers to the elect/pneumatic/chosen as being the uncircumcised, and the psychic/choic/called are the circumcised.

“Through him and for his name’s sake, we received grace and apostleship to call people from among all the Gentiles to the obedience that comes from faith.” Romans 1:5

When Paul refers to himself as the apostle to the Gentiles, as in Romans 1:5, he is speaking about the Elect.

“On the contrary, they saw that I had been entrusted with the task of preaching the gospel to the Gentiles, just as Peter had been to the Jews.” Galatians 2:7

In Galatians 2:7, Paul is contrasting his mission to the pneumatic Gentiles with Peter’s mission to the psychic Jews.

“I am obligated both to Greeks and non-Greeks, both to the wise and the foolish.” Romans 1:14

In Romans 1:14, Paul is acknowledging that he is obligated to spread the gospel to both the Greeks (pneumatics) and non-Greeks (psychics) and also the wise (pneumatics) and the foolish (psychics).

“For it is written: “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise; the intelligence of the intelligent I will frustrate.” Where is the wise man? Where is the scholar? Where is the philosopher of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world? For since in the wisdom of God the world through its wisdom did not know him, God was pleased through the foolishness of what was preached to save those who believe. Jews demand miraculous signs and Greeks look for wisdom. But we preach Christ crucified; a stumbling block to Jews and foolishness to Gentiles.” 1st Corinthians 19-23.

I have come to know that there is corrupt Mystery teachings, but there are also the true Mystery teachings as well.  These last verses tell us that the Mystery religions did not work, as people could not understand them and the methods to achieve enlightenment rarely worked. It was for this reason that Christ came to give us the, ‘foolishness of what was preached’ – that to believe that Jesus was the Son of God who came to save us from our sins, and if we would believe and accept him as our Savior, we would inherit eternal life.

The Jews who demand miracles are the psychics who need physical proof to believe. The foolishness to the Gentiles means that pneumatics think that it’s foolish to believe that belief in Jesus and his death on the cross is all that is needed for salvation. They think this way because they know what is still ahead for their psychic brother’s and sister’s souls because of their having to ‘reap what they sow”, even though they do – without a doubt – have everlasting life through belief in Jesus and his salvific death.

Light workers know that all beings are eternal. However, we also know that some beings lose their identities and have to be re-made into something new by being sent to the Great Central Sun for re-processing, if they are unable to grow in God consciousness.

“We do however speak a message of wisdom among the mature, but not the wisdom of this age or of the rulers of this age, who are coming to nothing. No, we speak of God’s secret wisdom, a wisdom that has been hidden and that God destined for our glory before time began. None of the rulers of this age understood it, for if they had, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory. However, as it is written; ‘No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him.” But God has revealed it to us by his Spirit.” 1 Corinthians 2:6-10

In this verse, we find out that there is a true Mystery or Wisdom religion, but it is only revealed by God through Spirit. In the statement ‘among the mature’ is signifying that it is for the pneumatic Elect. This revelation then is gnosis, a direct knowing and understanding from God. This gnosis can happen at any time, regardless of whether the person receiving it has worked towards it or not. It comes at Gods discretion, or by the grace of God.

“For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened. Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images made to look like mortal man and birds and animals and reptiles. Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another. They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshipped and served created things rather than the Creator – who is forever praised.”  Romans 1:21-25

These last verses are very, very, important. In them, we learn that the Mysteries at first were the “truth of God” but became corrupt because people worshiped the images rather than the meanings behind the images and the God behind them all. According to professor Pagels; Romans 1:21-25 in its exoteric sense, warns against pagan idolatry. Interpreted symbolically, or esoterically, it warns against the worship of the demi-urge, who is himself only a creation of the higher powers.

In relating the teaching of Heracleon, an early Gnostic Christian leader, Pagels explains that Moses, who Heracleon believed to be Yaldabaoth, but who I believe may represent Sabaoth, is the servant of God who executes his judgment and wrath. God the Father judges according to truth, in kindness, to lead the psychics into repentance. The psychics are to fear God, the Elect to love Him. She also points out that the reason for the Law is that it provokes knowledge of sin. Until the Law, humans could not be held accountable for their behavior as they had nothing to judge their actions by.

“But now the righteousness of God has been revealed apart from the law, the law and the prophets witnessing to it, the righteousness of God, through faith in Jesus Christ for all who believe. For there is no difference; all have sinned, and they lack the glory of God, being justified as a gift by his grace through the redemption in Christ Jesus.” Romans 3:23

She goes on to point out that Gnostic Christians, say that what God foreordained as reconciliation through faith, is the pneumatic Elect, who were foreordained to demonstrate his righteousness. What psychics refer to as the passion of Jesus, pneumatics refer to what the passion of Jesus signifies in the cosmos. They claim that the Lord came in the last times of the cosmos for this purpose; so that he might demonstrate the passion that had occurred to the last of the Aeons, Pistis Sophia. Sophia’s passion and restoration, in turn, prefigure that of the foreordained Elect. I have mentioned previously that I believe the spirit of the Earth, Gaia is also Pistis Sophia. We, the Elect, are currently undergoing the process of ascension with Pistis Sophia/Gaia that was just referred to. We are being restored to a higher realm of living.

Professor Pagels relates that the Eucharist also has two meanings. To the psychics, it represents the Lord’s death and his passion. To the pneumatics, it recalls Sophia’s passion, and they drink the wine as a symbol of her suffering. They are referring to Sophia’s suffering when she came down into materiality and became darkened by it and entrapped within it. In complete versions of the Sophia and Yaldabaoth story, there is a long series of efforts by Sophia to rise out of dark matter, to be restored into the Pleroma.

Professor Pagels wrote; “Paul intends his allegory of Jews and Greeks to characterize two distinct processes. The psychics, being under sin, are bound to the law of works. To escape the penalty of death for sins, they do need faith, but theirs is specifically faith in Jesus, in the psychic son of the demiurge. Those who repent and believe in him receive forgiveness and are required to do good works. The process of their salvation depends upon their choice and their own activity; it operates according to what Paul calls the law of works.”

In this last paragraph it was stated that Jesus was the “psychic son of the demi-urge.”  To get the right perspective on this, one has to understand that there are two levels, with Pistis Sophia’s veil between the two. We on Earth are in the lower, and the upper contains the Pleroma, our – the Elects, true home. Pistis Sophia and her syzygy, Christ, are from the upper realm. Jesus, or Jeshua, was born on Earth to a Jewish family and so was psychic, as he inhabited a body made by the archons. Jesus was born into humanity, and thus is a ‘child’ of the rulers and archons, just as we are, physically. In the Bible, when Jesus tells his disciples to leave their fathers and mothers, he is referring to the rulers as their parents. In order for Jesus, or the Christ Spirit, to help us escape from our material bonds, it was necessary for him to become imbedded in matter himself in order to understand how to get us out of it. Jesus went through many an incarnation absolutely blind to his heavenly pedigree, just as we have. Edgar Cayce said that the same soul inhabited Adam and Jesus. He said that, “In Adam he fell and in Jesus he redeemed himself.” Notice he said that Jesus redeemed himself, because this is something we all have to do too. Belief in Jesus will get you eternal life, but it won’t get you stuck out of the third dimension any sooner.

“Where then is boasting? It is excluded. By what kind of law? By one of works?  No, on the contrary, by a law of faith. For we conclude that a man is justified by faith apart from works of law. Or is God for Jews only? Is he not also for Gentiles? Yes, for Gentiles too, since there is one God who will justify the circumcised by faith and the uncircumcised through faith. Do we then cancel the law through faith? Absolutely not! On the contrary, we uphold the law.” Romans 3: 27-31

Professor Pagels describes this verse in this way; “The pneumatics are the Elect. They receive redemption according to the law of faith. Faith not in the psychic Jesus but in the pneumatic Christ. Unlike the works salvation of the psychics, the pneumatic redemption excludes all human effort (and hence all boasting) it depends entirely upon what God foreordained in election. When Paul says to the pneumatics “Where is boasting?” he is reminding them that they are saved through grace, while the psychics have to earn their way through the law of works.”

I look at this in this way; we volunteered to come into cycle after cycle, lifetime after lifetime to help this fallen creation. We come in ‘blind’. So, we are not held accountable for our negative actions, or at least there is some grace involved so that we don’t always have to ‘pay’ for those actions.

“Not only so, but we ourselves, who have the first fruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait eagerly for our adoption as sons, the redemption of our bodies.” Romans 8:23

Pagels explains Romans 8:23 in this way; According to Valentinian exegesis, the Elect are the first fruits of the Spirit. In the channeled messages from Yahweh Sabaoth and the Host of Heaven, Sabaoth says; “Those of you who are bound for Terra (the New Earth) are the first generation – the product of the first Thought – of the Creator. You are the Elohim, and though you do not remember this fully now, you will once your shift is complete.” I believe the first fruits and first generation are the same. As I stated earlier we are among the closest to the throne of God. One of the members of the Ancient Awakenings group said that she was one of the Elohim, but didn’t like to tell anyone that.  I made the comment to her that we all were – and I was correct.

When I look at that verse I can see a possible meaning of our waiting for our adoption as sons in this way; In the upper or highest Pleroma where we came from, in esoteric teaching, we are considered sons of God. While in lower realms we are considered daughters of God.  It is what is being referred to in the Bible verses that refer to the “Sons of God marrying the Daughters of Men”. It is an angelic and human pairing. You could look at it as an elevation of the human experience or a lowering of the angelic experience. I just look at it as family! In one of the ancient texts, when Jesus rises out of the water of baptism, the voice of God says “This is my beloved son, today I have begotten thee.” That is signifying his Christ-hood – his alignment with his angelic presence or higher self. That is what we all are so eagerly awaiting!

Valentinus, according to Pagels, believes that the Elect share in the suffering of the psychics until the time that the Elect adopts the psychics.  Pagels says that, “the psychics are related to the pneumatics as the body to the spirit.” Paul’s student Theodotus said that the Elect cannot enter the Pleroma until the Psychics are raised to join in union with us. Until that time, the Elect are constrained in this lower plane.

Professor Pagels cites the story of the Samaritan woman at the well in the fourth chapter of the book of John. She explains that the story is an allegory of the pneumatic Elect. The woman’s sexual sin signifies her ignorance of God, or true worship. Her involvement with six men symbolizes her involvement with all material evil, and she participates in an illegitimate, inauthentic relationship that is a substitute for her true pneumatic relationship to her own husband, her spiritual identity. Now that we understand this allegory, we can see that even though Mary Magdalene has been called the ‘woman at the well’, we can see that Mary is being equated to an allegorical archetype and most likely was not a ‘fallen’ woman.

Next is, to me, the most aggravating aspect of most mainline protestant beliefs, or at least Southern Baptists, as that is what I know best. That is the meaning of 1st Corinthians 11:3 which reads; “Now I want you to realize that the head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is man, and the head of Christ is God.” The TRUE meaning of this verse is not that a woman should be subjected to a man. I can attest that our ancestors, whether Essenes or Quakers or Templars, believed woman was every bit equal to man, physically and spiritually, in fact they quite often revered their women, because they were lovers of the Holy Spirit who is our Mother. The correct understanding of this verse is this, and I quote Professor Pagels;

“When the apostle speaks of the relationship between man and woman, the Valentinian’s explain, he is speaking symbolically, first of the relationship between Christ and the ecclesia, and secondly of the relationship between the elect and the called. As God is the head of Christ, so Christ is the head of the man (that is, of the pneumatic elect) and the man the head of the woman (the psychic ecclesia). Through this metaphor, Paul reveals the hierarchy of divine relationship: God, Christ, the elect, the called.”

The author of The Beginnings of Christianity says that discoveries at Nag Hammadi gave scholars many writings that expressed Pauline ideas. Some of the documents make it clear that they considered Paul ‘the Apostle’ and his “opposition of grace and law fitted with the cosmic dualism of the Gnostic mythology.” The author said that it became clear that Paul had been championed by the Gnostic movement and had been a major influence on Valentinus.  Like the Gnostics, Paul used concepts of knowledge and mystery, pneumatic and psychic, and cosmic ascent.

The author makes the statement; “So then, if Gnosticism reached back to mythologies and rites of the centuries before Christ, it was only natural to assume that Paul derived from thence his fundamental ideas. He makes little or no reference to historical traditions about Jesus, of the type found in the Gospels. Behind him there seemed rather to be a highly gnostic kind of Christianity, in which myth had completely ousted history.” The author acknowledges that it is true that Paul opposed a group in the community at Corinth who were even more radically Gnostic than he was, “who were prepared actually to curse the physical Jesus in order to arrive more surely at the spiritual nature of Christ.”

The author makes an interesting comment. He calls the, “…whole reconstruction of the Gnostic Paul” to be more precarious than might at first appear. He states that while much in the Letter to the Ephesians can be paralleled in Gnosticism, other scholars have urged that nearly everything in it can be derived from Essenism and the Dead Sea Scrolls from Qumran. The author wrote; “It would be hard indeed to see Paul as a Christian Essene in view of his critical attitude to the Law!” We have learned that Jesus, like Paul was critical of the Law as well.

The author says that what the contributions of Qumran and Gnostic scholarship seem to suggest is that, “Paul’s thinking inhabits precisely that dynamic middle ground, where Gnostic myth is combined with the Essene mystery of the conscious self, where the impetus of history is registered alongside the transcendent significance of a liberating, saving Event.” He states that a new kind of consciousness arose out of the breakthrough, the Christ consciousness. The author claims that, “Gnosticism and the Essene consciousness are absorbed and transformed in that new synthesis, and it is there too that Paul locates the source of the freedom he feels, even though he never knew Jesus, the Christ according to the flesh. He had his own breakthrough experience at Damascus, which brought him his awareness of the risen Christ.”

In other words – he became enlightened.


The Essenes

From Edmond Szekely’s book From Enoch to the Dead Sea Scrolls, we learn;

“From the remote ages of antiquity a remarkable teaching has existed which is universal in its application and ageless in its wisdom. Fragments of it are found in Sumerian hieroglyphs and on tiles and stones dating back some eight or ten thousand years. Some of the symbols, such as for the sun, moon, air, water and other natural forces, are from an even earlier age preceding the cataclysm that ended the Pleistocene period. How many thousands of years previous to that the teaching existed is unknown. To study and practice this teaching is to reawaken within the heart of every man an intuitive knowledge that can solve his individual problems and the problems of the world. Traces of the teaching have appeared in almost every country and religion. Its fundamental principles were taught in ancient Persia, Egypt, India, Tibet, China, Palestine, Greece and many other countries. But it has been transmitted in its most pure form by the Essenes, that mysterious brotherhood which lived during the last two or three centuries B.C. and the first century of the Christian era at the Dead Sea in Palestine and at Lake Mareotis in Egypt. In Palestine and Syria the members of the brotherhood were known as Essenes and in Egypt as Therapeutae, or healers.

The esoteric part of their teaching is given in The Tree of Life, the Communions, and the Sevenfold Peace. The exoteric or outer teaching appears in The Essene Gospel of Peace, Genesis, an Essene Interpretation, Moses, the Prophet of the Law, and the Sermon on the Mount. The origin of the brotherhood is said to be unknown, and the derivation of the name is uncertain. Some believe it comes from Esnoch or Enoch and claim him to be their founder, their Communion with the angelic world having first been given to him. Others consider the name comes from Esrael, the Elects of the people to whom Moses brought forth the Communions at Mount Sinai where they were revealed to him by the angelic world.

The teaching appears in the Zend Avesta of Zoroaster, who translated in into a way of life that was followed for thousands of years. It contains the fundamental concepts of Brahmanism, the Vedas and the Upanishads; and the Yoga systems of India sprang from the same source. Buddha later gave forth essentially the same basic ideas and his sacred Bodhi tree is correlated with the Essene Tree of Life. The Pythagoreans and Stoics in ancient Greece also followed the Essene principles and much of their way of life. The same teaching was an element of the Adonic culture of the Phoenicians, of the Alexandrian School of Philosophy in Egypt, and contributed greatly to many branches of Western culture, Freemasonry, Gnosticism, the Kabala and Christianity. Jesus interpreted it in its most sublime and beautiful form in the seven Beatitudes of the Sermon on the Mount.

To the earlier concepts of the Tree, the Essenes added what the ancient writers called Angelology. This science of the Angels was brought forth by the Essenes at their brotherhood in Palestine. Their angels were the forces of the universe. It was known by many of the ancient peoples that these invisible forces were a source of energy and power, and that man’s life was sustained by contact with them. They knew that to the degree man was able to utilize these forces, he would move forward in his individual evolution in body and spirit, and as he put himself in harmony with them, his life would prosper.

Certain of the people not only knew of these forces but had specific methods of contacting and utilizing them. In many lands these forces were considered to be of two kinds, good and evil, and eternally opposed to each other. Zoroaster in his Zend Avesta described the Ahuras and Fravashis as the good forces forever battling with the evil Khrafstras and Devas. The Toltec’s in Mexico and Central American held a world picture in which the good forces were called the Army of Quetzalcoatl, the Plumed Serpent, and the evil forces were the Army of Tezcatlipoca, the Jaguar. These two armies were shown in the Toltec pictographs as being in continual conflict with each other. In the Zoroastrian and Toltec concepts destructive forces were always fighting the constructive ones.

The concept of the Essenes differed from these and other world pictures in that it recognized only the positive and constructive forces in the universe. The Essene angels corresponds to the good forces of Zoroaster, the Ahuras and Fravashis, and to the good forces of the Toltec’s, the Army of Quetzalcoatl. It was held to be man’s role in the universe to so strengthen the good, positive forces that the evil negative ones would be overcome and disappear from the Earth. The Essene Tree of Life represented fourteen positive forces, seven of them heavenly or cosmic forces and seven earthly or terrestrial forces. The Tree was pictured as having seven roots reaching down into the earth and seven branches extending up toward the heavens, thus symbolizing man’s relationship to both Earth and Heaven. Man was pictured in the center of the tree half way between Heaven and Earth.

The use of the number seven is an integral part of the Essene tradition which has been transmitted to western cultures in various outer ways, such as the seven days of the week. Each root and branch of the tree represented a different force or power. The roots represented earthly forces and powers, the earthly Mother, the Angel of Earth, the Angel of Life, the Angel of Joy, the Angel of the Sun, the Angel of Water and the Angel of Air. The seven branches represented cosmic powers, the Heavenly Father, and his Angels of Eternal Life, Creative Work, Peace, Power, Love and Wisdom. These were the Essene angels of the visible and invisible worlds. In ancient Hebrew and Medieval literature these heavenly and earthly forces or angels were given names, Michael, Gabriel, and so on; and they were pictured in religious art as human figures with wings and clad in flowing robes, such as in the frescoes of Michelangelo.

The symbolic Tree of Life enabled the Essenes to understand how they were surrounded by forces, or angels, from the visible world of nature and the invisible cosmic world. The Communions show how each of these forces is utilized in man’s body and consciousness. The Communions are said to have been originated by Esnoch or Enoch and were again brought forth by Moses to Esrael, the Elect of the people on the two stone tablets he first brought down from Mt. Sinai. The second set of tablets he brought down contained the Ten Commandments, the outer teaching, which he gave to the rest of the people, Israel. But the small minority, Esrael, or the Essenes, from that time on, held their communion’s morning and evening to the Earthly and Heavenly forces, regulating their lives according to the inspiration received from them.

The Communions have three immediate objectives. The first is to make man conscious of the activities of the different forces and forms of energy which surround him and perpetually flow toward him from nature and the cosmos. The second is to make him aware of the organs and centers within his being which can receive these currents of energy. The third is to establish a connection between the organs and centers and their corresponding forces so as to absorb, control and utilize each current.

The Essenes knew that man has different bodily systems to absorb the different energies from food, air, water, solar radiations and so on; and they knew that each individual must control and utilize these powers for himself through his own conscious efforts, and that no one could do it for him. The Communions were practiced each morning and evening, a different earthly force being meditated upon each morning upon arising, and a different heavenly force each evening before retiring, each day of the week. This made a total of fourteen communions during each seven day period. At each of the Communions the designated force was concentrated upon, contemplated and meditated upon so that its power could be absorbed and consciously utilized in whatever intensity was required.”

Those organs and centers referred to are the chakras – our spiritual power centers. There were two branches of Essenes in Palestine – the Ossaeans and the Nazoreans. The southern Ossaeans were known as the B’nai-Zadok or Children of Zadok. The northern Nazorean were known as the B’nai-Amen or Children of God. The northern group consisted of families and is where Jesus and his family lived – on and around Mount Carmel. The Qumran or Dead Sea B’Nai Zadok were a more ascetic branch.  As is said about Jesus in Matthew 2:23; “He shall be called a Nazorean.” This group brought forth the Chosen Ones. The Nazarenes were a sub-group of the Essenes who were under stricter vows of purity and conduct. The ancient philosopher Pythagoras studied in the B’nai-Amen temple. This was where the prophet Elijah lived.

The Essenes lived near lakes and rivers, away from cities and towns. They had a communal lifestyle and contributed all their goods and income to the community fund. They were expert farmers and supplied all their own needs. They had no servants and condemned slavery. There were no rich or poor in their communities, both conditions were considered by them as deviations of the Law of God. They were considered among the best educated people of their day. They studied astronomy, medicine, prophecy, and the ancient scriptures.

They rose before dawn to greet the sun. To them, the sun was a symbol of God. While outside, they would commune with our Earthly Mother’s angels, praying to a different angel each day. In the evening they would pray to the Heavenly Father and his angels. They meditated on the crescent moon which represented peace within.  They believed that the stars and planets were ensouled – that the Milky Way is the seed ground for souls. They meditated on superior feeling, realizing that every thought and emotion feeds into the World Soul and affects all creation. They understood that there was still a connection to be found between humans and all else. They were vegetarians for that reason. Edmond Szekely said that the purpose of the Communion was to teach the importance of union with the eternal and boundless cosmic ocean of all the superior radiations from all the planets, to make one receptive to these powers, so that one could attain cosmic consciousness.

The Essenes were highly regarded by their neighbors due to their righteousness and their healing skills. Pliny the Roman naturalist, Philo the Alexandrian philosopher, Josephus the Jewish historian and others spoke of the Essenes; “As a race by themselves, more remarkable than any other in the world.” “The oldest of the initiates, receiving their teaching from Central Asia.” “Teaching perpetuated through an immense space of ages.” “Constant and unalterable holiness.” Szekely remarks that because of its antiquity and persistence through the ages, it was evident the teaching could not have been the concept of any individual or any people, but, “…is the interpretation, by a succession of great teachers, of the Law of the Universe, the basic Law, eternal and unchanging as the stars in their courses, the same now as two or ten thousand years ago, and as applicable today as then.” According to him; “The teaching explains the law, shows how man’s deviations from it are the cause of all his troubles, and gives the method by which he can find his way out of his dilemma.”

When Jesus talked about the Law of God, it was this universal law he was referring to. Jesus knew that the only way the world would be changed would be through humankind’s knowledge of, and obedience to, these natural laws of God.   The Essenes were scrupulous followers of the Law. However, they claimed that Moses law in the Old Testament had been corrupted. This corrupted law is the same one in the Bible’s Old Testament today – corrupted by the Deuteronomists. The Essenes claimed that the law they practiced was the law pre-written in the inner being of man. One author likened it to a person’s sense of right and wrong. This law was the Law of Love and the unity of all life in the One-Family of the All-Parent. The Essenes religion was the mystical teaching of the Kaballah. In the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Essenes refer to themselves as Judah, which is appropriate, because they –  and we – are the ‘true’ Jews. Regardless of what race we are in our current incarnation.

In the book Mysteries of the Bridechamber, the author says that in the Kabbalah the seven Archangels that inhabit the planets are together known as Exousia. The sun is the head of the Exousia and considered the home of the Heavenly Messiah.  The Essenes – who were incarnated angels – and knew it, designated their hierarchy with the names of the Archangels. Therefore, the highest in the hierarchy, was named the Michael, regardless of their birth name. The second position was the Gabriel, then Sariel.

Mark Pinkham, author of World Gnosis, says that the esoteric scholar Manly Palmer Hall maintained that the Essene Kabbalistic tradition was, “First taught by God to a school of His angels, and then the angel Raziel was dispatched from heaven to instruct Adam in the mysteries of the Kabbala.”  Mark notes that the Angel Raziel’s name denotes ‘Keeper of Secrets’ and ‘Angel of Mysteries’. Raziel was an aspect of the Divine Mind known in the Kabbalah as St. Michael. He says that Michael’s heavenly and earthly manifestations are manifold. Included in those manifestations are Metatron, which is the angelic name for the prophet Enoch. He is known from the Bible where it is said of him that he never died, but ascended bodily into Heaven. Michael is also the ‘Outer Yahweh’ as well as the supreme monarch of the universe, King Melchizedek. It was Michael who would later give Moses a fresh dispensation of the Kabbalistic mysteries on the summit of Mt. Sinai.

According to the website

“Several hundred years before the birth of Jesus, the Essene Teacher of Righteousness had a vision. An angel told him that a great Avatar, the Mashiakh (Christ Messiah) would come to Earth through the Essenes. But for this to occur, according to the angel, the Essenes must follow certain disciplines in order to create a physical body capable of withstanding the powerful vibrations of the Christ Spirit, as well as a group energy powerful enough to open an ‘energy vortex’ or ‘doorway’ into this space-time dimension through which the Christ would enter. The prescribed disciplines were called the Essene Halakoth.”

The Essenes prepared for almost three hundred years to become pure enough to be the vehicles these higher spirits could incarnate into.

I have mentioned in previous posts that we are the Elect. The following gives more insight into this facet of our story. The author of The Essene Odyssey Compares the Dead Sea Scrolls with the, “phraseology, terminology, concepts and ideas of the Qumran community with the early Nazorean-Christian community and the communities founded by Paul as evidenced in the New Testament.” He found the following correlations; The Essenes of Qumran called themselves ‘the Elect’ or ‘the Elect of God’. He compares this with Titus 1:1 “Paul, a servant of God and an apostle of Jesus Christ, according to the faith of God’s Elect’; or I Peter 1.1: ‘Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ to the Elect who are sojourners of the Dispersion.”

Hugh Schonfeld, the author of The Essene Odyssey, says that when one studies the legacy of the Essenes, “…we are able to appreciate what they were seeking to transmit. It was for the high purpose of redeeming the Elect and finally the Earth itself, and incorporating the faithful in the Messianic personality, that the Heavenly Man in whose image man had been created had incarnated in the True Teacher in the End Time.” Schonfeld says that Jesus was the manifestation of the True Teacher of the Last Times.

There is a remarkable text called The Gospel of the Holy Twelve, which was translated from Aramaic fragments discovered in a Buddhist monastery in Tibet by the Edenite Society. It was first published in 1881 by an Englishman, Reverend G.J. Ouseley. Critics believe it was a text devised by him from the original gospels and that aspects of it reflect Ouseley’s beliefs not Jesus’. The text shows a side of Jesus that I know to be absolutely true. That is, he is firmly against the eating of meat. The truth is that when Constantine made Christianity the state religion the reforms he made at that time removed this part of Jesus’ teaching as Constantine himself didn’t want to follow it. Jesus also gives a lot of advice on homeopathic medical treatments in the book. The very word ‘Essene’ means ‘healer’.  I believe the book is the original text compiled by the twelve apostles after the death of Jesus. One finds the familiar Bible stories in it, but they are much more developed and give the impression of being first-hand accounts. Fragments of the old Gospel have come to light to support this text. They are called the Logins or Agraphas. Many parts of them match word for word. The text is available for free on the internet. You will find that there are many more words of Jesus there than in the current canon. This is the story of the conception and birth of Jesus from that text;

“And in the sixth month, the angel Gabriel was sent from God unto a city of Galilee, named Nazareth, to a virgin espoused to a man whose name was Joseph, of the house of David and the virgin’s name was Mary. Now Joseph was a just and rational mind and he was skilled in all manner of work in wood and in stone. And Mary was a tender and discerning soul and she wrought veils for the temple. And they were both pure before God, and of them both was Iesu-Maria who is called the Christ.  And the angel came in unto her and said, ‘Hail, Mary, thou that art highly favored, for the Mother of God is with thee; blessed art thou among women and blessed be the fruit of thy womb.’

And when she saw him, she was troubled at his saying and cast in her mind what manner of salutation this should be. And the angel said unto her, ‘Fear not Mary, for thou hast found favor with God and behold, thou shalt conceive in thy womb and bring forth a child and he shall be great and shalt be called a son of the Highest. And the Lord God shall give unto him the throne of his father David and he shall reign over the house of Jacob forever and of his kingdom there shall be no end.

Then said Mary unto the angel, ‘How shall this be seeing I know not a man?’ And the angel answered and said unto her ‘The Holy Spirit shall come upon Joseph thy spouse, and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee, therefore also that holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the Christ, the child of God and his name on Earth shalt be called Iesu-Maria for he shall save the people from their sins, whosoever shall repent and obey his Law. Therefore ye shall eat no flesh nor drink strong drink, for the child shall be consecrated unto God from its mother’s womb and neither flesh nor strong drink shall he take nor shall razor touch his head. And behold thy cousin Elisabeth, she hath also conceived a son in her old age and this is the sixth month with her who was called barren. For with God nothing shall be impossible. And Mary said, ‘Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word.’ And the angel departed from her.

And in the same day the angel Gabriel appeared unto Joseph in a dream and said unto him, ‘Hail Joseph, thou that art highly favored for the fatherhood of God is with thee. Blessed art thou among men and blessed be the fruit of thy loins.’ And as Joseph thought upon these words, he was troubled and the angel of the Lord said unto him, ‘Fear not Joseph thou son of David, for thou hast found favor with God, and behold thou shalt beget a child and thou shalt call his name Iesu-Maria for he shall save his people from their sins.’ Now all this was done that it might be fulfilled which was written in the prophets saying, ‘Behold a maiden shall conceive and be with child and shall bring forth a son and shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted, is God within us.’ Then Joseph, being raised from sleep did as the angel had bidden him and went in unto Mary his espoused bride and she conceived in her womb the Holy One.”

When Edgar Cayce was asked to describe the selection and training of the young girls who were set aside to be the channels through whom the Messiah might be born, he said;

“When there were the activities in which there were to be the cleansings through which bodies were to become channels for the new race, or the new preparation, these then, were restricted, of course, as to certain associations, developments in associations, activities and the like. We are speaking here of the twelve women you see – and all the women from the very beginning who were dedicated as channels for the new race. Hence the group we refer to here as the Essenes which was the outgrowth of the periods of preparations from the teachings of Melchizedek, as propagated by Elijah and Elisha and Samuel. These were set aside for preserving themselves in direct line or choice for the offering of themselves as channels through which there might come the new or divine origin, see?”  Edgar Cayce’s Story of Jesus

Do you find Mr. Cayce’s statement regarding the “channels for the new race”, and “channels through which there might come the new or divine origin” as intriguing as I do? In a later post, I  will discuss my belief that I am a descendant of Jesus and Mary Magdalene and the DNA evidence I have to go with that. I believe the descendants of Jesus or of the wider Desposyni group, were meant to be the channels for the new race. I believe there are millions of descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene at this time in history and multi-millions of Desposyni. The Desposyni are said to be those related to Jesus’ family.  I have believed that it is from among these descendants that the remnant would have come who would have been the survivors of our current humanity. I can’t tell you how happy I am that that scenario didn’t play out! Nevertheless, there has been a large bloodline group kept fairly intact throughout several thousand years for this purpose.

In the book The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom, the author interviews a Mandean woman who lives in California. The Mandeans were forced to flee their home in lower Iraq after the Americans removed Saddam Hussein from power. Under his rule there was religious tolerance. Afterwards, the Christian’s and Mandeans were the first to be persecuted by their neighbors. The Mandeans were the ‘Marsh Arabs’ mentioned in an earlier post. This woman said that before they were in Palestine, the Mandean people were in Egypt, but had originally come from Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is said to have been the highest point in Lemuria and has remained above water. So this agrees with the historians Josephus and Philo, quoted previously, who said that the Essenes came from Asia. The lines between Lemuria and Atlantis get a little blurred, because when Lemuria sank first, the Lemurians traveled in all directions, including Atlantis, the Americas, Asia and Africa. Helena Blavatsky made mention of “Lantans of Sri Lanka”, which may signify that some of the Atlantean’s migrated to Sri Lanka too.

This Mandean woman said that before Sri Lanka, the Mandeans came from another planet called Alma Benhura – the world of goodness!  She stated; “The original Mandai came and married women of Earth and taught mankind.” She also said that the Mandeans were part of the Jews until Moses died, and were remains of Sumerians from India and Sri Lanka. She explained that the Aramaic people came to Iraq and mixed with the Sumerians to form the Mandai. This would explain the Aramaic language Jesus and his family spoke.  Nasurai and Mandai both mean ‘knowledge’ – or more likely, ‘Gnosis’.

Lady Ethel Stefana Drower was an author and cultural anthropologist who was an expert on the people of the Middle East. She was considered the primary specialist on the Mandeans and the chief collector of Mandean manuscripts. Mrs. Drower didn’t do research from her home in England, she lived with the Mandeans for an extended period. She wrote that the most enlightened of the Mandeans were the Nasurai/Nazoreans. She said the name Nasurai was related to the word ‘Naas’ and the Hebrew ‘Nahash’, both of which mean ‘serpent’. In the Nazorean Wisdom teachings, their Serpent on the Tree was called Jnana Pandita, which is a name that came with the Mandeans from Sri Lanka. ‘Jnana’ later morphed into ‘John’. Mrs. Drower related that the Mandean/Essenes had the power to heal, walk through fire and raise the dead. One of the Mandeans titles or appellations was Snia d dnia d Ardban, which meant “skilled in religious matters and white magic.”

Lady Drower talked about their spiritual practices which were ‘alchemical’ in nature. This is a subject that I don’t have much understanding of, but I believe it’s all related to the ‘inner technologies’ we humans have that were designed to facilitate consciousness with our higher, i.e. angelic selves. If I am not mistaken, these glands function through hormones and in the ascension process they interact with the Light energy we are absorbing.

To the Mandeans, Jesus was a traitor who gave their secrets to outsiders. They said he didn’t baptize the Mandai but baptized others. They said he wanted to make the Mandai religion easier and made changes to it. Jesus ate with non-Mandai and ate without washing his hands. He also did not forbid some food that the Mandeans were forbidden to eat. The Mandai said Jesus created a new religion. All of this is absolutely true. Just about everyone wanted Jesus dead because he made changes to their religion or were horrified that he wanted to bring their secret traditions to the masses. Jesus made the statement that the priests held the keys to the Kingdom and they did not enter, nor would they let others enter. Jesus died because he wanted everyone to be able to understand the truth about this world and have the chance to fulfill their greatest potential, which is constant consciousness with God. With Jesus ‘Way’ a person could avoid endless incarnations.  He brought a new method called the Gnosis of the Heart. All traditional yogic methods started with the lowest chakra and worked their way up. The problem with these methods was that no one could get past the three lower chakras that have to do with sexuality and basic survival. Jesus method started with the heart chakra. It used the power of love to open that chakra.

During years of my research into our family history, I have on occasion, purchased from yard sales or swap meets religious art that pertain to my research. Most of the time I had no idea they would mean anything to my research, but would come to find out later that they did. One of these is a picture that is probably from the 1930’s. In it, Jesus is standing and holding one hand in what I can only describe as a Freemasons hand sign. His other hand is pointing to his chest where there is a red ‘valentine’ heart. Keep in mind that in the 1930’s, there were very few people outside the Far East who were talking about the heart chakra. In the picture, Jesus gaze is piercing. He is telling me that his ‘Way’ is through the heart, and that awakening the heart chakra is the Way to do it. I have used this picture at the beginning of this post. In the book World Gnosis, the author wrote; “Charity naturally opens the heart, the seat of gnosis, and leads to unconditional love for all life.” He also says; “Teach children they are incarnations of the Infinite Spirit – not sinners, and that to know thy self as I am unlimited, I am Spirit, is the true goal of life.” I couldn’t agree with him more.

According to the website, the ancient text the Pistis Sophia is a priest and priestess text that explains the inner-workings of the Nazorean Way. It was written in the Aramaic language that Jesus and his family spoke. Some scholars attribute the text to Valentinus, a gnostic Christian, but I believe the Nazoreans were the source of the text. Valentinus himself may have been a Nazorean. Because it’s a training tool for priests and priestesses, there would be much in it that an uninitiated person wouldn’t understand. This, and all the Nag Hammadi texts and Dead Sea scrolls are available for free online for those interested in reading them. One can also find glossaries of gnostic terms online that are essential to have when going through these texts.

That website also says that Yeshua (Jesus) main work in the material universe is to reveal the Mysteries so that humankind might be saved. Baptism is a part of those Mysteries as is Communion, Confirmation and other rites. The meanings of all these rites have been all but lost.

The author tells us that; “The peoples descended from this original genetic family (Noah’s) inherited a certain degree of gnosis from their forbearers. Over time this evolved into various distinct branches of Gnosis. Some of the more note-worthy being the Gnostic branches of Palestine, the Zurvanite branch of Persia, and the Bonpo Buddhist branch of Central Asia. He goes on to say that by Miryai’s (Mary Magdalene’s) time the three branches were merging so that the Gnosticism of Miryai’s era, “…was a mixture of the indigenous gnosis of Syria mingled with the Magi teachings of the Zurvan-Zarathustrians and the Dzogchen teachings of the Himalayas.” He goes on to say that the Syrian Gnosticism of Miryai’s homeland, “spread eastward and revitalized Central Asian Buddhism.” He calls the Order Miryai belonged to the “Bnei-Aumen Order – was also called the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ in New Testament writings.”  He describes that order as “the advanced level of the Nazorean Covenant which brought forth the ‘Chosen Ones’ through special pure and undefiled marriages, and is that advanced level of truth which Yeshu and Miryai have again sought to restore to the Earth as a means of bringing in advanced spiritual souls, incarnate angels and apostles, who can again bring peace and purity to the domain of the Earthly Mother.”

He is speaking about us!

The author of The Messianic Legacy  relates the sad truth about our ancestors, the Essenes. That is, they were the true practitioners of the Jewish ‘Old Religion’ and were the originators of Christianity. In a very short time though, the truths of both religions was lost and the people who tried to perpetuate them were shunted aside or hunted and exterminated. Jesus foresaw this happening. He said that in the end, the truth will win out. I believe that day of truth is upon us.

Christians will be familiar with this verse in Mark 3:21 that refers to Jesus; “When his family heard about this, they went to take charge of him, for they said, he is out of his mind.” I believe Jesus family said this because he didn’t follow the Essene religion as it came down to him. The point has been made too, that Jesus didn’t pick his disciples from among the Essenes, which is for the most part true – but two of his disciples had been John the Baptist’s disciples and came to Jesus when John died. Also Jesus brothers were his disciples and Essenes as well. The Essenes were extremely strict in their practices. They were supposed to be a people free from the law, but their manner of living showed a self-imposed life under the law. No doubt Jesus found many of their purity rituals to be meaningless.

For whatever reasons, he undoubtedly ruffled Essene feathers. Jesus came to reveal a higher truth than the one taught by the Essenes. He wanted to bring a less strict and ascetic religion because he knew that the practices of the Essenes made the majority of people unwilling to consider them. Jesus wanted to bring about a new world religion. How much simpler of a theology can a religion get than love God – and your neighbor as yourself? Do unto others as you would have them do to you! The author of The Hidden Wisdom – Secrets of the Western Esoteric Tradition speaks on this subject. He cites the “libertarian thrust” of Jesus’ New Covenant as having been the basis for the tension that existed within Jesus’ family. The same tension mentioned in John 2:1-4 and Matthew 12:46-50. He says that it is significant that after Jesus death, the new dynastic “Church of the Circumcision” in Jerusalem, led by Jesus’ family members, “was largely to abandon the more radical features of the New Covenant, returning to the traditional social and cultural mores of the past.” He makes the comment that, “Given the subversive nature of his social agenda, it was not surprising that Jesus was executed as an occult teacher from Egypt.”

The author cites the threat to all power structures found in the social agenda of Jesus as the reason the Romans laid waste the Alexandrian Jewish community in 115-117 C.E. The author wrote; “Nonetheless, in the repudiation of an old order of things, in rejecting social structures and norms central to the pagan culture of the day but now outworn or malign, the early Christian movement would find a powerful formula for world success.” The author wrote that, “The embryo (of Egyptian Christianity) would lie underground and survive for centuries in the hidden occult schools of Christianized Europe, germinate in the Italian Renaissance and the French Revolution, grow mightily in the struggles of the Industrial Age, and come into its own in Freemasonry and the birth of American democracy, flowering finally in a trend toward global democratization.”

The author says that Jesus’ mission was aimed at more than the restoration of the Judaic Mysteries to the Jerusalem temple. He says that the wider aim was to bring them into the public domain, “to “rend the veil” of the Holy of Holies and to bring spiritual knowledge into the world at large, to offer a new path of initiation that would be open to all.” He says that the key to Jesus’ teachings was his new ‘Way of the Spiritual Heart’, “An initiation that was to be potentially available to every man and woman who aspired to it.”

I will close this post with a few good quotes;

“The cross on Golgotha is the Mystery cult of antiquity epitomized in an historical fact.” – Rudolf Stiner

“The great peace of the Essenes teaches man how to go back, how to take the final step that unites him with the cosmic ocean of superior radiations of the whole universe and reach complete union with the Heavenly Father, the totality of all Law, the One Law. This was the ultimate aim of all Essenes and governed their every thought, feeling and action. It is the final aim which all mankind will one day achieve.” – Edmund Szekely

“Christ then, is, primarily, not a person, but a process, a doctrine, a system of life and thought, by the observance of which man becomes purified from matter, and transmuted into Spirit. And he is a Christ who, in virtue of his observance of this process to its utmost extent while yet in the body, constitutes a full manifestation of the qualities of Spirit. Thus manifested, he is said to “destroy the works of the devil”, for he destroys that which gives pre-eminence to matter, and so re-establishes the kingdom of Spirit, that is, of God.” – Anna Bonus Kingsford

“We have to allow now what was previously so clearly evident to no more than a relatively few scholars, that the Messianic concepts to which Jesus and others of his time were responsive were far from being confined to biblical sources. They were being shaped by writings and teachings emanating largely from the Essenes, and widely regarded as inspired. Until it became possible in recent times to be fully aware of this, and to have access to much of the literature, the true story of Christian beginnings could not be ascertained. Our perspectives were incorrect and almost inevitable so were our conclusions. The circumstances have not yet been apprehended by the vast majority of Christians.” – The Essene Odyssey

Someone very insightful posted this on Wikipedia;

“Jesus was sent as the Son of the true God, not of one of the lesser gods. His mission was to show humanity that God resides in every human being, and that salvation lies in connecting with this God within. Through embracing the internal God, human beings can return to the imperishable realm.”

And…just so you Light workers have a reason to smile;

In the Similitudes of Enoch, an Essene text, is written; “And the Lord of Spirits (i.e., God) will abide with them (the Elect) and with that Son of Man will they eat and lie down and rise up for ever and ever. And the righteous and Elect will have risen from the Earth (by resurrection), and have ceased to be of downcast countenance, and will have been clothed with robes of glory. And these shall be your garments, garments of life before the Lord of Spirits; and your garments shall not grow old and your glory shall not pass away before the Lord of Spirits.”

Canaan – The Holy Land

Circa 600 B.C., there was a power struggle in the solar temples of the Serpents of Wisdom. The antagonism lasted for several centuries. Indeed – it is still ongoing today. This resulted in the prophets/high priests of Israel leaving Jerusalem circa 300 B.C. They went to the wilderness areas of Damascus and Galilee in northern Palestine – not coincidentally where Jesus ministry was.  According to the author Victoria LePage, the Levites disavowed the ancient Judaic mysteries based on the Egyptian religion, exiled the Zadokite prophets to these wilderness areas, and forbade them under pain of death to teach under the name of any prophet later than Ezra. At the same time, the four hundred years of the Israelites lives in Egypt was excised from the Old Testament. It was also at this time that the serpent, once the symbol of the Holy Spirits wisdom, became the outright enemy of God and was no longer seen as the sacred symbol of Higher Mind.

The Zadokite prophet’s exiled to the wildernesses of Syria and Damascus were our ancestors, the High Priests. The Ten Commandments went to the majority of Israelites and the esoteric teachings Moses learned in Egypt went to men hand-picked by him. These were the ones who became known as the Essenes. They went to the Damascene wilderness under the Prophet Samuel. The High Priests of the Temple in Jerusalem at the time of Jesus were the usurpers to the high priesthood. We learn more about this period from the book, The Great Angel; a Study of Israel’s Second God by Margaret Barker. Barker discusses the changes made to the Jewish religion circa 597 B.C., which is the period of the Israelite captivity by the Babylonians. She cites the preface to the book of Deuteronomy in the Old Testament as showing what the Levites removed from the Israelite’s religion. She wrote that first, they were to have the law instead of Wisdom. (Deuteronomy 4:6). She asks the question; “Israel had had wise men of her own, so how did their wisdom teachings relate to the reformed religion, and what was the Wisdom which the Law replaced?” Second, they were only to think of the formless voice of God giving the Law (Deuteronomy 19:12). Margaret wrote; “Israel had long had a belief in the vision of God, when the glory had been visible on the throne in human form, surrounded by the heavenly hosts. What happened to the visions of God?” Thirdly, the Israelite’s were to leave the veneration of the host of heaven to people not chosen by Yahweh. (Deuteronomy 4:19-20). Margaret asks; “Israel had long regarded Yahweh as the Lord of the Hosts of Heaven, but the title Yahweh of Hosts was not used by the Deuteronomist’s. What happened to the hosts, the angels?”

She cites the First book of Enoch, a Zadokite text, which remembers the period of the Israelite exile and restoration as a time of disastrous apostasy, “A time when wisdom was despised and impurity installed in the Temple.” Margaret relates that the Deuteronomists are recognized as the source for the monotheistic texts in the Old Testament and were the first to suppress anthropomorphism, by which she means the belief that God becomes physically manifest in humans. Margaret asks; “If the Deuteronomists do not represent the mainstream of Israel’s religion, was the mainstream of that religion not monotheistic and did it have anthropomorphic theophany at its center?”

Margaret points out that Josiah and the Deuteronomists had hidden the ark, the anointing oil, the jar of manna and Aaron’s rod at that time. Margaret says that from this we can conclude that the reforms of Josiah not only removed the objects associated with Baa’l, Asherah and the host of heaven but also objects associated closely with the cult of Yahweh. In Margaret’s words; “The ark had been the place of his presence, he spoke to Moses from above the cherubim (Exodus 25:22). And the sacred oil had consecrated the one who wore his name and was his anointed, i.e. his Messiah.”

She remarks that their reform seems to have been a time when more than pagan accretions were removed from the Israelite religion. Our Mother the Holy Spirit known as Wisdom, was eliminated. The heavenly ascent and the vision of God were forgotten. The host of heaven – the angels, were removed and the ark and the presence of Yahweh which it represented, were removed. The role of the high priest was altered so that he was no longer considered the anointed, or Messiah. Margaret makes the important point that, “All of these features of the older cult were to appear in Christianity.”

In remarking on the importance of the tree symbolism to the prophets, Margaret says that originally the fruit of the tree in Eden gave knowledge and life and, “The serpent spoke well to Eve when he said that the fruit would open their eyes and make them like the Elohim. This was the original role of the heavenly knowledge; it transformed the human into the divine and thus gave life which was not subject to mortality.” The fruit of that tree is gnosis. It is not knowledge about agriculture or mathematics or jewelry making or any of that. It is gnosis. The fallen side of the family, the ones who took over the roles of high priests circa 300 B.C., were the priests of the Jerusalem temple at the time of Jesus. They are the ones who do not want humans to have gnosis. Margaret asks a very good question; “How is it that Jubilees and Job have an account of the creation which includes the angels, which Genesis does not mention, even though it does have an evil serpent figure of whose origin we are told nothing?”

It was the Deuteronomists who evicted Adam and Eve from the garden once they had acquired knowledge, “…so that they would not also acquire life, and thus the heart of the older belief was destroyed. Humankind could not become divine just as the divine could not become human. Separation was the key to true religion, and knowledge, said the new men, did not transform the wise into gods, but rather drove the disobedient from the presence of God.” But Margaret points out that the Wisdom writings remembered older ways; Wisdom did give life – “he who finds me finds life.” (Proverbs 8:35). And this was immortality; “Because of her I shall have immortality or the life to be restored to the faithful at their resurrection.” “And the righteous shall arise from their sleep, and Wisdom shall arise and be given unto them.” (1 Enoch 91:10).

What we see here in the words of this author is the schism between the prophet and priest class of the Israelites – the same schism as between the patriarchal and matriarchal forms of religion. One says there is a vast chasm between humans and God and that intermediaries are needed between them. The other knows that God dwells within humans and there is in reality no separation between humans and God. In the Jeshua channelings, Jeshua says that the angry, vindictive God of the Old Testament is a “construction of human minds.” Those humans were the Deuteronomists, the lawgivers, those purveyors of the patriarchal religion who’s Old Testament of the Bible we still use today.

Barker also helps us understand that, “The roots of Christian Trinitarian theology lie in pre-Christian Palestinian beliefs about the angels. There were many in first century Palestine who still retained a world view derived from the more ancient religion of Israel in which there was a High God and several Sons of God, one of whom was Yahweh, the Holy One of Israel. Yahweh, the Lord, could be manifested on Earth in human form, as an angel or in the Davidic king. It was as a manifestation of Yahweh, the Son of God, that Jesus was acknowledged as Son of God, Messiah and Lord.”

We learn something important from the Bible’s book of Isaiah 63:16: That is, that Yahweh is the father of Israel. This means he is also called Yahweh Sabaoth; “…Some called on Yahweh as their Father and Redeemer even when the rest of Israel did not acknowledge them.” We also learn from this that all Israel did not follow the same God.

Margaret says that all the texts in the Hebrew Bible distinguish clearly between the divine sons of Elohim/Elyon and those human beings who are called sons of Yahweh. She points out that this must be significant. It must mean that the terms originated at a time when Yahweh was distinguished from whatever was meant by El/Elohim/Elyon.  She says that there are many texts that continued to distinguish between El Elyon and Yahweh who were father and son. By tracing these patterns through a great variety of material and over several centuries, Margaret believes that Israel’s ‘second God’ can be recovered.

Barker believes the Deuteronomists intentionally blurred the lines between the two Gods, so that El, Yahweh, the Lord, Adonai, etc. were all considered one God. She says they did this by assimilation, that is, by attributing aspects of one deity to another. I have seen other authors say the same thing. In the uncorrupted Qumran, or Essene Dead Sea Scroll version of Deuteronomy 32:8, it is written that Yahweh received Israel for his portion when El Elyon divided the nations among the sons of God. Barker also relates that the patriarchs set up rural altars and had sacred trees and pillars and that the Deuteronomic reformers prohibited them. In the Kabbalah, which is the Hebrew Old Religion, and in Freemasonry, these symbols are of the utmost importance. The tree symbol, as stated in an earlier post, relates to the structure of the sacred anatomy built into the human body.

Barker talks about the book Canaanite Myth and Hebrew Epic by F.M. Cross which uses Ugaritic materials to set the Old Testament in its ancient context. According to Cross, even in ancient times of the people, Yahweh was judge and war leader. He is the one who revealed himself to the patriarch Moses and led Israel out of Egypt and into Canaan. But Cross notes that there is another strain that entered Israel’s primitive religion, that of the high and eternal one, El the creator of Heaven and Earth, the father of all. Barker asks the question, how did the book of Daniel in the Bible have a tradition of the Baal traditions of Ugarit, and how could it employ pagan ideas? She replies that, “The answer must surely be that these ideas were not pagan, but deeply rooted in the most conservative of Israel’s traditions.”

Hopefully the reader will have some understanding that there may be more than one deity figure in the Old Testament. It is, after all, the story of the Hebrew people and like the other nations, who all had their god who ‘chose them’, Yahweh not only chose Israel, but physically incarnated and so literally fathered them as well.  In trying to understand the relation of Yahweh to others mentioned in the Bible, it’s important to note that Yahweh of Hosts is described in the Bible as sitting on his throne surrounded by Seraphim angels. I think we can assume that this would mean that Yahweh, Lord of Hosts is none other than Adonai (Lord) Sabaoth – the one who created the Seraphim, the seventy-two angels/gods of the people of Earth, Israel, Judah-his ‘choice vine’, and Jesus. Yahweh Sabaoth is the administrator of God’s justice. Yahweh is the Father in heaven that Jesus speaks of. In the gnostic texts, he is the Father-Mother in Heaven. He reigns with a wife. Call her Asherah, Ninhursag, Isis, Diana, Sophia, or whatever name you like. I call her Mother. In the Pistis Sophia text, Yahweh Sabaoth rules in the 7th heaven. Jesus sits on his right and the Virgin of the Holy Spirit sits on his left. Yahweh Sabaoth is the son of Yaldabaoth who rebelled against him and was the first to be repentant and forgiven.

This is very confusing to many, because this puts us in a position where we don’t think we belong. In our thinking, we worship the highest God, in fact, the only God. The Old Testament itself in at least two places says that sons of God were put over the different people, but I don’t believe people think about the ramifications of that. They don’t understand that this still applies today. What the Deuteronomist’s did was to obscure the different divinities in the Old Testament and assimilate them all to one mean and angry god who can’t decide if he wants his people to follow the Ten Commandments or break every one of them – on his orders.

According to Barker, Yahweh manifested in the Davidic kings. She makes the remark that, “Yahweh’s incomparability lay in his wisdom.” I cannot stress how important a clue this statement is. The Mystery religions are also called Wisdom religions. It is Enki/Ea who is known as the Lord of Wisdom. The understanding I have is that Yaldabaoth’s mother Pistis Sophia in conjunction with Sabaoth introduced the matriarchal religion in order to remind the angels embedded in materiality of their former high estate and enable them to re-acquire that estate, as angels and co-creators with God.  Barker talks about Philo, a well-known Jewish Christian who lived in the middle of the first century C.E. In his written works, Philo describes a second God with two aspects represented by the two cherubim on the top of the Ark of the Covenant. Philo wrote that both cherubim represented the divine mediator or the two aspects of the God of Israel, who was the son of El Elyon. Philo believed they were male and female and that creation was the work of both of them. He said that the mother figure was called Knowledge or Wisdom. Philo has been accused of being a Hellenizer of Judaism, but in fact he believed just what Jesus did.

This last paragraph is important to our understanding of the God of Israel. In the original Gnostic texts, Jesus refers to his Mother-Father in Heaven, something removed by the patriarchal priests. Even the Babylonian Talmud (a text of the dark ones) relates that it was the androgynous Yahweh who created Adam and Eve in his/her image. In the ancient Mesopotamian texts, it’s Enki/Ea and his half-sister Ninhursag who create Adam and Eve. Enki uses an egg from a black headed female, his own sperm and Ninhursag serves as a surrogate. From the Jeshua channelings, which also feature words from Mary Magdalene, Mary says; “As for the void and chaos, these are the primordial ground from which God has created; and the one creating is the demiurge. For in truth, what God creates is emanation, and the emanations of God create. Therefore, Yahweh emanated and Elohim created. There is not beginning to this, nor is there an end. Consider this when you meditate on the End of Days.”

I have used the term demiurge for Yaldabaoth. Demiurge literally means ‘half maker’. This means that the demiurge creates with materials that God has already provided. I have come to believe that everyone who has been given the ability to create by God is a demiurge, as we too create with materials provided by God. What is interesting is that Mary Magdalene says that Yahweh emanated, indicating that Yahweh is the highest God – at least of this creation. Could it be that the highest God stepped in to help sort out this troubled creation? Christians believe that God is a Trinity composed of Father, Holy Spirit and Son. They also believe that God actually manifested into the world in the person of Jesus. This is the anthropomorphism that Barker mentioned.

So could it be that the ‘highest God’ is the God of Israel? Could the God of Israel be the Mother-Son portion of the highest Trinity? I believe the answer just might be yes. Margaret Barker goes on to tell us about the androgynous Yahweh who is both Yahweh and Asherah or as known by the Gnostics as Sophia-Wisdom. She is considered the Holy Spirit and the mother of Pistis Sophia and Christ and the other Aeons. The Logos is considered their father. The Logos and Sophia/Holy Spirit are two-thirds of the Trinity and according to Margaret, together they are Yahweh.

In the following, Margaret is quoting from ancient texts called the Book of Wisdom, the Book of Esdras, and Sirach; ‘She had formed everything, for Wisdom, the fashioner of all things taught me.’ The power to create or to control and order the creation was intimately bound up with knowledge of the creation. It was this issue of creative power which lay at the heart of the crisis in Israel’s Wisdom tradition. Knowledge of the natural order gave power over the creation and thus gave to the wise man a godlike status.” The Wisdom texts and traditions also relate that Wisdom/Sophia empowered and inspired the kings and prophets. Solomon was given the Spirit of Wisdom and said; “Therefore I prayed and understanding was given to me; I called upon God and the spirit of Wisdom came upon me.” (Wisdom 7:7). The Spirit of Wisdom lived in the heavenly counterpart of the king, in the Elect One who was to be ruler and judge. “The Elect One standeth before the Lord of Spirits and in him dwells the Spirit of Wisdom and the Spirit which gives insight and the spirit of understanding and of might and the Spirit of those who have fallen asleep in righteousness.” (1 Enoch 49: 2-3). Margaret remarks that, “The Spirit of Yahweh was the spirit of Wisdom and the spirit of the fear of Yahweh. How the Spirit of Yahweh could be both is not easy to imagine, but this pattern of plurality meets us at every turn.” Margaret says that not only were the king’s embodiments of Yahweh, they were the vehicle of the seven-fold spirit. If I am correct, those seven-fold spirits are the archangels. The archangels are emanations of Yahweh, just one step removed from Yahweh. I believe they may also be the same as the Aeons.

In Wisdom 7:27 is written; “In every generation she passes into holy souls and makes them friends of God and prophets.”  This is the gift of the Spirit of Yahweh in the Old Testament texts. As Margaret says, the Spirit gave warnings through the prophets but had been ignored. The seventy elders prophesied after the Spirit came upon them. The Spirit entered into Ezekiel and he saw visions. The Spirit inspired Balaam and Saul. Wisdom is Israel’s guardian angel. She is our mediator between ourselves and the Highest. She was the High Priest in the sanctuary in Jerusalem and she was the consort, or royal spouse of the King. She was driven out of the Temple and lives of the Israelites by the  Deuteronomist’s. In return, the Israelite’s were given minute details regulating every aspect of their lives and the priests were given authority and power over their ‘subjects’. Because the priests had no spiritual authority or power, they used temporal authority and power instead. Jesus came to relieve Israel of the venal oppression they were under. That is why he says in the Bible that he came for Israel and that his disciples should witness to the lost sheep of Israel.

In the ancient Mesopotamian texts, it is Ea/Enki who saves Noah from the Flood. In the Wisdom traditions it is our Mother who does that. She is the one who guided Jacob and protected Joseph from being killed by his brothers. It is she who delivered Israel out of Egypt and who drowned their oppressors. As Margaret states; “The expulsion of Wisdom and her corruption was seen by the apocalyptists as the key to understanding the evils of their age.” To get some understanding of the false High Priests corruption during the time of Jesus family, look up the story of Jonathan Annas or Ananus. I guarantee – it will horrify you.

Margaret tells us that Wisdom, or the female aspect of Yahweh, was not forgotten. She was known to the first Christians. Paul described Jesus as, “The Power of God and the Wisdom of God,” a two-fold incarnation. In 1 Corinthians 1:24 and Romans 10:6-10, Paul uses words which in Deuteronomy 30:12-14 are said of the Law and in the Wisdom text Baruch 3:29-30 of Wisdom and applies them to Jesus. Margaret says that in each case, “There was something or someone who was not inaccessible in heaven or far away but on Earth and near at hand.”  She wrote; “The evangelists imply Jesus spoke as Wisdom; the words which Matthew 23, 24 attributes to Jesus, Luke 11:49 attributes to Wisdom.” Margaret relates that, “It is only by recognizing this double aspect of the ancient Yahweh that we can begin to understand the writings of the first Christian centuries with their trinity of El Elyon, Yahweh and Wisdom. (Father, Son and Mother)

The Deuteronomists tell us that it’s because Adam and Eve wanted ‘knowledge’ that the Earth has been corrupted. Yet the ancient texts of our ancestors show that it is the fallen angel’s corruption of the heavenly Gnosis that was the cause of the corruption and bloodshed on the Earth. Jesus says in the Jeshua channelings that the corruption on Earth started as corruption in Heaven. He says that humanity is innocent and God and the Host of Heaven are on the side of humans in the battle. Margaret makes the statement that a scholar named Suter did a study of the fallen ones that showed that the fallen angels were the priests of the second temple, the one existing at the time of Jesus.

In summation of the reforms of the Jewish religion Barker wrote; “The reform of Israel’s religion was like a great shipwreck; fragments of the older ways surfaced in later literature for centuries, and it is only the earlier beliefs about the manifold presence of Yahweh the second God which can explain the diversity but consistency in later texts.”

We find something very interesting in Margaret’s book; “There was one angel who was chief captain of the heavenly host and first minister before God, but he was also Jacob: If one accepts from the Apocrypha presently in use among the Hebrews the one entitled ‘The Prayer of Joseph’ he will derive from it exactly this teaching…that those who have something distinctive from the beginning when compared to men, being much better than other beings, have descended from the angelic to human nature. Jacob, at any rate, says I, Jacob who am speaking to you, am also Israel, an angel of God and a ruling spirit. Abraham and Isaac were created before any work. But I, Jacob, whom men call Jacob but whose name is Israel, am he whom God called Israel, a man seeing God, because I am the first born of every living thing to whom God gives life. Am I not Israel, the archangel of the power of the Lord and the chief captain among the sons of God? Am I not Israel the first minister before the face of God?”

If Jacob-Israel is saying that he is the chief captain among the sons of God, this is additional confirmation that he is also Adonai (Lord) Sabaoth, Captain of the Heavenly Host. I learned very early in my research to look for multiple identities for the same person/soul. According to the Phoenician historian Sanchoniathon, Jacob-Israel is Kronos, whom I believe is Enki, Lord Sabaoth. According to the Phoenicians and Greeks, this is the same being as El Elyon/El. This would be correct because Wisdom and Yahweh, the Mother and Son are two thirds of the Highest God – of this creation. Some of the various identities I know for Enki or Yahweh are: Ea, Oannes, Dagon, Poseidon, Neptune, Ahura Mazda, Yam, Kerabu, Skanda, Jnana Pandita, Manda dHiya, Melchizedek, Enoch, Joseph, Seth, and Jacob-Israel. To give this some perspective, Yahweh can manifest in an innumerable number of ‘beings’ in innumerable ‘places’ at the same time and has been around a very long time!

Margaret also notes how, “The Great Angel lives in the 7th Heaven.” Margaret calls the ‘second God’, i.e. two thirds of the Trinity, the Great Angel. This is a very important clue to the identity of the Great Angel. According to the Nag Hammadi text The Pistis Sophia, it is Lord Sabaoth who was enthroned in the 7th Heaven to rule over the Host of Heaven. From the ancient gnostic text On the Origin of the World we again read of Pistis confrontation of Yaldabaoth;

“Then when Pistis saw the impiety of the chief ruler, she was filled with anger. She was invisible. She said, “You are mistaken, Samael,” (that is, ‘blind god’). “There is an immortal man of Light who has been in existence before you, and who will appear among your modeled forms; he will trample you to scorn, just as potter’s clay is pounded. And you will descend to your mother, the abyss, along with those that belong to you. For at the consummation of your (pl.) works, the entire defect that has become visible out of the truth will be abolished, and it will cease to be, and will be like what has never been.” Saying this, Pistis revealed her likeness of her greatness in the waters. And so doing, she withdrew up to her light.

Now when Sabaoth, the son of Yaldabaoth, heard the voice of Pistis, he sang praises to her, and he condemned the father […] at the word of Pistis; and he praised her because she had instructed them about the immortal man and his light. Then Pistis Sophia stretched out her finger and poured upon him some light from her light, to be a condemnation of his father. Then when Sabaoth was illumined, he received great authority against all the forces of chaos. Since that day he has been called ‘Lord of the Forces’.

He hated his father, the darkness, and his mother, the abyss, and loathed his sister, the thought of the prime parent, which moved to and fro upon the waters. And because of his light, all the authorities of chaos were jealous of him. And when they had become disturbed, they made a great war in the seven heavens. Then when Pistis Sophia had seen the war, she dispatched seven archangels to Sabaoth from her light. They snatched him up to the seventh heaven. They stood before him as attendants. Furthermore, she sent him three more archangels, and established the kingdom for him over everyone, so that he might dwell above the twelve gods of chaos.

…… Now Pistis Sophia set him (Sabaoth) apart from the darkness and summoned him to her right, and the prime parent (Yaldabaoth) she put at her left. Since that day, right has been called justice, and left called wickedness. Now because of this, they all received a realm in the congregation of justice and wickedness. …Thus, when the prime parent of chaos saw his son Sabaoth and the glory that he was in, and perceived that he was greatest of all the authorities of chaos, he envied him. And having become wrathful, he engendered Death out of his death: and he was established over the sixth heaven.”

In these last paragraphs the father and prime parent is Yaldabaoth, the darkness. We also see in here the cause of the War in Heaven.  We plainly see that Sabaoth, who is on the right, is considered ‘justice’ and on the left, Yaldabaoth, i.e. the prime parent, is considered ‘wickedness’. The reason I stress this is two-fold. First of all, there are some who believe Sabaoth/Enki/Satan is the wicked one. Second, some people think that the God of Justice and vengeance in the Old Testament is a repentant Yaldabaoth. Sabaoth, the Lord of Hosts, is the one who attains justice on behalf of God. We see too in the previous paragraph what we all plainly know, that the world we live in is a “congregation of justice and wickedness”, and we see where both of those opposing factions come from; Sabaoth – justice and Yaldabaoth – wickedness.

Margaret tells us that, “The belief that a human being could be transformed into an angel when he experienced the presence of God is one of the characteristics of texts which retained the patterns of the royal cult.” What is portrayed in the texts is that what had formerly been the ascent of the king became the ascent of the mystic. The ascent transformed him – that is enlightened him. Margaret says that when the reformers denied that Yahweh was present in the Temple, that he had a voice but no form, they removed from their tradition, “What was to become the taproot of Christian theology, namely belief in incarnation.”

What is even more incredible to me is that not only had the ‘Name’ become a substitute for Yahweh’s presence, the ‘Name’ was forbidden to be spoken! In this, the Deuteronomists made themselves intermediaries between their ‘subjects’ and God. Margaret cites a scholar named Mettinger who wrote; “In the Name theology, not only the Sabaoth designation but also the cherubim throne have disappeared. God himself is no longer present in the temple, but only in heaven. However, he is represented in the temple by his Name. When Yahweh was no longer Yahweh Sabaoth, the host of heaven also disappeared and thus we see how the three vital strands of the older cult, the angels, the presence and the human form, were suppressed.”

If Enki is Kronos and Yahweh Sabaoth you might ask, “How can two-thirds of the Trinity need to be repentant and forgiven?” The explanation to this conundrum is this; Yahweh, i.e. Sophia and Logos, incarnated into Sabaoth/Enki/Jacob-Israel etc., and came into this world to rescue a creation gone wrong. When he/she did this they came into the world ‘blind’ just as we do. They are subject to the same unchangeable laws of Creation as everyone else. They committed themselves to endless incarnations in human bodies so that they could figure out how to heal angel-humans, how to extricate them from matter. To do that, they needed to know exactly what angel-humans go through. Edgar Cayce said that in Adam the Christ fell, and in Jesus he redeemed himself. Jesus in redeeming himself became the pattern for the rest of us angel souls trapped in earthly incarnation.

The author Victoria LePage said that she believed Jesus ‘Way’ of transformation was psyche oriented. I pondered what she meant by that. What I have come to believe is that Jesus understood that we are pioneering angel souls who are still suffering from the effects of our first separation from God. Actually, we are not, and never have been, separate from God, but to our minds, we are. The Jeshua channelings are all about bringing psychological healing to angel-humans. Evidently that is what Sophia/Logos learned through his/her incarnations into the human psyche and body. We need to know who we are, we need to know that we have been given internal technologies to allow us to re-connect with God, and we need to heal ourselves and move forward in evolution.

Jesus says our particular soul group of Light workers, are very involved with Terra, the New Earth. It will be a new experience made possible by our journey of the last four and a half billion years. I keep a picture of the famous painting by W. Strutt called And A Little Child Shall Lead Them which shows the child, the lion, the lamb, the wolf and other animals who will all live in peace with each other in the New Earth. It’s my inspiration and I look forward to that time.

Margaret goes on to talk about the writings of Philo, a first century Hellenized, Jewish Christian who lived in Alexandria Egypt. I can tell you from my research that this is a person one would listen to, to find the truth about what Jesus taught. According to Margaret, Philo believed that there were two chief powers called God (Elohim) and Lord (Yahweh), but these were two aspects of the One. God was the beneficent power who made the world, and Yahweh, or the Lord, was the power that rules and punishes Gods creations.

In one of the Nag Hammadi texts, one of the disciples asks Jesus how he can say that God is one since the book of Genesis uses the term Elohim, which is plural. In essence, what Philo just said is what Jesus tells his disciple. I do believe however, that the assembly of gods mentioned in the Bible, are referred to as Elohim – what I call ‘lower case g’ gods.

Barker says that according to Philo, the menorah is the symbol of the presence of Yahweh. Philo taught that Wisdom, the Holy Spirit, was the first to be brought forth and the Logos was the firstborn. In our family’s myths this has led to some uncomfortable stories because Sophia, or Isis or Asherah or whoever else represents our Mother, is represented as the mother, sister and spouse of the Logos, who is the son, brother and spouse of his mother. It appears to me that our ancestors took this a little too literally throughout time, as evidenced in their relational patterns! It is Yahweh, who is the Father-Mother or Wisdom and Logos, who were and are the agents of creation. They are the Yahweh who emanate and everything below them are demi-urges, half creators, as told by Mary Magdalene.

Philo taught that Wisdom pervaded and penetrated all things and the Logos was the bond of the universe. He also taught that Wisdom and Logos were given Israel for their inheritance, so that again is confirmation that they are Yahweh Sabaoth. In the Jeshua channelings, Jesus says that he and Israel are one. The Christ is literally our Oversoul. We are extensions into material reality by Christ. Jeshua tells us that there isn’t one authority over us. We are God and angel and the beings closest to the throne of God.

In the Jeshua channelings, Jeshua points out that humans are not at fault for all the problems in the world. He says that it’s the errant angels who have brought evil and strife into the world. Believe me, humans are just pawns in the drama that has been playing out for thousands of years. In the Jeshua channelings, Jesus mother Mary says that God forgives people’s sins before they commit them.

All the Gnostics believed that the serpent in the Garden of Eden was a good thing, not evil, that the knowledge Adam and Eve gained was beneficial.  Margaret Barker wrote that, “The myth of Eden had originally described the holy mountain and the judgment of the proud heavenly beings, but the historicization of Israel’s religion, along with its new emphasis on personal responsibility for sin and the centrality of the Mosaic Law led to this myth being incorporated into the history of Israel. It described the disobedience of human beings, rather than the cosmic disaster of disobedience in heaven.”

Yeshua says that he came to be an example of the greatness of humanity. He tells us we can do everything he did and more.  Sadly, I believe the majority of Christians don’t believe that. They believe, as my own sister said, that Jesus was able to attain those powers because he was sinless and because humans are unable to attain sinlessness, they are unable to attain those powers. So what my sister and other Christians who think like her are saying is that Jesus is a liar, because in the Bible, Jesus does say that we will be able to do everything he did and more. He tells us in the Bible that we are gods! If you don’t believe that humans are capable of being like Jesus in every way, including his ‘miracle’ working powers – then you won’t strive to be like him. Jesus own doctrine has been corrupted by the belief that humans are intrinsically sinful and that Jesus came to save us from our sins. The Old Testament has been corrupted to emphasize the sins of humans when, as Jeshua states in the channeled messages, the real problem was the evil brought into the world by the fallen angels. It was the law makers, the Deuteronomists who claimed that people were at fault for the problems of the world. It’s the forces of darkness in the false high priesthood of Judaism that have called the gift of knowledge, i.e. Gnosis, a sin. They know that it makes people like God, which is what God wants, but the forces of darkness don’t.

Margaret believes the Garden of Eden myth was rewritten to teach that human disobedience and the craving for knowledge were the source of evil rather than pride in heavenly places as found in the Eden of Ezekiel, the priest of the first temple. She says that not everyone accepted the reformed teachings of the Israelite’s who returned to Palestine after their release by Nebuchadnezzar.  Margaret asks the question, “How might these other people have perpetuated and adapted their ancient beliefs?

She answers that many of them would have left their homeland and became scattered into the Diaspora. She believes you would probably find expressions of anger felt by worshipers of Yahweh who had been excluded by what she calls the purists of the restored community. The restored community refers to the Israelite’s who returned to Palestine after being freed by the Babylonians. Those ‘purists’ declared that Yahweh and El were one, that in effect there was not a Trinity. This  conveniently did away with our Mother the Holy Spirit and her representative embodiment of Asherah – the spouse of Yahweh. Margaret says that we should expect to find a hostility to the Jews, “Since this was the name by which the returned exiles were known.” She says that we should expect to find a belief in the plural nature of Yahweh, a cult of angels and an origin of evil such as that found in the stories of the fallen angels. She says that all these elements can be found in the Gnostic texts that followed this period. I will confirm that all these elements are found in the beliefs of the Gnostic Essenes and the Gnostic Jewish-Christian sects that followed them. She also wrote that, “Modern scholars are now returning to the idea that the Gnostics were, in fact, rooted in Judaism.”

Margaret discloses that at that time, Wisdom left the Earth and went back to the heavens. She wrote; “Wisdom would be given back to the Elect at the end of time when they awoke from their sleep.” (Enoch 91:10). That’s what I am trying to do here. This is the end of time and I am trying to help wake up the Elect and remind them of our Mother!  Margaret makes the important statement; “Here, surely, is a root of the gnostic myth; the gift of Wisdom and resurrection are closely linked. – The possession of knowledge was the key to eternal life.”

Margaret continues to explore what she terms the ‘near’ God and the ‘far’ God and relates that both of them are termed ‘Father’ which has led to further confusion. One has sons that are angels the other has sons that are humans. Also, I know that it’s confusing that the nations ‘gods’ were meant to be, to them, their ‘Gods’. They were given national gods in order to have a God that their more primitive minds could relate to. An abstract, unseen God wasn’t relateable to a more primitive people.

Margaret goes on to cite early Christian writings that corroborate the doctrine of the two Gods in early Christianity. She says that the first Christians identified Jesus as the God of the Jews and that the Son of God was their name for Yahweh. As part of the key to deciphering the terminology of the Bible, she says that when ‘the Lord’ is referred to, it’s Yahweh being spoken of. She says that Paul sees this distinction and relates this in 1 Corinthians 8:6: “There is one God, the Father…and one Lord, Jesus Christ.”

Margaret relates that the confusion between the two Gods led to centuries of conflict in the early years of Christianity over the belief that Jesus had been equal with God. When Jesus was baptized, the Spirit of Sophia descended upon him. Thus at that time, Jesus was the Son of God, and a part of the Trinity of Father-Mother-Child. Previous to that, Jesus was just a Jewish man. Southern Baptist’s say that Jesus was ‘fully human and fully God’ – and they are right.

Margaret tells us that the substitution of Yahweh for El would be natural once Yahweh became the principal cult name. She writes that we have inherited a double distortion. The reformers edited much of what we read in the Hebrew Bible and then modern interpreters have told us what the whole of the Hebrew Bible was saying. I might add that none of those interpreters knew the codes used in creating the Bible and so had no understanding of it themselves. Margaret asks the question, “How was it that Christian theology grew so quickly into a complex system if the greater part of that system had not existed within the Judaism from which it grew?”

As examples, Margaret wrote that when we read Isaiah, we are reading texts which envisaged more than one deity; there was the High God El Elyon, there were the angels or gods of the nations and there was Yahweh, “the avenging angel, protector and judge of his people.” Margaret makes the statement that, “The evidence of the Old Testament must be allowed to speak for itself and we must be prepared to read it as its first users did.”  She claims that the original readers of the Old Testament knew differently. They knew that Yahweh was one of the sons of Elyon. They knew that Yahweh and the Angel of Yahweh were identical. They knew that it was Yahweh who was present at the Exodus. And they knew that Yahweh and Elohim were not identical but represented different aspects of the second deity. They also knew that Yahweh was manifested in human form as high priest, king and judge. Margaret says that in the centuries between the exile circa 597 B.C., and the Christian era, both fusion and confusion occurred. Yahweh was identified with Elyon and his angel was considered a separate entity with no name. Anthropomorphism and the vision of God were suppressed.

Margaret says that the Gnostic texts show that their system originated in the temple cult. She wrote that, “Fragments of many philosophies can be seen; we even recognize some of the ancient gods of Egypt. But underlying all is the world of the ancient temple.” She says that the Gnostics testify to the belief in the second God who was the Creator, the Logos, the Man. She relates that the crucial information the Gnostic texts supply, is that they identify the second God with the God of the Jews, and that several writers of the first three Christian centuries believed that El Elyon was God the Father and Yahweh, God of Israel, was the Son and identified with Jesus.

She says that, “The evidence that the first Christians identified Jesus with the God of the Jews is overwhelming.” She says it was their customary way of reading the Old Testament. The appearances of Yahweh were seen as manifestations of Christ. She believes this is seen in Paul’s works too as he applied several ‘Lord’ texts to Jesus. She gives as an example the verse 1 Corinthians 8:6 “There is one God, the Father…and one Lord, Jesus Christ.” She remarks “This is, to say the least, a remarkable contradiction of Deuteronomy 6:4, if he understood that verse in the way that we do, as a statement of monotheism. If, on the other hand, it was a statement of the unity of Yahweh as the one inclusive summing up of all the heavenly powers, the ‘Elohim’, then it would have been compatible with belief in God Most High also.” I will state again that in reality it is ALL GOD! All those gods and Gods are just Source! There is only One and it is the Great I AM.

In his book The End of Days Zechariah Sitchen wrote; “To the Hebrew Prophets, Yahweh was not only El Elyon – ‘God Supreme’ – and not only God of the gods, El Elohim, but a Universal God – of all nations, of the whole Earth, of the universe. Though His abode was in the Heaven of heavens, He cared for his creation – Earth and its people. Everything that happened was by His will, and His will was carried out by emissaries – be it Angels, be it a king, be it a nation.”

Victoria LePage wrote that El is an “…androgynous impersonal cosmic Power, the Mother-Father God of the whole of creation who would one day be rediscovered by Qabalist’s and Christian Gnostics. Far from being extinguished by the cult of Yahweh, the worship of El Elyon remained a very powerful influence in the princely courts of Samaria and Judah and in the legend of the United Monarchy preserved in the Hebrew scriptures (1 Sam 2-3). In that legend, Solomon decrees that the king of Judah is to be served by a Zadokite royal priesthood that ranks above the Levitical priesthood.”

I have spoken of titles for our soul group that stem from their Serpent or Masters of Wisdom designation. Some that would apply more specifically to our Israelite identity, according to the Biblical scholar Robert Eisenmann are; The Sons of Light – the Sons of Truth – the Sons of Zadok or Zaddikim (Zadokites) – the Men of Melchizedek – the Ebionim (the Poor) – the Hassidim (the Essenes) and the Nozrim (the Nazoreans). According to Eisenmann, these are all one and the same – not different groups, but different metaphors or titles for essentially the same group. Eisenmann wrote; “The primary objective of this movement seems to have been oriented towards the dynastic legitimacy of the high priesthood. In the Old Testament, the High Priest of both David and Solomon is called Zadok, either as a personal name or as an official title. He is traditionally associated, very closely with the Messiah, the anointed one, the rightful king. More specifically he is associated with the Davidic Messiah.”

Victoria LePage recognizes that the religion of Jesus’ family was a branch of a, “Far greater spiritual movement that had mysteriously originated in Egypt and spread throughout the Diaspora.” She calls this the Hasidean movement. The Hasidim were, “mystics, prophets, healers, exorcists, and rainmakers who, like Jesus, infuriated the rabbinic herbalists to the south by working their healing miracles by no other means than the power of prayer, the laying on of hands, and the forgiveness of sins – even though, according to the rabbis, only God had the power to forgive sins.” “Their supernatural powers”, says Vermes, “were attributed to their immediate relation to God independent of any institutional mediation,” and were seen as of divine origin.”

The Essenes eventually split up into the Pharisees and Essenes. The Therapeutae of Egypt were a branch of the Essenes. Other branches were spawned at the same time such as the Nazoreans, which were a more ascetic branch of the Essenes, the Ophites and the Ebionites. Victoria wrote that the immediate aim of the Hasidim, “Was to reinstate the Davidic line on the throne of Israel and the rightful Zadokite high priesthood to the Jerusalem temple, but beyond these goals, they sought the return of the prophetic tradition in new Kabbalistic guise. …The Gnosis, the Hasidim insisted, must return to Israel; the messianic ideal must be enshrined again in the heart of Judaism and the Goddess given new meaning, dignity, and relevance as the Angel of Wisdom.”

Victoria says that all these sectarian groups shared the same revolutionary social ideals of the New Covenant, “as well as the same Gnostic, messianic, and apocalyptic ideas; all were related by bonds that went back to Israel’s old Mystery tradition. .…And at the very heart of the dispute, the hidden engine that drove it, lay the Hasidic opposition to a patriarchal religious creed that failed to give due honor to the Mother of the World.”

I hope you will think about that last sentence very carefully. The worship of our Mother had become highly degraded. Our family’s aim was to restore her dignity by worshiping her as ‘Wisdom’ rather than as a fertility goddess. The doctrines of the Gnostic Christians, Templars and early Freemasons are a testament to that.

What is very troubling to me is that the successors of these groups, the Baptists, Freemasons, the Church of Latter Day Saints and others, are all very patriarchal. I wonder, do any of them really know that the Holy Spirit is feminine? Do they have enough conviction to state that? Can they make changes within their systems or are they too entrenched in their ways?


Mesopotamia – Part 2 of 2

Andrew Collins, author of From the Ashes of Angels gives more information regarding our ‘fallen angel’ history. He talks about some Enochian literature that was translated by Mani the founder of the Gnostic Christian group the Manichaean’s that talk about the plight of the Nephilim. In the translation, the original Aramaic names of key characters were replaced by those of specific Iranian figures who feature in the Iranian text the Shahnameh. To the author, the usage of these two quite specific names from the Shahnameh seemed to imply that Mani saw the Iranian royal dynasty of Sam and Narriman as direct descendants of Shamyaza, the leader of the Watchers. Collins states that this kingly line included both Zal and Rustam, “…who both possessed the physiological features of the fallen race.”

The plot thickens, however, as the author points out that in some Manichean texts on Enochian material, the name Sam is rendered S’hm, a name that in Hebrew means ‘name’, ‘pillar’, or ‘high’. He points out that it is the name of one of Noah’s sons as well as the root behind the first part of the name Shamyaza. He goes on to say that the suffix yaza is closely linked to the Zend word yazd or yazata, meaning ‘angel’ or divine being. Then he makes the statement that the biggest mystery seemed to be why giant babies with demon like characteristics were at first abhorred by their immediate family, but went on to become the greatest heroes or teachers of their age. He cites Noah as one example. Collins says that to the Hebrews the presence of such qualities would appear to have been viewed differently. In their opinion, “only a true patriarch or teacher of righteousness, descended of the line of Seth, would have possessed a shining countenance; probably the reason why biblical figures such as Abraham, Elijah, Enoch and Noah were all accredited with having both a facial radiance and great stature in post exilic Apocrypha and folklore. …Yet somehow the belief in a shining countenance associated with infants born of the angels would appear to have lingered right down to twentieth century London.”

He goes on to relate a story of an ‘angel baby’ in twentieth century England who was described as having a shining, white complexion with bright red cheeks and eyes that shone. For good luck, people passing by on the street would put money into the child’s buggy. In this, we find that even fairly recently, angel-humans were not considered evil by some people. I have read accounts that say that Noah’s sons Ham and Japheth were giants. There is an Armenian legend of a giant named Hayk who was said to have killed Nimrod, the grandson of Ham, who was also a giant. Hayk was a descendant of Noah’s son Japheth. The following comes from Wikipedia:

“Movses (Moses) gave Hayk’s genealogy as follows: Japhet, Gomer & Tiras, Torgom, Hayk, and his descendants as Armanak, Aramais, Amasya, Gegham, Harma, Aram and Ara Geghetsik. Hayk was also the founder of the Haykazuni Dynasty. Some of the prominent Armenian royal houses such as the Bagratuni, Khorkhoruni, Bznuni, Syuni, Vahevuni, Manavazian, Arran among others, had traced their genealogy to Hayk Nahapet. According to Juansher, Hayk, “was prince of the seven brothers and stood in service to the giant Nimrod (Nebrovt’) who first ruled the entire world as king. Hayk was a handsome, friendly man, with curly hair, sparkling eyes, and strong arms. He was a man of giant stature, a mighty archer and fearless warrior. Hayk and his people, from the time of their forefathers, Noah and Japhet, had migrated south toward the warmer lands near Babylon. In that land there ruled a wicked giant, Bel. Bel tried to impose his tyranny upon Hayk’s people. But proud Hayk refused to submit to Bel. As soon as his son Aramaneak was born, Hayk rose up, and led his people back to the land of his forefathers, the land of Ararat. At the foot of the mountains, he built his home, Haykashen.”

Here we have a descendant of Japheths who is described as having giant stature. We are also told that Nimrod was a giant. Nimrod was descended from Noah’s son Ham. I have never seen Shem, the other son of Noah, described as a giant. The Israelites have never been described as giants, but their enemies were. Why Japheth and Ham’s descendants would be giants and not Shems is mystifying. It could be that Shem was a giant too and I just haven’t found evidence of it yet. The following is an excerpt from the gnostic text the Pistis Sophia which was dictated by Jesus to the apostle Philip, it’s a ‘for those with ears to hear’ document;

“These are the regions of the way of the midst. For it came to pass, when the rulers of Adamas mutinied and persistently practiced congress, procreating rulers, archangels, angels, servitors and decans, that Yew, the father of my father, came forth from the Right and bound them to a Fate-sphere. For there are twelve æons; over six Sabaoth, the Adamas, ruleth, and his brother Yabraōth ruleth over the other six. At that time then Yabraōth with his rulers had faith in the mysteries of the Light and was active in the mysteries of the Light and abandoned the mystery of congress. But Sabaoth, the Adamas, and his rulers have persisted in the practice of congress.

And when Yew, the father of my father, saw that Yabraōth had faith, he carried him and all the rulers who had had faith with him, took him unto himself out of the sphere and led him into a purified air in face of the light of the sun between the regions of those of the midst and between the regions of the invisible God. He posted him there with the rulers who had had faith in him. But he carried Sabaoth, the Adamas, and his rulers who had not been active in the mysteries of the Light, but have been persistently active in the mysteries of congress, and inbound them into the sphere. He bound eighteen-hundred rulers in every æon, and set three-hundred-and-sixty over them, and he set five other great rulers as lords over the three-hundred-and-sixty and over all the bound rulers, who in the whole world of mankind are called with these names: the first is called Kronos, the second Arēs, the third Hermēs, the fourth Aphroditē, the fifth Zeus.

Jesus continued and said: “Hearken then, that I may tell you their mystery. It came to pass then, when Yew had thus bound them, that he drew forth a power out of the Great Invisible and bound it to him who is called Kronos. And he drew another power out of Ipsantachounchaïnchoucheōch, who is one of the three triple-powered gods, and bound it to Arēs. And he drew a power out of Chaïnchōōōch, who also is one of the three triple-powered gods, and bound it to Hermēs. Again he drew a power out of the Pistis the Sophia daughter of Barbēlō and bound it to Aphroditē. And moreover he perceived that they needed a helm to steer the world and the æons of the sphere, so that they might not wreck it [the world] in their wickedness. He went into the Midst, drew forth a power out of the little Sabaoth, the Good, him of the Midst, and bound it to Zeus, because he is a good [regent], so that he may steer them in his goodness. And he set thus established the circling of his order, that he should spend thirteen [? three] months in every æon confirming [it], so that he may set free all the rulers over whom he cometh, from the evil of their wickedness. And he gave him two æons, which are in face of those of Hermēs, for his dwelling.”

The previous quote is very puzzling to me. I’m unsure at this point whether the Yabraoth mentioned is Yaldabaoth. I don’t believe so, because Yaldabaoth is also mentioned in the text. I also don’t know what to make of the statement that Sabaoth the Adamas was not ‘repentant’, but still practicing congress/sex. I don’t know how many Sabaoth’s there were, but one of the ancient texts shows two repentant Sabaoth’s, one being called ‘Little Sabaoth the Good’. Regardless, we see in Jesus words, “that he may set free all the rulers over whom he cometh from the evil of their wickedness.” What Jesus is saying here is that all the rulers in the end will be set free of their wickedness. That is only fair, as the rulers were just playing the roles they agreed to play in the great drama of God’s creation. The point I want to make here, is that in an ancient Gnostic Christian text, found in Nag Hammadi Egypt, hidden by Coptic Christians, a church founded by St. Mark of the Bible, we see Jesus speaking of Zeus, Aphrodite, Hermes, Ares and Kronos as ‘real’ beings, so real they have sex! So far as I know, myths have never had sex and bore children! I have created a table tying identities of various ‘mythological’ persons as they were known in the various countries. These are by no means necessarily accurate. Of the ‘forgiven’ gods I have the following alternate identities, but these are by no means accurate;


El – the Canaanite High God, according to the Phoenicians and Greeks.

Jacob-Israel – according to the historians Berossus & Sanchoniathon.

Horus – according to Helena Blavatsky & Albert Pike both 33rd degree Masons.

The Ultimate cause & Governor of the Universe – according to Pythagorus.

Sydik/Zedek – according to the Kaballah and Helena Blavatsky.

Enki/Ea – according to the historian Berossus, a priest of Marduk.

Sabaoth – according to Helena Blavatsky 33rd degree Freemason.

Shem – according to the Jewish text the Haggada and the Book of Melchizedek.

Dagon – according to the Phoenicians.

Melchizedek-according to Blavatsky.


Little Sabaoth the Good – according to Jeshua!

Judah – according to the historians Homer, Hesiod, Sanchuniathon.

Baal/Bel – according to the Greeks.

Michael the archangel – according to Theosophy.

Dionysius – according to the Greeks.

Marduk – (Biblical Mordecai) – according to Theosophy.

Osiris – according to the philosopher Pythagoras.

Sabazius ‘little’ Sabaoth – according to the Greeks and Phrygians.

Jehovah – according to the Freemason G.R.S. Mead and Pythagoras & Plato.

Logos – according to Pythagoras

Satan- according to John the Beloved (statue of Satan/Zeus is in Pergamum)

Darda/Dardanus-according to Homer & Sanchuniathon


Seth – according to Mark Pinkham the Arabs and an Egyptian tile.

Enoch – according to the Greeks, Mark Pinkham and Albert Pike

Mercury – according to the Greeks

Ham – Egyptian records, according to Laurence Gardner.

Logos – according to Oxford scholar Andrew Welburn

Jesus – according to ‘On the Origin of the World’ – (Jesus is Enoch).

Idris – according to Arabs – (Idris is Enoch).

Osiris – according to the Arabs.

Ningishzidda – according to Sumerians – (according to Sitchin)


Mars – according to the Jews and Gnostics.

Cain – according to Blavatsky.

Satan – according to the Jews.

Samael – according to the Jews. (another name for Yaldabaoth).

Saturn – according to the Jews.

Set – according to the Jews and Gnostics.

Azazel – according to the Jews and Laurence Gardner.

Devil – according to the Archontics.

Aphrodite: I didn’t try to find info on her.

I believe that Enki/Ea is Kronos and his son Ningishzidda is Little Sabaoth the Good. In the ancient texts Sabaoth was the first to repent. The text On the Origin of the World says that Sabaoth, the Lord of Forces, created seventy-two gods to rule over people and the Seraphim, Cherubim, Israel and Jesus.  What I believe took place was that at the time that Sabaoth was repentant and learned of the Infinite Spirit, he created the Seraphim, Cherubim, Israel and Jesus to counteract the machinations of the rest of his family – the Anunnaki.  Israel was created to be a race kept apart spiritually and physically from the rest of humanity, so as to keep a pure doctrine and a hereditary means of keeping it intact through the centuries. Jesus was meant to be the culmination of the Mysteries. At least he was the Way shower and now we get to participate in a mass ascension, which will further along the culmination process.  I believe Enki/Ea/Sabaoth to be righteous and at the same time the administrator of the justice and wrath of God. He is Captain of the Heavenly Host.

As you can see, there are a few overlapping identities in these. Make no mistake about it, our ancestors, even though some of them were very righteous, were Yaldabaoth’s rulers – the archons. They were both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ as everything in this world of duality is. Yeshua himself tells us that we were ‘dark’ as intended, in our past. In the Pistis Sophia text, Jesus said that the patriarch’s souls would be saved by sending them into bodies that would be righteous.

The key to understanding and accepting all this is to remember this: The highest beings of the Pleroma agreed to go to a lower realm where they knew they would become corrupted in order to allow God to experience separated consciousness. In these ‘fallen angels’ that’s what you’re seeing. The line of the biblical patriarchs was a line of angelic/humans. Abraham, Noah, and the rest were not in full control of their actions. They were under the command of the Anunnaki, and they served them with fear and humility. That’s why Jeshua guaranteed their souls would be saved – because they were righteous. We were angels given charge of the Earth. We have made grave mistakes in the past that have negatively affected the Earth and its people. However, we have done much good too. We have to remember too, that all along, the Logos and Holy Spirit, Mother-Father,  have been carefully shepherding this creation – which was an experiment.

From Wikipedia; “Myths in which Ea figures prominently have been found in Assurbanipal‘s library, and in the Hattusas archive in Hittite Anatolia. As Ea, Enki had a wide influence outside of Sumer, being equated with El (at Ugarit) and possibly Yah (at Ebla) in the Canaanite ‘ilhm pantheon, he is also found in Hurrian and Hittite mythology, as a god of contracts, and is particularly favourable to humankind. Amongst the Western Semites, it is thought that Ea was equated to the term *hyy (life) …Generally, however, Enki seems to be a reflection of pre-patriarchal times, in which relations between the sexes were characterised by a situation of greater gender equality. In his character, he prefers persuasion to conflict, which he seeks to avoid if possible.”

The ‘ilhm pantheon is another spelling of ‘elohim’. Interestingly, hyy (life) is a name for Eve, who in one ancient text was said to have brought ‘wisdom’ to Adam. Here we see it equated to Ea, a male, who as the Serpent of Wisdom brought knowledge to Adam and Eve.

The following is from the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society Volume XXII by J.F. Hewitt, M.R.A.S., written in the 1800’s. It reveals the identity of Jacob-Israel from the Bible with Ea, also spelled Ia, and Yah; “We thus see in Ia the god who, as Lenormant shows, descended, unchanged in name but with different functions, from the Akkadians to the Semitic Assyrians, and who also became the supreme god of the Greeks and Hindus. He was first the great snake, then the encircling ocean, afterwards the dark night, and then became the ruler of the stars, first as the goat-fish, and who afterwards, as the bull of heaven, ruled the lunar year. He was the great father, the creator of the year and all that it produces, and was finally the righteous god, the heavenly father and mother. It was on his name, that of Yah, translated in our version as the ‘name of the Lord,’ that men began to call in the days of Enoch, the son of Set, or Seth, the serpent-god of the Egyptians and Jews, and it was he who, in the flood story, as told in Genesis, is the Yah who destroyed the wicked race of serpent-worshippers, and brought in the new year, or era, of a new and holy life.

I have also from evidence taken from the Hindu Brahmanas, Rigvdeda and Mahabharata, shown that the first signs of a spiritual worship, as distinguished from that of the anthropomorphic gods, was shown in the deification of fire as the divine heat, and that fire-god was the supreme god before Ia, the water-god. But the whole series of evidence on which these deductions are founded is still further corroborated by the Babylonian account of the flood, as given in the great Epic of Izdhubar which had come down to the Babylonians from the Akkadians. This story tells how Anu the god of heaven, Bil the fire-god, Ninib the lord or lady of creation and En or In-nugi the leader of the gods, were sitting together and consulting upon the reformation of the Earth.

With them, but apparently apart, was Nin-igi-a-zag the first-born of the lord or lady (nin) of the race of heavenly spirits (igi-u) or of the spirits (i-gi) of water (a). This assembly was clearly that of the sacred pentad formed after the addition of the fire and water gods to the old triad. Thus, the triad here was Anu the heavenly abyss, Ninib the generative power ruling creation, and En-nugi the great serpent or the father; and with them among the older gods was the fire-god (Bil or Bil-gi). They were the gods of Earth, and were the Elohim or gods of the Elohistic account in Genesis. While the fifth god Ia belonged to the spirits of heaven. They determined to destroy the city of Surrippak, which Lenormant has identified with Ur, which thus gives the story a more realistic tinge than it had in its oldest mythic form for the destruction of Ur, the seat of the empire of Ur-Bagas, and that succeeding Telloh as the imperial capital, implied the triumph of a new race bringing in new gods.”

I don’t know what to make of the separation of Ia as a spirit of Heaven and the others as gods of the Earth. As far as I know, they are all Anunnaki/Nibiruans and Enlil and Ia/Ea are half-brothers. It could be that Ia is a god of Heaven because as Sabaoth he was repentant and installed as ruler in the seventh Heaven, while his unrepentant family were left in charge of the Earth and lower six heavens. In the Mesopotamian texts, the Anunnaki decided to send a flood because according to Enlil, the people were too noisy. In the ancient records, Ea was made to swear an oath not to warn the people of the coming flood. In order to go around their order, Ea whispers to the reed walls of ‘Noah’s’ house, not to Noah himself, thereby not breaking his oath. In the next paragraph, you will see that the heavenly spirits were called the Igi-gi. We saw them in an earlier post in connection with Atlantis and Ireland. J.F. Hewitt continues;

“Ia whispered the news of the deliberations of the gods to the reeds and the walls, who conveyed it to Atra-hasis  or Khasisatra and told him to build a ship. He consulted Ia whether he should tell the men of Surrippak. Ia told him to say to them; “As Bil (the fire-god) hates me, I will not remain any longer in his country, but will go to the ancient waters and live with Ia.” He accordingly built a ship and went away in it when the flood came, having as he said, ‘Left my house and all that was in it to Puzur-Bil, the fire-god.” In other words he forsook the worship of the god of fire and worshipped Ia as the supreme lord. When Atra-hasis was saved, and offered the sacrifice of expiation on Mount Nisir, Bil was with the other gods attracted by the sweet savour of the sacrifice, and when he found that Atrahasis, whom he hated, was saved, he was angry with the gods of Igi-gi (the heavenly spirits), but Ia interceded for Atra-hasis and procured his pardon.

This story fully corroborates the history of religious evolution I have taken from the Hindu sacred books and proves that the story of the flood in one of its later forms, which is that given in Genesis, gives the history of the religious reformation based by the substitution of the worship of the gods of Heaven for those of Earth. While the comparison of this with the Hindu story shows how Ia, the supreme god of the waters of heaven, became Manu the thinker. It also clearly connects the Ia of the Babylonian story with the Yah of the Jews, and this is further corroborated by the occurrence of the number seven in the Jehovistic version of the order given for the preservation of the animals according to which Noah was ordered seven of each clean species. This was the number sacred to Ia and became so through the addition of the days sacred to the fire-god and the water-god to the original sacred pentad. The comparison of the various stories also shows how the originally mythic actors have been gradually individualized by the infusion of the Aryan spirits. It is this spirit which, in the hands of the several recensionist’s of the Book of Genesis, who are now admitted by all Biblical commentators to have gradually and by successive stages formed the book now found in our Bibles, has turned a compendium of ancient religions and perhaps national history into a didactic story of the supposed destruction of the wicked people of a former age.

But to prove the working of this innovating spirit, and to show how the Turanian sacred story was altered by Aryan historiographers, I will now turn to the story of Jacob, the father of the Hebrew tribes. Jacob was the supplanter or successor of Esau, and as Dr. Robertson Smith shows, most scholars, from Scaliger downwards, have compared Esau with Uzaus, the god who taught men to clothe themselves with the skins of beasts taken in hunting, that is, with the skins of gazelles or mountain goats, and who was afterwards the Assyrian goat-god Uz, who was represented as clad in a robe of goat’s skin, the sacred dress of the Babylonian priests. This ancient reverence for gazelles has been already referred to in this essay in the account of the historical transformations of Ia, and is also noted in the song of David, taken from the book Jashur, and lamenting the death of Saul, where it said, ‘Thy gazelle, O Israel, is slain in the high places.’ Jacob, who supplanted Esau, clothed himself in goats skins and went to Haran, the city of the moon-god, where, as Dr. Sayce shows, the god of the foundation was Laban, the white one or the moon, that is to say, he became the goat-god who was first the god of generation and afterwards became sacred to the moon. He there married the two daughters of Laban, Leah, the wild cow, and Rachel, the lamb or ewe.

That is to say, he became first the moon-bull or Ia, and afterwards the solar ram. But he had also two other wives, Bilhah and Zilpah, and these wives may be again compared with the two wives of Azi-Dahaka, the snake-god of the Zendavesta, Savanghavach and Erinavach. Bilhah, compared by Delitzsch with old, is probably the Turanian val, the Sanskrit vala, and the Akkadian bel, meaning ‘the strong,’ and this interpretation is confirmed by the name of her son Dan, who evidently represents the widely-spread race of the Danava, Danus and Danai. This great Danite race is again reproduced in the name of the son of Dan, who, it must be noted, is the only one of the sons of Jacob who has only one son. This son is named in Gen xlvi 23 Hushim, which, as noted by Dr. Smith, is a plural form. But this name Hushim again appears in Numbers xxvi. 42 in another plural form Shuham, so that the two names mean the Hus and the Shus. These names again point to the Hus of the Zendavesta and their great king Husrava, the glory (srava) of Hus, who conquered Kangdesh or India, and avenged the murder of Syavarshan by the Turanians. They are also the same people as the Sus of the great province of Susiana, and the Saus or Sauvarna of India, who were the great trading race which united with the warlike tribes of the Sinha-bunsis, the sons of Sinha or Som (the moon) to extend the rule of the merchants of the Euphratean countries over the whole of the Gangetic valley.”

This author believes these are all myths but we see here evidence of historical battles and peoples whose descendants are still living today. Myths cannot become ‘widely-spread races’. We also see the merchants of the Euphrates, the Kushites who controlled the waterways, and the tribe of Dan – the sea-fairing Phoenicians who later became the settlers of ‘Danmark’, or as we westerners know it, Denmark. The Danes were the Viking descendants of the seagoing Phoenician tribe of Dan. We see that Jacob, Ia and Azi-Dahaka are equated as being the same man. We will get to Azi-Dahaka in a moment. To continue with the words of J.F. Hewitt:

“Zilpah again, who apparently represents Zillah, the wife of Lamech, and who is, in the Lamech myth, the mother of Tubal-Cain, the father of the metal-workers and worshippers of the fire-god, is identified with those people by her son Ashur. His descendants seem to be the Asura of the Hindus, and it is the tribe of Ashur who in the book of Joshua are assigned territory including that of Tyre. The chief god of Tyre was Melgarth, the Tyrian Hercules, or the god first of the phallic club and afterwards of the fire-stick. We see thus in the story of Jacob a reproduction of the transformations of Ia, in which he was first the god of the gazelle, afterwards of the goat and phallic god and then of the fire-god. In Leah the wild cow we find Ia again as the moon-god, and her tender eyes mentioned in Genesis 24:17 are explained by the three eyes of the wild bull of Telloh, she being the wild cow.

Rachel again, the ewe who carries off with her the phallic emblems or terraphim, is the mother of Benjamin, from whose tribe Saul was born. Saul again, in his earlier form, and before he was recorded as the first king of Israel, as Dr. Sayce shows, was the sun-god, the Sawul of the Babylonians, and the Saul of Rehoboth, kin of the Edomites; so that throughout the same historical idea has been preserved, and Ia, or Jacob with his four wives, is a complete reproduction of the Akkadian succession of religious beliefs as shown in the story of the flood and the other evidence I have adduced in this essay, with that set forth in Hindu religious history and in the Zendavesta.

….That this is the true or nearly the true account of the story of Jacob is shown to be probable by the inscriptions of Thothmes III of Egypt Quoted by Dr. Sayce, which mention among the cities he took in Palestine, more than two centuries before the time assigned to the Exodus by Egyptologists, Yakub-el, or Jacob the god, and Iseph-el, or Joseph the god, showing that they were both old gods of Palestine, who could never by old myth-makers have been spoken of as individuals. It was he who learnt the true name of God, the Yah, and put away strange gods.  …..In short, Jacob, or Yakov, seems to be the righteous god Ia, who succeeded the goat-god and the moon-god and who became the father of a holy people, who were appointed to work out the law of righteousness he taught. Of this law Iseph-el, or Joseph, the father of the Ephraimite’s, the first Semitic race ruling in Palestine, was the ‘Asipu,’ or interpreter.”

It’s confusing to me to try to recognize the Biblical patriarchs as ‘gods’ as they are not in the least portrayed so in the Bible. They are the ones who are doing the worshiping – they are not worshiped. Still, we see them mixed in with pantheons of ‘gods’. The ‘Asipu’ or ‘Ashipu’ were Serpents of Wisdom and priests. Again, the Semites are a real, not mythological race. We are Israel, that holy people. We are the ones appointed to work out the law of righteousness. I believe it was shortly before the Adamic human was created by Enki/Sabaoth that he was repentant and forgiven. He created Israel, and Judah was his ‘choice vine’. He is God of the Israelite’s. We also see that he is the literal, biological father of the Israelite’s, Jacob-Israel. I mentioned earlier our family’s propensity to sway from the worship of the One, with Abraham’s father Terah who worshiped the Anunnaki or Terraphim. It’s very important to realize that the Patriarchs, even though Adam had been taught the Mysteries in Eden, were under the control of Yaldabaoth and the rest of the Anunnaki  – their own family. Their Wisdom and Mystery teachings were something they may have had to do in private. I know these last several paragraphs have been confusing. This is a very confusing subject to try to sort out. The best I can do is point out this information, these correlations, and tell you that there is an association, even if I don’t completely understand it yet.

We learned earlier that the Anunnaki were serpent or bird featured, at least in their earlier images before they incarnated into true human form. It would not be strange then to see that some people were worshiping images of snakes or snake like people.  I know that Ea started the matriarchal worship. He was all about furthering human evolution and re-connecting humans with the spiritual world, something that the unrepentant side of our family is against. From what I have learned about the ‘good’ serpent worshipers, the serpent always represents the spiral form of the power of the Holy Spirit. What the wicked version of serpent worship entailed, I couldn’t say, but I can say that it was most likely the version practiced by the priests of Belial and the wicked priests in Egypt and all the wicked priests still at work today in the Vatican and Orthodox Jewish community. The wicked side has continuously countered everything the good side does, so you will find a corrupt version of most all of our family’s beliefs and symbols.

In the previous essay we learned something very important to our family story. That is, in speaking of Ia/Ea; “He was the great father, the creator of the year and all that it produces, and was finally the righteous god, the heavenly father and mother. It was on his name, that of Yah, translated in our version as the ‘name of the Lord,’ that men began to call in the days of Enoch, the son of Set, or Seth, the serpent-god of the Egyptians and Jews, and it was he who, in the flood story, as told in Genesis, is the Yah who destroyed the wicked race of serpent-worshippers, and brought in the new year, or era, of a new and holy life.” The author states that the name he is referring to is “translated in our version as the name of the Lord.” This is a very important clue because in the esoteric teachings of the Jews and Israelites the ‘Lord’ always refers to the Jewish/Israelite god, the god who chose them, not the highest God –  who we Light workers know as Source.

A few paragraphs back, we read the following; “That is to say, he became first the moon-bull or Ia, and afterwards the solar ram. But he had also two other wives, Bilhah and Zilpah, and these wives may be again compared with the two wives of Azi-Dahaka, the snake-god of the Zendavesta, Savanghavach and Erinavach.” What this author is saying here is that two of Jacob-Israel’s wives can be compared with this character Azi-Dahaka’s two wives in three different religious literatures.  We will see Azi-Dahaka in the following, so remember he is considered by this author to be Jacob-Israel or Ia/Ea.  I have spoken earlier of some people’s belief that Enki/Ea/Sabaoth is equated with Satan, who some believe is the ‘lower’ form of the Logos. From the book From the Ashes of Angels by Adnrew Collins comes the following;

“Also in Armenia are a number of prehistoric megaliths, or standing stones, that take the form of serpents which are known as vishaps, or dragons, showing the immense antiquity of this cult. More importantly, at least one Armenian scholar has associated this archaic worship of the vishap with the Sumero-Babylonian cult of the snake. The connection between Azhi Dahaka and the Median kings is also significant, for it was through their downfall that Zoroastrianism was able to climb so rapidly to the position of state religion in Persia. At the same time, many of Media’s Magian priests had jumped ship, so to speak and embraced this revitalized form of the Iranian religion, and it was probably at around this very period that Azhi Dahaka gained his exclusively demonic character among the Persian peoples. As a consequence, the final Median king somehow became the personification of the terrible Lie preached by the serpent-worshipping Magi priesthoods, as well as a national anti-hero in Persian myth and legend. In complete contrast, however was the way in which Azhi Dahaka had been viewed by many of the Kurdish tribes who were previously subject to the Median dynasty of kings. To them the demon king was the hero and Feridun the villain! So much had they revered the memory of Azhi Dahaka that they came to believe that their entire race was descended of him. …The Yaresan today seem blind to Sultan Sahaks true origins, and would vehemently deny any connection with his dark half, Azhi Dahaka.

This strange dichotomy in Yaresan beliefs is not speculative, but is accepted by Kurdish scholars such as Izady. Yet the influence of Sultan Sahak goes far beyond the Yaresan, and is apparently found in various guises through-out the Upper Zagros region. He is also known by the name Sultan Is’haq, or Isaac, the divine priest who features in the story about the Yezidi kochek named Beru, who visits heaven in order to request rain on behalf of the Kurdish peoples. So what was the true origin of Azhi Dahaka? Why was this dragon king accredited with being the progenitor of the Kurdish race? And why has his memory lingered so long? The answer appeared to lie in the fact that, before his fall, the tyrant was seen as one of the mythical kings of Iran. Since these monarchs would seem to have born distinctive Watcher traits, could it be that Azhi Dahaka represented a faint echo of the presence and blood lineage of the fallen race – remembered in Armenia as the vishaps or dragon descendants – who lived during some distant age of humanity?

It is to be recalled that, according to Dirdowski, one of Azhi Dahaka’s or Zahhak’s descendants had been the beautiful Rudabeh-the ivory-skinned princess whose face was a very paradise, whose skin from head to toe was as white as ivory, and whose height out topped her future husband Zal, himself a giant of a man, by a head. All these features were clear Watcher traits, like those presented in Enochian and Dead Sea Material. Remember too, that the Armenians actually claim descent from a race of giants under the leadership of Hayk, whose name is equated with the Armenian word for gigantic. Bringing together these two quite separate traditions is the fact that in a sub-text entitled ‘From the Fables of the Persians’, included by Moses of Khorenatsi in his History of the Armenians, the author says that Azhi Dahaka lived in the time of Nimrod and that he was one of the chieftains who seized local territories after the giants, or Titans, had divided the races following the destruction or fall, of the mythical Tower of Babel. Could this fall simply preserve yet another distorted memory of the fall of the Watchers, and their gradual dispersion onto the plains surrounding the highlands of Kurdistan?

The writings of Moses of Khorenatsi would appear to suggest that, not only had Tigran and his descendants believed themselves to be descendants of Azhi Dahaka but that they had also worshipped him in the form of an anthropomorphic serpent, similar in aspect to the Sumerian snake god Ningishzidda. If this was the case, then there seemed every reason to believe that the Armenian tyrant located Tigranakert in central Kurdistan because he wished to recreate Azhi Dahaka’s own seat of power. Since the Kurds traced their ancestry back to this serpent king, it would imply that the place of genesis of the Kurdish race – in other words, Azhi Dahaka’s kingdom – corresponded very well with the site of Eden, the place of genesis of the human race according to Hebrew tradition. If the descendants of the Watchers really had instigated the serpent dynasty of Iranian kings, then it seemed likely that Azhi Dahaka had come to symbolize the legacy of the Watchers in the minds of the Kurdish peoples.”

To recap and try to clarify; we have learned that Jacob-Israel of the Bible is Ia/Ea/Enki/Sabaoth/Yah, one of the Watchers, Nephilim, Anunnaki. Then we learned that Jacob-Israel’s father Isaac is none other than Sultan Is’haq, or Isaac, the divine priest who features in the story about the Yezidi kochek named Beru who visits heaven in order to request rain on behalf of the Kurdish peoples.  This is not stated, I just know it to be true. The kocheks were the same men who lived at the Dead Sea, i.e. the Essenes. They were a race of mystics, prophets, healers, rain-makers, etc. – Serpents of Wisdom. The description of John the Baptist living in the desert eating locusts describes their lifestyle. We also learned that Sultan Is’haq has an alter ego, Azhi Dahaka who is his ‘dark side’.

We also see in the preceding, that living tribes of people, not mythological people, who still to this day live almost exactly as their ancient ancestors did, say that they descend from this Sultan Isaac. We also see the Armenian people say that they descend from a race of giants. Are these indigenous people all ignorant or deluded? Or is the truth simply that they really are descended from a race of Watchers and Nephilim and Anunnaki who include the people of the Old Testament of the Bible? Then again, a quote from the author previous to this last one; “That is to say, he became first the moon-bull or Ia, and afterwards the solar ram. But he had also two other wives, Bilhah and Zilpah, and these wives may be again compared with the two wives of Azi-Dahaka, the snake-god of the Zendavesta, Savanghavach and Erinavach.”

We see here that the two previous quoted authors differ. One relates two of the wives of Azi-Dahaka, to Isaac, the other to his son Jacob-Israel. But what is important here is that one of them is said to have an evil alter ego. I say this because Ea is said by some to be Satan. Another interesting thing to note from Andrew Collins research is that two different sets of people have two completely different understandings of the same person. One sees Azi-Dahaka as good, the other as evil. To me, this could be representative of two groups of people, under different, competing rulers, having differing opinions about the same person.  In fact, it could be an instance of the ‘bad’, still unrepentant, side of the family ‘demonizing’ a member of the ‘good’ side of the family, making a ‘Satan’ out of him.

Mesopotamia – Part 1 of 2

A large part of our family story takes place in the areas between the Black and Caspian Seas and in the Caucasus and Zagros mountain ranges. The area denoted Asshur on the map was the land belonging to the descendants of Shem’s son Ashur, or Assur, who as noted in a previous post, was the same person known as Aser or Osiris. The Mitannians or Mithans were also referred to as being tied to the Israelites in another post. It can’t be seen well on the map, but Haran is located above and to the left of Mitanni. The area of Lake Van is where Shem and his family were said to have lived for a period after disembarking from the Ark. The civilization that preceded the Mesopotamian was the Ugaritic. To give the reader some idea of why it’s important to connect this civilization with the later Sumerian one, I refer to the following from the Quartz Hill School of Theology, found at;   and is titled; Ugarit and the Bible

“The ancient Canaanite city-state of Ugarit is of utmost importance for those who study the Old Testament. The literature of the city and the theology contained therein go a very long way in helping us to understand the meaning of various Biblical passages as well as aiding us in deciphering difficult Hebrew words. Ugarit was at its political, religious and economic height around the 12th century BCE and thus its period of greatness corresponds with the entry of Israel into Canaan. Why should people interested in the Old Testament want to know about this city and its inhabitants? Simply because when we listen to their voices we hear echoes of the Old Testament itself. Several of the Psalms were simply adapted from Ugaritic sources; the story of the flood has a near mirror image in Ugaritic literature; and the language of the Bible is greatly illuminated by the language of Ugarit

Ugarit experienced a very long history. A city was built on the site in the Neolithic period around 6000 BCE. The oldest written evidence of the city is found in some texts from the nearby city of Ebla written around 1800 BCE. At that time both Ebla and Ugarit were under Egyptian hegemony, which shows that the long arm of Egypt extended all along the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea (for Ugarit is located in modern day Syria roughly dead east of the NE coast of Cyprus on the coast of Syria). The population of Ugarit at that time was roughly 7635 people. The city of Ugarit continued to be dominated by the Egyptians through 1400 BCE. These texts, as mentioned above, are very important for Old Testament study. The Ugaritic literature demonstrates that Israel and Ugarit shared a common literary heritage and a common linguistic lineage. They are, in short, related languages and literatures. We can thus learn very much about the one from the other. Our knowledge of the religion of Ancient Syria-Palestine and Canaan has been greatly increased by the Ugaritic materials and their significance cannot be overlooked. We have here, as it were an open window on the culture and religion of Israel in its earliest period. The prophets of the Old Testament rail against Baal, Asherah and various other gods on nearly every page. The reason for this is simple to understand; the people of Israel worshipped these gods along with, and sometimes instead of, Yahweh, the God of Israel. This Biblical denunciation of these Canaanite gods received a fresh face when the Ugaritic texts were discovered, for at Ugarit these were the very gods that were worshipped.

El was the chief god at Ugarit. Yet El is also the name of God used in many of the Psalms for Yahweh; or at least that has been the presupposition among pious Christians. Yet when one reads these Psalms and the Ugaritic texts one sees that the very attributes for which Yahweh is acclaimed are the same for which El is acclaimed. Other deities worshipped at Ugarit were El Shaddai, El Elyon, and El Berith. All of these names are applied to Yahweh by the writers of the Old Testament. What this means is that the Hebrew theologians adopted the titles of the Canaanite gods and attributed them to Yahweh in an effort to eliminate them. If Yahweh is all of these there is no need for the Canaanite gods to exist! This process is known as assimilation.

Besides the chief god at Ugarit there were also lesser gods, demons, and goddesses. The most important of these lesser gods were Baal, Asherah, Yam (the god of the sea) and Mot (the god of death). What is of great interest here is that Yam is the Hebrew word for sea and Mot is the Hebrew word for death! Is this because the Hebrews also adopted these Canaanite ideas as well? Most likely they did. One of the most interesting of these lesser deities, Asherah, plays a very important role in the Old Testament. There she is called the wife of Baal; but she is also known as the consort of Yahweh! There is one Ugaritic text which seems to indicate that among the inhabitants of Ugarit, Yahweh was viewed as another son of El. KTU 1.1 IV 14 Among the other gods worshipped at Ugarit there are Dagon, Tirosch, Horon, Nahar, Resheph, Kotar Hosis, Shachar (who is the equivalent of Satan), and Shalem. The folks at Ugarit were also plagued by a host of demons and lesser gods.”

Plagued is a good word to use! The author of Legend; the Genesis of Civilization believes the Neolithic revolution originated in the Zagros mountains and gradually transferred to the Mesopotamian plain.  Most scholars agree that the ethnic Sumerians descended from the Ubaid culture of Ugarit in northern Mesopotamia. In the book just mentioned, the author wrote; “If the so-called Ubaid culture is indeed that of the Sumerians, then we may conclude that the Sumerians entered the lowlands from the mountains to the north-east because that is where their earliest pottery originates.”

Since people have been taught the ‘official’ history of the Earth, they have come to believe that the Bronze Age – which was roughly the same time period of the Ubaid culture, was very primitive. As far as we have been taught, humans were barely out of the Stone-Age then. The truth about the Bronze Age is that the Serpents of Wisdom, who were presiding over these civilizations, brought all aspects of modern culture to them. Thousands of clay tablets from Mesopotamia have been found. Among these are records from lawyers, doctors, merchants, schools, factories, architects and engineers. They have found records that prove that the Sumerians knew advanced math using the square and the cube root. Their cities had running water and indoor toilets. They built multi-story buildings. They had paved roads and intricate canal systems.

The Sumerians called themselves the ‘black headed people’. From the 1998 Grail issue of Temple Doors we learn that; “The black headed people did not claim to have invented any of the fundamentals of their remarkable civilization. In repeated writings the Sumerians claimed that gods came to Earth and taught them everything after having dredged the swamplands and built the cities. The Sumerian accounts repeatedly refer to both the primary gods such as Enlil, Enki, Ninurta, and Ninhursag and the lower ranking working gods, the Anunnaki, among which they counted a pickax god, a brick mold god, and a metal smith god…..speaking about the Anunnaki: Modern scholars have relegated these beings to the mythological or religious realm of a Sumerian pantheon. They dispute the Sumerians own descriptions of them as real, flesh and blood people who came to Earth to create and mentor them. And who are we to believe; the Sumerians themselves, who revolutionized the world, left a vast archaeological record of their accomplishments, and sought no credit for these accomplishments, or modern academics whose worldview descends from one that formerly denied the very existence of the Sumerians and now will not permit them such a history? Either the Sumerian gods were advanced human advisers and teachers as claimed in their cuneiform writing, or they were the creations of an ancient imagination.”

The author goes on to say that before the Sumerians, there were no bakers, harpists, carpenters, metal smiths, jewelers, artists, engineers, mathematicians, bureaucrats or scribes. These innovations appeared in their cities between 3700 BC and 3000 BC. They are also credited with inventing the wheel, chariot, bronze, sailboats mathematics and astrology. The author makes the statement, “So the few ancient, fast growing civilizations, the advanced nature of which we have archaeological proof – do not fit our theoretical modes. Perhaps, then, it is time to change the model. Who or what lit a fire under these cultures? Perhaps now is the time to take as truth the explanations of our ancient ancestors; these cultures were contacted and stimulated by an advanced race; the cultures in the rest of the world were not.” The true history of the Earth has been hidden from humankind. People in the academic world quickly learn that their tenures and reputations rest on towing the ‘official’ line.

In searching for the origins of the ‘fallen race’ of the Watchers or Anunnaki, Andrew Collins traveled to the Kurdish lands and spoke with the Kurds and Yezidis. He relates that, “Their most distant ancestors had, they say, migrated to the Mountain of the Madai, i.e. Kurdistan, from a foreign kingdom. That foreign kingdom was Egypt, the land of the Pharaohs.”

The Yezidi are the spiritual and physical descendants of the Persian Magi, the ‘wise men’ who took gifts to the baby Jesus. They were also a branch of the Serpents of Wisdom. According to Collins, The Yezidis believe in a form of dualism, where they give equal respect to both the good and evil principles of their religion. Because they give equal respect to both sides, I believe that they acknowledge that there is a place for both sides in our dualistic universe. This is known as binary dualism. This line of thought believes that rather than opposing, they are complimentary dualities that balance each other out. The Essenes didn’t go so far as to revere the evil side – they completely ignored it, believing that thinking about it would give it power. The Yezidis are called angel worshipers. Some may think that the Essenes worshiped angels but in reality they just communed with them. They knew angels were here to help them, so they sought their aid in their lives. The Yezidis both revere and fear Satan or as they know him, Lasifarus. They believe he has already been forgiven by God and given another chance.

There was a rainy period in Egypt known as the Neolithic Sub pluvial or the Holocene Wet Phase. It was an extended period from about 7500–7000 BC to about 3500–3000 BC of wet and rainy conditions. At least one geologist noted that the sphinx on the Giza plateau shows wear patterns that could only have been caused by water erosion. Most scientists scoff at this because they believe that the sphinx and pyramids were built circa 3500 B.C. Others believe they could have been built as early as 8500 B.C. Either way, we can see that it could have been subject to water erosion during this wet phase. It’s very possible that our ancestors went to the Zagros Mountains during this period to escape the flooding in Egypt – as they lived on the Giza Plateau at the time. Collins speaks of an early civilization in Egypt dating to circa 12,000 B.C., and speculates that this could be earlier evidence of the fallen race’s migration. He says that the Egyptian elders who settled in Kurdistan circa 9000 B.C. transformed themselves into an, “advanced shamanistic culture that had a profound influence on the developing races of the surrounding foothills and plains.”

Collins states that, “Despite this continuation of the original knowledge of their race, they were unable to preserve much of the scientific and technological capabilities displayed in the cyclopean monuments of Egypt and the great cities beneath the plains of Cappadocia. …The ultimate tragedy of this surviving colony, recognized today as the Watchers of the Book of Enoch, is that they survived fire and flood as well as unknown personal catastrophes merely to have the glories of their race and the wonders of their civilization erased from world history.”

The cities beneath the plains of Cappadocia just referred to, is an interesting subject. Cappadocia is located in today’s Turkey. The land there is a soft volcanic rock. For whatever reason, be it a re-emergence of an Ice Age as some speculate, or as efforts to try to hide from beings in the skies as another author speculated, vast underground cities were built approximately 8000 years ago. One settlement was said to be able to house twenty thousand people. The author of Catal Huyuk; a Neolithic Town in Anatolia writes about bird-like shamans who appeared to be the precursors to the Zoroastrians and Magi priests of Persia and said that even circa 6500 B.C., their tradition was already many thousands of years old. Andrew Collins describes them as, “a tall race of bird-men, with white Caucasian features and long viper-like faces of east Asian appearance.” In my opinion that describes Pharaoh Akhenaten in the pictures we saw in an earlier post. This was also a description of the Masters of Wisdom from an earlier chapter. This may have been what the Anunnaki looked like and Ea/Enki, because he was a combination of serpent and bird, may have looked like a winged serpent. What may be hard for some people to come to grips with, is that the Essenes were the literal physical and spiritual descendants of these shamanistic, “viper-faced tall race of bird-men with white Caucasian features and long viper like faces of East Asian appearance.” Our ancestors were the Watchers, Nephilim, Anunnaki, ‘fallen angels’. But as we have learned, they were for the most part seen as a blessing to the people they lived among. If I am getting our story straight, at some point Marduk took over, and that’s when things really went downhill for humanity.

Ararat is not one mountain, but a range of mountains. In the book The Cradle of Mankind, the authors relate that animal sacrifices are offered up yearly on Al Judi, a mountain in the Ararat range by Christians, Shiite and Sunni Muslims, Mandeans, Jews and the Yezidis in remembrance of God saving Noah and his family. All these people believe that they, in particular, are descendants of Noah’s family.

This is the area where Enoch of the Bible lived. In Hebrews 11:15, is written; “It was by faith that Enoch was taken up to heaven without dying – he disappeared, because God took him. For, before he was taken up, he was known as a person who pleased God.” From the earliest days of my research Enoch kept popping up. Edgar Cayce said that the soul who manifested in Jesus was the same soul as Enoch. The Book of Enoch was one of the main scriptures of the Essenes. In it, Enoch goes into detail about the transgressions and punishments of the fallen angels. Enoch was said to spend all his time with the angels in what is called the mountain of the Madai or Mount Parwan located in present day Azerbaijan. This was the same area where Abraham’s wife Hagar fled with her son Ishmael after Sarah’s jealousy caused Abraham to send her away. It was also the area where John the Baptist was raised.

The book of Enoch relates that in the days of Jared, who was fifth in descent from Adam through Seth, two hundred Watchers descended from the summit of Mount Hermon, which is located north of Damascus. Their intention was to take human women as wives. The Watchers swore an oath and bound themselves by ‘mutual imprecations’, apparently knowing full well the consequences their actions would have for themselves and for humanity.

Enoch then relates that, “The women became pregnant, and they bare great giants, whose height was three thousand ells; who consumed all the acquisitions of men. And when men could no longer sustain them, the giants turned against them and devoured mankind. And they began to sin against birds, and beasts, and reptiles, and fish, and to devour one another’s flesh and drink the blood. Then the Earth laid accusation against the lawless ones.” The story goes on to relate the forbidden secrets that the Watchers taught their wives. Azazel taught metalworking, specifically how to make weapons, shields, knives, breastplates, etc. Not a usual occupation one associates with angels! They also taught the art of jewelry making and how to make and use makeup. Azazel was accused of teaching women the enjoyment of sex and of encouraging promiscuity. Many authors say that Satan and Azazel are the same being, but in the Book of Enoch, Azazel is subject to Satan. The Watchers were also accused of teaching humans about meteorology, or weather forecasting, astronomy, the magical arts, the seasoning of food, the use of plants in medicine, and writing. One Watcher named Kasdeja was said to have shown “the children of men all the wicked smiting’s of spirits and demons, and the smiting’s of the embryo in the womb, that it may pass away.”

According to Muslim legend, Azazel was cast out of Heaven for refusing to bow down before Adam. In the Jeshua channelings, Jeshua says that the reason for Satan’s rebellion was because, “his brother Satan felt rejected by God.” Some people identify Satan with Cain of the Old Testament who killed his brother Abel because Abel’s offering was accepted by God, while Cain’s was not. This could be a reason why Satan, if he was Cain, felt rejected by God.

In the Sumerian texts, the Anunnaki lived in a settlement called Kharsag Kurra in the Taurus mountain range of Turkish Kurdistan, west of Lake Van.  The texts detail several harsh winters with severe cold and floods that caused the Anunnaki to abandon their mountain settlement and move to the valley below. The texts show very human Anunnaki who suffer from food poisoning, fight flooding with dikes and culverts, and suffer from the bitter cold. If they were possessors of some great supra-natural power, it’s not evident in the ancient texts. Andrew Collins figures the time of the Anunnakis descent onto the Mesopotamian plain to be circa 5500 B.C. He concludes with this regarding the Anunnaki;

“Their survival into mythology is a hollow victory. We can only guess at the sense of loss they must have felt coming into the age of Neolithic man. To see the knowledge they had preserved, the achievements they had made and the struggles behind their survival all being reduced to grossly distorted folktales must have been a painful blow. …There is ample evidence to suggest that these Egyptian colonists were responsible for the Neolithic explosion that eventually led to the gradual emergence of civilization in the Near East around 5000 BC. Some of this slow release of information had, I feel, been carefully calculated, but knowledge concerning the fall of the Watchers would imply that some of those involved took matters into their own hands and decided, for their own gain, to reveal further wisdom and knowledge to humanity.”

There are many views as to the ‘knowledge’ granted to humankind by the ‘fallen’ angels. One view is that the information was not meant to be kept from humans but was given too early, when humankind had not progressed enough to use the knowledge wisely. Another view is that there are two sides to the ‘fallen angels’ – one that is for human progress and the other which is against it. The side against human progress doesn’t want them to have knowledge. The view expressed by Mr. Collins that some of the fallen angels gave humans knowledge for their (the angels) gain, is probably true in any case. The Mesopotamian texts make it clear that humans dna was manipulated in order to make a more advanced human, not for the benefit of humans, but in order to make a more intelligent worker to do the Anunnaki’s bidding.

It’s quite common today to hear that Sumerian was the first written language. However, scholars have traced what they believe to be the earlier form of this language to the Transylvanian village of Tartaria in the Balkans. According to Laurence Gardner, this writing precedes the Sumerian by a thousand years. Gardner believes that the Sumerians migrated from ancient Scythia and the Black Sea regions. On one of the tablets found in Tartaria, the Sumerian god Enki is listed and the name of the Sumerian city of Ur, where Abraham lived, is derived from the Scythian word Ur, which means ‘Lord’. I have often wondered if the word Scythian stems from ‘Sethian’. One of the main movements of our people across Europe was that of the Scythians, a nomadic horse riding people who were later called Celt-Iberians. Iberia was an early name for present-day France, Spain and Portugal. Iberia is just another way to spell ‘Hebrew’.

Laurence Gardner takes the position that the Adam of the Hebrew Old Testament was not the first man. In his words; “He is traditionally recorded as being the first man, and in this regard he was the first of a uniquely advanced strain of Homo sapiens, sapiens.” I believe the paradox of Adam of the Bible being shown to be from roughly ten thousand B.C. and the origins of the first humans being millions of years ago is clarified in the readings of Edgar Cayce.  According to Cayce, what is represented in the Book of Genesis is when the latest human, the Adamic human who came equipped with the ‘Tree of Life’ within it was created. In those readings, Cayce related how all of Creation celebrated the arrival of the ‘True Human’ Adam and Eve. Cayce said that there were five Adamic couples transplanted to five different locations on Earth that represent the current five races of humanity.

The texts unearthed from ancient Mesopotamia tell the story of the Anunnaki. Their leaders were Anu and his sons Enlil and Enki. Their numbers seem to have been few. The texts relate stories of very human people who have family squabbles, make wine and beer and get drunk, die by accident and injury, and rule over the Near East. I would like to clarify that the black-haired people were originally from Atlantis. One Hopi medicine man said that the black-haired people of Atlantis scattered all around the Earth and the color of their skin changed but their hair remained black. According to Laurence Gardner, in Genesis of the Grail Kings, “In the ancient Sumerian text from Nippur, it is specifically stated that “Anu, Enlil, Enki and Nin-khursag had themselves fashioned the black-haired people, those called the Sumerians – the very race whose mysterious origin, language and culture have never been fathomed.” Enlil was described as “the serpent with the shining eyes”. The Anunnaki were known as the ‘shining ones’. The Anunnaki with Anu presiding, were the ‘assembly of gods’ mentioned in the 82nd chapter of Psalms in the Bible.

We saw earlier in the story how Biblical characters became embedded in pagan pantheons of gods. Things are equally confusing in our history in Mesopotamia. To begin with, in the ancient Sumerian tablets and according to Jewish texts, Cain was not fathered by Adam, but by Yaldabaoth or one of his sons. The Talmudic Jews say Cain was fathered by Satan, who is Enki, and I have to agree with them – even though the Talmudic Jews are the dark side of the Satantists, and so I disagree with them on everything else. To give you an idea of what I have been grappling with, I give the following example:

In the gnostic text, the Pistis Sophia, which was dictated by Jesus to the apostle Philip, Jesus says that five of the rulers were repentant and forgiven. One of these is Ares of the Roman pantheon. I have the following identities for Ares: According to the Jews, Gnostics and Romans, he was Mars. According to Helena Blavatsky he was Cain. According to the Jews, he was Satan and Samael, which is another name for Yaldabaoth. So here we see that Yaldabaoth was possibly Satan, but if he is the same as Ares, he has been forgiven!

Trying to tie-in the Anunnaki and Yaldabaoth and his sons, and Satan and the fallen angels together in some recognizable picture at this point seems untenable.

The Mesopotamian texts describe how the Anunnaki divided up the lands and the family members moved to their areas, established cities, and ruled over the people in their lands. Their cities spread as far east as Mojenjo Daro in present day Pakistan. The Anunnaki vied with each other not only for land and status, but also for the veneration of their subjects.  Their inter-necine rivalries can be found in the Old Testament in the wars of the kings. When Jehovah tells his people not to worship Asherah or Baal, he is referring to family members. Something I am still not convinced of is whether or not Jehovah and Yahweh denote the same deity. The Freemasons say that Yahweh is a, “higher expression” of Jehovah, which makes perfect sense to me. To understand this, you need to understand that Yahweh is the Logos and the Holy Spirit. Yaldabaoth/Jehovah is an emanation from them through whom our world was created. Laurence Gardner says this about the Anunnaki;

“Every item of written and pictorial attestation confirms that the ancient Sumerians were absolutely sincere about the existence of the Anunnaki, and those such as Enki, Enlil, Nin-khursag and Inanna fulfilled Earthly functions with designated community duties. They were patrons and founders; they were teachers and justices; they were clinical technologists, agriculturalists and kingmakers. …I can find absolutely no way to explain the phenomenon of the Anunnaki beyond that which was originally recorded – and text after text says precisely the same thing: they were the ‘mighty ones of eternity’, the ‘lofty ones from on high’, the heroes of yore; their Nephilim ambassadors came down and their kingship was lowered from heaven.”

Gardner comments that in existing depictions of the Anunnaki they look quite human, tall, with large eyes and usually bearded. He makes reference to “archaic figurines from around 500 B.C. which depict characters with expressly serpentine features.” I have displayed those pictures in an earlier post. Gardner doesn’t feel the figures have anything to do with the Anunnaki, but notes that records do indicate that the word serpent was used in a descriptive manner with Nin-Khursag called the Serpent Lady and Enlil the ‘serpent with the shining eyes’.  He also notes that the facial characteristics of these statuettes are similar to some found on other “…deiform representations from as far afield as the Carpathian and Transylvanian regions above the Black Sea.” Gardner notes the Scots Gaels migrated to Ireland from the Black Sea kingdom of Scythia and an old Irish word which signifies a serpent or dragon is sumaire. He wrote that the Anunnaki tradition was widespread within the Fertile Crescent and even across central Europe to the Balkans.

In the Mesopotamian texts, it’s Enlil who caused the Flood because the people were ‘too noisy’. In those texts it is Enlils brother Enki who warns Ziusudra, the Chaldean version of Noah, to build a boat. The Old Testament itself is evidence of the wrath of Jehovah against not only his enemies but also towards the Israelites. The Mesopotamian texts detail how Enlil himself opened the gates of his cities to invaders because they had given their loyalty to his nephew Marduk.  When one reads the ancient texts the Book of Jubilees and Jasher, the early patriarchs can’t emphasize enough how their descendants are to serve Jehovah with fear and humbleness and strive to avoid his wrath.

It would be easy to think that the entire Old Testament is corrupted because of infernal influence from ‘fallen’ angels, however, the truth is that Christ and Pistis Sophia never stopped intervening between humanity and the archons. In fact, I believe that Gaia, the Spirit of the Earth and Pistis Sophia are the same Archangel. The most perplexing paradox that I have faced in my research, is that those very same ancestors, i.e. ‘fallen’ angels, were and are the same beings perpetuating the esoteric and exoteric religions. So if they were corrupt, how could their religions be anything but corrupt? The answer is that not all of them were corrupt, and their thoughts were not their own. They were in some, not all, ways, directed in their actions by a higher source. That is not to say that spiritual practices don’t become corrupt with time through human and dark spiritual influence, as they most certainly do. That’s why God periodically send Messiahs to correct humankind’s course and seed a greater spirituality on Earth.

The Sumerian texts detail how Enki and his sister Ninhursag create a man named Adapa who is believed to be the Biblical Adam. In another text, Adapa/Adam is described as a high priest and the first human of the royal seed, the first priest-king of the Enki bloodline. So this would make Enki/Ea the parent of Adam and Eve, and ‘God’. In another post we learned that the ‘Mirothoe’ created Ea/Ia. The Mirothoe is the Holy Spirit. So that would make Ea her son. I believe what we are seeing here is the second part of the Trinity, the Mother, creating the third part, the Son.  If Ea/Enki is Yahweh Sabaoth, as I believe, then he is the God of the Israelites and the ‘true’ God – at least of this particular creation. He is not Source.

I have seen many scholars grapple with this issue. I can only say that I don’t believe I will ever know the truth in this lifetime, unless I get enlightened, which I hope will happen soon. Regardless, we were made like an archetype from above, the Heavenly Adamas and were created in Gods image. One author said that Adam was the first man that the Lord of Spirits created. The Lord of Spirits is Sabaoth, Captain of the Heavenly Host and also Yahweh. Interestingly, Laurence Gardner said that the meaning of the name Enki is ‘archetype’. The Heavenly Adamas and his son Seth were archetypes.  That there might be a tie-in between Enki and Seth would be no surprise to me. If so, then Enki/Ea is the same as the Logos, Adam, Enoch, Seth, Shem, Yeshua and all the other incarnations of the Logos. The author Mark Pinkham says that Enki was a manifestation of the Primal Serpent. The Primal Serpent is the Logos.

In the Mesopotamian texts, it’s Enki, a Serpent of Wisdom, who encourages Adam and Eve to partake of knowledge and his brother Enlil who doesn’t want them to have knowledge and so throws them out of the Garden. Some believe the rivalry between the brothers and their different outlooks regarding humans is still being played out to this day. In the ancient texts, Enki had created Adapa/Adam specifically as a leader of humankind from his own seed. I believe he did this so that the Anunnaki themselves would not have to be bothered with governing people.  Enki created other humans from the blood of an Anunnaki named Kingu. Gardner puts the creation of Adapa/Adam at about 3800 B.C. This particular Adam could well be the ‘Caucasian Adam’ spoken of by Edgar Cayce, who had come from the Caucasus mountain range, an early home of the Anunnaki. Cayce dated this ‘white Adam’ to about 10,000 B.C. These dates more than anything else, tell me that not all humans stem from this particular ‘Adam’. DNA haplo-groups can be traced for tens of thousands of years, yet we see that this line is less than twelve thousand years old. My particular haplo-group, which is ‘T’ originated in that area circa 10,000 B.C. The Biblical Adam would have been from a black-haired female and Ea/Enki, who was most likely a Sirian/Nibiruan hybrid.

I quoted Helena Blavatsky previously who made the remark about the disfigured allegories of Cain and Abel and the righteous Noah and his family. I don’t know in what way the allegories are misunderstood, but I can tell you that there are many indications that the line from Cain didn’t die out. Cain’s brother Seth’s line led to Noah, however, one of Noah’s wives might have been a descendant of Cain, therefore Cain’s blood could be in the line. Or, as I mentioned earlier, the lines could have conjoined with the daughter of the patriarch Enosh/Enoch of the Sethian line who married her cousin Cain. Laurence Gardner cites “ancient family records” of the royal houses of Europe in tracing his extensive genealogy of the lines of Seth and Cain and shows their Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Mitannian, Chaldean, Scythian, Trojan, Greek, and Israelite lines and touches on their migrations across Europe.

The Hebrew patriarch Abraham was mentioned by the early twentieth century archaeologist Sir Charles Leonard Woolley who stated that there was a need to reassess our view of him when, “we see that his earlier years were spent in such sophisticated surroundings.”  According to Laurence Gardner in Genesis of the Grail Kings, “Indeed, as will be revealed, Abraham was actually descended from a daughter of the great King Ur-nammu who built the ziggurat Temple of Ur.” He went on to say, “Here was positive proof of the world’s oldest and greatest civilization – a highly advanced culture which had already existed for 2000 years before the ancient Egyptian civilization began, and which had emerged 4000 years before the earliest civilization in Greece.”

These are depictions of Ur-Nammu;

In his book From the Ashes of Angels Andrew Collins talks about Sir Charles Leonard Woolley’s discovery of the mound settlement of Tell al-Ubaid some four miles to the north of the city of Ur that was the home of Abraham and his family. Collins mentions that, “There is every reason to suggest that these people were the distant ancestors of the much troubled Marsh Arabs of modern-day Iraq.”  These modern-day marsh Arabs referred to are none other than the Mandeans who are mentioned in other of my posts, and as stated, John the Baptist was a Mandean.

As far as our family’s Mesopotamian history, I recommend the ancient text the Book of Jasher.  In Jasher, one feels like they are reading the original of the Old Testament – which is quite possible. The book of Jasher is mentioned twice in the canonical Bible. Jasher was Moses’ staff bearer. In Jasher, there is a much fuller rendering of the familiar Bible stories. When discussing the Old Testament of the Bible, it’s important to know that the Hebrews had no written religious texts before 600 B.C. when the ten northern tribes of Israelite’s were taken into captivity by Nebuchadnezzar. At that time, scribes wrote down an Israelite history from the original Mesopotamian texts. The ten northern tribes, known as Samaritans, hated the two southern tribes of Judah and Levi, possibly because Judah and Levi had been given leadership roles over the other ten tribes by Jacob-Israel. I believe that as a result of this strife between the sons of Jacob-Israel, the compilers of the Old Testament, who were from the ten northern tribes, played down the importance of the royal line, their connection to Egypt, and the mystic side of their religion.

The Bible calls Abraham a resident of Ur of the Chaldees. There seems to be some confusion as to where this Ur was located. I believe it was in upper Mesopotamia in the area of modern Edessa in Turkey. I read somewhere that this is the ‘second Ur’. The previous name of Edessa was Urfa. Edessa was vitally important to our ancestors, the Crusaders. In fact, it was ranked in importance right after Jerusalem in their efforts to re-take the Holy Land from the Muslims. There was also an Ur in southern Mesopotamia. The settlement of Haran mentioned in the Bible was named after Abraham’s brother Haran. The settlers of Ur of the Chaldees came from the area surrounding Mt. Ararat in what is modern day Armenia, circa 1500 B.C. The Chaldees were also known as Chaldeans. The Chaldean civilization was established by Nimrod, the son of Kush, who was the son of Ham, the son of Noah. Another name for Nimrod is Sargon the Great.

According to the research of Alice Linsley, Abraham’s mother was the daughter of a priest associated with the Egyptian shrine of Karnack. She says; “This is evident from the name of her father, called Karnevo in the Babylonian Talmud. Karnevo would have been a Horite since the shrine of Karnack was dedicated to Horus, called the ‘son of God’.” Alice says that as a Horite ruler, Abraham’s father Terah ruled over the territory of the Euphrates River. She makes the comment that the Horites appear to have been a confederation of numerous clans including the House of Sheba and the House of Joktan. Alice talks of the importance to our ancestors of preserving a kinship pattern wherein priests marry daughters of priests. She believes that the importance of that was because they believed that God had made a promise that a son would be born of a woman who would crush the serpent’s head and restore Paradise. She states that the promised son was to be born in Bethlehem, which was a Horite settlement. Alice mentions Horite settlements between Mt. Hor near Petra and Mt. Hor near Sela. She says that this is an important piece of information because it links Abraham’s father to the land of Canaan and identifies him as a Horite. Terah was named after his maternal grandfather Terah the Horite. This means that Abraham’s mother was from Canaan.

We will see a few instances in this text of an Ethiopian tie-in within our family. Alice says that in the Ethiopian chronicle Nazum al-jawahir, Terah’s wives are given as Tohwait, mother of Sarai, and Yawnu mother of Abraham. The plot thickens though, as Alice wrote; “Tohwait is also recorded in the Syriac Marath Gaze as Naharyath, who is to be identified with Ngry-ta-Thewnen, the former wife of Pharaoh Amenemhet I. Her son by this marriage was the succeeding Pharaoh – Senusret I – the very pharaoh who claimed Sarai for his wife. This is not surprising, since Sarai was Senusret’s maternal half-sister (as well as being Abraham’s paternal half-sister) and it was common practice for Egyptian pharaohs to marry their sisters in order to progress the kingship through the female line. With this in mind, could it perhaps be that Isaac was not the son of Abraham after all, but the son of Sarai and the Pharaoh?

Alice isn’t the only one who has questioned this. According to Laurence Gardner in Genesis of the Grail Kings;

“If Isaac were the son of Pharaoh Senusret, then the seemingly enigmatic details of the covenant would fall very neatly into place. We could even readily understand Sarai’s change of name to Sarah (Princess). Similarly the introduction of the Egyptian custom of circumcision would make sense, as would the prospect of future dynastic kingship in the Egyptian domain. It would even explain the relevance of the mysterious ‘birthright’ that was eventually sold by Isaac’s son Esau to his brother Jacob.”

Gardner remarks that the story of Isaac and his search for a wife paint a different picture of Abraham than is normally portrayed in the Bible.  Abraham appears, “Not as an everyday nomad, but as a wealthy ruler with gold, silver, camels, herds and a large household of servants.” Gardner notes that this picture of Abraham fits better with his brief portrayal as a military commander who defeated armies of four kings to rescue his nephew Lot, and it is more in keeping with his family’s original high station in the Chaldean city of Ur.

At Family Tree DNA Company, they have dna haplo-groups categorized in various ways, such as by last name or country of origin. I have looked for matches in all of them. My dad’s dna profile matches those of the Sephardim, the ‘southern’ Jews. Alice Linsley mentions that Genesis 10:30 tells us that these were the clans whose dwelling place extended from Mesha “all the way to Sephar, the eastern mountain range.” Sephar is quite likely the origin of the appellation of Sephardim. They are called Horites in Genesis 14:6, 36:20 and in Deuteronomy 2:12. The following is taken from the Book of Noah which is appended to the Book of Enoch, which at one time was part of the Canonical Bible:

“And after some days my son Methuselah took a wife for his son Lamech, and she became pregnant by him and bore a son.  And his body was white as snow and red as the blooming of a rose, and the hair of his head and his long locks were white as wool, and his eyes beautiful. And when he opened his eyes, he lighted up the whole house like the sun, and the whole house was very bright.  And thereupon he arose in the hands of the midwife, opened his mouth, and conversed with the Lord of Righteousness. And his father Lamech was afraid of him and fled, and came to his father Methuselah. And he said unto him: ‘I have begotten a strange son, diverse from and unlike man, and resembling the sons of the God of Heaven; and his nature is different and he is not like us, and his eyes are as the rays of the sun, and his countenance is glorious. And it seems to me that he is not sprung from me but from the angels, and I fear that in his days a wonder may be wrought on the Earth. And now, my father, I am here to petition thee and implore thee that thou mayest go to Enoch, our father, and learn from him the truth, for his dwelling-place is amongst the angels.’

And when Methuselah heard the words of his son, he came to me to the ends of the Earth; for he had heard that I was there, and he cried aloud, and I heard his voice and I came to him. And I said unto him: ‘Behold, here am I, my son, wherefore hast thou come to me?’ And he answered and said: ‘Because of a great cause of anxiety have I come to thee, and because of a disturbing vision have I approached. And now, my father, hear me: unto Lamech my son there hath been born a son, the like of whom there is none, and his nature is not like man’s nature, and the color of his body is whiter than snow and redder than the bloom of a rose, and the hair of his head is whiter than white wool, and his eyes are like the rays of the sun, and he opened his eyes and thereupon lighted up the whole house. And he arose in the hands of the midwife, and opened his mouth and blessed the Lord of heaven. And his father Lamech became afraid and fled to me, and did not believe that he was sprung from him, but that he was in the likeness of the Angels of Heaven; and behold I have come to thee that thou mayest make known to me the truth.’

And I, Enoch, answered and said unto him: The Lord will do a new thing on the Earth, and this I have already seen in a vision, and make known to thee that in the generation of my father Jared some of the angels of heaven transgressed the word of the Lord. And behold they commit sin and transgress the law, and have united themselves with women and commit sin with them, and have married some of them, and have begot children by them. And they shall produce on the Earth giants not according to the Spirit, but according to the flesh, and there shall be a great punishment on the Earth, and the Earth shall be cleansed from all impurity. Yea, there shall come a great destruction over the whole Earth, and there shall be a deluge and a great destruction for one year. And this son who has been born unto you shall be left on the Earth, and his three children shall be saved with him: when all mankind that are on the Earth shall die [he and his sons shall be saved]. And now make known to thy son Lamech that he who has been born is in truth his son, and call his name Noah; for he shall be left to you, and he and his sons shall be saved from the destruction, which shall come upon the Earth on account of all the sin and all the unrighteousness, which shall be consummated on the Earth in his days. And after that there shall be still more unrighteousness than that which was first consummated on the Earth; for I know the Mysteries of the Holy Ones; for He, the Lord, has showed me and informed me, and I have read (them) in the Heavenly Tablets.”

I believe this ‘new thing’ referred to above was to create a more superior human, to put humans and erring angels on more even ground. In another ancient text that relates this same story, Lamech’s wife swears she hasn’t mated with anyone other than Lamech, yet we see that Noah looks like an ‘angel child’. There is debate about whether there ever was a world-wide flood that destroyed all humans. A study done by Stanford university found that the Earth’s population may have shrank to as few as 2000 before numbers rose again in the early Stone Age. Even Jesus in one of the Nag Hammadi texts says that others of the Un-dominated Race were saved along with Noah. My point here is that I am not sure if all humans are descendants of Noah and his family or not. The Bible makes it clear that there were still giants on the Earth after the flood, but the Israelite’s weren’t giants, but were like ‘grasshoppers’ to the giants.

End of Part One

Egypt – Part 3 of 3

So how did we come to be so disconnected from our Egyptian history? The author of the book Magi; the Quest for a Secret Tradition  says that knowledge of Christianity’s close links with the non-Jewish religions were stamped out in Egypt during the persecutions of the pagans that took place in AD 390. He remarks that, “Thereafter religious orthodoxy became the overwhelmingly dominant force throughout the empire and people with Gnostic ideas had to keep these a closely guarded secret if they wanted to avoid persecution for heresy. …Yet, in spite of persecution an undercurrent of ideas, long dead in the west, which connected the work of Jesus Christ with both the Hermetic tradition of Egypt and the Zoroastrian revelation of Persia, continued to survive.” The author remarks that it was understood in the ancient world that the Egyptian pharaohs somehow embodied the Solar Logos, and, “as such the pharaoh was a living god whose responsibility it was to uphold civilization on Earth.”

The sun is also known as the Solar Logos. When I was still trying to come to terms with the fact that our ancestors, the descendants of Jesus and his family, practiced pagan beliefs, for instance being followers of Mithraism as was the Merovingian King Clovis, I couldn’t help but think, “We do worship on Sundays, do we not?” When I was a child, in a Southern Baptist church, our missionary group for children was called ‘Sunbeams’.

There’s a central sun in our universe that sends God’s power to our galaxy’s sun which then flows to our solar system’s sun, then to the planets in our solar system and to humans who contain a central sun within them in their third chakra – the solar plexus. If not for these suns, there would be no life. The Essene’s rose before dawn to go outside and face the rising sun to pray and meditate. To them the sun represented God. They weren’t worshiping the sun, but the God behind it. It was later in other solar religions, where the meaning was lost and the people came to worship the visible sun. That led to the atrocities such as the Mayan and Aztecs human sacrifices to the sun because they had such a fear of eclipses they were afraid the sun would go away permanently, so they tried to appease it by the sacrifice of human lives.

After the Romans conquered Egypt, they took the title of Horus Kings and claimed they were the embodiment of the Solar Logos and therefore were gods. However, as they were not the real embodiment of the Solar Logos as (some) of the Pharaohs had been, all they did was sully the position. The author of Magi; Quest for a Secret Tradition has some important insights regarding the role of Jesus as a Sun king;

“The insignia of the pharaoh were the crook and flail. The first showing that he was the good shepherd to his flock, the second that he was a scourge to his enemies. Jesus, in his ministry, discarded the flail and taught the message that one must love one’s enemies. He did this because, owing to what happened at his baptism, the Christ Spirit united with him, his claimed authority was even higher than that of the Solar Logos.”

The author remarks that the special role of John the Baptist was that as the last in the line of Old Testament prophets, he represented the Elijah tradition. And as an Orion figure, he symbolized the starry heaven beyond the solar system, “a place beyond the reach of the Solar Logos to which the pharaohs dreamed of going after death.” He says that John the Baptist’s baptism of Jesus represented “the very pinnacle of initiation into the mysteries beyond which, it seems, no one had yet gone.”  The author said that the Spirit of God is the Primary Logos and stands above sun and stars and describes the Logos as pure and unconditioned love which lies beyond all created worlds. He makes the remark regarding Jesus that, “If he was born in the stable with the rights and privileges of a pharaoh, he now transcended his fate by fulfilling a greater destiny embraced not by the falcon but the dove.”

The next author is talking about our enemies, the black magicians who usurped the priesthood in Egypt and made the pharaohs puppet rulers.  I believe the black magicians were the same followers of Belial from Atlantis and that there was an ancient rivalry that continued in Egypt. From The Secret Teachings of All Ages;

“Ceremonial magic is the ancient art of invoking and controlling spirits by a scientific application of certain formula. A magician, enveloped in sanctified vestments and carrying a wand inscribed with hieroglyphic figures, could by the power vested in certain words and symbols control the invisible inhabitants of the elements and of the astral world. While the elaborate ceremonial magic of antiquity was not necessarily evil, there arose from its perversion several false schools of sorcery, or black magic. Egypt, a great center of learning and the birthplace of many arts and sciences, furnished an ideal environment for transcendental experimentation. Here the black magicians of Atlantis continued to exercise their superhuman powers until they had completely undermined and corrupted the morals of the primitive Mysteries. By establishing a sacerdotal caste they usurped the position formerly occupied by the initiates, and seized the reins of spiritual government.

Thus black magic dictated the state religion and paralyzed the intellectual and spiritual activities of the individual by demanding his complete and unhesitating acquiescence in the dogma formulated by the priest craft. The Pharaoh became a puppet in the hands of the Scarlet Council – a committee of arch-sorcerers elevated to power by the priesthood. These sorcerers then began the systematic destruction of all keys to the ancient wisdom, so that none might have access to the knowledge necessary to reach adept-ship without first becoming one of their order. They mutilated the rituals of the Mysteries while professing to preserve them, so that even though the neophyte passed through the degrees he could not secure the knowledge to which he was entitled.

Idolatry was introduced by encouraging the worship of the images which in the beginning the wise had erected solely as symbols for study and meditation. False interpretations were given to the emblems and figures of the Mysteries, and elaborate theologies were created to confuse the minds of their devotees. The masses, deprived of their birthright of understanding and groveling in ignorance, eventually became the abject slaves of the spiritual impostors. Superstition universally prevailed and the black magicians completely dominated national affairs, with the result that humanity still suffers from the sophistries of the priest crafts of Atlantis and Egypt.

Fully convinced that their Scriptures sanctioned it, numerous medieval Qabalist’s devoted their lives to the practice of ceremonial magic. The transcendentalism of the Qabalist’s is founded upon the ancient and magical formula of King Solomon, who has long been considered by the Jews as the prince of ceremonial magicians. Among the Qabalist’s of the Middle Ages were a great number of black magicians who strayed from the noble concepts of the Sepher Yetzirah and became enmeshed in demonism and witchcraft. They sought to substitute magic mirrors, consecrated daggers, and circles spread around posts of coffin nails, for the living of that virtuous life which, without the assistance of complicated rituals or sub mundane creatures, unfailingly brings man to the state of true individual completion. Those who sought to control elemental spirits through ceremonial magic did so largely with the hope of securing from the invisible worlds either rare knowledge or supernatural power.

The little red demon of Napoleon Bonaparte and the infamous oracular heads of de Medici are examples of the disastrous results of permitting elemental beings to dictate the course of human procedure. While the learned and godlike demon of Socrates seems to have been an exception, this really proves that the intellectual and moral status of the magician has much to do with the type of elemental he is capable of invoking. But even the demon of Socrates deserted the philosopher when the sentence of death was passed. Transcendentalism and all forms of phenomenalistic magic are but blind alleys – outgrowths of Atlantean sorcery; and those who forsake the straight path of philosophy to wander therein almost invariably fall victims to their imprudence.

Man, incapable of controlling his own appetites, is not equal to the task of governing the fiery and tempestuous elemental spirits. Many a magician has lost his life as the result of opening a way whereby sub-mundane creatures could become active participants in his affairs. When Eliphas Levi invoked the spirit of Apollonius of Tyana, what did he hope to accomplish? Is the gratification of curiosity a motive sufficient to warrant the devotion of an entire lifetime to a dangerous and unprofitable pursuit?

If the living Apollonius refused to divulge his secrets to the profane, is there any probability that after death he would disclose them to the curious-minded? Levi himself did not dare to assert that the specter which appeared to him was actually the great philosopher, for Levi realized only too well the proclivity of elementals to impersonate those who have passed on. The majority of modern mediumistic apparitions are but elemental creatures masquerading through bodies composed of thought substance supplied by the very persons desiring to behold these wraiths of discarnate beings.

Some understanding of the intricate theory and practice of ceremonial magic may be derived from a brief consideration of its underlying premises. First; The visible universe has an invisible counterpart, the higher planes of which are peopled by good and beautiful spirits; the lower planes, dark and foreboding, are the habitation of evil spirits and demons under the leadership of the Fallen Angel and his ten Princes. Second. By means of the secret processes of ceremonial magic it is possible to contact these invisible creatures and gain their help in some human undertaking. Good spirits willingly lend their assistance to any worthy enterprise, but the evil spirits serve only those who live to pervert and destroy.

Third, it is possible to make contracts with spirits whereby the magician becomes for a stipulated time the master of an elemental being. Fourth; True black magic is performed with the aid of a demoniacal spirit, who serves the sorcerer for the length of his earthly life, with the understanding that after death the magician shall become the servant of his own demon. For this reason a black magician will go to inconceivable ends to prolong his physical life, since there is nothing for him beyond the grave. The most dangerous form of black magic is the scientific perversion of occult power for the gratification of personal desire. It’s less complex and more universal form is human selfishness, for selfishness is the fundamental cause of all worldly evil. A man will barter his eternal soul for temporal power, and down through the ages a mysterious process has been evolved which actually enables him to make this exchange. In its various branches the black art includes nearly all forms of ceremonial magic, necromancy, witchcraft, sorcery, and vampirism. Under the same general heading are also included mesmerism and hypnotism, except when used solely for medical purposes, and even then there is an element of risk for all concerned.”

There is another side to magic, the ‘white’ side. I’m discussing this topic because you will find the words magic and occult throughout our family story and it has been very troubling to me, hence the need for a deeper understanding of the subject. Richard Smoley in his book Hidden Wisdom a Guide to the Western Inner Traditions wrote;

“Today it may seem strange that a pope (Urban) should have turned to occult means for help, but in fact many in the Renaissance agreed with the magus Cornelius Agrippa who asserted that ‘a magician doth not among learned men signify a sorcerer, or one that is superstitious, or devilish, but a wise man, a priest, a prophet and that magic was accounted by all ancient philosophers the chiefest science.’

…Theurgy is ritual magic – but magic that enacts the will of God, not of the magician. It brings divine energies down to Earth, elevating and spiritualizing the world of matter, including the very being and substance of the participants. Each time the believer takes part with attention and devotion, he or she becomes more attuned to God.”

The author of The Edgar Cayce Primer tells of the understanding that Edgar Cayce had regarding magic. He wrote that just as Christians today worry about Satanic influences and occultism the Edgar Cayce readings were also concerned about them.  The readings give a great deal of information that help to clarify these important spiritual questions and problems. He states that, “They point out differences in the mystical, the occult, and the psychic. The mystical experience is the awareness of Oneness. The occult is defined in the readings as the use of the mind’s powers without respect to purposes. The psychic is, according to the readings, of the soul, and the preferred terminology regarding the Spirit working through the individual and manifesting its gifts.” He goes on to say that what differentiates between the occult and the spiritual is not the “form, nor the organization, nor the dogma, but rather the individual’s ideals and purposes.”

People familiar with the Old Testament of the Bible may remember the story where Moses went back to Egypt in order to rescue the Israelite’s who had been made slaves. When he and his brother Aaron went before Pharaoh, they performed what were considered magic tricks. The magicians of Egypt made a wooden staff turn into a snake. In return, Aaron put Moses staff on the ground and it also became a snake that swallowed the magician’s snake, showing the supremacy of Moses and Aaron’s God.

My study of our family history has shown a pre-dominance of serpents in it. However, the Egyptian Ennead shows that Horus was hawk-headed, Thoth was ibis headed, Anubis was dog headed, and Sekhmet was lion headed. I just accept that we are really all just One – and we are related to all of them!

Egypt – Part 2 of 3

Next are excerpts from an essay found at;

Skulls of the Mother Goddess by Vittorio Di Cesare and Adriano Forgione;

“Why such persistence in tormenting one’s own body? Was there any connection between the tribal rituals and the men of the lengthened cranium? Could it be possible that, as in other cultures, successive populations tended to deform their infant’s heads in order to make them similar to this race of ‘serpent priests’? In Malta, all this was practiced by a mysterious populace that erected gigantic temples to the Mother Goddess between 4100 and 2500 B.C. The presence of these skulls might be that of the last exponents of the most ancient sacerdotal caste that built the megalithic temples and, never having blended with the local populations, had continued reproducing through the millenniums within familiar unions (as was the usual practice among the elite) and consequently impoverished its genetic patrimony until inevitable pathologies manifested, finally disappearing.

The skulls we examined are dated 2500 B.C. (but may be even older) a date in which Malta’s megalithic history ends, initiating a period of historical darkness and absence of population that will last about 300 years, until the arrival of the Phoenicians. These will begin to make Malta their Mediterranean outpost. The Phoenicians will also erect temples to the Mother Goddess in Malta, calling her Astarte, the snake-faced Goddess. Again we find the representation of a Goddess who is associated with the snake and healing powers, almost as if the Phoenicians wanted to continue an interrupted tradition. But it’s the date of 2500 B.C. that presents a fundamental key of interpretation for understanding who these long-headed individuals were and to use it we must move from Malta to nearby Egypt.

Professor Walter B. Emery (1903-1971), the famous Egyptologist, author of “Archaic Egypt”, who excavated at Saqqara in the 30’s, indeed discovered the remains of individuals who lived in the pre-dynastic epoch. These presented a dolichocephalous skull, larger than that of the local ethnic group, fair hair and a taller, heavier build. Emery declared that this stock wasn’t indigenous to Egypt but had performed an important sacerdotal and governmental role in this country. This race kept its distance from the common people, blending only with the aristocratic classes and the scholar associated them with the Shemsu Hor, the ‘disciples of Horus’. The Shemsu Hor are recognized as the dominant sacerdotal caste in pre-dynastic Egypt (until approximately 3000 B.C.), being mentioned in the Turin papyrus and the list of the kings of Abydos. It’s interesting to note that Emery writes:

‘Towards the end of the IV millennium B.C. the people known as the Disciples of Horus appear as a highly dominant aristocracy that governed entire Egypt. The theory of the existence of this race is supported by the discovery in the pre-dynastic tombs, in the northern part of Higher Egypt, of the anatomical remains of individuals with bigger skulls and builds than the native population, with so much difference to exclude any hypothetical common racial strain. The fusion of the two races must have come about in ages that concurred, more or less, with the unification of the two Egyptian Kingdoms.’ ‘Therefore, what occurred in Malta is also reflected in Egypt. It’s noticeable that in Lower Egypt, the pharaoh’s symbol is a bee named ‘Bit’. It isn’t coincidental that Malta’s ancient name is “Melita”, which derives from the Latin word for honey. Malta’s symbol was also a bee and its hexagonal cells. Melita has its origin in ‘Mel’ or ‘Mer’ that in ancient Egypt was the name attributed to the pyramids.’ ‘Besides, the English term, ‘honey’ is strictly related to the original name of Heliopolis, which is ‘On’.

It is an interesting correlation that in Egypt, the Shemsu Hor guaranteed the respect of a solar religion and even today in Malta the sun is called ‘Shem-shi’. ‘Shem’ is a word of ‘Akkadic’ origin, not Egyptian, deriving from the Babylonian term for the sun; that is ‘shamash’. This proves that the Shemsu Hor came from the fertile half-moon area. An umpteenth correlation is the fact that this sacerdotal long-skulled caste disappeared in Egypt, as in Malta in the same period, which is between 3000 and 2500 B.C.

…a third nucleus was present in the Euphrates zone, becoming part of the Arian stock known as Mithans, who the Egyptians called ‘Naharin’, ‘those of the snake’. (from nahash, snake). The Mithans, who occupied a part of the Kurdistan area, were Abraham’s people, whose description is analogous to that of the Shemsu Hor made by Emery (fair hair and robust build). The ‘serpent priest’ tradition originates in the Middle East, with its foremost center right in Kurdistan, where at about 5000 B.C. the matriarchal culture of Jarmo represented the mother goddesses as divinities with faces of vipers and lengthened heads. These divinities will successively be associated to the ‘fallen angels’ or Nephilim, that are most explicitly cited in the ‘Testament of Amran’ in the Qumran scrolls in which is written: ‘One of them was of terrifying aspect, like a snake and his mantle was multicolored and also his face was that of a viper and he wore all his eyes.’

It concerns, in our opinion, not divinities in the strict sense, but individuals in sacerdotal or shaman expression, belonging to a highly developed and profoundly wise culture that had relationships with lesser-organized societies of the period. Its members were considered as ‘half-gods’ for the knowledge they possessed, just like in Egypt with the Shemsu Hor. Analogous viper-faced statues of mother goddesses are found in the land of the Nile, dating back exactly from the archaic period of the Shemsu Hor. It can be therefore concluded that these serpent-priests were the most ancient race that first occupied the fertile half-moon area (particularly Anatolia and Kurdistan) and Egypt (following migrations dating back 6000-4000 B.C.) until reaching Malta to disappear around 2500 B.C. but this culture survived in the Middle East and probably included one of the most famous and yet mysterious pharaohs of Egypt. It concerns the Mithans and the pharaoh Akhenaton. The reason why Akhenaton was linked to the Mithans will be the subject of a following article but the way he was portrayed in his statues and bas-reliefs (and with him, the whole royal family) is indeed that of an individual of lengthened head and human face but with serpent-likeness, characteristics found in the pre-dynastic Egyptian stock mentioned by Emery, besides being the exact representation of the features of the Nephilim and probably the long-skulled individuals of Malta.

The craniums of the Amarnian dynasty statues and the Malta craniums result as being practically identical, a not so fortuitous fact, also proved by the X-rays of Tutankhamun’s skull, Akhenaton’s son, which showed a dolichocephalous cranium. Substantially, the Maltese craniums are the relics, archeologically still not understood; of a sacerdotal race that, in Egypt and Malta, from archaic ages, survived till 2500 B.C. It’s the group that created the religious and spiritual sub-strata that characterized the greatest civilizations of the Old World, from long ago (600 B.C. or even earlier). This group continued in the Middle East and somehow returned in Egypt around 1351 B.C. giving birth, through the heretic pharaoh Akhenaton, to a religious reform that aimed to restore the ancient order. (my emphasis) And if the hypothesis that this pharaoh was linked some way to the figure of Moses is accepted, then the rest is history.”

As related in his book Magi, the Mayan historian Jose Diaz Bolio told Adrian Gilbert that the heads of babies born into their tribes were intentionally deformed in infancy by using boards and wrappings to enable the child to be eligible for the priesthood when he came of age. This was common among the American Indian tribes too. The native people did this to achieve what they called a polcan, which is a long serpentine head in memory of Ahau Can, ‘the Great Lordly Serpent’. The Chanes tribe believed themselves to be descendants of Votan who was a transplanted Atlantean. The author then talks about enormous elongated skulls found at various places in the Yucatan, particularly in Merida. He states that these ancient skulls showed elongation even without deformation. In other words, they were naturally elongated. He noted that the practice appeared to have been exclusive to the Chane priesthood. He makes the statement “…it really does imply that these walking serpents represented an ancestral line in which gigantism had been present. Curiously enough, Toltec myth speaks clearly of a race of giants known as the Quinames, Quinametin or Quinametl who ruled the country in its earliest days.”

He explains that the giants abandoned themselves to vices and luxury and so were vanquished by the Olmec, who thereafter dominated the region. The author then makes the statement that, “Amazingly enough, head deformation of exactly the same kind was practiced among the ruling elite of the Halaf and Ubaid peoples who occupied the Kurdish highlands and Fertile Plateau of Iraq from the sixth to the fourth millennia BC. There seems every reason to believe that in doing so they were attempting to re-create the serpentine features of the Watchers. This seems to have been in order that they could claim lineal descendancy from these individuals who they saw as serpent-like in appearance.” The Watchers were also known as the Nephilim and Anunnaki. The legends state that the Watchers were tall, fair-haired and light skinned.  I don’t know for sure, but what I believe happened, is that what was originally a serpent featured race created the Adamic human proto-type and then incarnated into that form on Earth. Or, it could just be that they are shape-shifters and so adopt that look so as not to scare humans. I would also consider the theory that it hurt their feelings that the humans they partially created were horrified at how they looked.

An article written in the American Anthropologist magazine in 1933 by Henry Field discusses the findings of outsized skulls which the anthropologist referred to as ‘proto Semitic’. Mr. Field also stated that these people were the original founders of the pre-Sumerian city states which were later overrun by the indigenous culture circa 3000 B.C. To quote from the article;

“Just who were these long-headed individuals? Might they have been the descendants of a culture who inhabited Egypt during its earliest stages of development? Might some remnant of this culture have been responsible for the foundation of Sumer, a role both Christian O’Brien and I had already assigned to the Watchers of Eden? The viper like faces recorded in connection with the fallen race would undoubtedly be seen by anthropologists as a classic feature of a long-headed individual, such as those found in the most ancient graves of both Egypt and Sumer.  If the ancestors of the Watchers really were linked with the long-headed, aristocratic race of pre-dynastic Egypt, then what more was there to learn about this unknown culture? Could they really have been the Shemsu-Hor, the Companions of Horus, who had supposedly ruled Egypt for a staggering 13,420 years before the reign of its first Pharaoh?”

And to that last question, I give a resounding yes! In his book Archaic Egypt, Walter Emery said that, “the racial origin of these invaders is not known and the route they took in their penetration of Egypt is equally obscure.”  That route is obscure because it’s at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean! Emery compares the unique architecture of this culture with that of ancient Iraq  (Mesopotamia), believing that both had common origins.

I have referred to our ancestors as the Serpents of Wisdom. I believe these were of the class of angels or ‘celestial beings’ known as the Seraphim, and I believe these were what were pictured in part one. Not exactly what one envisions when one thinks of angels! Mark Pinkham,  author of The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom, tells us that wherever the Serpents of Wisdom have manifested on Earth they have been worshiped as gods and goddesses and treated with the ‘utmost respect’. He relates that they served as “prophets, magicians, healers and ones who speak with the Gods as their equals.” He states that some of the titles they have been known by are the People of the Serpent, the Solar Brotherhood and the Great White Brotherhood, which means that they are, “those of immaculate spiritual purity.” Mark states that they work in tandem with their cousins the Cherubim. This is a good clue to the understanding that the Serpents of Wisdom are Seraphim angels. The Seraphim and Cherubim along with seventy other angelic orders are the ruling hierarchy for our realm of creation.

So just who are the class of angels, the Seraphim? According to the Encyclopedia Seraphim by Micha F. Lindemans;

“Divine creatures from the Old Testament associated with the Cherubim, and later taken to be angels. The root of Seraphim comes either from the Hebrew verb seraph ‘to burn’ or the Hebrew noun seraph ‘a fiery, flying serpent’. Because the term appears several times with reference to the serpents encountered in the wilderness (Num. 21.8, Deut. 8.15; Isa. 14.29; 30.6), it has often been understood to refer to ‘fiery serpents’. From this it has also often been proposed that the Seraphim were serpentine in form and in some sense ‘fiery’ creatures or associated with fire. …..In Isaiah’s call-vision in the Temple, he sees Seraphim surrounding the throne of God, singing praise to God; the ‘Thrice Holy’ hymn (ch 6). In this instance they are angelic beings but in the Book of Numbers, seraph-snakes are sent to punish the Israelites. Some of the Seraphim are Metatron (the prophet Enoch after being taken to Heaven), Kemuel, Nathanael, Gabriel, and Lucifer.”

Tom Kenyon is a channel and sound healer who has a website at  On his site he has a record of messages he has received from a people called the Hathors. The Hathors are benefactors of humankind and have been helping with human evolution for eons. They were here in the earliest period of Earth history in Lemuria. They were also in Egypt during Zep Tepi. This was the real but yet fabled age of Horus, Isis, and the rest of the Egyptian pantheon. There are remains of a temple still standing in Dendera Egypt called the Hathor temple. This is what the Hathors look like, as seen from the temple carvings;


Who the Hathors are & Why They Have Come Found at According to Channeled Messages from the Hathors in Tom Kenyon and Virginia Essenes Hathor Material book.

“We are the Hathors. We come in love and with the sounding of a new dream reality for your Earth. If you are ready to build the new world, we invite you to join us on a journey of the mind and heart. We are your elder brothers and sisters. We have been with you for a very long period of your evolution on this planet. We were with you in eons past – even in the forgotten days before any trace of us is known in your present written history. Our own nature is energetic and inter-dimensional. We originally came from another universe by way of Sirius which is a portal to your universe, and from Sirius we eventually proceeded to your solar system and the etheric realms of Venus. In the past we have specifically worked with and through the Hathor fertility goddess of ancient Egypt. We also made contact with the Tibetan Lamas in the formative period of Tibetan Buddhism. Thus, some of their unique techniques and practices about the use of sound come from our own lineage and our teachings with them. Although we have interacted with some of Earth’s early cultures, we are an intergalactic civilization with outposts that span parts of your known universe and beyond.

We are what you might term an ascended civilization – a group of beings existing at a specific vibratory field, even as you have an energy signature. It is simply that we vibrate at a faster rate than you. Nonetheless, we are all part of the mystery, part of the love that holds and binds the entire universe together. We have grown as you have grown, ascending to the One Source of all that is. We have grown in joy and through sorrow, as have you. We are, in terms of the vastness, a little higher on the spiral of awareness and consciousness than you are; therefore, we can offer you what we have learned as friends, mentors and fellow travelers on the path that leads back to remembrance of All That Is. We are not saviors; we’re not messianic. We wanted to clearly step out of that projection so that the reader understood that we were simply elder brothers and sisters offering our understanding and what we have learned. You may take it or leave it, but we offer it freely. In our understanding, the belief that different alien intelligences are going to save you and the belief that when you enter a photon belt you will magically be transformed, are just projections of human unconsciousness. The hope that someone or something will save you that you will not have to make any changes in yourself; that you will not have to be responsible is unrealistic.

The belief that you can stay in patterns of lethargy and unconsciousness, then take something or have something given to you that will transform you without any effort on your part, is sheer folly. It won’t happen. Now, there may be alien intelligences that land, for they certainly exist, but those humans who count on others to bring in their ascension and elevation without any work on their part, are going to be very disappointed. Ascension is a process of self-awareness and mastery on all levels and it necessitates bringing all those levels of one’s existence upward. That is how we see it and that is how we have done it for millennia. By offering our aid, however, we do not wish to interfere with your other spiritual helpers and cosmic relationships in any way, nor with any religious beliefs, affiliations or organizations of help to you. Even so, there is a great deal we would like to share. We know Sanat Kumara well for it was he who asked us to enter this universe. As an Ascended Master, Sanat Kumara has taken on numerous responsibilities associated with the elevation of planet Earth and this solar system. He is working for the ascension, the evolution of consciousness in the solar system, as we are.”

The author of The Message of the Sphinx comments on Egyptian civilization and remarks that every aspect of the sciences, artistic and architectural techniques and their hieroglyphic system of writing show virtually no signs of a period of development. He says that, “Many of the achievements of the earliest dynasties were never surpassed or even equaled later on.” He asks the question; “How does a complex civilization spring full-blown into being?” He answer his question by saying that the answer is obvious, but because it is “repellent to the prevailing cast of modern thinking, it is seldom seriously considered.” He remarks that Egyptian civilization was “not a development, it was a legacy.” He then makes the statement; “Might not the preservers of that legacy, who eventually bequeathed it to the Pharaohs at the beginning of the Dynastic Period, have been those revered and secretive individuals – the ‘Followers of Horus,’ the Sages, the Senior Ones – whose memory haunts the most archaic traditions of Egypt like a persistent ghost?”

And to that last question, I again say yes! Alice Linsley is an internet blogger who, for over thirty years has researched the anthropology of the Bible using genetics, archaeology, linguistics, and other methods to better know the patriarchal people in the book of Genesis. Her website is

According to Alice, the genealogies listed in Genesis indicate that the patriarch Abraham’s ancestors migrated from ancient Kush in Africa to Mesopotamia. In researching our family history, I can tell you that there was constant movement of our people between Mesopotamia and Egypt. At one time Mesopotamia was ruled by Egypt. Ancient Mesopotamia, also known as the Fertile Crescent, encompassed a vast area starting on the plains of what is today northern Iraq, southward to the Egyptian Nile Delta. Kush is in the area of modern Chad. Kush was also a man, who was related to the line of Seth through a marriage to the line of Cain. To quote Alice Linsley:

“The Horite priesthood of Abraham’s ancestors was dedicated to a Divine Triad which included the Creator God and his uniquely begotten son by a chosen woman. Abraham’s people believed in a supreme creator God with lesser assisting semi-divine powers in a hierarchical ranking, like a pyramid. This is called henotheism. The biblical priesthood originates here among the devotees of Horus.”

Alice goes on to say that the priests who served in the temples were called ‘Hapiru’. She says that in their language, the letters p and b have the same sound. She observes that this could be the derivation of the word Hebrew. Alice says that the origins of the faith of Christ, came to Abraham as a tradition received from his ancestors.

According to Alice, these are the characteristics of this faith;

All-male ruler-priests were mediators between God and the defiled.

A binary  (versus dualistic) worldview.

Blood sacrifice at altars whereby sin was propitiated.

Expectation of the appearing of the Son of God in the flesh.

God’s will on Earth as in heaven – interpreted by morehs (prophets).

Belief in an eternal and undivided Kingdom delivered by the Father to the Son.

Alice relates that Abraham and his ancestors lived in expectation of the Son of God. She states that their priestly lines inter-married exclusively in expectation that the Seed of the Woman, which I take to mean the Messiah, would come of their priestly lines. Alice states that this expectation started in Eden and, “was a central belief of the Horite family-tribal tradition.” That tradition held that the son would be born of a chosen woman, that he would be killed by his own brother, and that he would live again. What Alice is describing here is the teaching of the Serpents of Wisdom. Alice makes comments on the son being born of a virgin and the solar imagery, but believes that the archetype exists so that Abraham’s descendants would recognize the Messiah. She is not aware of the tie-in to the Serpents of Wisdom.

For millennia, our ancestors, who were the prophetic Horite caste, kept a strict pattern of marriage. This pattern is considered pretty creepy today! Marriage to half-sisters was expected for the first marriage. Marriages to cousins or uncles or aunts or nieces or nephews was expected in the second. Third and fourth or even more marriages were commonplace. So this is another view of why our ancestors inter-married, because they believed the Messiah would come from their race. They married their sisters or half-sisters because kingship came down through the women. The man became the king or Pharaoh because he married the woman with the right to the throne. Our ancestors believed – rightly, that the Logos incarnated into their king.

Alice says that the Biblical names Seth and Noah are equivalent to the Egyptian names Set and Nu. She says that Jesus’ ancestors were “Afro-Asiatics who spoke Afro-Asiatic languages. These languages included Akkadian, Amharic, Egyptian, Arabic, Aramaic, Assyrian, Babylonian, Berber, Chadic, Ethiopic, Hahm, Hausa, Hebrew, Kushite, Meroitic, Omotic, Phoenician and Ugaritic.” Alice points out that twelve of these language groups are spoken in Africa as confirmation of the Patriarchs sojourn there. The Afro-Asiatics were descendants of Noah’s sons Ham and Shem. Ham’s family was given Africa as their dominion, but Ham’s grandson Canaan moved into Shem’s lands.  Alice wrote:

“The Oldest Known Language; Chadic is one of the best researched branches of the Afro-Asiatic language phylum. According to the book of Genesis, the first rulers Kain, Seth and Enoch are associated with the region where Chadic is spoken. This includes Chad, Northern Cameroon, Northern Nigeria, and Southeastern Niger in an area around Lake Chad. The area is called Bor’No, which means Land of Noah.”

Alice says that this is the only region on Earth that has place names reflecting the patriarchs of the fourth and fifth chapters of Genesis. She says that the, “antiquity of Chadic river Genesis tells the story of how Kain left his home and went eastward to a place where he married the daughter of a Chadic chief named Nok (Enoch) and built a city named after his firstborn son Enoch.” Alice has discovered a naming pattern of our ancestors whereby the firstborn son is named after the mother’s father. In our family, inheritance was maternal, meaning the firstborn son would inherit the throne of his maternal grandfather. Alice places Kain and Enoch in the region of northern Nigeria, where there are places called Kano and Nok. Alice notes that after battle or the shedding of another’s blood, the Kushite’s had to undergo purity rituals and make atonement for the shedding of blood. She notes that this was repeated in the Levites and Essenes.

In these last paragraphs we learn that the lines of Cain and Seth merged very early, with Cain himself marrying a daughter of Seth. I believe it’s for this reason that the genealogies of Cain and Seth are almost identical in the Book of Genesis, something that has always puzzled scholars.  Alice describes the Kushite migration and states that about ten thousand years ago the Kushites spread across the Levant and Mesopotamia going as far as Central Asia. In addition some of them spread further west in Africa. She remarks that biblical Kush included southern Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, the Horn of Africa and the western and eastern coastal areas of the Red Sea. A little later in the time of Sargon the Great, they controlled commerce on the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. Kushite rulers maintained control of the water sources such as oases and wells. Alice says that the authors of ancient Indian literature claimed that the Kushites ruled the world for 7000 years! According to the ancient historian Epiphanies, the age of the Kushites extended from the Flood to the age of Terah, the Father of the prophet Abraham.

This helps us understand how the Atlanteans or Kushites, ended up in such far-flung places. The final sinking of the portion of Atlantis called Poseidia occurred circa 10,500 B.C., making it quite possible to find the biblical patriarchs in Africa circa 10,000 B.C. and in Mesopotamia (relatively) shortly thereafter.  The Book of Amos in the Bible says that the Israelites were at one time in Ethiopia or Cush. Amos 9:7 says: “Are you not as the children of the Ethiopians unto me, O children of Israel?” saith the Lord. “Have I not brought up Israel out of the land of Egypt?”

Alice notes how the marriage patterns the Horites followed encouraged expansion. Since inheritance was along strict guidelines, all non-inheriting sons were sent away with gifts, but had to leave the territory of their brother who had inherited the kingdom. She also noted DNA studies that show the male haplo-group R-1’s African origin of the Kushites. My father’s DNA haplogroup is R1b, a direct successor of that line.

In February of 2011, there was a television program on the Discovery Channel where it was stated that they were going to announce the results of a DNA study done on the mummies of the 18th Dynasty of Egypt. This is the well-known family of Akhenaten, who may have been Moses. In the program, Zawi Hawass, the Egyptian Minister of Antiquities, sat at a desk and reported that the study didn’t have much to show as the results weren’t very good. However, on a computer screen next to him were the results of at least one test. Camera technicians were able to zoom in on the screen and found that these Egyptian pharaohs were in the R1 DNA haplo-group. In DNA research, The R haplo-group is called ‘Western-European’. So that makes the Egyptian pharaoh a western European! In reality these, our people, ended up right back where they started – the areas around the Atlantic Ocean. In the meantime, they had been as far eastward as they could go.


Egypt – Part 1 of 3

“(The Egyptians)… traced their race back to a mythological period when the gods themselves walked the Earth and with their own power established the double empire of the Nile. The Egyptians did not dream that these divine progenitors were the Atlantean’s, who, forced to abandon their seven islands because of volcanic cataclysms, had immigrated into Egypt then an Atlantean colony, where they established a great philosophic and literary center of civilization which was later to influence profoundly the religions and science of unnumbered races and peoples.” The Secret Teachings of All Ages

The mythological period known as Tep Zepi was a golden age when the gods lived with humankind. These gods were the Neteru, the Shining Ones, the Watchers, the Nephilim. The author of The Knights of the Holy Grail tells their story;

“In ancient Egypt, the first initiates that are described in the Pyramid Texts are the Shemsa-Hor, the Followers of Horus. These were priestly initiates who transmitted an extraordinary body of knowledge from master to pupil down through the generations. The origin of this knowledge lay in the mysterious ‘time of the Neteru’, when the gods supposedly ruled Egypt immediately prior to the time of the earliest pharaohs. These initiates were not necessarily kings, but immensely powerful and enlightened individuals carefully selected by an elite academy that established itself at the sacred site of Heliopolis-Giza in the era of Egyptian prehistory. These initiates preserved the body of mystical knowledge, or gnosis that was the foundation of Jewish mysticism in biblical times that was later transmitted into Europe by the Rex Deus families.”

He goes on to say that the Turin Papyrus lists the names of these gods and the later dynasties of the pharaoh’s. The papyrus shows incredibly long reigns of the Neter, or gods, or Elohim, which was followed by that of a mysterious priesthood known as the Shemsu Hor. Horus was the last Neter god. These were the ‘divine’ dynasties. These priests were also known as the Akhu, which means ‘the Shining Ones.’ I have just recently learned that the Shining Ones is the name used for the beings who live within our sun – which is called Sol. The author wrote; “This mysterious race has also been linked to the fish deities who were said to have come from the sea. More specifically they were said to have come from a submerged land, which inevitably evokes tales of the lost continent of Atlantis.”

The author says that before they were in Egypt, they had come from ancient Sumeria. The Shining Ones settled in other places around the globe. In India they were known as the Nagas, in Mesoamerica as the Feathered Serpents, and in China they were known as the Water Beings. These are all names for the Serpents of Wisdom. The reference to the fish deities, refers to the fact that they were spiritual initiates and lived part of the time in the spiritual world. Water was equated with spirit in the Mystery teachings. We learn more from the author of Mysteries of the Bridechamber;

“But in times beyond our direct recall – times we regard as mythic, possibly around 11,000 BCE, which the Egyptians called the First Time, the time of the elder Gods, thousands of years before the generally accepted genesis of civilization – this direct flow from the top downward began a process of devolution. The Horus kings were mortal, it is true; but hawk-headed Horus himself is credited with being one of the oldest gods of Egypt, older even than the Great Ennead, a Neolithic prince, the son of the great God Atum. Horus was identified with the sun god Re and regarded as the lord of this natural world even as his father Atum, was the Lord of the divine realm.

Horus’ rule was followed by a pantheon of five gods and four goddesses who were known as the Watchers who brought arts and civilization to Egypt. The lineage declined in status with time to a lesser ennead, then a line of demi-gods, then divine souls, the Shemsu-Hor, and then the mortal Horus kings circa 3100 B.C.”

Our ancestors established the solar Mystery religion in Egypt. At the head of the ruler-ship stood the divine king and below him the prophets who were the high initiates who instructed the priests below them in the law and tenets of their religion. The prophets taught the sacred knowledge, or secret teachings of how to attain enlightenment. The prophets were from a line that began in Lemuria. They were originally Followers of the Law of One and were known in Egypt as the Great White Brotherhood and later as the Therapeutae. In the book The Mysteries of the Bridechamber, the author Raphael Patai is quoted and he refers to these priests as the “Heru Shemsu, the illustrious companions or initiates of Horus” and says that they were the originators of Jewish alchemy. He describes them as; “Exceptionally tall and high-skulled, and had come from the Karakorum settlements of central Asia, where they were known as the Sons of the Sun….In Egypt, the race of holy Watchers was an integral part of the great Osiris and Isis religious tradition and was worshipped as a source of blessing to the human race.”

If you recall, I mentioned a high-skulled people in Atlantis.  Victoria LePage says that the occult circles regard these high-skulled Sons of the Sun as advanced beings from the star Sirius. There are many reasons to believe that the pictures below depict what some of our ancestors looked like!


            Meritaten                     Nefertiti

The two labeled are carved stone busts of two of our relatives. Nefertiti and Meritaten were of the eighteenth dynasty of Egypt. Our ancestors were known then as the Amarna Kings. Meritaten is better known to us as Miriam, sister of Moses. In what I can only say is astounding, many very learned people believe that Moses was the Pharaoh Akhenaten – or if not him, an official in his entourage named Thoth-Moses. Akhenaten is credited by many to have been the first monotheist, but he just re-instated the worship of the One began in Lemuria.

From The Edgar Cayce Readings we learn that; “The entity then was in that land now known as the Egyptian, during the period when the princess Hatherpsut (the entity’s mother) was in power; and the entity’s name was Sidiptu, hence a sister of that leader Moses, the lawgiver of Israel. During the reign of the mother, the entity was associated with those people later despised on account of the love that the mother found in association with a people’s (the Hebrews). And the entity was then pledged to one of the leaders of Israel, in the house of Levi; and being despoiled by an Egyptian, it was this one that the brother, Moses, slew, hence causing that disruption which brought at the latter period of the mother’s and the entity’s sojourn in the land – a new pharaoh to the ruling of the peoples”.

Cayce goes on to say that Egypt was almost divided over this incident. The mother was Moses adoptive mother the princess Hatherpsut (Hatshepsut) who loved the Israelite’s and whose adopted son Moses, was an Israelite. Cayce goes on to say; “While the entity may be said to have gained and lost, (in soul development) through the experience, under the tutelage of those peoples with whom the brother was associated – as did the entity’s mother – much understanding  was brought of the legends of a people that had been called for a particular service.” This fascinating information gives us insight into the reason why Moses killed the Egyptian. It was because the Egyptian ‘despoiled’ i.e. raped, Moses sister. It also tells us that Moses was the brother of the daughter of Pharaoh Hatshepsut who was a very powerful female pharaoh. The people despised were the Israelite’s, known as the Habiru, who inhabited the fertile delta region of the Nile known as the Land of Goshen in the Bible. The above quote also shows that a daughter of Hatshepsut was engaged to be married to, “one of the leaders of Israel, in the House of Levi.” Those people called for a particular service – are us!

According to the book Sacred Symbols of Mu; “An Egyptian record says that Moses was the son of an Egyptian princess who afterwards became the great queen and pharaoh Hatshepsut.”

Tim Wallace-Murphy,  author of Hidden Wisdom; Secrets of the Western Esoteric Tradition wrote that; “…according to Freud, Moses was, in fact, a high official in the entourage of Akhenaten called Thuthmose, who chose the Hebrew tribe living at Goshen to be his followers and then led them out of Egypt. Freud’s theory was virulently refuted by many, mainly Jewish scholars, who chose as the focus of their attack not Freud, but Akhenaten and the religion he founded. They hoped that by debunking the religion of Atenism and slandering Akhenaten’s reputation with the mix of abuse and invective common to all theological disputes, Freud’s theories would be devalued and negated. This is truly ironic, for it has now become apparent that the most likely candidate for the role of Moses in history was not Thuthmose, but Akhenaten himself.”

Mr. Wallace-Murphy goes on to say that in 1991, “A meticulous scholar named Ahmed Osman published research proving beyond any reasonable doubt that the biblical figure of Moses was the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten himself. Akhenaten had tried to institute a monotheistic belief in Egypt that nearly provoked civil war; one that had within it, oddly enough, the concept of a Trinity. To refute the claim that Akhenaten was not the rightful heir to the twin thrones of Egypt, his followers called him the ‘Son’, that is the rightful heir to Amenhotep III. The Egyptian word for son is Mos.” The time period of the rulers of this and the succeeding dynasty is the most well-known of all the Egyptian dynasties. They included Tutankhamun whose rich burial tomb was discovered by Sir Leonard Woolley in the early 1900’s. They also included the famous Queen Nefertiti whose stone bust we just saw.

What Akhenaten did was reinstate the original monotheism of our ancestors. In fact, he took the worship of the One out of the realm of the elite and gave it to everyone. The lower priests, as all the exoteric religions, had a pantheon of gods, while the esoteric side believed in one God represented by the Sun. This move was very disruptive to Egyptian society. Akhenaten didn’t help matters when he separated himself from the majority of the people by building a new royal city called Akhetaten, now known as Amarna. The Biblical story relates that the Israelite’s left carrying the wealth of Egypt with them. This makes more sense when one realizes that it was the upper class royalty and their entourage of artists, scribes and craftsmen, i.e. the national elite, who left. The historical records say that Akhetaten, Akhenaten’s capital city, was deserted all at once. Archeologists found that meals were left uneaten on tables and children’s toys still lay on the floor where they had been playing with them.

More on the subject of Egyptian belief is found in the book Legend; the Genesis of Civilization;

“The Egyptians were both polytheists and monotheists, or rather syncretists at the same time. There is no doubt that they worshipped many gods – some very exotic in form and nature. But they also believed in the one great creator god who was both male and female. This bisexual monoplicity may seem rather confusing but is quite simple really. The single, all-encompassing creator goddess had many manifestations, each of which served to represent a different aspect of his her character. …But remember that the Egyptians themselves constantly refer to God in the singular.”

This is very important to remark on, the fact that the Egyptians saw their pantheon as different aspects of the one God, as all the other Gnostic religions would have believed this as well. As I stated before, these pantheons were meant to put human qualities on the face of God so that people could relate to them. That same author equates Asar Luhi of the Sumerians with the Assyrian god Ashur and makes the statement that the Bible identifies him as Ashur son of Shem and grandson of Noah. Ashur was the founder of the Assyrian empire. The author believes that he also has an Egyptian identity. He wrote; “We know the great pharaonic god of agricultural fertility as Osiris after his Greek name, whereas the Egyptians simply knew him as Asar.”

The preceding is an example of the multiple identities of the same person that I have run up against repeatedly in my research. It also confirms the Egyptian tie-in with the family of the biblical patriarchs. We also see a tie-in with a son of Shem – Ashur, with a pagan Greek version (Osiris) of a name of an Egyptian god, Asar! We will see more of this and it doesn’t get any less confusing! From the ancient text, The Testament of Levi, who was one of the twelve sons of Jacob-Israel, we see additional evidence of the patriarchs in Egypt. The Jochebed and Ambram mentioned in the following were the physical parents of Moses. Levi states;

“And Jochebed was born in Egypt, in my sixty-fourth year, for I was renowned then in the midst of my brethren. And in the ninety-fourth year Ambram took Jochebed my daughter to him to wife, for they were born in one day, he and my daughter. Eight years old was I when I went into the land of Canaan, and eighteen years when I slew Shechem, and at nineteen years I became priest, and at twenty-eight years I took a wife, and at forty-eight I went into Egypt. And behold, my children, ye are a third generation. In my hundred and eighteenth year Joseph died.”

From the book Pharaohs and Kings a Biblical Quest we learn; “The Amarna Habiru do not simply bear a striking resemblance to David’s Hebrews – they are David’s Hebrews.”  Tel El (city of) Amarna is a later name for Akhenaten’s city called Akhetaten. Habiru is, to me, obviously the Egyptian word for the Semitic word Hebrew. There are many references in the Old Testament of the Bible to Egyptian tie-ins with the Israelite’s. II Chronicles 8:11 states that King Solomon’s principle wife was pharaoh’s daughter.

The more familiar connection of the Israelite’s and Egypt comes in the story of Joseph, one of the twelve sons of Jacob-Israel who was sold by his brothers to a passing caravan of merchants. Joseph was taken to Egypt and sold as a slave. In the biblical story, Joseph is able to interpret the dreams of the Pharaoh and warn him of an impending drought and famine. His interpretation of the Pharaoh’s dream came true and Joseph was made Vizier, second only to Pharaoh in the administration of the government of Egypt. It says in the Bible that Joseph was a father to pharaoh but I don’t think Christians really ponder what that means. Once in the royal family, wouldn’t it make sense that one would continue to be in the royal family?

The author of the book Custodians of Truth has this to say;  The Bible records that when Joseph revealed his true identity to his brothers, he said; … ‘it was not you that sent me hither, but God; and he hath made me a father to Pharaoh, and lord of all his house, and a ruler throughout the land of Egypt.’ (Genesis 45:8). The phrasing of this passage enabled Osman to identify Joseph with Yuya, a powerful man whose tomb was discovered in the Valley of the Kings by Quibell and Weighall in 1905. ….The telling phrase, “a father to pharaoh,” recorded in the Old Testament (Genesis 45:87) is repeated exactly in Yuya’s book of the dead. His funeral regalia and citations also carry the title uniquely associated with Joseph in the Bible: The Holy Father of the Lord of the Two Lands – Father of the Pharaoh.

This is a picture of Joseph/Yuya and his lovely wife Asenath/Tuya:


We should all look so good after three thousand years!


Queen Tiye/Jochebed                            Hatshepsut

From the Bible we learn that Joseph, who was a Vizier in Egypt, married the daughter of the Priest of Heliopolis whose name was Asenath Tuya. Through her mother, Tuya is thought to have been the grand-daughter of Tuthmoses III, founder of the Great White Brotherhood of the Therapeutae and through her father she was descended from Igrath daughter of Esau (brother of Jacob/Israel) and Mahalth.  The pharaohs who descended from them are known as the Amarna Kings. They were Akhenaten, Smenkhkare, Tutankhamun and Aye, who ruled consecutively circa 1367-1348 BC.  It was Pharaoh Tuthmosis IV who appointed Joseph/Yuya as vizier. The two stone head figures of Nefertiti and Meritaten shown earlier, were both sister-wives of Akhenaten. Meritaten’s Hebrew name was Miriam. Sigmund Freud claimed that the story of Moses humble origins in the Old Testament was a later fabrication to disguise the fact that Moses was a member of the Egyptian royal family. I will point out though, that the Bible does call Moses an Egyptian and we are told of his adoption into the royal family. What has been hidden is his royal Egyptian ancestry.

Other historians who made the connection of Moses with Akhenaten were Manetho, an Egyptian historian and high priest from the 3rd century BC, the first century Jewish historian Josephus, Philo Judaeus of Alexandria, and Justin Martyr, an early father of the Christian church who lived in the second century. In Acts 7:22 of the Bible, it states; “Moses was educated in all the wisdom of the Egyptians and was powerful in speech and action”. This reference to his being educated in the wisdom of the Egyptians is proof from the Bible that he was an initiate of the Wisdom religion. The Bible, in Judges 1:16 says that Moses fled to the land of the Kenites after he killed the Egyptian. The people living in the new capital of Egypt, Akhetaten were known as Kenites. This is that Bible verse;

And the children of the Kenite, Moses’ father in law, went up out of the city of palm trees with the children of Judah into the wilderness of Judah, which lieth in the south of Arad; and they went and dwelt among the people.

Akhetaten was called the city of the palm trees. Seth’s son Enosh’s first son was Kenan. One author said the Kenite name stemmed from Cain, but I believe it stemmed from Kenan, the grandson of Seth.

From the Jewish Virtual Library we learn;

“The Kenites were enumerated among the early peoples of Canaan, together with the Kenizzites and the Kadmonites (Gen. 15:19). Relations between the Israelites and the Kenites were good, but B. Stade and others argued for Kenite influence on Moses and the religion of Israel. This “Kenite hypothesis” (updated by Halpern and by van der Toorn) holds that YHWH was not originally the God of the Hebrews and was not even known to the Hebrews. He was originally a Kenite tribal god who became known to Moses through his Kenite father-in-law, Jethro. Moses then made YHWH known to the Hebrews, who accepted Him as their God. As observed by van der Toorn, the Kenite hypothesis nicely accounts for the absence of Yahweh from earlier pantheons, Yahweh’s link with Edom (Deut. 33:2), the Kenite connection of Moses, and the Bible’s positive attitude to Kenites.”

In the Bible’s book of Hosea 12:9 it reads; “I have been the Lord your God ever since you came out of Egypt; I will make you live in tents again, as in the days of your appointed festivals.” This very important verse tells us that the Israelite’s changed Gods at this time, so the previous writer from the is most likely correct. I believe the change at that time was that the esoteric God was given to the exoteric Israelite’s, so that they were all worshiping the same God – but I may be wrong. I am still a little unclear on the gods of the Old Testament.

Helena Blavatsky said that the Essene’s were descendants of Benim Nabim, Kenites and Nazarites. The title Benim Nabim translates as ‘sons of the prophets.’ The Nazarites were none other than the Nazarenes. Akhenaten called himself “the prophet son of God, born from God’s body”. The following are pictures of Akhenaten;



Note the ‘serpentine’ eyes of Akhenaten and his birth mother Jochebed/Queen Tiye pictured previously.

The author of The Custodians of Truth wrote; “The Levitic hereditary priestly clan was created by extending the rank, rights, and privileges of the Atenist priesthood to their Levitic successors in exile who, as we shall see, continued the transmission of sacred wisdom among their number in the traditional manner.”

Our ancestors had shining countenances. They literally glowed with light. One of their appellations was ‘the Shining Ones’. We saw earlier in Laurence Caruanas Glossary that the Elect shone.  In the spiritual world, the more light, the more spiritual. This light was known as ‘Royal Farr’ in Persia.  That’s how you could tell if your priest-king was on the right path in his spiritual life, if he didn’t shine, he wasn’t doing well. These were truly the periods of the divine dynasties, and by that I define ‘divine’ as ‘celestial’, or perhaps ‘other worldly’. Civilizations would either thrive or die through their leader. The ancient book of Jasher was written by Moses staff bearer. The Book was so important to our ancestors that it’s mentioned in the Bible in the books of Joshua and Second Samuel. In his book, Jasher speaks about Moses parents, Ambram/Amram and Jochebed and the birth of Moses;

“Jochebed brought forth a son and the whole house was filled with a great light as of the light of the sun and moon at the time of their shining.”

And from the Bible book of Hebrews 11:23 we learn: “By faith Moses parents hid him for three months after he was born because they saw he was no ordinary child and they were not afraid of the king’s edict.”

He was not ordinary because he was an angel child. I am convinced that the stories in the Bible about births to barren women were actually examples of artificial insemination to re-infuse the bloodline with ‘divine’ DNA. Laurence Gardner, in his book Genesis of the Grail Kings, shows the Adam of the Bible being born from the sperm of Enki/Ea used to fertilize an egg of an Earth woman and then Enki’s half-sister Ninhursag as the surrogate mother. He shows both Adam and Eve born in this way.

In his book The Shadow of Solomon, Gardner equates Akhenaten with Moses and the pharaoh who followed him, Smenkhkare, as Moses brother Aaron. Another interesting find by Gardner is that a 1744 C.E. Masonic ritual of the Holy Royal Arch cites Moses as the first biblical Grand Master of Masonry. Moses is considered a primary guardian of the Hermetic wisdom which came out of Egypt. I read where the Mysteries had all but died out but Moses revived them, initiating some two thousand men.

This time period of our family history is fascinating. It shows how far-reaching our family’s influence was. Aaron’s daughter Scota married Niul who was a Black Sea prince of Scythia. As related by Gardner, according to a text called the 17th century History of Ireland, Niul and Scota’s son Gaedheal (Gael), was born in Egypt when Moses began to act as a leader of the children of Israel. The descendants of Niul and Scota migrated across Europe to become the Scots-Gaels of Ireland and Scotland. From my own research I know that at some point Gaedheal had appended to his name the word Glas. This morphed into the last name ‘Glass’ which can be traced down my family line all the way to the Cherokee in Virginia and North Carolina. Chief Glass, known in the Cherokee language as Tagwadihi, better known as ‘The Glass’, was a leading chief of the Cherokee in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, eventually becoming the last principal chief of the Lower Cherokee, also called the Chickamauga Cherokee.

There is a familiar Egyptian connection with Abraham and Sarah. Abraham’s original name, Abram, was Egyptian for ‘exalted father’. We also learn in Genesis 21:21 that Abraham’s son Ishmael took an Egyptian wife. The Bible makes it seem that David was no more than a poor shepherd boy who became king because he killed Goliath. In reality, he was the descendant of these Egyptian royal lines. Our ancestors considered earning the title ‘Righteous Shepherd’ among the highest of honors. It could be that the association of David with shepherding had something to do with that.

The figurines below can be found in the British Museum. They were recovered from the Ubaid or Ugaritic civilization, the forerunner of the Sumerian and Akkadian people of Mesopotamia – the people of Abraham. Yes, they are reptilian looking! They also have the high skulls we looked at earlier. Yes, there is a definite difference in their faces/heads. I believe the previous photos represent a blend of human and reptilian DNA which I attribute as the reason we are so plagued with auto immune disorders. There is no doubt as to the authenticity of these figures. That has to at least make you wonder; who were these modeled after? By the way, the picture of the mother nursing her baby, I believe, shows one of the earliest portrayals of the Divine Mother and Baby representations also shown in the myths of Isis and Horus and the Virgin Mary and Jesus! By the way, their hair was made with asphaltum/tar!


In the apocryphal text The Gospel of Thomas Jesus says; “When you see your likeness, you rejoice. But when you see your images which came into being before you, and which neither die nor become manifest, how much will you have to bear!” Was he ever right! In an ancient text it says that the Watchers changed their image into that of humans after they were unsuccessful in mating with them. I have also come to believe that they did it because their partial creation, humans, were terrified of how they looked.

From The Lost Teachings of Atlantis comes this warning;

“Take heed of the ancient warnings and prophecies about the Belialians; Lizard-like are they-not in apparent physical description, but in spirit form, in the heart-in the soul.  Beware even now of your lizard kin, for they rule the world with greed and without compassion, while maintaining appearances of good and righteous. As men and women do these sons of Belial walk the Earth. Model citizens, successful leaders who are the envy of the uninitiated.”

Of course, this is not news to us Light workers!










The Decline of the Mystery Teachings

The author of the The Mayan Prophecies tells us about the beliefs of the South American Serpents of Wisdom; He wrote that the myth of Quetzalcoatl-Kukulcan as an archetype stands for all that a man should aspire to. “His depiction as a feathered serpent indicates his dual nature: the feathers symbolize his airy, spiritual nature (the Father) and the serpent his connection with physical creation (the Mother).” But on a more mystical level, Quetzalcoatl indicates the way an enlightened man needs to “bring the two opposing aspects of his nature, the spiritual and material, into conjunction”. He states that in the spiritual traditions of the West, the serpent represents the lower self. According to Gnostic tradition, each of us is born as a serpent, constrained to a life of crawling in the dust. But just as a serpent renews itself by casting off its skin and growing a new one, so we live life after life dying and being reborn, but still unable to raise ourselves from the earth. “In this state of unawareness, we are cut off from the higher worlds of spirit and remain the helpless brood of the great Solar Serpent. Thus it is that as the fallen children of Adam and Eve we are imprisoned in our renewable ‘skins’ and constrained to live life after life and to experience death after death in the material world.”

He goes on to say that this is why Coatlicue, like her Hindu equivalent Kali, has a necklace of skulls and dismembered hands, “for the Earth Mother takes as well as gives life. …This is the essence of the spiritual teachings of all the great masters, including Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad and we can presume, the original Quetzalcoatl-Kukulcan. Yet all of them teach, if we read their words carefully, that to gain freedom requires a transformation of our being. To use another metaphor, the ordinary human lives as a caterpillar on the cabbage-leaf of life. Here he or she can live and die a thousand times without being even aware of the possibility of further development. Yet, just as the caterpillar has within it the potential to be transformed into a beautiful butterfly, so too the human has the possibility of metamorphosing into a higher form. We do not have to remain at the caterpillar stage of life forever: we too can become angels – even while still alive in a physical body. The practical application of this esoteric philosophy is Yoga and involves raising the ‘serpent energy’ up the spine and joining it with spiritual ‘eagle’ forces in the head.”

The author writes that to do this requires an act of self-sacrifice as the will of the individual – the serpent – is brought into line with the greater Will of God. The individual has quite literally to ‘die’ to him or herself in order to be reborn and be linked to the greater cosmic consciousness.   In the South American version of the Mystery religion, once one attains enlightenment one is a Quetzalcoatl – the South American version of the word ‘Christ’. When one becomes a Quetzalcoatl, the heart or ‘hrit’ chakra opens up and an energy of unconditional love fills the person and flows out into the world. This again is a description of what Jesus did when he became Christed. One who is Christed receives what we Christians call the gifts of the Holy Spirit. A tongue of fire descends, burning away the dross of ordinary life, and, like the stars he or she is resurrected to eternity.

You, like me probably had a very different interpretation of the Sun religion of South America. What we know of it, is that the Aztecs used to sacrifice thousands of prisoners to appease the sun. They were so afraid of the sun going away permanently, that they thought if they fed it with human hearts it would keep shining. From this we can see that they most definitely lost the original meaning of their religion. The sacrifice is to be of our will. It is when our will is joined with Gods, that enlightenment occurs.

From the beginning of this search, whether I was tracing ancestors in the Middle Ages or pre-history, I kept finding that one person would have multiple names in different places. This makes it very hard to keep track of people! From the website Miriam Ha Kadosha, comes this example;

“Arthur of Dal Riata is a great grandson of the original King Arthur. His mother Ygraine of the Pictish line of Princess Royals was the daughter of Arthur’s son Amr. Amr is also called Amwlad and Amorai and is also the ancestor of the latter Babylonian Exilarchs. Amorai is the nephew of Kafnai (Custeynn) the Babylonian Exilarch. Arthur of the Pennines is called the son of King Mor or Mar of the Pennines. He is to be identified with the Gododdin Prince Chuna Mar who is also called Cunomor. This Chuna Mar would seem to be the High King of Britain and Brittany. Nennius calls the title of these High kings Guletic which means “overlord” and comes from the Jewish title of Rosh Galuta (Head of the Exile). In Brittany Chuna Mar is called Cynan Meriadoc. In Welsh cynan is pronounced Cunan. The Cambridge History of English and American Literature states: “Ambrosius, transformed by Geoffrey into Aurelius Ambrosius, is known in Welsh literature as Emrys Wledig. He appears in Nennius as Embreis Guletic. Guletic, or Gwledig, means “over-lord,” or “king,” and Arthur himself would seem to bear this title in a Welsh poem in The Book of Taliesin.”

Is your head spinning?! The characters in the next table are pantheons of some of the Pagan gods. I don’t know if the following examples are correct or not – but it makes no difference. They are just intended to give you a better idea of the bigger picture.









Heavenly Father

Anu Amen-Ra Kronos Saturn
    Heavenly Mother


Mut Hera


    Earth Lord


Set Zeus


    Earth Mother


Isis Athena


    Earth  Brother


Osiris Apollo


    Warrior Rival


Horus Ares


    Underworld Lord


Anubis Hades


    Provider of Love


Hathor Aphrodite


  •     Facilitator of the   Gods
Ninurta Thoth Hermes


You may look at the table of gods and say “This author is crazy, these are all mythical figures.” I see them as long-lived celestial personalities or souls who have reincarnated repeatedly. Our ancestors wove real people into their myths. Where the myth ends and the real person begins – is hard to say.

The main reason I believe these were real rulers and physical human beings, or extra-terrestrials shape-shifted to look like humans,  is because in the Apocryphal text Pistis Sophia, Jesus himself says that the repentant and forgiven rulers are known in the world as Kronos, Zeus, Ares, Aphrodite and Hermes. The Pistis Sophia has been called the Bible of the Gnostic Christians and was dictated by Jesus to the Apostle Philip. I believe it to be an authentic original Gnostic Christian text. Even one of the ancient Mandean texts mentions Mercury and Saturn.

I have created a table and tried to sort out the  names of the repentant gods, but it’s close to impossible because there isn’t enough consensus between authors and historians. I believe Anu and Enki turned to the Light. Otherwise,  I would just be guessing.

I believe that the pagan religions were initially sound and later became corrupt. I believe it likely that the exoteric side became more corrupt than the esoteric. People began to worship the symbols instead of the meaning behind the symbols. From the insights of Victoria LePage in her outstanding book Mysteries of the Bridechamber we learn;

“In her work The Origin of Satan, Elaine Pagels describes the Christian conversion of a thoughtful young pagan named Justin who came to Rome from Asia Minor in about 140 in order to study philosophy. Justin’s philosophical reflections on the difference between paganism and the new religion of Christos tells us in traditional terms why Christianity had become necessary to the world. Pagans, said Justin, worshipped the forces of Nature as divine but were under a dangerous delusion. These mighty natural energies of mountain and sky, wind and water were represented by a pantheon of gods and goddesses whom pious human beings were taught to revere and sacrifice to from the cradle onward; but the Nature forces, or daemons, as they were called, were not divine but rather chthonic. They were related not to the upper spheres of spirit, but to the earthly and sub-earthly elements. As Justin now saw, they were below humanity, “splendid, powerful, and dangerous realities that do not come within the sphere of morality, and are in no way concerned about the human race.”

LePage relates these energies as the instinctual forces inherent in the reptilian brain, at the base of the skull and states that they equate with our most primitive human intelligence, which regulates the fight-or-flight responses to perceived threats. These ‘instincts’ generate enormous ills in society, wars, perversions, bouts of genocide, etc. The author goes on to say, “However beautiful and wild these forces of Nature, Justin saw that in human beings they represented a sub world of instincts and passions that pagans, by continually worshipping, came to express more and more in their own lives, so descending ever more steeply into a darkness of the soul unlit by higher possibilities. But Christian baptism brought illumination to mind and soul, for above Nature was a world to which humanity truly belonged, a world filled with numinous light. Here Christ reigned in the company of other divine beings of light who loved human beings and served only their greatest good.”

She goes on to say that these Angelic beings “raised humanity from the darkness of brute instinct into a higher and genuinely human realm of energies that conferred enlightenment, freedom from the wheel of Necessity, and a power of understanding that was beyond the comprehension of the pagan mentality.”

LePage tells us that the Initiates were “shackled by Nature’s grip” too. The only method of raising the spiritual fluid through the chakras was to work with the chthonic earth energies active in the three lower chakras. These chakras relate to survival, procreation and personal power. Rarely could an initiate conquer these three lower chakras. Sexual intercourse and willpower were the only methods known until Jesus brought a new method that directly opened the heart or hrit chakra. I have read that the same energy that used to be directed to our spiritual powers is now directed to our sexual center. The initiates would raise this energy, but rather than having a physical orgasm, the energy would be redirected to raising the spiritual fluid up the spine. The art of doing that is known as ‘Tantra’.

Lepage wrote, “Aberrant ‘left-path’ sexual practices, sorcery, superstition and cruelty, spirit worship, black magic, necromancy, and sex magic by now infested the Near Eastern cults like so many crocodiles swirling around the would-be initiate at every turn, while even the most advanced of the Mystery schools were limited by this outworn methodology and were in decline all over the world. Over the ages, necessary reforms have occurred within the tradition of the Gnosis, and it seems to be the task of great spiritual leaders of history like Jesus, Krishna, the Buddha, Mani, Muhammad, and others to be the vehicles of these forces of evolutionary change.”

It’s for this reason that I emphatically state that the scene in the book The DaVinci Code where a descendant of Jesus and Mary Magdalene is having sex surrounded by a circle of people, is highly improbable. Jesus came to do away with this sexual method because it was rarely successful. He brought a new method which would have been more likely to have been passed down to a descendant of his and Mary Magdalene. The aspect of raising the Kundalini energy up the spine through sexual means is known as sacred sex or tantric sex. One author stated that the power that we used to direct to gifts of the spirit such as prophecy and clairvoyance is now re-directed within us to the sex center.

The author of The Magdalene Manuscript puts it this way;

“It is important to understand that sekhem is intimately related to both one’s life-force and one’s sexuality. This power can be used to create a new being, as through the act of sex, or it can be used to create higher states of consciousness as through the act of raising the djed. The primary power to accomplish both of these feats is the same. It is simply a matter of what is done with the energy that determines what is accomplished. To put this in its most simplistic terms; a major source of spiritual illumination within the Egyptian system of alchemy is transmuted sexuality. When the energy of sekhem or transmuted life force pours into the head through the raising of the djed, there is a tremendous stimulation of the higher brain centers. This activation of these centers eventually generates what is called the Uraeus.”

This Uraeus spoken of is represented in sacred Egyptian art as a cobra coming out of the foreheads of the pharaohs or Egyptian gods. This serpent symbolically signifies that the person has attained the Uraeus or has the authority granted by the Uraeus. In other words is ‘Christed’ or ‘enlightened’. It shows an activation of the higher brain centers. This symbolically implied that the person could see beyond the duality of the world. This activation of the higher brain centers is literally the turning on of the large, unused portion of the human brain. Scientists have long pondered why we use so little of our brain. The science of the Serpents of Wisdom is the science of turning on those unused portions of our brain.

If you read about the pagan religions, you will be horrified by the stories regarding the practices spoken of above.  It caused me bewilderment and confusion because I couldn’t understand our family’s association with it. I now understand the truth and I hope that I have helped to convey it to you.

We learn from the book World Gnosis; “When the Garden of Eden or Atlantis came to its conclusion, many Gnostics dispersed around the globe and established a network of Left Hand Path sects whose members venerated and sought to embody the Serpent on the Tree. He wrote that the Gnostics of Alexandria Egypt referred to these times as the dispersion of the Sons of Seth, with Seth referring both to Setheus, the First Instructor, as well as Seth, the Son of Adam. In esoteric lore, Seth acted as a guardian and disseminator of the teachings his father received from the Serpent on the Tree.

One title of the Holy Spirit power/Kundalini energy is the Primal Serpent. When the Egyptians were enlightened they were known as the Djedhi, the Serpents or the Thoth Hermes Masters. Thoth Hermes led the Atlantean colonists to Egypt. Some say that he was Ham, the son of Noah. In Greece the Serpents wielded the power of Dionysus or Bacchus. In India, the Sons of Seth wielded the power and wisdom of the Primal Serpent known as the wife of Shiva, the Goddess Shakti or as Shiva’s son, Skanda Murrugan.  In Sumeria they became the Primal Serpent Enki.

The author states that wherever the communities founded by the Sons of Seth proliferated, the missionaries of the Right Hand Path (patriarchal religions) often established headquarters for their orthodox religion’s right alongside them, “while making it clear that they expected all people, including the Sons of Seth, to observe the iron clad religious sanctions of their male God. The Sons of Seth were Gnostics of the Left Hand Path who perceived the male God as a manifestation of the oppressive Ildabaoth and therefore firmly opposed the stringent mandates imposed upon them by the votaries of the Right Hand Path, believing such mandates to be strategically designed by the First Son (Yaldabaoth) to keep humanity ignorant of its divinity.”

The leaders of the patriarchal religions made the observance of the matriarchal practices illegal. The Gnostic’s witnessed many of their beloved deities become assimilated into the Right Hand Path’s symbol of ultimate evil – Satan, Lucifer, or the Devil. Beginning in the 300’s C.E., followers of Gnosticism faced torture and death for practicing their religion. This just caused them to go deep underground and resulted in secret societies such as the Rosicrucian’s and Freemason’s.

The author of World Gnosis says that eventually many Gnostics became more accepting of the right hand path and vice versa. They both found that most people needed to follow the path of Faith, a belief in a God outside of you, before they were ready to follow a more spiritual path that says that God lives within you and that you are an expression of God yourself. This led to spiritual paths that were a synthesis of the two. The Kuala Path of India is one and Christianity is another. The Bible is written to both groups. When Jesus signifies “for those with ears to hear” or “with eyes to see”, he is signaling that he is speaking esoterically. There are also codes and masking devices used in the Bible that are only understood by adherents of the Left Hand Path.

The author of World Gnosis talks about the Sethian Gnostics of Alexandria Egypt. He wrote that it was their goal to embody the Christed consciousness of the Divine Son as well as the Divine Power of Set or Setheus – which was their name for the Primal Serpent. The Sethians equated Seth with the Christed Spirit or Divine Mind that had overshadowed Jesus during the time of his ministry and had in earlier times also manifested as King Melchizedek, who is referred to in the Bible. The Sethians considered Setheus the first form of the Infinite and the Creator of the Universe.  The Sethians believed that Jesus had been an incarnation of the Sethian Christ.




Christian and Pagan Mysteries

Anna Bonus Kingsford was highly gifted spiritually and gives us a glimpse into the initiations, from her dreams and visions; No. XX Concerning the Great Pyramid and the Initiations therein;

I see the Great Pyramid, and can tell you all about it. My genius informs me that the number of the pyramids in Egypt corresponds to the number of the mysteries of the Gods. No one has yet rightly found out the purpose of the great one. It was built simply in order to serve in initiations. I see a candidate and seven or eight hierophants going in procession with torches through the passages. Each passage represents a mystery, the chief one leading to the ‘king’s chamber’. This represents the greater mysteries. The ‘queen’s chamber’ represents the lesser mysteries. The coffer in the king’s chamber is a measure representing the standard of the perfect humanity, and in this the candidate was laid on his final initiation. It appears to me that I was once there myself. My sensations about it are like a memory. It was not built to be a prophecy, but it may serve as a prophecy. In it is symbolized all the wanderings in the desert, the history, that is, of the soul in the wilderness of the body. In representing the soul of the individual, it represents the soul also of the race, and thus is really a prophecy.

The new birth takes place in the king’s chamber. It is the last stage. A person may be initiated several times in various incarnations; but he is regenerated once for all. The ‘baptism’ took place in the queen’s chamber. It belonged to the lesser mysteries. It is neither initiation nor regeneration, but purification. There are four stages to be passed before final initiation. They correspond to the four elements, earth, fire, water, and air; and they relate respectively to the four corresponding divisions of man’s nature, the body, the phantom or peri-soul, the soul, and the spirit, which are the four rivers of Eden. And the candidate has to be tested and proved in each of them by the tempter.

The initiate was accompanied by his sponsor or ‘mother’, a priestess or Sibyl. The central secret of the Mysteries was the Tree of Life in the midst of the garden; Immortality, the secret of Transmutation, or of changing ‘water’ (substance) into ‘wine’ (spirit). This, ‘Issa’- the son of Isis – or Jesus, is alone able to do. O incomprehensible secret, who shall understand thee! A soul, as has already been said, may be initiated more than once, in several lives, but only once regenerated. For she – the soul -can only once be born of the Spirit, or ‘Wisdom’. To be regenerate is to be born into spiritual life, and to have united the individual will with the Divine Will.

This union of the two wills constitutes the spiritual marriage, the accomplishment of which is in the Gospels represented under the parable of the marriage at Cana of Galilee. This divine marriage, or union of the human and Divine wills, is indissoluble; whence the idea of the indissolubility of human marriage. And inasmuch as it is a marriage of the spirit of man to that of God, and of the Spirit of God to that of man, it is a double marriage. I see the ceremony actually taking place. The hierophant represents the Divine Spirit; and he and the candidate face each other, and crossing their arms grasp each with each hand a hand of the other. A soul may be partially and transiently illuminated by the Spirit; the Spirit may even descend upon an individual and make him a prophet, and pass away leaving him unregenerate, and out of the kingdom of God – as occurred to John the Baptist.”

As a life-long Southern Baptist it is incredible to me to hear a prophetess say that John the Baptist didn’t enter the Kingdom of God. However, I believe this could be true. In an ancient Mandean text called The Mandean Book of John the Baptizer we learn;

“Yahya (John the Baptist) proclaims in the nights, Yôhânâ on the Night`s evenings. Yahya proclaimed in the nights and speaks: “Stand not I here alone? I go to and fro. Where is a prophet my equal? Who makes proclamation equal to my proclamations? And who doth discourse with the like of my wondrous voice! When Yahya thus spake, the two women weep. Miryai (mother Mary) and Enishbhai (Johns mother Elizabeth) weep, and for both tears flow. They say: We will go hence, and do thou stay here; see that thou dost not bring us to stumble. I (M.) will go hence, and do thou stay here; see that thou dost not bring me to stumble. I (E.) will go hence, and do thou stay here; see that thou dost not fill me with Sorrow. Then Yahya opened his mouth and spake to Enishbhai in Jerusalem: “Is there any who could take my place in the height? Is there any who could take my place in the height, so that thou mayest pay for me ransom? If thou canst pay for me ransom, then bring thy jewels and ransom me. If thou canst pay for me ransom, then bring thy gold and ransom me.

Thereupon Enishbhai opened her mouth and spake to Yahya in Jerusalem: “Who is thy equal in Judea, who is thy equal in Jerusalem that I should look on him and forget thee?” Yahya continued, saying: “Who is my equal? Who is my equal, that thou shouldst look on him and forget me? Before my voice and the voice of my proclamations the Torah disappeared in Jerusalem. Before the voice of my discourse the readers read no more in Jerusalem. The Wantons cease from their lewdness, and the women go not forth to the”…

To attain the Divine Marriage or at-one-ment with God, you must lose your own sense of individual self, i.e. ego. As just stated by Anna Kingsford, you must merge your will with God’s will. Because John still displayed ego, this would have prevented his attainment of the Kingdom of Heaven – in that particular incarnation.

The following quote speaks on the subject that was probably the hardest for me to understand. That is the realization that Christianity is a pagan religion! The truth is that Christianity is a higher revelation of the ancient Mystery or pagan religions. Therefore, the same allegories are used – among which are aspects that Christians hold dear. The Secret Teachings of All Ages speaks of that;

“The ideals of early Christianity were based upon the high moral standards of the pagan Mysteries, and the first Christians who met under the city of Rome used as their places of worship the subterranean temples of Mithras, from whose cult has been borrowed much of the sacerdotalism of the modem church. The ancient philosophers believed that no man could live intelligently who did not have a fundamental knowledge of Nature and her laws. Before man can obey, he must understand, and the Mysteries were devoted to instructing man concerning the operation of divine law in the terrestrial sphere. Few of the early cults actually worshiped anthropomorphic deities, although their symbolism might lead one to believe they did. They were moralistic rather than religionistic; philosophic rather than theological. They taught man to use his faculties more intelligently, to be patient in the face of adversity, to be courageous when confronted by danger, to be true in the midst of temptation, and, most of all, to view a worthy life as the most acceptable sacrifice to God, and his body as an altar sacred to the Deity.

The birthplace of Bacchus, called Sabazius or Sabaoth, was claimed by several places in Greece; but on Mount Zelmisus, in Thrace, his worship seems to have been chiefly celebrated. He was born of a virgin on the 25th of December; he performed great miracles for the good of mankind; particularly one in which he changed water into wine; he rode in a triumphal procession on an ass; he was put to death by the Titans, and rose again from the dead on the 25th of March: he was always called the Savior. In his mysteries, he was shown to the people, as an infant is by the Christians at this day, on Christmas Day morning in Rome.

….Saviors unnumbered have died for the sins of man and by the hands of man, and through their deaths have interceded in heaven for the souls of their executioners. The martyrdom of the God-Man and the redemption of the world through His blood has been an essential tenet of many great religions. Nearly all these stories can be traced to sun worship, for the glorious orb of day is the Savior who dies annually for every creature within his universe, but year after year rises again victorious from the tomb of winter. Without doubt the doctrine of the crucifixion is based upon the secret traditions of the Ancient Wisdom; it is a constant reminder that the divine nature of man is perpetually crucified upon the animal organism. (human body)

Certain of the pagan Mysteries included in the ceremony of initiation the crucifixion of the candidate upon a cross, or the laying of his body upon a cruciform altar. The list of the deathless mortals who suffered for man that he might receive the boon of eternal life is an imposing one. Among those connected historically or allegorically with a crucifixion are Prometheus, Adonis, Apollo, Arys, Bacchus, Buddha, Christna, Horus, Indra, Ixion, Mithras, Osiris, Pythagoras, Quetzalcoatl, Semiramis and Jupiter. According to the fragmentary accounts extant, all these heroes gave their lives to the service of humanity and, with one or two exceptions, died as martyrs for the cause of human progress.”

From The Mystery Schools by Grace F. Knoche;

“The various Mystery Religions and their successors have a varying number of steps, or initiations to complete. Some of them break it up into seven steps, others such as the Freemasons into thirty-three steps. In one of the steps the initiate meets their own God self, face to face. I see this as the indwelling Holy Spirit. …In time, as we are able to distance ourselves from materiality, we become more integrated with our inner Spirit. …Then comes the seventh and last of the degrees of initiation before master-hood is achieved. This initiation usually took place at the winter solstice. The ancient pagan initiates considered the four points of the year, the winter and summer solstices and the spring and autumnal equinoxes, as representative of holy workings in the cosmos. The birth of the sun at the beginning of the year symbolized to them the mystic birth of the initiate, and it is significant that nearly all the great world saviors, such as Jesus the Christ, Krishna the Avatar, Apollonius of Tiana, and others, celebrate their ‘birthdays’ at this sacred time: the rebirth of the solar deity.”

The Encyclopedia Britannica compares the Mithraic and Christian Mysteries;

“The fraternal and democratic spirit of the first communities, and their humble origin; the identification of the object of adoration with light and the sun; the legends of the shepherds with their gifts and adoration, the flood, and the ark; the representation in art of the fiery chariot, the drawing of water from the rock; the use of bell and candle, holy water and the communion; the sanctification of Sunday and of the 25th of December; the insistence on moral conduct, the emphasis placed on abstinence and self-control; the doctrine of heaven and hell, of primitive revelation, of the mediation of the Logos emanating from the divine, the atoning sacrifice, the constant warfare between good and evil and the final triumph of the former, the immortality of the soul, the last judgment, the resurrection of the flesh and the fiery destruction of the universe – [these] are some of the resemblances which, whether real or only apparent, enabled Mithraism to prolong its resistance to Christianity.”

Jesus was not only a Dying-Rising Savior God, he was a Sun King. I will let Theosophical writer Annie Besant describe the Sun Kings to you. She claims that the virgin birth concept has a purely astrological significance, when one understands what she terms the Solar Myth. “The Hero of the myth is usually represented as a God or Demi-God, and his life …must be outlined by the course of the Sun, as the shadow of the Logos. The part of the course lived out during the human life is that which falls between the winter solstice and the reaching of the zenith in summer. The Hero is born at the winter solstice, dies at the spring equinox and conquering death, rises into the mid-heaven.” Besant explains that a divine personage, such as those listed previously, is said to be an ambassador of the Logos – personified as the sun.

High initiates who are sent on special missions to incarnate among men as teachers or rulers would be designated by the symbol of the sun. Why then a virgin birth? The initiate or hero, “is always born at the winter solstice after the shortest day of the year, at the midnight of the 24th of December, when the sign Virgo (the Virgin) is rising above the horizon; to be born as this sign is rising, he is born always of a virgin, and she remains a virgin after she has given birth to the Sun-Child, as the Celestial Virgo remains unchanged and unsullied when the Sun comes forth from the heavens.” From this we learn why Catholics strove so hard to portray Jesus’ mother Mary as always being a virgin – ignoring the fact that she had other children. Besant goes on to explain that the life of the Sun-God follows the prescribed mystery ritual of death, resurrection, and ascension.

The key to accepting and understanding all of this inter-mixing of Christianity with Paganism is in the words; “a divine personage is said to be an ambassador of the Logos – personified as the sun.”  Jesus was an incarnated ambassador of the Logos – thus he was a Sun-God,  just as all the other Sun God’s listed above were too. The people who lived a thousand or two thousand years before Jesus needed their saviors/avatars too. According to the renowned esotericist, writer and 33rd degree Freemason, Manly Palmer Hall, in his book, The Secret Teachings of All Ages;

“Sun worship played an important part in nearly all the early pagan Mysteries. This indicates the probability of their Atlantean origin, for the people of Atlantis were sun worshipers. The Solar Deity was usually personified as a beautiful youth, with long golden hair to symbolize the rays of the sun. This golden Sun God was slain by wicked ruffians, who personified the evil principle of the universe. By means of certain rituals and ceremonies, symbolic of purification and regeneration, this wonderful God of Good was brought back to life and became the Savior of His people. The secret processes whereby He was resurrected symbolized those cultures by means of which man is able to overcome his lower nature, master his appetites, and give expression to the higher side of himself. The mysteries were organized for the purpose of assisting the struggling human creature to re-awaken the spiritual powers which, surrounded by the flaming ring of lust and degeneracy, lay asleep within his soul. In other words, man was offered a way by which he could regain his lost estate.”

From ‘Living Gnosis a Practical Guide to Gnostic Christianity’ we learn;

“In most Gnostic traditions, the purpose of the divine incarnation of the Logos is not salvation of the world. Rather, it is the redemption of Sophia, who is fallen and exiled in the world. Essentially, Divine Wisdom is the true nature of consciousness, which is the foundation of creatures and creation, and she is bound within creatures and creation to the dominion of the demiurges and archons – hence in bondage to cosmic ignorance. Thus, through the incarnation, Logos enters into the world to awaken and redeem Sophia. She is the soul of the world and the soul of all creatures.”

The author tells us that the story of Mary Magdalene reflects this common theme of Gnosticism. Her life story is an allegory of the soul that becomes obscured and lost in the material world. And according to him, “Therefore, in her redemption the world and all creatures are redeemed.”  The esoteric Christians in celebrating the ‘Lords Supper’ or ‘Eucharist’ instead of remembering Christ body and blood shed for us, remember Sophia’s passion and restoration into the Pleroma. And as just stated, that symbolically celebrates our restoration into the Pleroma, or highest Heaven.

John Van Auken, former director of the Association of Research and Enlightenment, the Edgar Cayce research Foundation, has this to say regarding Cayce’s readings on the Christian Mystery religion;

“The system of metaphysical thought which emerges from the Cayce discourses is a Christianized version of the mystery religions of ancient Chaldea, Persia, India, and Greece. It fits the figure of Christ into the tradition of one God for all people, and places him in his proper place, at the apex of the philosophical structure; He is the capstone of the pyramid. The mysteries were concerned with man’s problem of freeing his soul from the world. In the mystery symbologies the Earth was always represented as the underworld, and the soul was lost in this underworld until freed from it by wisdom, faith, and understanding. In the Greek mysteries, Persephone was abducted by Pluto, Lord of Hades. Persephone is the soul of man, whose true home is in the heavens.”

The author goes on to say that Cayce was raised in strict nineteenth century Bible tradition and was shocked to discover that in his spiritual readings, given while in a trance state, he declared the truth of the Mysteries and claimed Jesus as their crowning glory. Cayce had only a seventh grade education and had never even heard of the mystery religions. He spoke at length on Gnosticism a number of years before the discovery of the Gnostic Nag Hammadi texts in Egypt in 1945. Those texts were hidden by Coptic Christians, a church started by St. Mark of the Bible. Cayce said that the Mystery religions were a preparation for the coming of Jesus and that he was the fruit of their efforts. His message was a fuller revelation to the people at large of the mysteries themselves.

Van Auken goes on to show how the symbology used in the Mystery religions has survived in Christianity. Starting in about the 300’s C.E., the early Church fathers began to separate from their pagan origins and so destroyed the books of their rivals and outlawed their practices. The Christian doctrine of reincarnation and the Gnostic mysteries of Jesus were declared heresies by the Church in 553 AD.

Margaret Starbird in The Woman with the Alabaster Jar beautifully describes Jesus and his ministry;

“The Jesus described in the Gospel stories is an anti-establishment hero, an incarnation of the Spirit of Wisdom, gentle and compassionate toward the poor and a champion of justice. It is this Jesus who is the role model for the life of a true Christian. The Jesus who is victor, ruler, Lord of the Universe, seated at God’s right hand, and the object of Christian worship on Sunday is a male solar divinity in the Oriental tradition of Egypt (Ra), Greece (Apollo), Rome (Jupiter and Sol Invictus), and Persia (Zoroaster and Mithras).

But there is another Jesus, the charismatic healer who walked the streets of Israel’s towns in sandals; who tended the sick and preached a message of reconciliation and relationship; whose baptism was accompanied by the sign of a dove; who was anointed at Bethany and crucified as an insurrectionist by Rome’s decree. This is the Jesus who fled whenever the people tried to make him king – and whose death on the cross radically illustrated the woundedness of God, whose prophets are so universally scorned and butchered.

Side by side with the orthodox version of Christianity preached from Peter’s chair is another story of Jesus, a hidden tradition that has been branded heretical and forced underground for centuries. In the shadow of the communities that came to believe in a high Christology of Jesus, the heavenly and omnipotent King and Cloud-Rider (an ancient epithet of Baal, the sun god of Canaan), there were those who loved Jesus as brother and friend and who taught a simple gospel of healed relationships and spiritual transformation.”

From J.G. Bennett;

“The task of the Masters of Wisdom was to demonstrate the power of humility and weakness and from that demonstration to lead man back to love. When a man is united with love; he is God.”



The Wisdom Teachings

It is not common knowledge that most religions have the same source and are based on the same teachings. Most people look at religions superficially and think that the major religions are all very different. It may surprise some Light workers to know that the Light worker family started those religions – because most Light workers tend to stay away from mainstream religions. But at the same time, they might adopt practices or teachings from them. They tend to correctly see many of them as corrupted – but with a lot of truth mixed in. The major religions are the exoteric side of our teachings. They teach moral lessons and are faith based. The esoteric teachings are more advanced and are more spiritually focused.

The teachings are based on the Law of One and they are ancient. They are the Way the Truth and the Life. On Earth, they began in Lemuria, or Mu. The author of The Sacred Symbols of Mu speaks of that time;

“It is fairly well established that all religions have a common origin. …The first records of religion are more than 70,000 years old. They tell us that a body of trained masters from Mu, called Naacals, were carrying to her various colonies and colonial empires copies of the Motherland’s Sacred Inspired religion. These Naacals formed in each country colleges for the teaching of the priest craft religion, and the sciences. …Throughout the colonies and colonial empires these teachings were known as the Sacred Mysteries, a name that has persisted down to the present. In the Orient they were also called the Books of the Golden Age. In later times, I find among Mayan and Egyptian writings that the Sacred Mysteries were only entrusted to the high priesthood and the heir apparent to the throne.”

In this last paragraph we see the beginning of a pattern that has lasted for thousands of years. In the Jeshua channelings, Jesus spoke of a political-spiritual elite on Atlantis. Our family is that political-spiritual elite – something that is still true today. The spiritual practices of our ancestors and ourselves were these sacred mysteries. From the book World Gnosis we learn; “Lemuria’s Gnostic civilization reached other parts of the globe via missionaries who founded Dragon Civilizations that championed spiritual union with the Divine Wisdom and Power of the Primal dragon or Serpent on the Tree. In their new lands, these enlightened Lemurian missionaries founded lineages of priest kings and had priests of mystery schools who were honorably addressed by their students and subjects with indigenous titles meaning ‘Dragon’ or ‘Serpent’.” He states that in Middle America they were called Quetzalcoatl’s, the Plumed Serpents. In China they were known as Lung Dragons. In India, they taught the path to Shiva and governed the masses as the Naga Kings. In Britain they were known as the Druid Adders, and in Egypt they were the Djedhi serpents who served their people as both pharaohs and gnostic adepts.

From the book The Secret Teachings of All Ages we learn;

“The Mysteries claimed to be the guardians of a transcendental knowledge so profound as to be incomprehensible save to the most exalted intellect and so potent as to be revealed with safety only to those in whom personal ambition was dead and who had consecrated their lives to the unselfish service of humanity. Hence, he who seeks to unveil the secret doctrine of antiquity must search for that doctrine not upon the open pages of books which might fall into the hands of the unworthy but in the place where it was originally concealed. Far-sighted were the initiates of antiquity. They realized that nations come and go, that empires rise and fall, and that the golden ages of art, science, and idealism are succeeded by the dark ages of superstition. With the needs of posterity foremost in mind, the sages of old went to inconceivable extremes to make certain that their knowledge should be preserved.

They engraved it upon the face of mountains and concealed it within the measurements of colossal images, each of which was a geometric marvel. Their knowledge of chemistry and mathematics they hid within mythologies which the ignorant would perpetuate, or in the spans and arches of their temples which time has not entirely obliterated. They wrote in characters that neither the vandalism of men nor the ruthlessness of the elements could completely efface, Today men gaze with awe and reverence upon the mighty Memnons standing alone on the sands of Egypt, or upon the strange terraced pyramids of Palenque. Mute testimonies these are of the lost arts and sciences of antiquity; and concealed this wisdom must remain until this race has learned to read the universal language – symbolism. The book to which this is the introduction is dedicated to the proposition that concealed within the emblematic figures, allegories, and rituals of the ancients is a secret doctrine concerning the inner mysteries of life, which doctrine has been preserved in toto among a small band of initiated minds since the beginning of the world.

Departing, these illumined philosophers left their formula that others, too, might attain to understanding. But, lest these secret processes fall into uncultured hands and be perverted, the Great Arcanum was always concealed in symbol or allegory; and those who can today discover its lost keys may open with them a treasure house of philosophic, scientific, and religious truths. The philosophic religious doctrines of the pagans were divided to meet the needs of these two fundamental groups of human intellect – one philosophic, the other incapable of appreciating the deeper mysteries of life. To the discerning few were revealed the esoteric, or spiritual, teachings, while the unqualified many received only the literal, or exoteric, interpretations. In order to make simple the great truths of Nature and the abstract principles of natural law, the vital forces of the universe were personified, becoming the gods and goddesses of the ancient mythologies. While the ignorant multitudes brought their offerings to the altars of Priapus and Pan (deities representing the procreative energies), the wise recognized in these marble statues only symbolic concretions of great abstract truths.

Much of the ritualism of Freemasonry is based on the trials to which candidates were subjected by the ancient hierophants before the keys of wisdom were entrusted to them. Few realize the extent to which the ancient secret schools influenced contemporary intellects and, through those minds, posterity. Robert Macoy, 33°, in his General History of Freemasonry, pays a magnificent tribute to the part played by the ancient Mysteries in the rearing of the edifice of human culture. He says, in part: “It appears that all the perfection of civilization, and all the advancement made in philosophy, science, and art among the ancients are due to those institutions which, under the veil of mystery, sought to illustrate the sublimest truths of religion, morality, and virtue, and impress them on the hearts of their disciples. …Their chief object was to teach the doctrine of one God, the resurrection of man to eternal life, the dignity of the human soul, and to lead the people to see the shadow of the deity, in the beauty, magnificence, and splendor of the universe.

With the decline of virtue, which has preceded the destruction of every nation of history, the Mysteries became perverted. Sorcery took the place of the divine magic. Indescribable practices (such as the Bacchanalia) were introduced, and perversion ruled supreme; for no institution can be any better than the members of which it is composed. In despair, the few who were true sought to preserve the secret doctrines from oblivion. In some cases they succeeded, but more often the Arcanum was lost and only the empty shell of the Mysteries remained. The Mysteries were organized for the purpose of assisting the struggling human creature to reawaken the spiritual powers which, surrounded by the flaming ring of lust and degeneracy, lay asleep within his soul. In other words, man was offered a way by which he could regain his lost estate. Thomas Taylor sums up their purpose as follows: “The Lesser Mysteries were designed by the ancient theologists, their founders, to signify occultly the condition of the unpurified soul invested with an earthy body, and enveloped in a material and physical nature.” …The gloom and depression of the Lesser Mysteries represented the agony of the spiritual soul unable to express itself because it has accepted the limitations and illusions of the human environment. The crux of the Eleusinian argument was that man is neither better nor wiser after death than during life. If he does not rise above ignorance during his sojourn here, man goes at death into eternity to wander about forever, making the same mistakes which he made here. If he does not outgrow the desire for material possessions here, he will carry it with him into the invisible world, where, because he can never gratify the desire, he will continue in endless agony.”

In the following excerpt from the book Sacred Symbols of Mu, the author gives a basic outline of what the Mystery religions taught;

“Evidently religion was originally taught in stages. First man was taught that there was a Supreme Being, Infinite and All Powerful. That it was the Creator who created all things above and below. That man was created by this Almighty Being and having been created by Him, was his son – that this Almighty was man’s Heavenly Father. When man was created the Creator placed within the body of man a spirit or soul which never died but continued on through eternity. When man was created it was ordained that his material body should return to the earth from which it was taken. When this material body died it released the soul which went into the world beyond, there to wait until it was called upon to occupy another material body. Apparently, as soon as his primitive mind could grasp the facts, he was taught that his soul was given a task. This task was for the soul to rule the material body by overcoming material desires. When this was accomplished his soul would be called back to the Great Source and forever afterwards live in perfect joy and happiness.”

The author goes on to say that they taught that material life was so short that the soul could not overcome all material desires and so needed to come into many bodies until the task was accomplished, and that these reincarnations were the salvation of his soul. They taught that the love of the Heavenly Father was greater than the love of his earthly father, therefore he should always approach his Heavenly Father without fear or dread and in perfect confidence and love, knowing that loving hands were being held out to receive him. He was taught that all mankind were his brothers and sisters and should be treated as such in his dealings with him.

We have briefly heard of the Mysteries being divided into the lesser and greater Mysteries. The lesser were exoteric teachings which were veiled in allegory and myth. The greater or esoteric Mysteries were those concerned with the mysteries of the workings of Nature, the knowledge of which gives powers such as those displayed by Jesus – the gifts of the Spirit. Almost all religions have their sources in the ancient Mystery religions. Almost all, if not all, of the other world religions besides Protestant Christianity, still have their esoteric or mystical side. The esoteric side of Christianity was forcibly removed circa 350 C.E. by the Roman Catholics through the murder of the Gnostic Christians.

“The Mysteries taught that spiritual illumination was attained only by bringing the lower nature up to a certain standard of efficiency and purity. The Mysteries were therefore established for the purpose of unfolding the nature of man according to certain fixed rules which, when faithfully followed, elevated the human consciousness to a point where it was capable of cognizing its own constitution and the true purpose of existence. This knowledge of how man’s manifold constitution could be most quickly and most completely regenerated to the point of spiritual illumination constituted the secret, or esoteric, doctrine of antiquity.” The Secret Doctrine by H.P. Blavatsky

Our family has transmitted this doctrine through the ages, without pause, for thousands of years. Alternate names for the Masters of Wisdom are;

The Serpents of Wisdom – The Nagas of India – The Lung Dragons of China – The Amarus of Peru – The Quetzalcoatl’s and Kukulcans of Mesoamerica – The Serpent Clans and Tribes of North America – The Mesopotamian Anunnaki – The Djedhi of Egypt – The Greek and Aegean Children of the Serpent Goddess – The Levites of Palestine – The Possessors of Fire – The Naasseni and Ophite Gnostics – The Druid Adders of Britain – The Arcadians of Greece – The Thoth Hermes Masters – The Therapeutae of Egypt – The Magi of Persia- The Followers of Horus.

Throughout time, they would also be known as the Knights Templars, Freemasons, Rosicrucian’s, the Sufi’s of Islam, the Cathars, the Ebionites, the Elchasaites, the Valentinians and others. And of course we can’t forget the angelic and extra-terrestrial, or rather, Celestial Serpents of Wisdom!

The Mysteries were taught in a series of initiations, so that the initiates could advance to more privileged teachings. The final initiations were done in caves or stone buildings. The Great pyramid of Giza was an initiation site. During the final rites, the initiate was subject to conditions that mimicked death and the spirit world.

The Mysteries included a wide variety of teachings that touched all aspects of life on Earth. The Serpents of Wisdom were culture bearers, teachers and leaders. They brought the arts and sciences to Earth and formed the governments and fundamentals of society. The Serpents of Wisdom included many well-known figures from history such as Pythagoras, Plato, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Moses, Thoth Hermes, Galileo, Francis Bacon, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and even Jesus, of the Nazorean sect of the Essenes.

Edgar Cayce said that the Christ Spirit was behind all religions that worshiped one God alone. Looking superficially at some of those religions, you wouldn’t think they were monotheistic. They are the same religions of today; Buddhism and Hinduism are examples. What one needs to understand is that the other exoteric religions showed God in different aspects. For instance, they would use two separate identities for Gods masculine and feminine aspects. They would also show different identities for different traits or aspects of God. For several thousand years the Masters of Wisdom have been working on instilling into humanity the concept of a personal God. In doing this, they came up with the idea of these different aspects for the One God so that humans could relate to God in human terms. The Hosts of Heaven describe God as a vast ocean of consciousness.

The Masters/Serpents of Wisdom planted four cultures and four spiritual traditions on the planet. The religions were the Great Mother, the Great Spirit, the Creator God and the Savior God. The Great Mother or matriarchal religion was a society based around agriculture. In these societies, the Masters of Wisdom taught humankind the practical arts, such as weaving, pottery and the use of the plow. One example of this society can be found in the book The Mysteries of the Bridechamber.  The author describes a society that lasted for almost four thousand years – from about 7000 BCE to 3500 BCE. In the Neolithic age, an advanced culture complex existed in which women were free and responsible equally with men in the building and creative organization of their society. She says this culture has been found in Eastern Europe, southern Turkey, Egypt, Palestine, Mesopotamia, and the Indus Valley, and they all shared a highly developed mode of cultural expression based on equality of the sexes. The eminent researcher Marija Gimbutas called this widespread civilization ‘Old Europe’.  She stated that long before the heyday of the Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations, “Old Europe was so advanced that for a long time historians assumed that what they were unearthing were Bronze Age Greek or Roman towns.” These cultures worshiped an androgynous God/Goddess and considered her/him to be the Source and Giver of All. Their societies were matrilineal – meaning descent and inheritance was through the mother. They were egalitarian and entirely peace loving. No weapons or defensive fortifications were found in the archeological remnants of the culture. The author says about them; “From what we now know of the enduring legacy of the Watchers and of Neolithic culture in general, and how their revolutionary achievements were treasured in the memory of the prophets even thousands of years later, it seems highly probable that a resuscitation of the ancient Neolithic tradition of ‘Old Europe’ was being actively sought in first-century Hasidic circles.” Those prophets and Hasidic circles just mentioned, were the Essenes.

That same author, J.G. Bennett, says that each of the four cultures started by the Masters of Wisdom represented a different Way of Transformation. He relates that three of these came together in the region between the Caspian and Aral seas. He wrote; “This region was the seat of the most ancient school of wisdom which united all teachings and all beliefs. Here the Great Mother was understood in her relationship to the Savior God and the Great Spirit was known as the link between man and the Creator from which he came.”

He makes the interesting statement that the four cultures came together with the Hebrews, whose destiny was to unite the four great cultures in a single religion. There were aspects of all four religious models in the teachings of Jesus. He called his teaching ‘The ‘Way’ too. Unfortunately, the aspect of our Mother, the Holy Spirit, was removed from Jesus’ teachings by the leaders of patriarchal religion. In truth, it seems that even some of Jesus’ disciples had trouble accepting that aspect of the teachings, as most of them had been raised as patriarchal Jews. The Serpent Followers of the Law of One set the following goals for themselves to uphold throughout the slow evolutionary process. These goals, taken from the book The Origin of the Mysteries in the Blavatsky Collected Writings were:

(1) The persistent spiritualization of the thought-life of humanity so that knowledge of things spiritual may penetrate into the heart and life in time may become a benediction of peace instead of a tragedy of conflict;

(2) Seeding grounds of adepts, nurseries for future recruits, who through trial and initiation may become fit to receive the supreme dignity of membership in the great Brotherhood; and

(3) The preservation of truth for future races unsullied by human hand; and the polishing of the knowledge of truth through investigation by trained seers of the secrets of nature in worlds visible and invisible. The first of these aims is fulfilled by the periodic appearance of world teachers, the inspirers of what later became the great religious and philosophical schools: messengers from the Lodge who come forth at cyclic periods to strike anew the “Keynote of Truth”. Hence every great religion, every noble philosophy, every fundamental scientific insight was born from the Sanctuary, to become a new religion, a new philosophy, a new science: fresh and new for the age and the people, but ancient beyond time because nurtured in the womb of esoteric antiquity.

All that is good, noble, and grand in human nature, every divine faculty and aspiration, were cultured by the Priest-Philosophers who sought to develop them in their Initiates. Their code of ethics, based on altruism, has become universal. The second of these aims is ages-long in accomplishment and deeply occult: to rouse the hidden fire of divinity in the human soul, and through the kindling of that flame burn the dross of imperfection, sloth, and unworthy desire from the heart. One of the impelling aims of such discipline is to restore to humanity inner sight, to free people from every danger of being enslaved whether by a man or an idea.

…During these first millennia the spiritual head and guardian of the Earth had been stimulating wherever possible the individual fires of active spirituality. Gradually as knowledge of divine things became abused by those strong in will but weak in morality, truth was increasingly veiled. The planetary Watcher now felt the need of selecting a band of co-workers to act as bodyguard and protector of the ancient wisdom. Alone a handful of spiritually illumined human beings, in whom the divine fervor burned bright, acknowledged wholehearted allegiance to their planetary mentor – the spiritual hierarch of humanity. Through long ages certain individuals had been watched over and guided, strengthened and tested in innumerable ways, and those who passed the test of self-knowledge and self-sacrifice were gathered together to form the first association of spiritual-divine human beings – the Great Brotherhood.”

From the book Fragments of a Faith Forgotten;

“It is said that these earliest teachers of humanity who founded the Mystery institutions as the most efficient means of giving infant humanity instruction in higher things, were souls belonging to a more highly developed humanity than our own. The men of our infant humanity were children with minds but little developed, and only capable of understanding what they distinctly saw and felt. In the earliest times, according to this view, the Mysteries were conducted by those who had a knowledge of nature-powers which was the acquisition of a prior perfected humanity not necessarily earth-born, (my emphasis) and the wonders shown therein such that none of our humanity could of themselves produce. As time went on and our humanity more and more developed the faculty of reason, and were thought strong enough to stand on their own feet, the teachers gradually withdrew, and the Mysteries were committed to the care of the most advanced pupils of this humanity, who had finally to substitute symbols and devices, dramas and scenic representations, of what had previously been revealed by higher means.

Then it was that corruption crept in, and man was left to win his own divinity by self-conquest and persistent struggling against the lower elements in his nature. The teachers remained unseen, ever ready to help, but no longer moving visibly among men, to compel their reverence and worship. So runs the tradition. Unthanked, unknown, unconsidered, the Masters go on in their compassionate work for mankind’s enlightenment, a work that has never ceased in its outpouring of spiritual vitality for many millions of years, to continue another such period if necessity demands until such time as humanity stirs from its lethargy and once again wills to unite its heart with truth.

For countless generations hath the adept built a fane of imperishable rocks, a giant’s Tower of Infinite Thought, wherein the Titan dwelt, and will yet, if need be, dwell alone, emerging from it but at the end of every cycle, to invite the Elect of mankind to co-operate with him and help in his turn enlighten superstitious man. And we will go on in that periodical work of ours; we will not allow ourselves to be baffled in our philanthropic attempts until that day when the foundations of a new continent of thought are so firmly built that no amount of opposition and ignorant malice guided by the Brethren of the Shadow will be found to prevail.”

We are at that end of the cycle, and we, the Elect, are being called to help enlighten our fellow humans.


A Historical Perspective on Atlantis

Edgar Cayce was a phenomenally gifted psychic. More than anything he wanted to become a doctor and missionary. However, his family was poor so he was only able to complete the seventh grade before going to work to help support his family. This didn’t prevent his becoming a healer though, as in early adulthood he found that while in a self-induced trance state he had the ability to diagnose people’s ailments and recommend treatments. He didn’t even have to be near the person. He would be told someone’s name and where they were located, and could go to the Akashic Record known in the Bible as the Book of Life, and see everything about the persons past, present and future.

Cayce spoke of Atlantis in over seven hundred of his readings. He described a society where the Sons of the Law of One did battle with the Sons of Belial. I believe these were the warring parties referred to by Jesus in the Jeshua channelings. As he said, they were both extra-terrestrial sources of influence on humanity at that time. There were both white and black magicians on Atlantis. All magic is practiced using the same methods. The thing that determines whether magic is white or black, is the intention of the magician – whether it is used for good or nefarious purposes. The author of The Lost Teachings of Atlantis wrote; “Magic and miracles were not just something that existed in fairy tales. They were the scientific workings of spiritual forces on physical matter.” I find it interesting that almost ten years later, this was confirmed to the Ancient Awakenings group, when One Who Serves said that there are no miracles – there is only science.

The Sons of Belial, said by some to be the Biblical Cain, learned how to use the spiritual powers of the Sons and Daughters of the Law of One. They used them for selfish means and Atlantis became an evil society. The black magicians created part-human, part-animal hybrids called Chimeras. They would use these creatures as slaves and sex objects. Edgar Cayce called them ‘humanimals’.  Jesus calls humanity ‘creature humans’. In the esoteric teachings, angels are called men and people are called animals! This is the point at which the 144,000 were called into action:

“The Edgar Cayce readings relate that a soul named Amilius saw the fallen state of the angels on Earth and volunteered to be the leader of a group of 144,000 souls who would enter into Earth life to try to extricate their fellow souls from their material prisons. To accomplish this, Amilius and the 144,000 would have to commit to the entire evolutionary cycle of Earth life and would be subject to the same things other souls had who had forgotten their origin. Cayce related that the soul of Amilius was also the soul of Jesus and also the Adam of the Old Testament of the Bible. To extricate souls from materiality, Amilius had to experience what the other souls experienced, in order to transform humans from within.” Edgar Cayce on Angels

According to Edgar Cayce, it was Amilius who created the new bodies for humans that included the seven chakras and spiritual circuitry which would enable humans to be in contact with the realms of God and the angels. This creation – the Adamic human – a mixture of earth and spirit, was a new creation and this body was created from the highest realms of God.

When I got the results of some DNA testing, I learned that my DNA haplo-group originated circa 10,500 B.C. in the area of Mesopotamia – northern Palestine. The haplogroup was also found in a large degree among the people called the Sami of Norway, in Egyptians, in the present day Palestinians, in the Basques of northern Spain, and the Native American Cherokee. Surprisingly to me, it is rare in Europeans – only 3% of the population. I looked up an article on Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, on the Sami people who are also known as Lapps. The picture in the article was taken circa 1900. It showed what looked like an American plains Indian tepee with a man in the middle and two women on either side – most likely a plural marriage. Their children were also portrayed. The Basques live in the Pyrenees Mountains of Spain. The Palestinian derivation of my haplogroup made sense to me, but how it came to be in Egypt, Norway and Spain, was at first hard to understand. I learned that the haplogroup traveled through the migrating Atlanteans.

Edgar Cayce told of a group of followers of the Law of One led by a leader called Iltar who left Atlantis and went to South America. The vestiges of the Atlantean settlements in South America can be found in the ancient ruins of the Aztecs, Tolmecs, Inca, and other cultures where megalithic stone structures were built by the Atlantean refugees. In fact, Cayce said that the civilizations built in South and Central America were built by people not only from Atlantis, but also from Lemuria who had migrated to escape the submersions of their lands. Cayce said there were people from ‘Oz’ or ‘Og’ who were responsible for their construction too – so there really was a Land of Oz! Cayce said that, “the ancient Egyptians and American Indians originated in Atlantis, also the Basques, Canary Islanders and early inhabitants of Spain and Portugal.” (Iberia) These last two were later known as Celts. Just so you know, ‘Iberia’ is just another way to say ‘Hebrew’.

He also spoke of the migrations of people from all three lands who went to what is now California, Mexico and southern New Mexico in the United States. He stated; “This again found a change when there were the injections from those peoples that came with the divisions of those peoples in that called the ‘Promised Land.’ Hence we may find in these ruins that which partakes of the Egyptian, Lemurian and Oz civilizations, and the later activities partaking even of the Mosaic activities.” Yes, you understood him correctly – which isn’t easy! When the Israelite’s divided up the land between the tribes of Israel, some of them traveled to North, South and Central America! They were well aware of where those lands were, since their ancestors had been Atlanteans. The Atlantean’s were seafarers and traders who traveled the world. Some of them became the Phoenicians, also known as the Pelasgians or Sea People.

Some American Indians remember Atlantis as ‘Turtle Island’, ‘Pan’ or ‘The Old Red Land’. The ‘Old Red Land’ name came from the red color of the earth there. The name Serpents of Wisdom was already in use by our people during the time of Atlantis, and as they left Atlantis, they took their Serpent Wisdom with them. One story has them going to the Mississippi Delta region where they met up with their brothers the Iroquois Serpents. Some of the tribes stemming from the Atlanteans are the Sioux, Lakota, Algonquin and Iroquois. All these names translate as ‘snake’ or ‘serpent’.

From the book Atlantis-Insights from a Lost Civilization, we get an idea of who the Atlanteans developed into as time progressed.  The author relates legends from Great Britain that describe the Pleiades as the dwelling place of giant sky gods who once visited the Earth. The book gives examples of ancient stone monuments that are lined up with the position in the sky of the Pleiades at the equinox or other significant astronomical dates. The author states that there is a Cherokee ancestral wisdom that states; “Long ago people from the stars known as the seven dancers, or the Pleiades, reached the five islands of Atlantis and happily settled there.”  The Cherokee legends say that when many Atlanteans abused their sacred powers and grew corrupt, the islands disintegrated. The Algonquians were the tribe of Pocahontas father. The author wrote that Edgar Cayce described their descendants, the Iroquois, as direct descendants of Atlanteans, and that others – the Dakota, Sioux, Mandan’s, Delaware, Shawnee, Algonquin’s, Choctaw and Cherokee all retain the aquiline noses, high cheek bones, and long skulls of their Atlantean ancestors.

Lucille Taylor Hansen in her book The Ancient Atlantic, points out that many of the former Atlantean Native Americans designated themselves as Atlantean Serpents by incorporating the ‘K’ sound within their names. The tribes of this group include the Oklahoma, Muskogian, Choctaw, Cherokee, Mohawk, Comanche and Chickasaw.  According to her, the Ka sound denotes both Serpent of Wisdom and Son of God.

The Atlanteans close relationship with intelligent beings from the Pleiades is commemorated in Greek mythology where Atlas fathered seven daughters, the seven stars of the Pleiades.

The book Atlantis – Insights from a Lost Civilization calls the Vikings descendants of the oceangoing Atlanteans and says they decorated the front of their ships with carved serpents. Also the final ruler of Atlantis, Votan/Wotan/Wodin or Odin – which are all names for the same man, supervised the stocking of their ships with books, food and animals when they left Atlantis. The author says he obtained much of his data from the records of the Irish Tuatha de Danaan, whom he says were employed as scribes in Atlantean temples. He wrote that the Tuathas fled in ships during the final destruction of their country and eventually many of them settled in Ireland where their knowledge was incorporated into Celtic myths and legends. Those stories describe the land of Ogham or Ogyges, (Igiggi-Ogiggi) off the coast of Ireland. Legends say it was once possible to reach Atlantis by way of Ogham traveling many months on a well-lit highway. A huge granite statue of Og, a king of Ogham and another of his queen Magog stood in London until bombs destroyed them during World War II.

To quote that author; “The extensive wisdom of Atlantean scholars was also recorded and remembered in the Near East, where the boats of destitute refugees carried them in 10,000 BC. Noah, with his family and animals as described in the Bible, is the most notorious emigrant from Atlantis, the only land at that time sufficiently advanced to produce the knowledge he carried with him. The Book of Jubilees, one of the Dead Sea Scrolls, refers to the written information about medicine and herbs that Noah gave to Shem and says that in due course these books were passed from Jacob to his son Levi, who gave them to his children. The enlightenment Noah brought to the Near East is symbolized in many legends.”

The author wrote that the Hebrew’s describe a holy book given to Adam by the angel Raziel. The Hebrew’s say the book was made from sapphires and once belonged to Noah, who used it as a ‘lam’ (light of knowledge) while in the Ark. The book came into the hands of King Solomon and was regarded as the source of all his wisdom. The author states that the information relating to the occult arts that reached the Near East from Atlantis at the time of the flood contributed to the practices of the Essene Order.

According to the Theosophy website;

“The Atlantean root race had Mongolian features; they began with golden brown skin and gradually evolved into the red American Indian, brown Malayan, and yellow Mongolian races, because some Atlantean’s eventually migrated to the Americas and Asia. The seven sub-races of the Atlantean root race were: the Rmoahal, the Tlavati, Toltec (a term which Theosophists use as a synonym for American indians), the Turanian the (original) Semites (e.g., the Phoenicians), the Akkadians, and the Mongolian, which migrated to and colonized East Asia.”

Ignatius Donnelly in Atlantis; the Antediluvian World wrote;

“The religious, philosophic, and scientific knowledge possessed by the priest-crafts of antiquity, were engendered from Atlantis. Atlantean sun worship has been perpetuated in the ritualism and ceremonialism of both Christianity and pagandom. …The center of the Atlantean Wisdom-Religion was presumably a great pyramidal temple standing on the brow of a plateau rising in the midst of the City of the Golden Gates. From here the initiate-priests of the Sacred Feather went forth, carrying the keys of Universal Wisdom to the uttermost parts of the Earth.

….The mythologies of many nations contain accounts of gods who came out of the sea. Certain shamans among the American Indians tell of holy men dressed in birds’ feathers and wampum who rose out of the blue waters and instructed them in the arts and crafts. Among the legends of the Chaldeans is that of Oannes, a partly amphibious creature who came out of the sea and taught the savage peoples along the shore to read and write, till the soil, cultivate herbs for healing, study the stars, establish rational forms of government, and become conversant with the sacred Mysteries. Among the Mayas, Quetzalcoatl, the Savior-God (whom some Christian scholars believe to have been St. Thomas), issued from the waters and, after instructing the people in the essentials of civilization, rode out to sea on a magic raft of serpents to escape the wrath of the fierce god of the Fiery Mirror, Tezcatlipoca.

May it not have been that these demigods of a fabulous age who, Esdras-like, came out of the sea were Atlantean priests? All that primitive man remembered of the Atlantean’s was the glory of their golden ornaments, the transcendency of their wisdom, and the sanctity of their symbols – the cross and the serpent. That they came in ships was soon forgotten, for untutored minds considered even boats as supernatural. Wherever the Atlantean’s proselytized they erected pyramids and temples patterned after the great sanctuary in the City of the Golden Gates. Such is the origin of the pyramids of Egypt, Mexico, and Central America. The mounds in Normandy and Britain, as well as those of the American Indians, are remnants of a similar culture. In the midst of the Atlantean program of world colonization and conversion, the cataclysms which sank Atlantis began. The initiate-priests of the Sacred Feather who promised to come back to their missionary settlements never returned; and after the lapse of centuries tradition preserved only a fantastic account of gods who came from a place where the sea now is. H. P. Blavatsky sums up the causes which precipitated the Atlantean disaster;

‘Under the evil insinuations of their demon, Thevetat, the Atlantis-race became a nation of wicked magicians. In consequence of this, war was declared, the story of which would be too long to narrate; its substance may be found in the disfigured allegories of the race of Cain, the giants, and that of Noah and his righteous family. The conflict came to an end by the submersion of the Atlantis; which finds its imitation in the stories of the Babylonian and Mosaic flood.’

From the Atlantean’s the world has received not only the heritage of arts and crafts, philosophies and sciences, ethics and religions, but also the heritage of hate, strife, and perversion. The Atlantean’s instigated the first war; and it has been said that all subsequent wars were fought in a fruitless effort to justify the first one and right the wrong which it caused. Before Atlantis sank, its spiritually illumined initiates, who realized that their land was doomed because it had departed from the Path of Light, withdrew from the ill-fated continent. Carrying with them the sacred and secret doctrine, these Atlantean’s established themselves in Egypt, where they became its first ‘divine’ rulers. Nearly all the great cosmologic myths forming the foundation of the various sacred books of the world are based upon the Atlantean Mystery rituals.”

The author of Egypt Child of Atlantis wrote;

“In the book Dravidian Origins in the West, DR. N. Lahovary shows the clearly direct relationship between the Basque language and that of the Dravidians of southern India. He does so by demonstrating the existence of an ancient Ligurian linguistic culture that extended in ancient times from India, via Iraq and Turkey right across the eastern and northern Mediterranean to the Atlantic before being largely subsumed within the Indo European cultures of the Celts in the west, the Serbs and Caucasians from the north and the Hamito-Semitic peoples from the south.”

I included this last paragraph, because these languages were our own, and the people, the Hamito-Semitic, Celts, Indo-Europeans, and Caucasian people were our ancestors, and by this and the following paragraph, you can get some idea of where some of these Atlanteans ended up. Laurence Gardner, the author of Genesis of the Grail Kings wrote; “It is remarkable that the Hopi should claim descent from the Snake clan, survivors from a lost island in the Atlantic Ocean and designers of the mound representing a serpent disgorging an egg. The Greeks separated from the Hopi by half a world and thousands of years, recorded that their ancestors were the Ophites, a Serpent People, from the Western Sea, whose emblem was a snake with an egg at its mouth. Ohio’s Great Serpent Mound has a material counterpart in, of all places, Scotland.”

Gardner went on to say that the Atlantean’s “were a people of incomparable genius, expressed in their technological achievements….they explored and mapped the world at least five thousand years before the men of the European Renaissance…they were aggressive imperialists, joyful warriors who delighted in conquest.” He said of the Basques who spoke a language unlike any others, which is called Euskara, “it contains cognates with the languages of four peoples descended from Atlantis.” Gardner also told of the Basques own sunken city myth, and says that the Basques still recall the name Amaiur  “…whom later Christian theologians equated with the biblical Tubal Cain, Noah’s grandson.” Gardner says that the legends say that the Basques were the survivors of the destruction of an oceanic kingdom, the Green Isles, which was engulfed by the sea. He wrote that Amaiur and fellow Atlantean’s resettled in the Pyrenees, where they became the progenitors of the Basques.

In the book Gateway to Atlantis the author relates that the ancient historian Sanchoniathon of Beirut who lived circa 1100 B.C., stated that the Phoenicians, who were the Semitic sub-race of Atlantis;

“….inherited their maritime capability from a dynasty of gods that founded the city of Byblos. They introduced civilized society, possessed light and other more complete ships. They gave birth to many sons and daughters who bore the names of later Phoenician city states and countries throughout the Mediterranean. Their leader was Cronus (Saturn) the son of Coelus or Uranus, the father of the six Titans and their six female counterparts, the Titanides. Sanchoniathon tells us that Coelus ruled Coele-Syria, a country that stretched from the Levant coast of the Lebanon to the eastern extremes of Syria. Cronus, if we dare to presume he was ever human, is remembered for the power struggle he fought and lost against his son Zeus, the leader of the gods of Olympus.” He goes on to say that some sources say that he was banished to Italy where he civilized the barbarous people and introduced agriculture. He wrote that Cronus reign here was remembered as so peaceful and virtuous that it was remembered as a Golden Age.

The author wrote; “In the wars against Zeus and the gods of Olympus, Sanchoniathon states that Cronus’ auxiliaries or allies were the Eloim, a misspelling of Elohim, or the bene-ha-Elohim, the name given in the Old Testament to the Watchers and Nephilim. If we might accept that Cronus’ struggles with his son Zeus recall real events in the history of humankind, could it imply that the maritime gods of Byblos were allies of the Watchers and Nephilim?” He goes on to say that in Greek myth, the Nephilim are equated directly with the Titans or Giants who waged war on the gods of Olympus. In the Greek Septuagint and in the King James Bible, the term Nephilim is substituted with the words Gigantes, or Giants. The author wrote; “With this in mind, it is interesting to note that the Titans are supposed to have sided with Cronus against their father Coelus, the same role played by the Elohim.”

I have come to believe that all the ancient pantheons of gods were actual flesh and blood humans, very few humans, who were known by different names in different places. They were these ‘Elohim’ or really ‘elohim’, what I call ‘lower case ‘g’ gods’. They were also known as the Anunnaki of the Bible. Here we touch on what is the most baffling aspect of my research; biblical personages being linked with ‘pagan’ gods. It is not something I understand very well.

The following gives evidence of this strange inter-mixing of Biblical people with the gods of the pagan pantheons. It tells about the Aegean royal lines from Zarah, the son of Judah and Tamar of the Bible, that progressed to royalty of Troy and Europe. Zarah was the twin of Pharez. These two were sons of Judah – the father of the Jews, or Judeans. In the Bible, Jacob-Israel is talking to his twelve sons about what the future will be for their descendants. He tells Judah that his line is meant to be the royal line with kingship over Israel. He tells Levi that his line will be the priestly line over Israel.

This is taken from;

Appendix 3: Aegean Royal Lines from Zarah. A brief history of the Aegean Royal lines from Zarah.

“Yet could the biblical Darda truly be the founder of Troy? What of Dardanus’ descent from the Greek god Zeus? A number of royal genealogies based on Homer describe the descent of Trojan royalty as follows: Cronus (or Kronos) – Zeus – Dardanus – Erichthonius – Tros – Ilus – Laomedon – Priam (the king of Troy at the time of the Trojan War in Homer’s Iliad). While this lineage might appear entirely mythical, it should be realized that some ancient myths about the ‘gods’ were actually rooted in stories about real people. In fact, many pagan religions began, in part, as ancestor and hero worship (see Thomas Bulfinch, Bulfinch’s Mythology, “Stories of God’s and Heroes,” chap. 25: “Origin of Mythology,” 1855, 1979).

With that in mind, it is rather surprising to discover what the ancient Phoenician historian Sanchoniathon (or Sanchoniatho) – who is believed to have lived around the 1200s B.C. (though some put him a few centuries later) – had to say about the identity of Cronus. But first it should be recognized that all material from Sanchoniathon “is derived from the works of Philo of Byblos (flourished AD 100), who claimed to have translated his Phoenicica from the original text. The authenticity of that claim has been questioned, but excavations at Ras Shamra (ancient Ugarit) in Syria in 1929 revealed Phoenician documents supporting much of Sanchuniathon’s information on Phoenician mythology and religious beliefs” (“Sanchuniathon,” Encyclopedia Britannica , 1985, Vol. 10, p. 404).

The writings of Sanchoniathon, as we have them, mention the Greek “Kronos, whom the Phoenicians call Israel . . . He circumcised himself, and forced his allies to do the same” (I.P. Cory, Ancient Fragments, 1828). Israel, as earlier stated, was the new name given to the biblical patriarch Jacob. And the Phoenician historian further explained that this Kronos or Israel had a special son named Jehud or Yehud. This is simply a shortened form of the Hebrew Yehudah, that is, Judah: “. . . evidence of the extent of Judah [later in the fifth century B.C.] are the seal impressions on storage jars . . . on which appear the name ‘Yehud’ in various forms” (Yohanan Aharoni and Michael Avi-Yonah, The Macmillan Bible Atlas, 1977, p. 109).

Since the primary son of the Greek Cronus (Roman Saturn) was Zeus (Roman Jupiter), then Jehud would be the same as Zeus. Indeed, the word Zeus (Zhe-ut) may actually derive from Yehud – as the Roman Jupiter or Iupiter appears to derive from the Greek Zeus-pater or Zheut-pater (pater meaning “father”). Of course, a great deal of Babylonian paganism was overlaid onto these historical characters, creating the false gods of Greek and Roman mythology (see Alexander Hislop, The Two Babylons, 1916, 1959). Thus, stripped of mythological embellishment, Dardanus son of Zeus son of Kronos is Darda son of Judah son of Israel. Actually, Darda was the grandson, great-grandson or later descendant of Judah – as the word “son” can be interpreted. In any case, Darda was, in fact, a descendant of Judah through the line of Zarah.

Incredibly, an examination of the genealogies of the royal families of Europe shows that nearly all of them trace their lineage back to the house of Troy (see James Anderson, Royal Genealogies or the Genealogical Tables of Emperors, Kings, and Princes, from Adam to These Times , 1736; W.M.H. Milner, The Royal House of Britain: An Enduring Dynasty, 1902). Thus, the scepter did indeed remain with Judah as prophesied. For from the line of Perez came the royal house of David, while from the Zarah line came the royal house of Troy. Yet Troy’s wasn’t the only royal line from Zarah.

The Mycenaean house of Atreus also traced its lineage to Zeus (i.e., Judah). And considering the Mount Zara rising above Mycenae, it would seem that this royal line, like that of Troy, sprang from Zarah. Indeed, remember that the Zarhite Dardanus actually came from this area of Greece. Thus it would appear that the Jewish Cretan royal family, evidently of Zarah, was split with one line going to northwest Turkey and the other going to Mycenaean Greece. Yet they were fused back together when Dardanus married Teucer’s daughter and founded Troy.”

Do you see how my job as family historian could get complicated?!

The man next depicted, I believe to be Judah, known here as King Gudea.


The depiction below features left to right; Dumuzi/ Tammuz of the Bible and Mesopotamian myth who is a son of Enki, then King Gudea, Ningishzidda/Thoth, (a son of Enki), and Enki.

The Atlanteans took their culture with them when they abandoned Atlantis and the societies they established had indoor plumbing, multi-story buildings, aqueducts and lakes, road systems, farming and agriculture. Theirs were called ‘sudden civilizations’ because they showed no evolution of technologies, they arrived ‘fully flowered’. Edgar Cayce said that the Atlanteans had achieved a greater technological advancement than was in existence at the time of his readings in the 1920’s through 1940’s.

The authors of The Mark of the Beast wrote that the Atlanteans were scattered around the world and their mental and physical attributes began to degenerate. Their life spans decreased significantly. Their thought processes sharpened, but they lost their magical powers over nature and over the life forces in the human body. The reference to the life-spans of the Atlanteans decreasing is evidenced in the biblical Patriarchs who show progressively shorter lifespans with each succeeding generation.

Atlantis sank into the ocean slowly over thousands of years. The sinking of the final island called Poseidia was said to have occurred circa 10,500 B.C. and was cataclysmic. Edgar Cayce said it was the Atlanteans misuse of the power emitting out of the Earth that caused the final collapse.

The Followers of the Law of One began leaving Atlantis when the Sons of Belial began practicing human sacrifice. The ones who remained left before the final cataclysm as they had known in advance what would happen. Those in our soul/physical family who were Followers of the Law of One went with Thoth-Hermes to Egypt. Some say that Thoth-Hermes was Noah’s son Ham. Ham was given the African continent as his portion of land when the Earth was divided among Noah’s family. Edgar Cayce said that it was at that time that the pyramids were built in Egypt – by our people. One author wrote that the pyramids and sphinx are astrally aligned to 10,500 B.C. and he believes that was when they were built. If you learn about our family story you will realize how important astronomy and astrology were to our ancestors and I believe the 10,500 B.C. date to be accurate.






































Our Atlantean Story

The following is a message from Jesus/Jeshua and is from – channeled by Pamela Kribbe;

Dear friends,

I AM Jeshua. I stand before you and send you my energy and love. I would like to be of support to you in these challenging times. This time of transition on Earth brings many old things to the surface. Old energies emerge from times long gone by, times in which you were incarnate and had lives in which you experienced much. All these old layers now resurface. I would like to speak of these old times today, to bring you to a deeper understanding of yourselves, of who you are here – and – now. You are old, ancient beings, who carry within a great deal of experience. Long journeys through time and space you have made, and not just on planet Earth.

Please let me take you back to the beginning. There was never a beginning, but for the sake of this story, I speak of a beginning in time, because there was a starting point to the large cycle of lifetimes in which you are now caught up. I am taking you to the time of your birth as an individual soul, as a separate ‘I’. The ‘I-ness’ that is so familiar to you now, was an altogether new phenomenon in the universe. Being separate and individual enables you to gather a multitude of experiences, and yes, illusions as well, but that does not make it less valuable. It is precisely in being an ‘I’, in being separate from the whole, and experiencing the illusions that go with it, that you can discover what is not. You can discover an illusion and experience it from the inside out. At first, this was not possible. At first, there was the One and nothing outside of it, like an undifferentiated ocean of love and oneness. Now try and experience fear and ignorance from in there!

In being vulnerable and prone to illusion, you gather an enormous amount of experience, which enables you to really understand what oneness means, what love means at the level of experience. You will understand what love is, not as an abstract concept, but as a living, creative force that moves you and fills your heart and spirit with a deep sense of joy and satisfaction. This is the end goal of your journey, the homecoming you are longing for: to be God-as-you, to experience oneness as an ‘I’. You do not want to give up your ‘I’ness. It is through the connection of your ‘I’ with the whole, that you experience the deepest joy and that you add your own unique energy stamp to the whole of creation. God-as-you adds something new and precious to creation. I ask you to go back to the time that this being an ‘I’ took shape for the first time. Back then you were, or were created as, angels. Can you feel the tenderness and innocence of that original energy that distant beginning in which you were first ‘molded,’ got to know ‘form? All of a sudden you were ‘you’, distinct and separate from the others around you, and you experienced the miracle of being an individual. You were still so close to the source of divine light, that you were filled with love and overflowed with joy and creativity. There was an incredible desire in you to experience, to know, to feel and to create.

……I now take a big leap in time, as I can only give a broad outline of this extensive history. I take you to the beginning of planet Earth. You were present there. You are older than the existence of Earth as a physical planet. Your birth as a pristine I-consciousness lies much further back than the origin of Earth. Now imagine that you were contributing to the development of life on Earth. Slowly, life evolved on Earth, through the presence of material elements which offered a broad range of possibilities for consciousness’s to incarnate in material forms or bodies: minerals, plants, and later on, animals. And you were deeply involved in this process of creation. How? You were the angels and devas who supported and nurtured the vegetable kingdom, who knew the ‘web of life’ on Earth intimately and cared for it deeply. You have also provided animal life forms with love, care and etheric nourishment. Memories you carry within of ‘paradise’ or the Garden of Eden, of a perfectly balanced nature in which you participated as caregiver and keeper of life, stem from this ancient age. You were not incarnate yet then, but hovering between the ethereal and the physical realms. You were an angel on the verge of being born into matter.

…..So, you have been in some sense the parents of life on Earth. This explains why you can be thoroughly shocked by the disturbances of nature by modern technologies, and the general abuse of the forces of nature. Why does it affect you so? It is because you have cherished and nurtured these very energies from the beginning. From your essence you are connected to it, to Earth and its many life forms, as a parent is to her child and a creator to his creation. And back then, when you were angels nurturing Earth life, you knew not why you were doing it. You acted as children who felt drawn by the calling of yet another adventure, the thrill of the new, and you let yourself be guided simply by what felt joyful and exciting to you. You planted your energy wherever it felt welcome. Thus, you helped create paradise on Earth: the splendor of life, the abundance of the plant and animal kingdoms, the diversity of life forms and the unconstrained development of it all.

Many developments occurred on Earth over millions of years, which are hard to describe in a nutshell. But, at a certain point in time, your blissful adventure in the Garden of Eden was disturbed by an outside influence, which might be termed ‘bad’ or ‘dark’. From other dimensions in the universe, beings started to meddle with Earth. Their purpose was to exert power and influence over life on Earth. This happening, the interference of powerful dark energies which emerged out of nothing from your point of view, deeply shocked your angel-selves. You were not prepared. This was your first encounter with ‘evil’ and it shook your world to its foundations.  For the first time, you experienced what it was like to not feel safe anymore. You got to know ‘human emotions’; fear, shock, anger, disappointment, grief, outrage: what is this? What is happening here?!

Sense how the shadows fell upon you in that first encounter with darkness, the dark side of duality. Slowly, the craving for power, which had shocked and horrified you, started to take possession of you yourself. This was because you felt indignation and outrage towards the attackers, and you wanted to defend and protect the Earth against this strange invasion. I speak of an extraterrestrial influence, a certain race so to speak, the origin of which does not matter much for our tale. What matters is that you partly absorbed the energy of these beings, and thus made a fall. I do not speak of a Biblical Fall, as this phrase is associated with sin and guilt, but a fall into experience, into darkness, which was in a sense ‘predestined’ because you were part of the world of duality. By being an ‘I’, by experiencing separateness from the whole, the seeds for duality were born inside of you. It is part of the logic of creation that you will explore all extremes of duality, once you are in it.

You gradually became warriors yourselves, as you desired the power to protect your ‘territory’. A new stage ensued in your history, in which you got caught up in various galactic wars and struggles. Please take a moment to feel this happening, the fall from the playful energy of the angel-child to the harsh and angry energy of the galactic warrior. We are speaking of long periods of time. It may seem grand and unfathomable that you have gone through all this, yet I ask you to allow your imagination to travel with me for a while. You got caught up in a fierce and grand battle. Part of the science fiction literature familiar to you, describes all this and is actually inspired by real events in a distant past. It is not mere fiction. Much has actually happened and you were deeply involved in it. You lost yourselves in the struggle for power and during this stage of your history you thoroughly experienced the energy of the ego.

After a long, long time, you got tired of fighting. You had had enough. You were getting sad and battle-weary, and a kind of homesickness crept into your hearts. You had long been obsessed with the wars and conflicts you were involved in. The illusion of power can exert a hypnotic influence over an untested, naïve mind. You were naïve and untested when you experienced your first fall into darkness. But then, at a certain point, an awakening occurred within you. A vague memory of the old days in Paradise stirred in your minds and hearts, reminding you of the joy and innocence you once knew. You wished you could go back there and did not desire to fight anymore. One might say that the energies of the ego had been exhausted in you, by the full experience of it. You had known all sides of the battle, the whole range of emotions having to do with winning and losing, controlling and surrendering, being slayer and slain. You had become disillusioned with power and had discovered that power does not give you what it promises to: love, happiness, fulfillment. You awoke from your hypnotic slumber and yearned for something new.

When you reached out to rise above the energy of struggle, and connect to the energy of the heart, you were again naïve and ‘untested’. You were like children who popped your head over the wall of an altogether new country, in which not struggle or power were the leading forces but love and connection. You followed the calling of your soul and climbed over the wall. And you started to meet each other again and to recognize each other as soul mates, members of the same family. Once you had played together as angels in the Garden of Eden. The members of the light worker family, who are part of a same birth wave of souls, looked up on each other again and felt drawn by a common calling, a shared mission. You knew you had to do something to make the major step towards heart consciousness, the return to Paradise, actually happen for you. You felt you had dealings with Earth once again, but this time as a human being, incarnated in a human body, to experience from within what had happened on Earth due to the galactic wars, and your abuse of power.

In your struggle for power, the Earth had always been the focal point of attention. Many galactic parties battled for dominion on Earth and this negatively affected the Earth, all life upon her and the collective soul of evolving humanity. The reason why Earth was such an important target for all these warring parties is not so easily explained. Briefly put, Earth is the starting point of something new: it is a place that brings many different dimensions and realities together and therefore constitutes a crossroads toward the future. Many, many energies meet and mix together on Earth – within the plant, animal, and especially the human kingdom. This is very special. When these energies can peacefully coexist together, it will bring about a huge explosion of light throughout the cosmos. That is why Earth is playing a key role and why she had been in the center of a great battle. You were once part of this battle, as offenders, trying to manipulate life and consciousness on Earth in quite an aggressive manner. This caused harm to the developing human being. Humanity was then in its infant stage, the ‘stage of innocence’. Humanity was ‘inhabited’ by souls who were from a different birth wave than you. We have called them ‘Earth souls’ in the Light worker series. It was a group of souls younger than you were who had manifested on Earth from early on and had to deal with outside, extra-terrestrial manipulations which narrowed down the capabilities of the human being. The extraterrestrial forces projected energies of fear and inferiority into the open and young consciousness of man. This enabled them to gain control over them.

I return now to your decision to incarnate on Earth as a human being. You had two motives. First, you sensed you were ready for an inner change and transformation. You wanted to let go of the ego’s battling attitude and grow towards another way of ‘being’. You did not know what exactly this meant; you could not grasp it fully yet, but you sensed that incarnating on Earth would offer you precisely the challenges and possibilities you needed. Secondly, you knew you had to make up for things that happened on Earth, partly because of your doing. You somehow sensed that, originally, you had a deep bond with Earth based on love and mutual respect, and it had gotten corrupted when you let yourself be enmeshed in war and battle for this very Earth. The two extremes of you, of angel-child and hardened warrior, needed to be brought together and transformed, and what place could be more suitable for this than Earth? You felt deeply connected to this planet and you also sensed a ‘karmic obligation’ to improve conditions on Earth. You wished to change and lift the state of consciousness on Earth. So you became ‘light workers’. You incarnated on Earth at the time of Atlantis.

Atlantis was a civilization that lies much further back in time than the familiar historical eras. Atlantis gradually came into being about 100,000 years ago and it ended about 10,000 years ago. The first beginnings even predate 100,000 years. Atlantis gradually evolved when extraterrestrial races started to ‘invade’ Earth by actually incarnating in human bodies. These souls in general had a high level of mental development. At that time, societies and communities on Earth were largely made up of Earth souls, and they were ‘primitive societies’ as you call them. There were, even before Atlantis, many extraterrestrial influences on Earth, from galactic realms that sent thought forms to Earth in different ways. Thought forms are energies that connect themselves to humans at the ethereal or auric level, and thus influence the thoughts and emotions of people. This happens continuously as you absorb ideas and beliefs from your upbringing and society. These surround you as an infectious web. But it can also happen from the astral levels surrounding you. The thought forms projected unto you by the galactic warriors were in general controlling and manipulative, but there have always been influences of light and gentleness as well. It is the human himself who decides what he allows in and what not.

At a certain moment, the galactic parties wished to have a more profound influence on Earth and there was an opportunity for them to actually inhabit human bodies, in short to incarnate on Earth. Spirit or Life opened up this possibility for them because it fit into their inner path of development. You were one of these parties. In your spiritual literature, folks that stem from these galactic realms are often referred to as ‘star people’ or ‘star seeds’.   Atlantis was the result of a coming together, a mixture of the native Earth societies and the influx of souls that came ‘from the outside’. You, the wave of the light worker souls, incarnated on Earth because you wished to bring about change and progress and because you wanted to grow yourselves, from an ego-based consciousness to a heart-based consciousness.

When you arrived, it felt very awkward and uncomfortable at first, to be inside of physical human bodies. Living in such dense physical matter gave you a sense of oppression and imprisonment, as you were used to much more fluid and volatile bodies that possessed more psychic power. In higher (less material or dense) frequencies or dimensions, your psyche has a much greater direct influence on the material environment. By simply thinking of, or wanting something, you can create or attract it immediately to you on these planes. Your mind was used to creating much faster than was possible on Earth. You might say that the reaction time on Earth is much slower. So when you are here for the first time, you have the sensation that you are somehow locked into a solid and unyielding body and you get insecure, since what you desire and aspire does not materialize so easily anymore and your hold over your life and circumstances seems to be quite limited. So you were confused when you got here. At the same time, you had highly trained mental abilities that were developed during your previous galactic lifetimes. To send out thought forms and project them unto other living beings requires that you own quite some psychic power.

Your mind was like a set of sharp knives, which had to prove their value in an altogether different environment. Your trained mental capacities were an old attainment, and because of the sense of alienation and oppression you experienced on Earth, you instinctively tried to find your way here by using this old attainment. You thus started to exert your mental powers on Earth. Originally, your intention had been to connect with Earth reality from the heart. Before you incarnated, you knew that, despite your formidable analytical and psychic powers, the grounds of your heart lay fallow and were in need of seeds, little seedlings of light. This, however, you ‘forgot’ when you plunged into Earth reality and your consciousness got veiled.

On Earth, you had to deal with the Earth souls, who lived there as human beings, and you did not understand them well. You thought they were instinctive and barbaric beings. You did not understand their direct, spontaneous way of expressing emotions. They were primitive in your eyes they were attuned to their emotions and instincts more than to their minds. You had abilities and gifts that were different from the natural dispositions of the people on Earth. Even though you were frequently born and raised as their children (when you were born to Earth soul parents) there gradually developed a social divide between you and them. Because of your superior mental skills, you developed technologies that were formerly unknown. This all happened slowly and naturally. We speak of thousands, even ten thousand years of time.

…Gradually, a new culture came into being on Earth, a civilization that brought forth an unprecedented technological development which affected all parts of society. I would like to say a little more about the kind of technology that evolved in Atlantis. What you as ‘star people’ still remembered brightly, despite the veil of forgetfulness, was that you can influence material reality by using the power of your mind, specifically the third eye. The third eye is the energy center (chakra) of intuition and psychic awareness, and it is located behind your two physical eyes. The power of the third eye was still very familiar to you in those first incarnations, like a second nature to your soul. You knew ‘how it worked’. You knew that matter (physical reality) has a form of consciousness, is consciousness in a certain state of being. Through this essential insight into the oneness of consciousness and matter, you could affect and form matter, by making inner contact with the consciousness in the piece of matter. In this way, you could literally move matter,[1] manipulate it from the mind. You knew a secret that was forgotten in more recent times.

Presently, you see matter (physical reality) as separated from consciousness (the mind). Influenced by modern science, you have forgotten that all beings are ensouled: all that is has some form of consciousness that you can connect with and cooperate with in a creative way. This knowledge was self-evident to you in those ancient times. But, during Atlantis, when your heart centers had not been awakened fully, your third eye was predominantly controlled by the center of the will or ego (the solar plexus or third chakra). You stood on the doorway of a new inner reality, the reality of heart-based consciousness, but due to the shock of being submerged in the dense reality of Earth, your tender and fresh inspirations got lost temporarily. You allowed yourselves to be led astray by the excessive use of the will mixed with the power of the third eye. You did aspire to make things better on a larger scale (‘light work’) but you did it in a self-centered way, with an authoritarian attitude toward the Earth souls and nature.

In the hey-day of Atlantis, there were many possibilities and the technology was highly advanced, in some areas even more than your present technology, because the power of telepathy and psychic manipulation was much better used and understood. Instantaneous, telepathic communication could take place between different persons at great distance from each other. It was possible to leave your body consciously and travel around. Communication with extraterrestrial civilizations was pursued and effected.

Much became possible during Atlantis, but much went wrong as well. There generally was a divide between the political-spiritual elite and the ‘common people’, which were made up of Earth souls predominantly. They were looked upon as inferior beings, means to an end, and they were actually used for genetic experiments that were part of the Atlantean ambition to manipulate life on the biological level, so that more superior life forms could be created.

A positive aspect of the Atlantean society, by the way, was the equality of men and women during that age. The power struggle of man and woman, in which women were horribly oppressed during the last stage, was not a part of Atlantis. The feminine energy was fully respected, especially because it is directly related to the power of the third eye (intuition, clairvoyance, spiritual power).

I now wish to take you to the downfall of Atlantis. Energies were at work there that you are still trying to come to terms with. You were deeply involved in what went wrong at that stage. In Atlantis, you lived from the centers of the will and the third eye. Your heart energy did not open up significantly. At a certain point, you fell in love with the possibilities of your own technology and the ambition of creating more superior life forms. You applied genetic engineering and experimented on several life forms, and you were unable to understand, to feel, that you were disrespectful to Life in this. The ones you experimented upon could not count on your empathy and compassion. The energy present at this stage of perversion in the Atlantean civilization specifically returned in the 20th century as the Nazi regime in Germany. Cruel experimenting and a general attitude of clinical coldness towards ‘inferior life forms’ was a substantial part of that regime. The lack of compassion and empathy displayed towards the perpetrated, the lack of emotion and the mechanical way of ‘dealing with’ the victims, was similar to the Atlantean attitude. This now fills you with a deep sense of horror. You have seen and felt the other side of it, the victim side, in lifetimes that came after Atlantis.

But during Atlantis, you were the offender. That’s where a particular ‘karma’ ensued. Atlantis is the key to your ‘offender lifetimes’, your dark side. I’m telling you this, not to make you feel ashamed or guilty, not at all. We are all part of this history, taking on various roles and disguises, and this is what it is like to be in duality. It is to experience and play all thinkable roles, from very light to very dark. If you allow yourself to know your dark side, if you can accept that you played the role of perpetrator as well, you will be more balanced, free and joyful. That is why I tell you this.  At one point, the technological developments that you – and other soul groups pursued, had such a great impact upon nature, that the ecological systems on Earth got disrupted. The downfall of Atlantis did not take place all at once. There were many warning signs – nature’s beckoning – but when they were not heeded, enormous natural disasters occurred through which the Atlantean civilization got flooded and destructed. How did it affect you on the inner level? It was a shocking experience, a traumatic experience; it was another Fall, a second Fall of Experience into the deep.

During your incarnations on Earth, you had eventually lost the connection to the heart energy that you had reached out to. Stronger than ever, you realized after the downfall of Atlantis that truth was not to be found in the controlling of life, even if the purpose seemed noble. You then really began to open up to the still voice of the heart, which tells you that there is a wisdom working through Life itself that needs no managing or controlling. In the flow of life itself, in the flow of the heart and the feelings, there is a wisdom that you can attune to, or align with, by listening and surrendering. It is not a wisdom created from the head or by the will it is a wisdom that comes from allowing in a higher perspective, the voice of love. This mystical knowing, which is accompanied by a sense of humbleness and surrender, you slowly started to feel from within. But even then, the time was not yet ripe for a joyful awakening of the heart energies. A shadow had fallen upon you during Atlantis, the shadow of having affected other beings negatively. The effects of this would have to be deeply felt and experienced by you before the awakening could take place.

Again I take another huge step in this old history, and I take you to the moment you returned to Earth, after Atlantis had vanished, washed away by ocean waves. Once again you incarnated in human bodies, the memory of Atlantis buried deep within your soul memory, tied with a sense of shame and self-doubt. The downfall of Atlantis had stunned and perplexed you, but it had also opened up your hearts a little wider. What immense developments taking place on such a grand scale of time! The next important cycle started with the coming of the Christ energy on Earth, most visibly represented by me. Many of you were present then or around that time. A few centuries before my birth, you started to incarnate again in great numbers. A voice from your heart enticed you, summoned you. You sensed that ‘you had to be there’, that it was time for you to take another step on your spiritual journey, which got so intertwined with Earth. The coming of the Christ energy, my coming to Earth, was partly prepared by you. I could not have come without a layer of energy present on Earth that would receive me, ‘catch me’ so to speak. Your energy provided the channel through which I could anchor the Christ energy on Earth. It was a joint effort, truly. Your hearts had opened up to me, to what I represented. At that time, you were the part of humanity most open to receive the love and wisdom from the heart.

A certain humbleness had arisen within you, in the best sense of the word: a surrender to not-knowing, not wanting to control or ‘manage’ things, and a genuine openness to something new, something that stands apart from power and control, something different. And because of this trust and openness in your hearts, you could receive me. I was like a light beam falling on Earth, reminding the ones who were ready of their angelic nature, their divine core. You were moved by me, by what I expressed and radiated to you from my inner core, and the Christ energy has thenceforth affected you deeply, in that lifetime around Christ and in the lifetimes after it, up to now. In all of those lives, you have tried to bring the Christ energy down to Earth, spread it through teaching and healing in different forms. You were inspired and passionate light workers, working hard to bring more justice, fairness and love to this planet.

In that era, the era of the awakening Christ energy, you were the ones who were opposed to religions that were too tightly organized, to authoritarian ways of subduing people. You fought for freedom, emancipation of the female energy, heart-based values in an age that was still barely aware of it. In the past two thousand years, you were freedom fighters and you were rejected and persecuted for it. You were punished and tortured for who you were, and frequently ended up on the stake or the scaffold. You carry a lot of emotional trauma from this episode of history. In the struggles and the resistance you met, the Atlantean (and galactic) karma was working. The roles were now reversed. You became victims and went through the depths of loneliness, fear and despair. You got intimately acquainted with the deep emotional pain of rejection. This was your third Fall, a third Fall into Experience, and the one that brought you to the heart of your mission: understanding the oneness underlying both Light and Dark, learning what Love truly means. This third Fall has led you to the present, to who you are now.

Today, at the edge of a new cycle, in these trans-formative times, you are truly open to the meaning of the Christ energy. In your heart, a wisdom is sprouting that embraces and transcends opposites and recognizes the one divine flow in all different manifestations. Your love is not a mere abstract knowing, but a real, pure and sincere flow from the heart, that reaches out to others, and to Earth. You now recognize yourself in the countenance of the other, whether they are ‘light’ or ‘dark’, rich or poor, Light worker or Earth soul, man, animal or plant. The love embedded in the Christ consciousness bridges the gap between opposites and gives you a palpable sense of the inter-connectedness of all that is.

As an angel, you once guarded paradise on Earth. You cut yourself off from this state of innocence, when you engaged in the dance of power with energies that wanted to steal paradise from you. Through this, you abandoned the spiritual realm and incarnated deeper into the material reality of form and illusion. From angel you became warrior. When you incarnated on Earth and went to experience what it was like to be human, you were again tempted by the desire to control things and this led to the downfall of Atlantis and of you as a warrior. You came back to Earth to experience the downside of the power play, to feel what it is like to fall prey to aggression and violence.

The aftermath of this latter part of the cycle is still clearly present in your way of experiencing things and you are all working hard to overcome the trauma of rejection inside of you. With that, you are coming full circle, to the point where it began. You come back to your true nature as an angel, but now a fully incarnate angel, with a real and alive knowledge of the extremes of light and dark, love and fear. You are a wise and compassionate angel, a human angel. …I have great respect for you, for the incredible journey you have made. I stand before you now as your equal. I am here as a teacher and guide, but also as a brother and a friend. I would like to offer you my love and friendship, not in an abstract manner, but as a tangible energy of companionship and understanding. I know who you are. Now recognize yourself in my countenance.

You are at the end of great cycles of time, in which you have gone through many experiences. Today I wanted to speak of Atlantis, as the recognition of the energies that you embodied there, can help you get into a state of peace and wholeness with yourself. The Atlantean energy is the energy of great mental power, combined with a distinctive pride and arrogance. Dare to recognize this ‘dark energy’ within, dare to accept that you have experienced and lived it once. Feel that you have been offender and perpetrator as well as victim. Allowing this fact into your consciousness opens the gateway to the greatest wisdom you can embrace in your life: the wisdom of non-judgmentalness. By being aware of your dark side, you will let go of judging others, for being right or wrong, or even yourself. All grounds for judgment will fall away. Judgment makes way for understanding and compassion. Then you really start to understand what love is, what ‘light work’ means. The word ‘light work’ in fact suggests falsely that there is some kind of struggle going on between the light and the dark, and that the light worker is the one beating the dark. But true light work is none of that. Real light work entails that you are able to recognize the light of love and consciousness in all that is, even if it is hiding behind masks of hatred and aggression.

You are still often tempted to pass judgments on the reality of Earth, for instance on the way politics work or the way people are treating the environment. It is easy to say that it’s all wrong and to feel yourself a stranger on this planet Earth, alienated and homeless. Try to make contact with the offender energy within you in such moments. Allow yourself to access the Atlantean energy, which is still there in your soul memory, and feel that you have been that too and even that it was okay. All of your ‘falls into experience’ eventually bring you full circle and open up your heart to the essence of God’s creation: love, creativity, innocence. You, who have experienced the extremes of darkness and light, have all along your journey been none other than an innocent child from paradise, setting out with a spirit of frankness, bold curiosity and zest for life. On this journey, you could only learn from experience. The ‘falls into experience’ could not have been avoided, as they were the means to reach out for something new and more fulfilling. The essence of your journey is that you reach wisdom through experience. Therefore, please recognize and honor the courage of this angel-child that you were. See its vitality, courage and perseverance in venturing into the unknown, and then feel your own innocence, even in your darkest side.

I ask you to respect yourself, including the dark side of you. Just feel the power and self-consciousness of the Atlantean energy for a moment. There is a positive side to it as well. You were gifted in many ways. Invite that energy in, here and now. Allow the sense of self-esteem and self-command to return to you, and forgive yourself for the atrocities that took place in the past. Yes, you have inflicted pain on others, you were the aggressor there……but feel also how you have come to regret this deeply, and how much you have opened up now to genuine respect for all that lives. When you forgive yourself you open up to the joy of letting go of judgment. That is the consequence, you see: if you recognize the dark part of you and are able to forgive yourself for it, you need not judge either yourself or others any more. This is such a delight for your soul.

….So often you still put yourself on the rack of your judgments. You tell yourself there is so much you have to accomplish yet. Today, I ask you to look back and see what you have accomplished already. Be aware of the profundity of your journey throughout these great cycles of time. And do not look up to me as a master anymore. I have fulfilled that role, two thousand years ago, but that time is over. You are the Christ’s of this new era you will bring peace in a world of duality and polarity, by radiating the peace that lies within your own hearts. Feel how you are ready for this role and let me simply offer you some support and encouragement as your friend and brother. We are one.



Gnostic Christianity

“In Gnosticism, gnosis is no formal philosophy of the Platonic kind, but a means of escaping existence; no knowledge of the world, but an attempt to anticipate the undoing of the world’s creation. However strongly Gnosticism may make the impression of being a philosophy, in essence it is not so, but an attempt to render all philosophy superfluous. It is first and foremost a secret revelation.” H.W. Drijvers

“Gnosis is the revelation and salvific knowledge of who we were, of what we have become, of where we were, of wherein we have been thrown, of whereto we are hastening, of what we are being freed, of what birth really is, and of what rebirth really is.”

“A person comes to Divine Gnosis by Divine Grace, combined with sincere and informed human aspiration.”

“Gnosis – The Greek word meaning knowledge, also intended to mean spiritual elevation. The Gnostic position is the root of all occult philosophy. Gnosis, with Wisdom (Sophia) are the highest virtues and the path to immortality. Gnosis is the revelation of the higher world, not so much a knowing as a remembering of one’s original nature, superior to matter, a remembering of one’s identity and position, original purpose and origin. Through gnosis, a person knows that spiritual origin and destination are the same. The result of gnosis is a restoration to the everlasting part of one’s self beyond the powers of fate and time. The Saviors, divine messengers who bring this revelation, remain strangers in this world of time. Gnostics venerated the serpent because a divine messenger disguised as a serpent, brought gnosis to Adam and Eve and taught them complete knowledge of the mysteries from on high.” Dictionary of Common Era Gnosticism

 “Gnosticism was an integral part of the ancient mysteries since both involved the belief that only personal inner enlightenment could bring understanding. According to the Masonic philosopher Manly Hall, “This knowledge of how man’s manifold constitution could be most quickly and most completely regenerated to the point of spiritual illumination constituted the secret or esoteric doctrine of antiquity.” Hall said such enlightenment and awareness had to be jealously guarded from profane persons who might abuse or misuse such knowledge. So lengthy periods of initiation were instituted and the most sensitive ancient knowledge was shrouded in symbols and allegory. ‘Christianity itself may be cited as an example,’ he wrote. ‘The entire New Testament is in fact an ingeniously concealed exposition of the secret processes of human regeneration.’ Rule by Secrecy by Jim Marrs

“The secret of gnosis is that when one comes to know oneself at the deepest level, one comes to know God as the source of one’s being. …Whoever is reborn of the Heavenly Father and Mother receives back a part of him/her self that had been lost in the beginning of time; the Spirit – the partner of one’s soul. This person then becomes a Christ.” The Origin of Satan – Elaine Pagels

Professor Pagels just explained the Sacred Marriage. It’s when your Spirit and soul reunite. You are then a Christ. Jesus says that the Light worker family are going to be the Christ’s of this era. He says that all souls at some point will be Light workers – and Christ’s.

The early Church father Irenaus wrote that the Gnostics believed that every initiate received, or was capable of receiving, direct inspiration from the Holy Spirit. Because of this they treated each member of their group equally. When they met they would draw lots to decide who would officiate in the different roles of their services. One would read scriptures, one would preach, one would be the prophet, another would officiate over their sacrament, etc.

According to the author of The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom;

“Gnostics claimed that the wisdom of their school was as old as the primeval Garden of Eden and had been transmitted to Adam as part of the Kabbalic teachings. They maintained that the original preceptor of Gnosticism was the serpent on the tree, which had been ‘a type of Jesus Christ.’ The Primal Serpent transmitted the teachings of Gnosticism to Adam, Adam passed them to Seth (Thoth Hermes) and Seth in turn passed them to the ‘Sons of Seth’. Through the Sons of Seth, which the Gnostic historian Iamblichus identified as the descendants of the first Thoth-Hermes the wisdom of Gnosticism eventually spread throughout the Earth. After many ages, the lineage of gnostic Masters culminated with the birth of the historical Jesus Christ, the greatest gnostic adept of them all. Christ, a later incarnation of the original Serpent on the Tree, was supposedly sent down to Earth by his mother, Sophia, during a dark period of humankind’s evolution. His mission was to teach all people how to escape via gnosis the oppressive dictates of Yaldaboath, the evil ruler of the world.”

Tau Malachi in his book Living Gnosis a Practical Guide to Gnostic Christianity brings additional insight into Christian Gnosticism;

“Gnosticism is experiential, not a fixed set of dogmas and creeds to be conceptually learned. Most authentic Gnostic traditions place emphasis on an actual contact with a living image of the Light transmission and the receiving of a spiritual education. Thus the acquisition of gnosis and progressive self-discipline, practice and the integration of one’s spirituality to daily living.  Anyone who is willing to engage in actual spiritual practice and spiritual living can enter into the experience of the living Yeshua and consciously evolve him or herself towards Christ consciousness. This is the most basic message of Gnostic Christianity. …. From the Sophian perspective, on every level of our being and consciousness, we truly live, move and have all of our experience in God, and it is the realization of this which is enlightenment and liberation. The whole message of the Gospel is that the kingdom of God is within and all around us; we merely need to have the eyes to see it, and thus to live in it.”

The Gnostic Gospels by Elaine Pagels is a good source for studying the Nag Hammadi texts.  The following are short quotes from that book;

“What Muhammad Ali discovered at Nag Hammadi is, apparently, a library of writings, almost all of them Gnostic. Although they claim to offer secret teaching, many of these texts refer to the Scriptures of the Old Testament, and others to the letters of Paul and the New Testament gospels. Many of them include the same dramatic personae as the New Testament – Jesus and his disciples. Yet the differences are striking.  Orthodox Jews and Christians insist that a chasm separates humanity from its creator: God is wholly other. But some of the Gnostics who wrote these gospels contradict this: ‘self-knowledge is knowledge of God; the self and the divine are identical.’

Second, the “living Jesus” of these texts speaks of illusion and enlightenment, not of sin and repentance, like the Jesus of the New Testament. Instead of coming to save us from sin, he comes as a guide who opens access to spiritual understanding. But when the disciple attains enlightenment, Jesus no longer serves as his spiritual master: the two have become equal – even identical.

Third, orthodox Christians believe that Jesus is Lord and Son of God in a unique way: he remains forever distinct from the rest of humanity whom he came to save. Yet the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas relates that as soon as Thomas recognizes him, Jesus says to Thomas that they have both received their being from the same source: Jesus said, ‘I am not your master. Because you have drunk, you have become drunk from the bubbling stream which I have measured out…He who will drink from my mouth will become as I am: I myself shall become he, and the things that are hidden will be revealed to him.’…Like Baptists, Quakers, and many others, the Gnostic is convinced that whoever receives the Spirit communicates directly with the divine.”

The Ebionites

The word ‘Ebionite’ translates as ‘the poor’. They acquired this name because they lived communally, gave away their possessions, and shared anything they received with their community, as did the Essenes. This group was the first Christian church established by Jesus.

According to the early church theologian Irenaeus, the Ebionites insisted that Jesus was man, not God, and was not born of a virgin. They claim that he became the Messiah only at the time of his baptism.  Irenaeus stated that the Ebionite’s used only the Gospel of Matthew and the Gospel of the Hebrews, which I believe to be the same as the Gospel of the Holy Twelve, and like Jesus and the Essenes, also used the prophetic books of the Old Testament. They adhered scrupulously to Judaic law – not the same one in today’s biblical Old Testament, but the original one given to them by Moses. Irenaus also said that the Ebionite’s used alternative versions of the Acts of the Apostles.  The Church Father Hippolytus, writing about 225 C.E. wrote; “And the Ebionite’s allege that they themselves, also, when in like manner they fulfill the law, are able to become Christ’s; for they assert that our Lord himself was a man in like sense with all humanity.”

From the author Manly Hall in Fragments of a Faith Forgotten;

“Nevertheless it was Ebionism which preserved the tradition of the earliest converts of the public teaching, and the Ebionite community’s doubtless possessed a collection of the public sayings and based their lives upon them. How then did the original Ebionite’s view the person and teaching of Jesus? They regarded their leader as a wise man, a prophet, a Jonas, nay even a Solomon. Moreover, he was a manifestation of the Messiah, the Anointed, who was to come, but he had not yet appeared as the Messiah; that would only be at his second coming. In his birth as Jesus, he was a prophet simply. The New Dispensation was but the continuation of the Old Law all was essentially Jewish. They therefore expected the coming of the Messiah as literally prophesied by their men of old. He was to come as king, and then all the nations would be subjected to the power of the Chosen People, and for a thousand years there would be peace and prosperity and plenty on Earth.”

From Mysteries of the Bridechamber;

“Like the Nazoreans, these fraternities were believed to be descended from the discredited prophetic orders, once so influential in the region. Jesus the Nazorean was widely recognized as heir to the prophetic tradition. The early Christians identified him with the prophet Enoch, and the Ebionite’s also regarded Jesus as a prophet. According to the testimony of Clement, the Ebionite’s taught that Jesus was a human being like any other, but one on whom the Christ Spirit, an archangelic being of the highest hierarchy of angels, descended at the time of Jesus’ baptism. The Ebionite’s believed in reincarnation and revered Jesus as the True Prophet, an incarnation of the ancient Iranian prophet Zarathustra. It was only in Zarathustra’s final embodiment as Jesus the Hebrew so these sectaries believed that the great seer received the full revelation of the Divine: ‘Since the creation of the world, the True Prophet hastens through the centuries, changing his name and form of appearance. He incarnates himself again and again. Jesus is the true incarnation of this Prophet.’ …But if Jesus was so commonly designated a prophet, why do the gospels not accord him the dignity of his rank? Indeed, we might ask further why Hebrew prophecy itself suddenly vanished from the annals of religious history, seemingly ceasing to exist long before Jesus was born. At this point the suspicion arises that both the Hebrew Scriptures and the Christian scriptures may be very political documents.”

The Elchesaites

One direct offshoot of the Ebionites were the Elchesaites who were later known as Sampsaeans – which means ‘Sun People’, after the Johannite practice of worshiping the morning and evening stars, at those times of day. The Elchesaites reportedly didn’t use the Old or New Testaments of the Bible. Epiphanius (320– 403) was bishop of Salamis at the end of the 4th century. He made the statement that the Essenes “Had now renounced Judaism, and no longer lived in the manner of the Jews.”

In the book The God Kings of Europe, the author relates that “The Elchesaite’s were an early Judaic-Christian sect who were also called Mughtasilab – which means shortcut, because they had a shortcut to God” I believe that shortcut was Jesus method of opening the heart chakra. The third century theologian Hippolytus, tells how a book by the individual he calls Elchasai was brought to Rome and he describes the followers of this Elchasai as having an incarnationist doctrine of many ‘Christ’s’, Jesus, “continually being infused into many bodies, manifested at many  times.”

The Johannites

The Johannites started at least as far back in time as Jnana Pandita in India or Sri Lanka. This line  eventually led to the biblical John the Baptist. From John it went to Jesus, then to Jesus brother James, and then to John the apostle. According to the author of World Gnosis the early John’s had been Jesus disciples. He cites Zebedee, Simon and Titus as succeeding Johns. It was clear that among the Gnostic’s Mary Magdalene and John were the disciples of Jesus who understood his teaching best. The Johannites held them both in high esteem. The Johannites can be traced later in history to the Knights Templar. The leader of the Templar’s always held the title of ‘John’.  In an unaltered version of the Gospel of John called the Evangelicon, it was related that John had received more of the esoteric wisdom and Holy Spirit power than the other Apostles. To the Gnostic’s, John was Jesus’ true successor.

According to the author of Guardians of the Holy Grail;

“Thus the power and wisdom of the Green Man, the Jnana Pandita that had once entered John the Baptist later entered the Cupbearer John the Apostle. The Cupbearer John the Apostle chose as his symbol a golden chalice with a spiraling snake emerging from it. This emblem, which was immortalized in a painting by the great Spanish artist El Greco, denoted the Cup of Immortality or Holy Grail and its indwelling serpentine Kundalini or Water of Life. John’s chalice also represented the Apostle’s inheritance from his Master Jesus that the Messiah had promised when he stated to him: ‘Of my cup you shall indeed drink.’ The snake or serpent symbol of John, when combined with the eagle, another of the Apostle’s symbolic animals, comprises the symbol of the Zodiacal sign of Scorpio, which not surprisingly is the sign associated with the trans-formative Holy Spirit or Kundalini. …The training and transmission of the Holy Spirit that John and James had received under John the Baptist before coming over to the Christ also set them apart from the other disciples of Jesus. The Messiah officially acknowledged the abundance of Holy Spirit power wielded by the brothers when he nicknamed them Boanerges, meaning ‘Sons of Thunder’.”

There was an unbroken lineage in the Johannite line through the Templar’s until the first Crusade when Hugues de Payens was invested with the ‘Apostolic Patriarchal Power’. That lineage could very well be unbroken to this day.

In a document called the Levitikon, written in the fifth century by a Greek monk, it relates that John the Beloved was Jesus chosen successor. The Levitikon corroborates the fact that Jesus studied in Egypt and acquired Gnostic wisdom and power within the Priesthood of Osiris. To the Egyptians of his day, Jesus was the long awaited Horus, the Egyptian Sun God, and the Messiah. One author stated that he believed Paul was so enthusiastic about furthering Christianity because he believed that Jesus had been a reincarnation of Mithras.


  • The Naassenes

The Naassenes, whose name is derived from the Hebrew nahash or serpent, were said to have been started by Jesus brother James and Mary Magdalene. They claim the distinction of being called by Hippolytus in his Refutation of Heresies, “the most ancient form of Christian heresy” – keeping in mind that he is calling the religion of Jesus and his family a Christian heresy!

Hippolytus noted that the Gnostic’s claimed that Christianity, or rather the ‘Good News of the Christ’, was the consummation of the inner doctrine of the Mystery institutions of all nations and that, “the end of them all was the revelation of the Mystery of Man.” I believe the mystery referred to, is the fact that all humans are incarnations of the Infinite Spirit, i.e. ‘gods’. Even though we are told we are gods in both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, people still don’t take it literally. The doctrine of Jesus godhood has, I believe, caused something very important to be lost. What was lost was that what Jesus achieved – his godhood, was something that he did as a very human man. He is the perfect model for humanity to follow if they want to achieve their godhood. People need to know that every ‘miracle’ Jesus performed is achievable by all humans should they choose to evolve in a Godly direction.

One of the Naassene’s secret documents found its way into the historian Hippolytus’ hands. That document states that their teachings were derived from James the brother of the Lord, who had delivered it to Mariamne – who I believe is Mary Magdalene. According to Hippolytus, the Naassene’s doctrines were taken from the Mysteries, culminating in the assertion that the Naassenes, as a matter of fact, were, “nothing else than sectaries of the Mysteries of the Mother of the Gods,” in proof of which he quotes at length from a secret document of their school. I don’t doubt that he was absolutely correct in his assertion. Believe me he doesn’t need to prove it to me!

The author of Gnostic Secrets of the Naassenes speaks of the inclusion in the Naassene Sermon of the ‘Assyrian fish god’ who was Oannes – known to the Mesopotamians as Enki and to the Babylonians as Ea, also Dagon, Poseidon, Sabaoth, etc. The author states; “This can only mean that Gnostic Christians understood the parallels between Oannes and the ‘Son of Man’ in the early period of Christianity.” And then; “By favoring a name that clearly predated Judaism by thousands of years, Jesus was very consciously placing himself in a context of human history so sweeping in scope that it recedes from us into the mists of the dawn of civilization. And the Naassene scribe’s insistence on preserving these links with antiquity surely reflects the Naassene’s awareness of this.” The author relates that the Naassene Sermon is, “most helpful in this regard because it documents in amazing detail just how widespread this concept of the Anthropos or Heavenly Adam was in the ancient world.” This archetype is central to the title Jesus gave to himself, that of the ‘Son of Man’.

The author of World Gnosis connects the Naassenes with the Nazarenes. He cites; “One historical incident that irrefutably links the Nazoreans with the Naassenes has James the Just (Jesus’ brother) sending some very secretive serpent teachings to the Naassenes via his chosen envoy, Mariam. This Nazorean Mariam is believed to be none other than Mary Magdalene, who was apparently in association with the Apostles and their Nazorean sect long after the departure of Jesus.”

Elaine Pagels, in The Origin of Satan, cites the work of an “accomplished professor of Celtic literature” named Jessie Weston, who, in her book From Ritual to Romance proposed “an elucidation of the Grail Problem”, in which she traced the Grail stories origins to the Naassene Sermon. Weston believed she had found parallels in the Naassene Sermon indicating that the Grail might have come from a pagan vegetation ritual which was later reworked with the Christian elements added. Weston states; “We can show that between these Mystery cults and Christianity there existed at one time a close and intimate union, such a union as of itself involved the practical assimilation of the central rite, in each case a Eucharistic feast in which the worshipers partook of the Food of Life from the sacred vessels.” This, in Weston’s view, was the origin of the sacred vessel or chalice which is the Grail referred to in the Grail stories.

Pagels wrote; “Weston believed that Christianity had merely reconstituted these older pagan gods in the person of Jesus, fashioning a new myth from old fabric. She did not however, see this as a problem for Christianity because she did not regard pagan religion as primitive. On the contrary, Weston declared that ‘the more closely one studies pre-Christian theology the more strongly one is impressed with the deeply, and daringly, spiritual character of its speculations.’ In her view, the nature cults of the pagan world were a vehicle for ‘the most-lofty teaching as to the cosmic relations existing between God and man.’

The author of Gnostic Secrets of the Naassenes also believes the Grail stories originated with the Naassenes.  He wrote that at their heart, the myths were meant to convey the idea of immanence – the meaning of which is that God is all in all. He/She is in everything and He/She is everything. This being my simplistic explanation of the term. Carl Jung said that, “The Grail signifies the realization of divinity reaching right down into matter.”

The following is from Fragments of a Faith Forgotten;

“Indeed the Naassenes document, when analyzed into its sources, is found to be the Christian overworking of the Jewish overworking of a Pagan commentary on a Hymn of the Mysteries. The date of the Christian over-writer may be placed about the middle of the second century, and the document is especially valuable as pointing out the identity of the inner teachings of Gnostic Christianity with the tenets of the Mysteries – Phrygian, Eleusinian, Dionysian, Samothracian, Egyptian, Assyrian, etc. The Christian writer claimed that his tradition was handed down from James to a certain Mariamne. This Miriam, or Mary, is somewhat of a puzzle to scholarship; it seems, however, probable that the treatise belonged to the same cycle of tradition as ‘The Greater and Lesser Questions of Mary’, ‘The Gospel of Mary’, etc., in the frame of which the ‘Pistis Sophia’ treatise is also set. The main features of the system are that the cosmos is symbolized as the (Heavenly) Man, male-female, of three natures, spiritual (or intelligible), psychic and material; that these three natures found themselves in perfection in Jesus, who was therefore truly the Son of Man. Mankind is divided into three classes, assemblies, or churches: the Elect, the called, and the bound (or in other words, the spiritual or angelic, the psychic, and the choïc or material), according as one or other of these natures predominates.

The school of the Naasseni, it is said, were all initiated into the Mysteries of the Great Mother, because they found that the whole mystery of rebirth was taught in these rites; they were also rigid ascetics. The name Naasseni was given them because they represented the ‘Moist Essence’ of the universe – without which nothing that exists, whether immortal or mortal, whether animate or inanimate, could hold together – by the symbol of a serpent. This is the cosmic Akāsha of the Upanishads, and the Kundalini, or serpentine force in man, which when following animal impulse is the force of generation, but when applied to spiritual things makes of a man a god.”

The author of The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom wrote that; “According to Hippolytus, a Church Father and historian who composed a Christian history of heretical sects, many of the very first Gnostics who traveled to Egypt were known as the Naasseni, or the Serpents. The Naasseni were descendants of the School of the Prophets (the Mt. Carmel Essenes) and continued the ancient worship of their predecessors by worshipping Nahustan, the golden or brazen Primal Serpent, which they adoringly placed upon wooden crosses.”

For an interesting story, go to www.

Look up the story of Calalus which was a Jewish settlement near what is now Tucson Arizona, in 775 C.E. It’s the story of a lead mining operation by our family. There’s a search engine box in the upper left corner of that site. Just type in ‘Calalus’ to be taken to that article. The reason I included this information is because you will see in that article that our family was still using the term Nahustan circa 775 C.E., right here in America. You might note too, that Europeans reached North America long before Columbus.

To continue with the words of G.R.S. Mead;

“Many of the Gnostic schools which arose espoused yogic disciplines as a means to spiritual freedom. During the era of the Egyptian Gnostic cults, for example, it was common for a Gnostic seeker to procure a regimen of yoga from an authorized Gnostic Master before retiring to a quiet monastic cell or venturing out into the lonely desert in search of a cave sanctuary to practice these disciplines. Then, while seeking to unite with his Angelic Guide or Higher Self, as their Essene predecessors had once done, the Gnostic seeker would observe celibacy, consume a sparse diet, occasionally fast, study the traditional Gnostic texts, and spend countless hours lost in contemplation and meditation. After a prescribed period of rigorous yogic disciplines, the dormant intuitive faculties would begin to awaken within a Gnostic aspirant and the illusion of the material world would gradually diminish. Under the purifying effects of the activated serpent fire, which was venerated as Sophia as well as Chnouphis, the androgynous lion-headed serpent, the subtle and spiritual bodies would slowly become awakened and the bonds of physical existence broken.

Within his or her awakened Dragon Body, a Gnostic seeker would learn the secrets of astral traveling out of Jaldabaoths kingdom and into the higher heavenly realms. To assist in these inter-dimensional excursions, the aspirant would use as a guide the Book of Enoch and the Neo-Platonist Iamblichus’s schematic of Aeons or stratifications of the universe. Such texts would inform the aspirant concerning what to expect upon any given plane while also instructing him or her in the appropriate mantras to use in order to bypass the dimensional gate keepers. The seeker was, of course, also assisted and protected during these astral flights by his or her Angelic Presence.”

The Valentinians

Valentinus was born in Phrebonis in Upper Egypt about 100 C.E. He claimed to have seen a vision of the risen Christ. He became a disciple of the Christian theologian Theudas who had been a disciple of Paul. He began his career in Alexandria around 120AD. In 136 A.D. he went to Rome where he was so well regarded by the Roman church he became a candidate for the office of bishop. The movement he founded spread throughout Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East and endured for over six hundred years.

At the time, Valentinus’ movement was seen as mystic Roman Catholic Christianity. This was a period before the Roman hierarchy started persecuting the mystical side of the Church. By 326 A.D. when Christianity had become the state religion of the Roman Empire, the Church strove to expel the Valentinian’s and other ‘heretics’ from their congregations.

The Valentinians classified their disciples in three categories, depending upon their spiritual maturity and taught them accordingly. They believed that there were three allegorical ways to read the Bible and these three ways pertained to the three types of disciples or students.

According to

Valentinians treated the Bible as an allegory that disclosed an inner process of redemption in metaphors. The teacher was expected to discern the person’s level of spiritual development and teach accordingly. In doing this, they believed they were following the example of Jesus. In the Acts of John, Jesus says, “I must adapt myself to your hearing and according to each person’s capacity I will impart to you those things of which you can be hearers.” According to the Gospel of Philip, “Truth did not come into the world naked; rather it came in prototypes and images: the world will not accept it in any other form. The myth was seen as an aid to understanding. The spiritual person was expected to recognize the truth hidden metaphorically within the myth.”

All Valentinians agree that God incorporates both masculine and feminine characteristics. This is in opposition to traditional Jewish and orthodox Christian descriptions of God in exclusively masculine terms. According to most sources, the Father (or Parent) can be understood as a male-female dyad. This is related to the notion that God provides the universe with both form and substance. The aspect through which the Father provides the universe with substance can be understood as feminine. In this aspect he is called Silence, Grace and Thought. Silence is God’s primordial state of tranquility and self-awareness. She is the active creative Thought that makes all subsequent states of being or ‘Aeons’ substantial.

The following, from the book The Masters of Wisdom gives insight into the transformation of the teachings of Jesus during the first centuries C.E.;

“The early fathers Papius, Irenaeus, and Jerome all agreed that there was an early Syriac gospel which was the treasure of the Judean Christians, who were called Ebionite’s, to mark their belief in holy poverty. They were not concerned with asking whether Jesus was God or man but with the hope of being transformed by the love which still emanated from those who had been initiated by him. This Divine love came to be known as the Holy Spirit, and it was understood by all Christians to be the center of their initiation.

….profound changes came after AD 70. The churches were now composed of men and women scarcely any of whom had seen or heard an apostle. There had been a false expectation that the horrors of the Jewish war would usher in the millennium and that Christ would come in glory to rule on the Earth. The Christians who did not understand that the Kingdom had already come to them in the form of Divine love were led, chiefly by the Pauline theory of redemption, to believe that the significance of Jesus was that he was the Dying God of the Promise. For this, Jesus had to be God, and two centuries of anxious inquiry on the part of some, and bitter controversy on the part of others, destroyed the unity of Christendom and prepared the way for still worse things to come.

The saddest feature of the Christological disputes is that they totally distracted men’s attention from the sublime event which had occurred. In the eyes of nearly all the disputants ‘God’ meant the creator of the world – the autocratic power that commands obedience – the same creator before whom the Jews had trembled in the days of Moses. For the Greeks, “God” was either Zeus, the father and king of the gods or Aristotle’s First Cause or Prime Mover. To endow such a ‘God’ with a Son was either a foolishness or a stumbling block, as Paul himself had declared. Among the Gnostics, Valentinus saw this clearly for himself or else he was aware of the Great Initiation or at least and important stage of it. He may have known that Jesus was sent to the Earth from an infinitely higher level than that of the creative power; but his teaching was encompassed in such a fog of speculation that only his personal disciples could penetrate to the real meaning. His enemies, and they included the greatest writers of the Catholic Church, were concerned to show the absurdity of doctrines ascribed to him and so to reject everything that he taught.

I do not doubt that a School of Wisdom existed in Egypt both before and after the time of Christ. The Gnostics were ardent lovers of Jesus and had no doubt of his divine mission. It is not easy to see why they should have been so relentlessly combated and finally suppressed by the orthodox church unless they possessed secrets that might have undermined the doctrines about the nature of Christ and the Deity that were the pretext for power seeking adventures of the Bishops who surrounded the Roman emperors from Constantine to Justinian. This suspicion is strengthened by the zeal with which sacred books of the Gnostics were sought out and destroyed. One thing is certain from AD 321 onward Christianity ceased to be the religion of divine love and became a cult of power and persecution.”


The prophet Mani lived 216–276 AD and started the immensely popular religion called Manichaeism. Mani had been raised an Elchasaite, who were the direct descendants of the Ebionites. Mani declared himself to be an apostle of Jesus and I believe he embraced the reforms made by Jesus. Considering the date of his ministry and his upbringing as an Elchasaite, I think we can safely believe that his teachings were close to that of Jesus’.

In his book, James the Brother of Jesus, Eisenmann tells us that the highest echelon of initiates under Mani were known as the Siddiks or Zaddiks, which means the ‘Righteous Ones’. These terms go back to at least the time when our ancestors went into the Damascene wilderness under the prophet Samuel.  Mani taught his followers to abhor riches, suppress sexual desire, to fast, give alms and eat a vegetarian diet. As Jesus sent his disciples out with just a walking stick and no money or change of clothes, so too did Mani. Mani’s religion spread all over Europe and Asia.

The author of Guardians of the Holy Grail relates that Mani was an inspired Messiah and reformer who “transformed the ancient path of Gnosticism into a religion that was more appealing and relevant to the era he was born into.” Mani, by the way was a Mandean of the Nasurai/Nazarene priesthood. Like Jesus, Mani also sought to reform the Mandean religion, thus the Mandeans feel about him the same way they feel about Jesus – that is, not very highly. Mani’s Gnostic empire spread from Spain to China. He was thrown into prison by the Persian Gnostic Magi for tampering with their ancient wisdom. He eventually died and was flayed, and his body displayed for all to see – which was common treatment at the time for ‘heretics’.

The Cathars

The author of The Knights of the Holy Grail gives a good understanding of the political, social and religious background of the Cathars:

“Protected from invasion by the Pyrenees and buffered by the growing strength of the Spanish kingdoms of the Spanish March, the southwestern corner of France, the present day departments of the Languedoc and Roussillon, prospered quietly under the benevolent rule of their local Rex Deus aristocracy and, during the 12th and 13th centuries, gave birth to a truly dazzling civilization; one illuminated by the principles of emerging democracy, love and, above all, religious toleration. The local nobility encouraged trade, economic stability and a level of creative freedom that was truly exceptional in Europe at that time. The feudal rule of the local counts was subjected to a degree of democratic moderation by the wealthy bourgeoisie who were assisted by groups of lawyers in the more prosperous towns and cities.

The influence of the Catholic Church had almost totally vanished in some areas and was in marked decline in the rest of the southwest. The local nobility, tolerant of the large Jewish community in their midst, who had seen the economic and intellectual benefits that flowed from their presence, now extended this toleration to a religious group known as the Cathars, people who claimed to follow the “True Teachings of Jesus.”

Within the Cathar faith, the congregation were known as ‘the hearers’ and the priests as ‘les bonhomie’s’ or the good men who lived according to the ideals laid down by their Essene precursors, yet their hostile critics within the Christian Church called them ‘perfect’, a corruption of the Latin term hereticus perfectus, they were also known as the Cathari, the pure ones. At the end of the 11th century, Count Raymond of Toulouse had raised a considerable army to participate in the First Crusade and liberate his Rex Deus homeland from the infidel, however, attitudes had changed by the mid-12th century and the local nobility, who were growing in confidence in an atmosphere of declining Church power were becoming openly anticlerical. Indeed, according to the Catholic historian Giraud, the nobility of the Languedoc, the prosperous and populous area between Carcassonne and Toulouse, were almost completely Cathar.

Insofar as it can be established, the Cathar religion was a dualist form of Gnosticism whose roots can be traced back to early Zoroastrian religion, the school of Pythagoras and the cult of Mithras; with this strange mélange of beliefs transformed by contact with early Christianity. Some historians also claim that it was a derivative of Manichaeism, an initiatory Christian cult of Persian origin based on the teachings of the mystic, Mani.

The Cathar heresy was a pure form of initiatory Christianity whose only scripture, the Gospel of Love, otherwise known as the Secret Gospel of John, taught the simple message that Jesus came to reveal and not to redeem. In this sense the first identifiable parent of the Cathar faith can be found within the First Church in Jerusalem led by James the Just, the brother of Jesus. At the heart of Cathar doctrine is the notion that true Christianity (which the Cathars claimed to receive in a secret line of apostolic succession from St John) is a life lived, not simply a doctrine believed. For them the life of Jesus was a model the ‘good Christian’ must strive to emulate, not a vicarious sacrifice to be blindly accepted on trust. The existence of the Cathars challenged the legitimacy of the Roman Church as Zoe Oldenbourg explains in Massacre at Montsegur”:

‘The Cathars declared themselves the heirs of a tradition that was older than that held by the Church of Rome – and, by implication, both less contaminated and near in spirit to the apostolic tradition. They claimed to be the only persons who had kept and cherished the Holy Spirit which Christ had bestowed upon His Church; and it looks as though this claim was at least partially justified.’

We learn from the author of Guardians of the Holy Grail;

“With Valentinus Gnostic Cupbearers streaming into Europe, it was only a matter of time before a Gnostic reunion of sorts would take place. This is because another Gnostic movement with origins in the Middle East arrived in Europe at about the same time, although it had followed a road through the portal of Turkey. This second Gnostic movement, which was influenced by the eastern Gnostic sects known as the Bogomils, Paulicians, and the Gnostic religion of Manichaeism, united with Valentinus Cupbearers in southern France to produce the Cathars, a sect that advocated direct personal experience of the Divine, as well as the veneration of the Gnostic Cupbearer John the Apostle, just as its parent sects had. John had become the patron saint of almost all the Gnostic orders at that time, and he was recognized as the glue that finally brought them all together. His two scriptural works, the Gospel of John and the Revelation of St. John the Divine, had become compulsory reading for Gnostics everywhere, and he was rightly venerated as the Father of European Gnosticism.”

The Scandinavian line of our family, the ‘Odinic’ line, were also known as the Ulvungar dynasty. They were descendants of the Lling Lleat dynasty of Asia. The word Lling? It means the same thing as ‘Farr’, the Persian form of the ‘Shining’ epithet attributed to our ancestors. The author of God Kings Outremer gives us the Ulvungar’s angle on the Cathars;

“I think also that many Ulvungar’s blamed their defeat on the Catholic Church and decided that they would do all in their power to bring it down. That they supported the Cathars is without doubt. The Cathars were the direct descendants of the Elchesaites, from whom the Ulvungar’s themselves sprang – indeed, the word Cathar comes from the word katharioi, used to describe the Elchesaites. The Cathar’s, like the Elchesaites, claimed to have written proof that Jesus was married, and who indeed had two wives, one of whom was Mary Magdalene. It was one of the major reasons for the Crusade against the Cathars in 1209, which lasted until 1229, and is known as the Albigensian Crusade. The Templars refused to take part, because the Ulvungar Counts of Toulouse were the protectors of the Cathars and, being senior members of the Templars themselves came under attack. Once again, the Church was trying to kill off the members of The Family and destroy their documents, although now it was also greed that helped to fuel this particular purge.”

When he refers to “The Family” he is referring to the bloodline of Christ. The title ‘Rex Deus’ refers to ‘god kings’. They were originally meant to be leaders of the people who were themselves led by the Christ spirit.

Margaret Starbird, author of Mary Magdalene Bride in Exile has this to say regarding the reasons for the Catholics genocide against the Cathars;

“In 1239, the flowering of the Grail legends was nipped in the bud by the formation of the Inquisition. The southern provinces of France were engulfed in a brutal genocide called the Albigensian Crusade (1209-1250), during which mercenary armies of the pope and French king collaborated to wipe out whole cities. The annals of the Inquisition do not make clear what the Cathars believed that the Roman Church found so unacceptable, but strong evidence asserts that one of their tenets of faith was the marriage union of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. In 1209, the French soldiers of Simon de Montfort swept into the walled town of Beziers and killed twenty thousand citizens, of whom many were Cathars. Some sought sanctuary in the church, and perished en masse when the building was torched.

This brutality is mentioned in a contemporaneous document describing the massacre at Beziers believed recorded by Pierre des Vaux-de-Cernay, a Cistercian monk writing in 1213 about the Albigensian Crusade and the campaign led by Simon de Montfort. Noting that the slaughter of the men, women, and children at Beziers had been accomplished by order of Pope Innocent III on July 22, the feast day of Mary Magdalene, the zealous monk declared that it was a ‘supreme justice of Providence” because the heretics claimed that Saint Mary Magdalene was the concubine of Jesus Christ. In a second account by the same author, A Description of the Cathars and Waldenses, Pierre des Vaux-de-Cernay asserted that the heretics affirmed the marriage of Christ to Mary Magdalene. For this view, he may have relied in part on an earlier source found in ‘An Exposure of the Albigensian Heresies’, attributed to Ermengaud of Beziers, who supports the claim that “Cathars taught in their secret meetings that Mary Magdalene was the wife of Jesus Christ.”

The authors of Rex Deus the True Mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau and the Dynasty of Jesus’ give additional insight into the beliefs and background of the Cathars;

“The dedicated commitment of the Languedoc nobility to the First Crusade and their tolerance for the Cathars derives from the fact that the aristocracy of the entire area was largely drawn from the families of the Rex Deus tradition.  The Cathars were members of a dualist school of Gnosticism with roots in early Zoroastrianism, the teachings of Pythagoras and the Mithraic cult transformed by contact with early Christianity. Some authorities claim that Catharism was a derivative of Manichaeism, the initiatory Christian cult based on the teachings of a Persian mystic called Mani. Cathar society had distinct echoes of the Druidic era of the Celts, where the perfect were the equivalent to the Druidic priests and the Troubadours of the Languedoc, wandering minstrels who extolled the spiritual value of courtly love. Celtic Christianity was also an initiatory religion that is often described as having Gnostic and strong dualist tendencies.

The Perfecti were men and women, easily identified by their distinctive robes, who lived in working communities irrespective of their previous social status. They traveled the countryside in pairs tending to the pastoral needs of the communities they served, preaching to their growing flock and administering healing. Their healing was based upon spiritual insight moderated by their expertise as herbalists and, in this they consciously replicated the duties of the first apostles and the Essenes.

In the Gospel of Thomas it is recorded that Jesus had informed his disciples that they too would become capable of doing all that he did. The Perfecti, as true initiates of Jesus’ teaching, knew this to be true and, like the supreme initiate they followed, lived a simple life, traveling everywhere on foot to discharge their sacred duties to the community they served. They believed that sacred knowledge came from God through the true teaching of Jesus and that spiritual union with God would be the ultimate result of their Gnosis.

The Cathars knew that the true teaching of Jesus was the sole route to spiritual union with almighty God and that they were the guardians of a form of Gnosis which had been handed down from its roots in the Egyptian temple mysteries, through the Therapeutae, the Essenes, the revelations of John the Baptist and on to its peak of perfection in Jesus’ initiatory teaching. The true spiritual parent of the Cathar religion can be found in the first ‘Church’ in Jerusalem led by James the Just, the brother of Jesus.”

The author of Guardians of the Holy Grail tells us that Cathars believed that the souls of all humans began as angels, lured down to Earth, who became trapped in material bodies by the dark lord Rex Mundi – king of the world. He also relates that each person’s angelic soul drifts between Heaven and Earth waiting for its owner to become purified so that it could reunite with them. The Cathars taught that the goal of all humans was to purify and assimilate their angelic nature, and that through this reunion a Cathar could potentially acquire both gnosis and special angelic abilities to heal and awaken others.

From The Hidden Wisdom – Secrets of the Western Esoteric Tradition;

“God’s supposed representative on Earth, Pope innocent III, declared a crusade against the Albigensian (Cathar) heresy in 1209. The rewards for the butchers who took part in this anti-Christian crusade were tempting indeed. An indulgence granting pardon from their past sins – and from any they might commit in the course of their holy duties – was granted to each crusader who served for forty days. They also had the traditional rights to the lands, property and goods of any declared heretic, be they nobleman or peasant. Every freebooter, rogue, adventurer or landless member of the minor nobility not otherwise gainfully occupied, engaged in an un-holy race to take part. Truly this was a God given and divinely blessed opportunity to murder, rape and pillage without remorse or punishment.”

The author Tim Wallace talks about Gnostic Christian groups we have not discussed;

“Like Mandaeism, Gnostic Christianity once taught in its closed circles that the sacred wedding of the king and the high priestess in the Mysteries is a symbol for spiritual rebirth, the destiny of every soul. It showed that the way to enlightenment, to the Light world of the Kingdom of Heaven, is via the act of love, the ancient principle of the hieros gamos. Sexuality abides at every level of being. At every level it is necessary to marry the polarities, reconciling, wherever they occur, good and evil, reason and heart, heaven and hell, spirit and matter…as well as man and woman. There is no other way to God, Jesus taught, than by the way of transcendence, the way of love transmuted by the fire of mind: the way of the reconciliation of opposites.”

“The Orphics maintained that the way to permanent union with the Son of God was not through drugs or occasional full moon dalliances in the mountains, but through the adoption of a spiritual lifestyle punctuated with the regular observance of yogic practices. They contended that the only way to permanently unite with the transcendental aspect of Dionysus was through renouncing the selfish and animalistic urges which occupy the material flesh. They taught that through a strict vegetarian diet, occasional fasts, study of the scriptures, service to others and lengthy periods of meditation, a seeker could permanently become a Bacchus.” (Christ)

“The greatest of the Orphic and Dactyloi initiates was Pythagoras, a wizard and hierophant whose name means ‘I am the Python” or “I am the Serpent.” Pythagoras was an incarnation of the Primal Serpent which took birth to synthesize and reform the mystery traditions scattered throughout the ancient world. During his upbringing upon the Island of Samos, Pythagoras was exposed to many of the most ancient mystery teachings of the Serpent Goddess. Having been born into a Pelasgian home he was surrounded by the wisdom of the first colonists of the Aegean, some of whom had arrived directly from Atlantis.”

The author of Mysteries of the Bridechamber speaks of the time period circa 375 CE when the Catholic church strove to become a unified religious model and outlawed internal debate and dissent. At that time, the creed was standardized, the “laity dis-empowered, and the bishops elevated to a hierarchical and authoritarian autocracy.”

In 386 C.E., Priscilian, the Bishop of Avila in Spain, was executed for teaching Gnostic doctrines as authentic ingredients of the Christian faith. Priscilians death effectively marked the end of the outward practice of mystic Christianity. Helena Blavatsky remarked that during the Protestant Reformation the ‘letter’ of Christianity was restored – but the ‘Spirit’, was not.

























Jesus On His Role As A Light Worker


Jesus’ Message Regarding His Role as a Light Worker

The following was taken from the Jeshua Channelings by Pamela Kribbe.

Pamela asks; Jeshua, who are you? He replied:

I am the one who has been among you and who you have come to know as Jesus. I am not the Jesus of your church tradition or the Jesus of your religious writings. I am Jeshua-ben-Joseph; I have lived as a man of flesh and blood. I did reach Christ consciousness before you, but I was supported in this by powers which are beyond your imagination at present. My coming was a cosmic event – I made myself available for this.  It wasn’t easy. I did not succeed in my endeavors to pass on to people the immensity of God’s love. There was much misunderstanding. I came too early, but someone had to come. My coming was like throwing a stone in a large fishpond. All fish flee and the stone sinks into the deep. There are ripples noticeable long after though. One might say that the kind of consciousness I wished to convey did its work underground after that. At the surface of the pool there were constant ruffles; well-meant but misguided interpretations rose to meet and fight each other in my name. The ones who were touched by my energy, moved by the impulse of Christ energy, could not really integrate it with their psychological and physical reality.

It has taken a long time before Christ consciousness could set foot on Earth. But now the time has come. And I have returned and speak through many, through all and to everyone who wants to hear me and who has come to understand me from the quietness of their hearts. I do not preach and I do not judge. My sincerest hope is to speak to you of the vast and unfailing presence of Love, accessible to you at any time. I am part of a much larger
consciousness, a greater entity, but I, Jeshua, am the incarnated part of that entity (or field of consciousness).

I do not like the name Jesus much, for it has become so caught up with a distorted version of what I stand for. ‘Jesus’ is owned by the church traditions and authorities. He has been molded to fit the interests of the church patriarchs for centuries, so much so that the prevailing image of Jesus is now so far removed from what I represent, that it would truly please me if you could just let it go and release me from that heritage. I am Jeshua, man of flesh and blood. I am your friend and brother. I am familiar with being human in every way. I am teacher and friend. Do not fear me. Embrace me like you’d embrace one of your kin. We are family.

The Christ energy that I came to offer you stems from a collective energy that has gone beyond the world of duality. This means that it recognizes the opposites of good and bad, light and dark, giving and taking, as the aspects of one and the same energy. Living from the reality of Christ consciousness means that there is no struggle with anything. There is a complete acceptance of reality. This absence of struggle or resistance is its main characteristic. Since Christ (or the Christ energy) recognizes the extremes of all thoughts, feelings and actions as the manifestation of the one divine energy, there can be no duality, no judgment in the way ‘he’ (the Christed energy) experiences reality.

Let’s give an example here. When the Christ in you watches an armed conflict between people, her heart weeps for the fate of the beaten one, but she does not judge. She feels the pain and humiliation with each blow, and her heart is filled with compassion, but she does not judge. She watches the offender, the one with the gun, who has power, who inflicts pain, and she feels the hatred and bitterness inside of him, and her heart grieves, but she does not judge. The heart of Christ embraces the whole spectacle with deeply felt compassion, but without judgment, for she recognizes all aspects as experiences she has gone through herself. She herself has lived out all of these roles, of offender and victim, of master and slave, and she has come to the understanding that she is neither of them, but that which underlies both.

The Christ energy has passed through all the energies of duality. It identified itself now with the dark, then with the light, but through it all, something remained the same. And when she realized this ‘sameness’ underlying all her experiences, her consciousness obtained a new kind of unity: it was ‘Christed’. The Christed energy was the energy I came to offer you. Who I was is quite difficult to explain. I will try so by distinguishing between three ‘identities’: Jeshua, Jesus, and Christ. I, the one who is now speaking, am Jeshua. I was the human being who carried the Christ energy in my incarnation on Earth. This energy may also be called Christ Jesus – in my terminology – is the name for the God-like man who was the result of the infusion of Christ energy into the physical and psychological reality of Jeshua. This Christ energy was poured into Jeshua from spheres of Light which are – from your standpoint – located in your future.

Jesus was the man who performed miracles and put forward prophesies. Jesus was an emissary from the spheres of light, incarnated in me. In fact, he was my future self. Jesus was, from my perspective as the man Jeshua living on Earth, my future self, who had become one with the Christ energy. Because the Christ in him was clearly present and visible to many people around him, he appeared to them as divine. I, Jeshua, was a man of flesh and blood. The unique and to some extent artificial aspect of the “Jesus-construction” was that I received his/my Christed self from the future. I did not become Christed on the basis of my past and the experiences therein. I did not achieve enlightenment in a natural way, but by means of an intervention from outside so to speak, by an infusion of Christ energy from the future. I had agreed to play this role before I began this lifetime. I agreed to be ‘overshadowed’ by the Jesus presence, as an act of service, and also because of a deeply felt longing to get to know the reality of my deepest potentials. Jesus, my future self from the spheres of light, had become one with the Christ energy. Yet he did not represent the entire energy of Christ here on Earth, for this energy encompasses more than Jesus. He is one part or cell of it.

Christ or the Christ energy (it is more like an energy field than a personal entity) is a collective energy which has many aspects or ‘cells’ which are cooperating in such a way that they function as one ‘organism’. All cells make a unique contribution to the whole and experience themselves as individuals while being part of the whole as well. One might call these several aspects of the Christ energy angels or arch-angels. It is the hallmark of angels that they have a sense of individuality as well as a high-degree of selflessness, which allows them to feel one with collective energies and be joyfully in their service.
Jesus was an energy from the future who came to Earth to bring illumination and knowledge to humanity. He came from another world or even dimension, and he brought with him the elevated energy of this reality. His awareness of his own Greater Self remained intact while he incarnated on Earth. Because of his presence in me, Jeshua, I could easily realize the flexibility of material laws and ‘perform miracles’. The reason why the Jesus/Jeshua personality came to Earth was to create an opening or doorway to a different state of consciousness. I wanted to set an example of the possibilities that are available to each human being.

In the spheres of light where Jesus came from, it was felt that the Earth was going into a direction which would end up in great darkness and self-alienation for the souls involved in the Earth experiment. It was decided that a powerful impetus for change was going to be given which would clearly show human beings the choices available to them. By sending the energy personality of Jesus, we wanted to hold up a mirror to human beings and remind them of their own divine origin and the dormant potentials they carried within. The potentials for peace, freedom and master-ship over yourself.

Every human being is the master of his own reality. You are creating your own reality all the time. You are able to let go of a miserable or unsatisfying reality and allow Light to enter and transform your creation. Man is his own master, but he tends to give his power away to outside authorities who claim to know the truth and to want the best for you. This happens in politics, medicine, education, and etcetera. Also, your ‘entertainment industry’ is full of false images about happiness, success and beauty, which serve no one except the ones who construct them. Have you ever thought about how much money is spent just creating images? In the media, the newspapers, the movies, on radio and television, images are spread all the time. Where do these images come from? Why are they there? Who designs them? Images are a means of exerting power over people. Images can make people subservient and disconnected from their true needs, without the use of physical force or violence. Images can make people voluntarily give away their own power and self-worth. They delude you in such a way that you need not be violently forced into anything; you will accept the values portrayed by the image as your own and act accordingly. This is what we would call invisible mind-control and it is rampant among your ‘free’ western societies.

The function of Light is primarily to bring clarity, awareness and transparency to the invisible structures of thought and feeling that shape your life. Light is the opposite of mind-control. Where Light enters a reality, it breaks the bonds of mere power and authority and it breaks down the hierarchies based on it. It holds misuse of power up to the light and it frees people of delusions and illusions that take away their power for self-determination.

Jesus was a threat to the ruling order at the time he lived. By what he told people and sheerly by what he radiated, he caused structures of power to be seen for what they truly were. This was unbearable and unacceptable for the existing hierarchy. The role of Light worker, which Jesus took upon him, was heavy; especially for me, Jeshua, the human being who agreed to carry this intense, bright energy in my lifetime. I, Jeshua, was almost overshadowed by the force of Jesus’ presence, the presence of my future self! Although it filled me with great insights, love and inspiration, it was quite a challenge physically to carry or ‘hold’ his energy. I could not really integrate his energy into my physical being – the cells in my body were ‘not ready’ for it yet – so on a physical level my body got exhausted from carrying these intense energies of Light. Apart from the physical aspect, there was also a psychological burden to carrying the Christ energy. I found it very hard to watch the nature of the Christ energy being misunderstood frequently, even by my closest friends or ‘disciples’.

As the human being that I was, I sometimes became desperate and doubted the value of the journey I undertook. I felt that the world was not ready for the Christed energy. I felt that its essence was not recognized. Jesus was truly a pioneer in his time. By the coming of Jesus to Earth, a seed was planted. It was the seed of the Christ energy. People were moved by what I said and did, and unconsciously, at the soul-level, they did recognize the Christ energy. Deep within their souls, a memory was stirred. Something was touched and set in motion. At the surface, on the level of what can be seen and felt in the physical world, my coming created much commotion. In virtue of the law of duality, the powerful infusion of Light creates a powerful reaction from the Dark. This is just a matter of logic. Light is confronting. It wants to break structures of power and set the imprisoned energies free. Darkness is the energy that wants to suppress and control. So these two energies have opposing interests. Where one gains in power, the other will strike back to defend itself and regain balance.

Thus, my coming to Earth also initiated much struggle and violence, as a counter reaction to the Light I came to spread. The persecution of my followers, the early Christians, is one example of this violent counter reaction. But the Christians themselves, the founders of the Church, did not shun violence either in their pursuit to spread my teachings. Think of the Crusades and the Inquisition. In the name of Christ, the most barbaric deeds of darkness have been performed, by Christians as well as non-Christians.

The Masters of Light, who decided to send me as an emissary to Earth, were aware of the fact that the intense and unprecedented energy of Jesus might invoke strong reactions of darkness. Jesus penetrated the reality of Earth like a comet. It was a kind of emergency measure from the spheres of light, from energies which were deeply concerned with Earth and its inhabitants. It was an ultimate attempt to divert the direction in which the Earth was heading, a way of interrupting cycles of ignorance and destruction which kept on repeating themselves. The results were ambiguous. On the one hand, the Light of Jesus invoked much Darkness (by way of counter reaction). On the other hand, the seed of the Christ consciousness was planted in the hearts of a number of people.

An important reason for my coming was to awaken the light worker souls on Earth. (See the other channeled material for an explanation of the notion of light worker). They would be most sensitive and receptive of my energy, although many had become lost in the density and darkness of the Earth plane as well. Light workers are in fact emissaries of Light with the same mission as Jesus. The difference is that in their incarnation in a physical body, they are less connected to their wider divine Self than I was. They are more subject to the karmic burdens and illusions of the Earth plane. They are more bound to the past. With the incarnation of Jesus, something special was occurring. Jesus did not carry any karmic burdens from the past and he could therefore more easily keep in touch with his divinity. He was here in a somewhat artificial way, a presence from the future, being here and there at the same time.

The consciousness of the beings of Light which jointly decided to ‘insert’ the energy of Jesus into Earth reality at the time was not perfect and all-knowing. Every conscious being is in the process of developing and understanding itself all the time. Among humans, there is a persistent belief that everything is predestined by some divine plan; behind this belief is the notion of a dominant, omniscient God. This notion is false. There is no predestination by an outside force. There are only probabilities which are the result from inner choices you yourself make.

My coming to Earth was based on a decision made by a collective energy of light, which Jesus was a part of. It was a choice that involved risks and an unpredictable outcome. The collective energy of light I am speaking of is an angelic realm that is deeply connected to humanity and Earth because it helped to create man and Earth. Actually, you are part of them and not separate from them at all, but we are now speaking multi-dimensionally, i.e. on a level of consciousness that is outside of your linear framework of time. In another dimension or framework of time, you are these angels that make up the spheres of light, from which Jesus descended to Earth. (See the last chapter of the Light worker series (‘Your Light Self’) for an in-depth explanation of multi-dimensionality and your angelic nature).

You – light workers, are much more interconnected with ‘the Jesus event’, this infusion of Christ energy on Earth, than you suppose. It was to some extent a collective endeavor, to which you all contributed, and from which I, Jeshua, was the visible, physical representative.

My message was that the Christ energy is present in all human beings as a seed. When you look up to me as some kind of authority, you have mis-understood my message. I wished and still wish to invite you to believe in yourself, to find the truth within your own heart, and not to believe in any authority outside of you. Ironically, the official Christian religion has placed me outside of your reality as an authority to worship and obey. This is quite the opposite of what I intended. I intended to show you that you can be a living Christ yourself.

I now ask you to recognize the Christ within, and to return to me my humanness. I am Jeshua, man of flesh and blood, and truly a friend and brother to you all.

The Serpent and the Tree

In one of the Stanford Readings by Brother Philip, the Ancient Awakenings group learned that our symbols are the serpent and the tree.  If you were raised in the Christian environment, that may have set off alarms because Christians are taught that the serpent led to the downfall of Eve by tempting her with the apple. I, a devout Christian, love the serpent, because he brought Wisdom to Adam and Eve. What is there not to love about wisdom?

In my meanderings in the minefields of our family history, I learned that there was one side of our family who brought the Wisdom teachings to humanity, and the other side that corrupted them. Without going into details, suffice it to say that the image of the serpent has been corrupted – at least to a degree. I say that because, as far as I can see, in this dualistic game of polarity we are currently engaged in, there is a shadow and a light side to just about everything. The Jewish version of the esoteric Wisdom or Mystery teachings is called the Kabbalah. I will start with a Jewish Rabbi’s insight into the meaning of the serpent.

In an online article titled The Serpent and Its Transformative Power by Rabbi Michael Ezra, the Rabbi calls the serpent one of the least understood of biblical symbols. He says that by taking a deeper look at the Kabbalistic teachings behind the story of the Garden of Eden we can discover insights about the serpent and its trans-formative power in spiritual development. He writes that in the Chassidic (Hasidic) tradition, one of the essential principles in gaining a deeper understanding of what Christians call the Old Testament is to use it as a manual to understand the inner psychology of the soul. According to him, every person, place or event in the Old Testament represents an instinctual human drive or complex. The Rabbi says that the serpent symbolically represents our primal drive for ultimate fulfillment. He writes, “In fact, our sages say that the snake was originally intended to be the great servant of man.”

He explains that the serpent had legs before it was cursed. To the Kabbalists this means that the primal drive within each of us initially had the ability to move and climb upward in order to reach its ultimate fulfillment, which the author calls the “sacred Divine realm within man”, the pinnacle of consciousness where spiritual bliss became possible. When the serpent was cursed by God to lie on its belly and eat of the dust of the earth, the primal drive within us changed drastically and was confined to lower forms of passion.

Rabbi Ezra goes on to write that the mystical tradition explains that by removing the serpent’s legs and forcing it to slither on the ground our primal drive was confined to the earthly or physical realm. “As a result of the serpent’s curse, the primal energy that once impelled us to attain our spiritual potential was now in a natural state of confinement in the lowest energy vortex of the body associated with sexuality, physical passion and lust.” He says that consequently, the serpent has been condemned as evil and passion has been shunned in Western spiritual circles. He says that the Torah gives powerful insights as to how valuable our primal energy can be when it is re-elevated and channeled in the right direction. He gives as an example the incident in the Bible when Moses encounters God at the burning bush and is commanded to drop his staff to the ground and then raise it upwards. He says this is symbolic of the tikkum or repair that is needed for true spiritual evolution. He explains that in its fallen state, the staff was a serpent that evoked fear in Moses, but in its raised state, it became a staff of God through which Moses later worked miracles. He says that this Old Testament story is meant to teach us that when our primal urges remain repressed at ground level we are out of control, but when the same primal energy is raised and transformed, God works miracles through us. He says that by channeling our passions toward the spiritual we can transform a potentially destructive drive into one of our most holy and sacred.

He goes on to say that in Chassidic philosophy, the yetzer harah, or ‘man’s evil inclination’, is perceived as nothing more than repressed energy that can be transformed when expressed spiritually. He says that the Baal Shem Tov explains that the two Hebrew letters raish and ayin, which spell rah or evil, can be reversed to spell the Hebrew word err, which means awakened. The Kabbalist’s explain that when two Hebrew words have the same numerical value they are of the same essence on a more subtle and hidden level. Rabbi Ezra states that perhaps this is why the Hebrew words Mashiakh (Messiah) and nahash (serpent) have the same numerical value of 358. While on the surface they seem to represent the two diametrically opposed forces of good and evil – they are related in their essence.

According to Kabbalistic tradition, when the Messianic era arrives our primal drive for lust and physical gratification will be removed and everything will be transformed to complete good. Rabbi Ezra explains that, “Figuratively, this means that our passions will be elevated, the serpent will no longer be coiled and confined, and the primal drive within us will return to its original state of seeking ultimate fulfillment in a life of Divine living. …If we allow our passions and desires to increase in spiritual and creative expression, we can truly blossom. Those of us who allow our primal energy to emerge will enter the doorway to the divine, travel the road back to the Garden and experience the return to the Temple of God.”

The last sentence is a succinct description of enlightenment. This example brings to the forefront the fact that Christians are using an Old and New Testament that was written in code and allegory of which they do not have the key. Part of that code is called the Pesher code – which uses numbers.

In the Gospel of Thomas, one of the Nag Hammadi texts, Jesus says; “I have come to cast fire upon the world and see, I am tending it until it blazes.” He also says in the Jeshua Channelings by Pamela Kribbe that his coming two thousand years ago was an effort to try to bring light into the world because the world was in such a sorry state. Souls from the Light realm determined that an effort was needed to re-direct humanity at that time, and Jesus/Yeshua volunteered to undertake the role.

When the Rabbi makes the statement; “when the Messianic era arrives,” he is making a statement that comes to the crux of the argument between Christians and Jews regarding whether or not Jesus was the Messiah. It is clear to me that the role of Messiah that Yeshua undertook was meant to be imparted in two visitations – as Yeshua did say that he had just “lit a fire” in his incarnation as Jesus.  The very words ‘second coming’ imply a relationship with the ‘first coming’.  We Light workers know that Yeshua has already returned. We also know that there are many Messiahs here along with him – and we are among them. I ultimately believe though, that everyone has to ‘save’ themselves, as they are each their own sovereign god-being given their own free will in this particular creation. The greater and lesser avatars/saviors come to show the Way to enlightenment by our example – it is not something we do for others.

Paramahansa Yogananda was a master yogi who wrote the book Autobiography of a Yogi. He spoke on the meaning of the Eden allegory. He wrote; “The Biblical authors never intended the Serpent on the Tree in Genesis to be taken literally. Instead, it was meant to be a motif representing the serpentine Kundalini power that ascends the “Tree of Life”, a term used by yogis when referring to the human spine.”

My understanding of our family story is that our souls incarnated into the animal realm on Earth and some became stuck there. They – or we, became disconnected from our god-hood.  The way I see it, the ultimate goal of all this biological manipulation of human life was meant for one thing – to upgrade into a human body that would enable these souls to re-connect with their god-selves. We have reached the culmination of that process and are undergoing the final stages of it now.

This brings up our Tree symbolism, and as stated by Paramahansa Yogananda, it represents the human spine which the Kundalini energy rises up through, and is shown here in a Mesopotamian depiction. The two snakes represent the Kundalini energy rising up the spine:

The Adamic human – the current human, was given seven chakra centers to facilitate our return to god/goddess-hood. Edgar Cayce called the chakras “life centers, points of contact between the physical body and soul” and described them as “whirling vortices of energy.” In the Wisdom religions, the snake is characterized as the Kundalini energy coiled at the base of the spine. The object of the teachings is to facilitate the activation of this spiritual energy up the spine and through the power centers until enlightenment occurs. The seven branches of the tree signified these spiritual power centers. Christians know it as the Tree of Life, but have no understanding of its deep esoteric symbolism. The roots of the tree represent aspects of material reality, likened to the lower ‘base’ chakras. According to Paramahansa Yogananda, since the serpent in the Eden allegory is in the upper branches of the tree, this shows that the Eden being spoken of was the one in the spiritual realm before humans ‘fell’ into matter. The fall was simply the soul’s manifestation in matter. It doesn’t signify anything sinful at all. We souls were just doing what we intended to do. Paramahansa Yogananda said that when enlightenment occurs there is a dramatic awakening of the three quarters of the brain which aren’t normally active as well as the inner antenna that receive psychic information. He wrote that the heart chakra is the last to open and when that happens it aligns a person with “his or her true self and their identity as the Infinite Spirit.”

Paramahansa Yogananda wrote that when the chakras are all activated, they work to endow a person with Gnostic awareness regarding the secrets of the universe and their true identity. The Gnostic yogis of India say that this is how the serpent teaches its students gnosis. It doesn’t transmit gnosis by facts or information, but rather by activating the gnostic centers within a person so that he or she can know the wisdom directly and intuitively. A person’s intuition is – as Light workers already know – the voice of God speaking within them.

The keys to the Serpent, Tree of Life and knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden are explained in the Jewish Kaballah – otherwise known as the Jewish Old Religion, the religion practiced by Jesus and his family. Their explanation of the Eden allegory is the same as Paramahansa Yoganandas.

Early on in my research I learned that the pagan Mystery religions and all major world religions today contain veneration of the serpent – which, considering the serpent’s status in Christianity – was very confusing. I came to understand that the Eden allegory is not as simplistic as Christians are led to believe. I also learned that there is usually more than one meaning to most of our allegories.  In Isis Unveiled, H. P. Blavatsky makes this statement concerning the serpent;

“Before our globe had become egg-shaped or round it was a long trail of cosmic dust or fire-mist, moving and writhing like a serpent. This, say the explanations, was the Spirit of God moving on the chaos until its breath had incubated cosmic matter and made it assume the annular shape of a serpent with its tail in its mouth – emblem of eternity in its spiritual and of our world in its physical sense. The seven-headed snake represents the Supreme Deity manifesting through His Elohim, or Seven Spirits, by whose aid He established His universe. The coils of the snake have been used by the pagans to symbolize the motion and also the orbits of the celestial bodies, and it is probable that the symbol of the serpent twisted around the egg – which was common to many of the ancient Mystery schools – represented both the apparent motion of the sun around the Earth, and the bands of astral light, or the great magical agent which move about the planet incessantly.

Electricity was commonly symbolized by the serpent because of its motion. Electricity passing between the poles of a spark gap is serpentine in its motion. Force projected through atmosphere was called The Great Snake. Being symbolic of universal force, the serpent was emblematic of both good and evil. Force can tear down as rapidly as it can build up. The serpent with its tail in its mouth is the symbol of eternity, for in this position the body of the reptile has neither beginning nor end. The head and tail represent the positive and negative poles of the cosmic life circuit. The initiates of the Mysteries were often referred to as serpents, and their wisdom was considered analogous to the divinely inspired power of the snake. There is no doubt that the title ‘Winged Serpents’ was given to one of the invisible hierarchies that labored with the Earth during its early formation. There is a legend that in the beginning of the world winged serpents reigned upon the Earth. These were probably the demigods which antedate the historical civilization of every nation.”

Those ‘Winged Serpents’ are us.

According to the author of The Gnostics and Their Remains, “The Serpent became the type and symbol of evil, and of the Devil, only during the Middle Ages. The early Christians – besides the Ophite Gnostics – had their dual Logos: the Good and the Bad Serpent, the Agathodaemon and the Kakodaemon. This is demonstrated by the writings of Marcus, Valentinus, and many others, and especially in Pistis Sophia – certainly a document of the earliest centuries of Christianity. As for the figure of the serpent, supposing these talismans to emanate not from the Isiac but the newer Ophite creed, it may well stand for that “True and perfect Serpent,” who leads forth the souls of all that put their trust in him out of the Egypt of the body, and through the Red Sea of death into the Land of Promise, saving them on their way from the serpents of the wilderness, that is, from the rulers of the stars.”

The reference to the rulers of the stars refers to the fact that in the exoteric mysteries, one is subject to the Law of Cause and Effect, karma, etc., which is ruled over by the planetary rulers. Some of us are just now ready to rise above that level and ‘graduate’ to the fifth dimension, where we would in effect reach enlightenment and re-connect with our god-hood. Hence we would no longer be subject to the lower rulers.

So for the Gnostics, the serpent was the Logos and had both higher and lower aspects. This is one of the most controversial topics that will come up, because as Christians know, the Logos is the Son of God – one part of the Trinity. In the Mystery religions, one archetype is the good son – bad son.  These are nothing more or less than this dual representation of the Logos. In the book Edgar Cayce on the Old Testament from Joshua to Solomon, the author wrote that according to the readings, “The two twin sons represent the two principles of worldliness and self-gratification as opposed to selflessness through service and the seeking of the Truth.”

As recorded by St. Epiphanius in his work Adversus Haereses, the Ophites – a Gnostic Christian sect, stated in their writings; “We venerate the serpent because God has made it the cause of Gnosis for mankind. Ialdabaoth did not want men to have any recollection of the Mother or of the Father on high. It was the serpent, who by tempting them, brought them Gnosis; who taught the man and the woman the complete knowledge of the mysteries from on high.”

In the ancient apocryphal text The Secret Book of John, Jesus tells the apostle John that it was he, Jesus, who made Adam and Eve eat the apple, i.e., gain knowledge or Gnosis. He said that he did that as an eagle in the top of the tree. It probably took a year before I understood what he was saying. The eagle at the top of the tree is the crown chakra in the head. Jesus opened this in Adam and Eve, giving them Christ Consciousness or Enlightenment. Jesus goes on to tell John that the serpent taught them “lust and begetting.” What he refers to here, is that as a serpent, the spiritual power in a human rests at the bottom of the spine and in the lower chakras, which have to do with generation/sexuality and basic survival. I don’t believe he was referring to a person or spirit as the serpent, but to the serpent power trapped in the lower nature.

Jesus, as channeled by the author of The Revelation: Our Crisis Is a Birth, says this in regard to Adam and Eve’s eating of the fruit; “Generations ago the first man and woman broke out of the creature-human condition. They ate of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and felt separate from the Creator. They gained their own capacities for co-creation through the development of individuality and intellect. They were prevented from access to the Tree of Life, to the knowledge of how the invisible technologies operate, for they were still in a state of separate, self-centered consciousness, too childish to inherit the Kingdom.”

So from Jesus’ own channeled words, we learn that humans weren’t denied the Tree of Life, they just weren’t evolved enough to partake of it. They felt separate from the Creator, because this was the point when they entered the realm of duality, when they first separated from the All. They entered duality in order to gain experience as God’s separated consciousness. As the channeled Jesus states, it was necessary for human souls to separate from God in order to; “Gain their own capacities for co-creation through the development of individuality and intellect.” It’s just now, that some of humankind is ready to inherit the invisible technologies found on the Tree of Life.

The keys to understanding the Old Testament lay in the Kabbalic text called the Zohar. Richard Smoley, author of Forbidden Faith traced the origin of the Zohar to the Languedoc region of France in the days of the Cathars – a Gnostic Christian group that traced their origin to Jesus, Mary Magdalene and John the Apostle. The author points out though, that the Kabbalah’s origins go back to the Garden of Eden when the archangel Raziel gave the teaching to Adam and Eve. Adam passed it to Seth, who passed it to Noah, who taught it to Shem. Abraham learned from Melchizedek, the priest-king of the Bible who many say was Noah’s son Shem. Abraham taught it to Isaac, who taught Jacob, who passed it to Levi. The teachings continued in the line of Levi until Moses passed it to seventy hand-selected men who in later generations were known as the Essene’s. One account has the teachings going to Egypt with Abraham, and then Moses receiving the teaching from the Egyptians.

This picture is a closer rendition of the reality of the Garden of Eden, rather than the one of a serpent slithering up a tree. The serpent was an angelic Serpent of Wisdom.

We Are The Elect

We are the Elect of God

In my last installment I spoke of Pistis Sophia. She is also known to us as Gaia Sophia, she is our dear Mother Earth – now known as Terra Christa.

The 144,000 are also known as the Elect. The author Laurence Caruana says this regarding the Elect;

“In the beginning, when the One divided itself into the many that manifold included the Father, Mother, Christ, Sophia, the angels and, more particularly, the Elect. The Elect were a part of the One’s all-encompassing unity. At present, their spirits (pneuma, divine spark, pearl, dew drop etc.) have fallen into the Lower Aeons, and are trapped in bodies. But, after the consummation the Elect will rise up and come to exist once more in the Upper Aeons.”

Mr. Caruana writes that Pistis Sophia, since falling from the Pleroma, or upper Aeons, has been awaiting her restitution into the higher realms. This will happen after the destruction of Yaldabaoth and the lower Aeons he created. This time is referred to as the marriage of the bride and bridegroom and it will take place in the upper Aeons. Pistis Sophia and her syzygy Christ will be reunited at that time and we will be reunited with our angelic or higher selves. One of the first revelations I received almost ten years ago, was that I was to tell my family to get ready for a wedding. I really had no concept of what that meant at the time!

According to a glossary of Gnosticism that Laurence Caruana has on his website, the Elect are also called Sethians or the sons of Seth.  Seth is a savior-figure like Christ. The heavenly Seth placed the seeds of the Elect in the upper Aeons while the earthly Seth placed the pneuma (spirit) and Gnosis in his earthly descendants. Gnosis is described as an ‘inner knowing’.  Laurence writes; “More precisely, the heavenly Adam (Geradamas) had a son, the heavenly Seth (Emmacha Seth), who sowed the seeds of the Elect in the Upper Aeons.” He says this schema appears in ancient Sethian texts such as The Gospel of the Egyptians, Three Steles of Seth and the Apocryphon (Secret book) of John. The earthly Adam and Eve begot the earthly Seth and his sister Norea. With the aid of Norea, Seth’s sister-wife, Seth’s descendants were to preserve the pneuma and Gnosis in the lower Aeons.

“Adam and Eve once had the pneuma (spirit, divine spark) and the gnosis (knowledge of the Upper Aeons). This knowledge was then hidden in ‘the seed of Seth,’ where it will come out after the three parousias. Adam speaking to Seth: “And the glory in our heart(s) left us, me and your mother Eve, along with the first knowledge that breathed within us. And it (glory) fled from us; … But it (knowledge) entered into the seed of great Aeons. For this reason I myself have called you by the name of that man who is the seed of the great generation or from whom (it comes).” Apocalypse of Adam

This last paragraph speaks of the time when Adam and Eve of Genesis chapter one, the spiritual Adam and Eve, were sent out of the Garden of Eden. The loss of the Spirit or divine spark is shown in the Eden allegory as their recognizing that they were naked, i.e. bereft of the Spirit. It’s the glory referred to that left Adam and Eve. I guess you could say that the Eden allegory refers to the time when the Anunnaki or Nibiruans altered human dna from twelve strands to two – because that’s when humans lost their connection with their Divine Self. The reference to the seed of Seth refers to us. We have souls from higher realms and we have been sprinkled among humanity. In esoteric teachings there are three types of humans. They are; Pneumatic or spiritual, Psychic or Choic – they have a choice to be spiritual or not, and then there are the Hylic or material – those who don’t believe in spiritual matters and have for the most part lost their soul connection, or those who have chosen the darkness.

Laurence describes the Elect as the pneumatic or spiritual race. They are “saved in every way” in contrast to the psychic race who are saved by their works and the hylic or material race who will be “destroyed in every way.” The Psychic race has a choice. It can choose good or evil. Each race is known by its fruit; “They were not known at first but only at the coming of the Savior, who shone upon the saints and revealed what each was.”  The Tripartate Tractate (an ancient Gnostic text)

Laurence speaks of the Elect as being the unfallen descendants of Seth and his sister Norea. These are the pneumatic or spiritual race. He says that the descendants of Cain are considered the material or hylic race, and the descendants of Abel are the psychic or choic race – those who have a choice to be either spiritual or material. In this schema, which the author gets from ancient Gnostic texts, the Elect, though descended into materiality, are not considered as part of the fallen angels – but the descendants of Cain and Abel are.

In the ancient text the Hypostasis of the Archons, Eleleth, who is from the higher realms, is speaking to Seth’s wife Norea and says to her; “And these authorities (Archons) cannot defile you and that generation; for your abode is in incorruptibility, where the Virgin Spirit dwells, who is superior to the authorities of chaos and to their universe.” And from the ancient text, the Tripartite Tractate; “You (Norea), together with your offspring, are from the primeval father; from above, out of the imperishable light, their souls are come. Thus the authorities (archons) cannot approach them, because of the spirit of truth present within them; and all who have become acquainted with this way exist deathless in the midst of dying mankind.” The author concludes; “Hence, the Elect are without fault, and called the “Faultless Ones”.

The Elect are those “whom all the generations of men will not know, for they will be on a high mountain upon a rock of truth.” Apocalypse of Adam

The Elect are “the unwavering race of the perfect Man,” “those who are from the immovable race,” “the offspring of the perfect race.” Apocryphon of John

This incorruptible holy race of the great Savior and those who dwell with them in love. Gospel of the Egyptians

The chosen race. First Book of Jew

For you are from that place. In the hearts of those who speak out of joy and truth, you exist.” Dialogue of the Savior

The Elect are called “the Sons of Light” Apocalypse of Peter

As the Sons of Light: “I will reveal myself to those who have heard my mysteries, that is, the Sons of the Light.” Trimorphic Protennoia

The Sons of Light are above all earthly authorities: “I have given you authority over all things as Sons of Light that you might tread upon their power with your feet.” Sophia of Jesus Christ

The Elect are; “another race who are not of this age.” Apocalypse of Peter

The Elect are from the eternal realm; “the great generation of Adam will be exalted, for prior to heaven, earth, and the angels, that generation, which is from the eternal realms, exists.” Gospel of Judas

The Elect are free of Fate and the stars’ ruler ship; “No host of angels (i.e. demons) of the stars will rule over that generation.” Gospel of Judas

What this last verse refers to is that fate, astrology, destiny, etc., does exist for a reason and has a purpose, but only with the psychic and hylic races.

The Elect are the kingless fourth race: “Consequently, four races exist. There are three that belong to the kings of the eighth heaven. But the fourth race is kingless and perfect, being the highest of all. For these shall enter the holy place of their father. And they will gain rest in repose and eternal, unspeakable glory and unending joy.”   On the Origin of the World

“The Elect are all who make love their rule, conscience their guide and a pure ideal their aim. Thus are they seekers after the perfection which is God.”

I believe there were a set number of Elect souls originally, but that number increases as the Elect minister to the psychic race and they become Elect; “For you will become Elect with the Elect ones in the last times, as the invisible Spirits runs up above. And you yourselves, run with him up above, since you have the great crown which […].” This last verse from an ancient text is unfinished because of a hole in the text. We are in those last times referred to, and what this verse refers to is this; Jesus came and brought the Law of Love to the world. That law is simply to love God and all others. Those who do that will become Elect in these last times.

The following, also from Laurence Caruana, is very important in regards to being able to read the Bible with “ears that can hear” the coded words in the Bible. The following are some examples;

“The Elect are ‘free men’ and ‘virgins’ while the non-Elect are ‘animals’, ‘slaves’ and ‘defiled’. The Elect are ‘glass decanters’ made through breath (the pneuma) while the non-Elect are ‘earthenware jugs’ made without breath (no pneuma) The spirit, by contrast, was pure consciousness, the Self, the true I – what other religions have called by such names as the Atman or Buddha nature. This distinction was extremely important to Valentinus and indeed to most of the Gnostics, who separated humanity into three fundamental types. The first, and the lowest, are the carnal or fleshly ones, sometimes called the hylic, from the hyle, or matter. Those who are oriented toward the external world of things and toward physical desires such as food and sex. Seth and his successors are described as foreign or alien of a particular race separate from the rest of humanity and participating in the world of supreme powers, the Elect.”

Laurence describes the psychics. This has nothing to do with psychic powers, but speaks of a middle orientation between the body and spirit. The Gnostic’s tended to see ordinary Christian believers, those who lived by faith, as a psychic individual. Laurence writes; “You yourself choose the category you will fall into simply by virtue of what interests you. ‘Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.’ Matthew 6:21 If you are oriented toward the external world and preoccupied with the satisfactions of the body, you are a fleshly person, ….If you are drawn toward the unseen, toward the realm of the divine that seem to haunt us even as they elude us, you are more likely to be a spiritual, or pneumatic individual – or at least have the potential to become one.”

Some of the names for our soul family, who are the original Elect, are;

The Light worker Souls – The Unwavering Race of the Perfect Man – The First People – The Race of the Perfect – The Saints – The Beloved – The Elect – The Race of Adonaios – The Remnant According to Grace – The Kingless Race – The Sons of Man (the Heavenly Seth – the archetype of Earthly man) – The Sons of Light – The Undominated Race – The Great Immovable Race – The Sons and Daughters of Seth – The Incorruptible Race – Sons of Will and Yoga – Followers of the Law of One – The Race of Light – The Great Generation – Those Who are Worthy – Strangers – The Seed of Seth – The Children of Seth – The Ecclesia – The Children of Promise – The Chosen Ones – The Wanderers.

One identity of our family is the Watchers. We are also the Patriarchs, Heroes and Manes mentioned below. The following author is speaking of the Satya Yuga which is an age or cycle of time as measured by the Buddhist’s. From the book Fragments of a Faith Forgotten by G.R.S. Mead Vol. 1,  we learn;

“The ‘Watchers’ reign over man during the whole period of Satya Yuga and the smaller subsequent yugas, down to the beginning of the Third Root Race; after which it is the Patriarchs, Heroes, and the Manes (see Egyptian Dynasties enumerated by the priests to Solon), the incarnated Dhyanis of a lower order, up to King Menes and the human kings of other nations; all were recorded carefully. In the views of symbologists this Mythopoeic Age is of course only regarded as a fairy tale. But since traditions and even chronicles of such dynasties of divine kings – of gods reigning over men followed by dynasties of heroes or giants – exist in the annals of every nation, it is difficult to understand how all the peoples under the sun, some of whom are separated by vast oceans and belonging to different hemispheres, such as the ancient Peruvians and Mexicans, as well as the Chaldeans, could have worked out the same ‘fairy tales’ in the same order of events. However, as the Secret Doctrine teaches, history – which, for being esoteric and traditional, is none the less more reliable than profane history – we are as entitled to our beliefs as anyone else, whether religionist or skeptic. And that Doctrine says that the Dhyani-Buddhas of the two higher groups, namely, the ‘Watchers’ or the ‘Architects’, furnished the many and various races with divine kings and leaders. It is the latter who taught humanity their arts and sciences, and the former who revealed to the incarnated Monads that had just shaken off their vehicles of the lower Kingdoms – and who had, therefore, lost every recollection of their divine origin – the great spiritual truths of the transcendental worlds.”

“…Thus, as expressed in the Stanza, the Watchers descended on Earth and reigned over men – “who are themselves.” The reigning kings had finished their cycle on Earth and other worlds, in the preceding rounds. In the future manvantaras  they will have risen to higher systems than our planetary world; and it is the Elect of our humanity, the pioneers on the hard and difficult path of progress, who will take the places of their predecessors. The next great Manvantara will witness the men of our own life-cycle becoming the instructors and guides of a mankind whose monads may now yet be imprisoned – semi-conscious – in the most intellectual of the animal kingdom, while their lower principles will be animating, perhaps, the highest specimens of the vegetable world.”

The author just said; “the Watchers reigned over men who are themselves.” This brings us to the understanding of angels as humans. In the Bible, people eat with angels. The men of Sodom and Gomorrah reputedly wanted to have sex with them and Jacob wrestled with one. Jesus said that we might be entertaining angels without being aware of it. What one needs to understand is that angels become incarnated into humans in order to interact with humans and to have human experience. Their original nature is a shining Light body. In the Secret Doctrine and its teaching of evolution, souls start out on Earth in the mineral world, progress to the plant world, then to the animal, and finally to the human.

From The Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manley Hall we learn that;

“Beyond the recognition of the uninitiated world is an ever-increasing aggregation composed of the spiritual Elect. Though they walk the Earth as ordinary mortals, they are of a world apart and through their ceaseless efforts the kingdom of God is being slowly but surely established upon Earth. These illumined souls are the builders of the New Jerusalem, and their bodies are the living stones in its walls. Lighted by the torch of truth they carry on their work, through their activities the golden age will return to the Earth and the power of sin and death will be destroyed. For this reason they declare that virtuous and illumined men, instead of ascending to heaven, will bring heaven down and establish it in the midst of Earth itself.”

Are we all doing this? It’s the reason we’re here. Jesus spoke of bringing God’s kingdom to Earth. In fact – he said it was already here, but we just don’t see it. We don’t understand what it is. While commenting on the Kingdom of Heaven, Elaine Pagels wrote that it symbolizes a state of transformed consciousness, and; “one attains that Kingdom when one attains self-knowledge. The Gospel of Thomas teaches that when one comes to know oneself at the deepest level, one simultaneously comes to know God as the source of one’s being. …When you come to know yourselves and discover the Divine within you, then you will recognize that it is you who are the sons of the Living Father – just like Jesus. In the Gospel of Philip one is to become not a Christian, but a Christ.” She goes on to say that Thomas says that finding the Kingdom of God requires undergoing a solitary process of self-discovery.

I think the following quote from Edgar Cayce’s Story of the Old Testament from Joshua to Solomon nicely sums up who our family is;

“Those souls who were in the higher consciousness and closer to the Spirit offered themselves as channels through which God’s love could reach and lift their fallen brothers. They came into the Earth to show the worldly minded things not of this world – the spiritual energies which are found only in the soul or higher self of an entity, and have their source in God. Only by seeing the Spirit in action could the Sons of Men begin to grasp what they had lost and forgotten.”

This last line is very important. Jesus was an example of the Spirit in action. What this last quote is saying is that we too are capable of doing what Jesus did – in all ways. It is just something humankind has lost and forgotten. The author goes on to say; “When the Earth reached its fullness, the Adamic race appeared in five places at once and became the highest order of material creation, yet subject now to all the temptations within that creation.” He goes on to say that the Adamic race fell in all five locations so a new plan was instituted; one nation was to be kept apart for a special service, directed by souls who were devoted to the search for God. “As teachers, leaders and lawgivers, they would direct the evolution of a spiritual consciousness and produce a race of ministers, priests, and prophets to instruct all men in the ways of the Spirit and lead them to the re-discovery of their souls.”

The author says that the plan advanced with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph, but with Moses it took a great leap forward. Moses importance to Israel is that he gave them a common identity and purpose, and unlike the outward or exoteric religions of the other nations, all of Israel worshiped God as one alone.  That nation kept apart is us. The souls of the Ecclesia became physically manifested as the tribes of Israel.

“….He (Seth) passed through the three parousias which I mentioned before: the flood, and the conflagration, and the judgment of the archons and the powers and the authorities, to save her (the race) who went astray, through the reconciliation of the world, and the baptism through a Logos-begotten body which the great Seth prepared for himself secretly through the virgin, in order that the saints may be begotten by the Holy Spirit, through invisible, secret symbols, through a reconciliation of the world with the world, through the renouncing of the world, and the god of the thirteen Aeons, and (through) the convocations of the saints and the Ineffable Ones, and (through) the incorruptible bosom, and (through) the Great Light of the Father, who pre-existed with his Providence, and established through her the holy baptism that surpasses the Heaven, through the incorruptible, Logos-begotten one, even Jesus the living one, even he whom the great Seth has put on. And through him, he nailed the powers of the thirteen Aeons, and established those who are brought forth and taken away. He armed them with an armor of knowledge of this truth, with an unconquerable power of incorruptibility.” Gospel of the Egyptians

In Laurence Caruana’s Glossary of Gnosticism he writes; “The role of the savior or redeemer in Gnosticism is as a revealer. The savior reveals the gnosis, to awaken the Elect and remind them of their true origin in the One. He does this by instigating certain rites, such as baptism, wherein the gnosis is revealed to the Elect.”

Edgar Cayce on Angel’s: “Edgar Cayce commented on the scepter in Israel during his Bible class in 1939. ‘It was prophesied by Jacob that the scepter would not depart from Judah till Shiloh come, which is to say Judah’s descendants would be the material channel for the birth of the Redeemer of the world (Christ). Jesus said in the New Testament, “This generation shall not pass away, until all these things are fulfilled. (Luke 21:32) The readings indicate that the generation is a group of souls who are returning to help fulfill the Earth’s spiritual destiny: the reuniting in consciousness of humanity with God.  The readings have additional details about Israel being a soul group and not necessarily a physical race: “Israel is the chosen of the Lord,” the sleeping Cayce said, “and that His promises, His care, His love, has not departed from those that seek to know His way, that seek to see His face, this is the meaning, this should be the understanding to all. Those that seek are Israel. Know then, the scepter, the promise, the love, the glory of the Lord has not departed from them that seek His face.”

We are the original Israel, a soul group. But as we learn from Jesus in the Gospel of the Holy Twelve, Lection 99; “And he said unto them. Love ye one another and all the creatures of God. Yet I say unto you, not all are men, who are in the form of man. Are they men or women in the image of God whose ways are ways of violence, of oppression and wrong, who choose a lie rather than the truth? Nay, verily, till they are born again and receive the Spirit of Love and Wisdom within their hearts. Then only are they sons and daughters of Israel, and being of Israel they are children of God, and for this cause came I into the world, and for this I have suffered at the hands of sinners.”

“The Cayce readings indicate that each person who is in the Earth for the close of the old and the beginning of the new millennium has chosen to be here for high spiritual reasons. “We’re all a part of it.”

“There were some readings of Edgar Cayce where the Archangel Michael came through; ‘I, Michael, Lord of the Sun, have wrapped my mantle of light about the dark planet Earth. Through the action of my fire, Earth will be purified and regenerated…The old chaotic Earth will fall into oblivion and a new Earth, or state of consciousness (my emphasis) will rise out of it. Dwell not upon material disaster, for I say to you that conditions will exist in this new world that will be of such beauty and harmony that the old world will be forgotten in the joy of the new life. The old material world is even now beginning to recede upon itself and it will fall under its own chaos. Listen deep within yourselves and you will know that I speak truth when I say that the Children of Light will not be conscious of the wind and the raging storm, for in their center, there is peace…I, Michael, have spoken.”


144,000: The Beginning

First there was Source, then there was Mother/Father.  It could be that there are many Mothers and Fathers. My observation is that people tend to severely limit the scope of Creation. There could be a separate Mother and Father for each universe. Or, each Mother and Father could have many universes. Really, creation is mind boggling in scope. Let’s just say that the Mother and Father of this universe had an androgynous child called the Logos.

Mother and the Logos created twenty-four Aeons who were male and female couples, called syzygies. In the gnostic myth, one of the Aeons is Pistis Sophia. She is a daughter of Sophia the Holy Spirit, also known as Wisdom and Mother. I will always use the term Pistis which means ‘faith’ when referring to the daughter. Pistis Sophia’s syzygy is the one we know as Christ. The story goes that Pistis Sophia wanted to create but she did so without the consent of Source or the knowledge of her consort, Christ. Her creation was a son she named Yaldabaoth and he turned out deficient. He is pictured as a lion-headed serpent. Pistis Sophia recoiled in horror at her creation, and because she is a being who can create by thought projection, her horrified reaction only compounded the situation by creating an even darker situation. That creation is the world we live in.

What I find interesting about Yaldabaoth, is that according to Cobra, who is a resistance operative whom I greatly respect – Source has used Yaldabaoth in all its creations. So that would make the beginning of this story a massively long time ago – if time was not an illusion,  and past, present and future weren’t all running concurrently!

Cobra calls Yaldabaoth the ‘Contingency’ and the ‘Primary Anomaly’. I call him an evolutionary antagonist. Antagonists push evolution forward and evidently Source wanted to expand. Or, it could be that this creation became stuck – so the contingency became necessary. Cobra says that Yaldabaoth does not always get activated in every universe. Yaldabaoth is a potential. So it could be that this particular part of our story shrinks to this universal or even galactic level. It could be that this is just one place where the Yaldabaoth potential was activated.

Yaldabaoth emanated six sons, or alternately, they are called his brothers, and set about adding to the creation begun by Pistis Sophia and added to by Christ. Yaldabaoth – just like the God in the Bible’s Old Testament, boasted that he was the only God and a jealous God – after which Pistis Sophia made him aware of all that came before him. The reason I make a comparison between Yaldabaoth and Jehovah of the Bible is because evidently they are the same being. At least that’s what the Gnostic’s seemed to believe.  He is called the demiurge or half creator. He is called that because he created with the stuff of creation – that which was already created by Source.

Yaldabaoth and his sons are the Archons – maybe even the chimera group – and they are our family! And yes – they are dark. But Sabaoth, one of the sons of Yaldabaoth, did not want to be of the darkness and turned towards the Light. Because he turned to the Light, he was made God of the Seventh Heaven and made ruler over all below it. That makes him our God here on Earth. He is not Source itself – he is an aspect of Source – like we are.

Yaldabaoth and the rest of his family were not happy to have Sabaoth installed above them and so began the War in Heaven. That war has lasted a very long time and we are trying to end it now.

Sabaoth is the loving father Jesus spoke of. He is Lord of the Forces, leader of the Host of Heaven. He is the God of Israel.  Sabaoth had a firstborn named Israel who later incarnated and was known in the Bible as Jacob-Israel. Israel was his higher-self name.  Israel’s higher self was Sabaoth. Sabaoth’s higher self was Yaldabaoth. So that could be why they say that the God of the Old Testament is Yaldabaoth. But of course it is important to remember to keep following Yaldabaoth’s ‘higher ups’ and they lead back to Source – as do we all. Sabaoth is the one who created the Cherubim and ‘serpent-like’ Seraphim angels. He created the seventy-two sons of God the Bible’s Old Testament speak of, who were given to the nations as their leaders. To quote from the ancient Gnostic text On the Origin of the World and speaking of Sabaoth:

“Thereafter he created a congregation of angels, thousands and myriads, numberless, which resembled the congregation in the eighth heaven; and a firstborn called Israel – which is, “the man that sees God”; and another being, called Jesus Christ, who resembles the savior above in the eighth heaven, and who sits at his right upon a revered throne. And at his left, there sits the virgin of the Holy Spirit, upon a throne and glorifying him. And the seven virgins stand before her, […] possessing thirty harps, and psalteries and trumpets, glorifying him. And all the armies of the angels glorify him, and they bless him. Now where he sits is upon a throne of light

Now Pistis Sophia set him apart from the darkness and summoned him to her right, and the prime parent she put at her left. Since that day, right has been called justice, and left called wickedness. Now because of this, they all received a realm in the congregation of justice and wickedness.”

The prime parent mentioned is Yaldabaoth. I will be the first to admit I am still trying to understand the gods of the Old Testament. I believe there are multiple gods represented in the Old Testament. They are the assembly of gods mentioned in Genesis.  The story mirrors the Enuma Elish and other ancient Mesopotamian texts which talk about the two brothers Enki and Enlil and the rest of the Anunnaki. En-ki is actually a title. He also goes by the name Ea. He is also known as Yahweh, Yah and Sabaoth and, I may be wrong on this, but I believe he is also our beloved Zorra.

Enlil fits into the Old Testament too. I posit that Jehovah and Yahweh are not the same god but that the two have been conflated into being one God. That is, that Jehovah Enlil is the mean and angry god who demands sacrifices, and Yahweh is the loving god who says burnt offerings are repugnant to him. In case you haven’t noticed, the God of the Old Testament is self-contradictory! I believe it’s because those Israelites had two Anunnaki brothers telling them what to do. Really, does the god of the Old Testament want the Israelite’s to keep the ten commandments – or break every one of them at his command?

It’s really hard to sort this story out, because it’s hard to know what characters in the lower planes correspond with characters in the higher planes, but the ancient Gnostic text called On the Origin of the World specifically talks about Yaldabaoth and his sons creating Adam/Adapa and Eve/Titi, and the Mesopotamian creation stories talk about En-Ki and his sister Nin-Mah doing the same thing! Do you see how things could get confusing? Unfortunately, my third eye isn’t opened yet and I am not ‘all seeing’! Somewhere Enki and Enlil’s father Anu has to fit in the picture too.

To understand what I am referring to, it is important to understand that Source creates through emanations. Think of it as a family tree lineage chart. Start with One at the top and then the tree ‘roots’ below it are ever expanding. Source’s emanations emanate, or send out fractals of themselves into alternate creations.

Cobra describes Yaldabaoth as a plasma entity with a low consciousness. I’m not sure if Yaldabaoth incarnates or not. I do know that he can control through thought projection. He also seems to operate through artificial intelligence.

Enki/Yahweh and Nin-Mah are the mother and father who have physically walked the Earth, who love us and gave us some of their dna. They are, to the best of my knowledge, each different combinations of feline, avian and reptilian genes.  Somewhere the ‘tall white’ giants mentioned in the Bible come into play. They, I believe, are what is referred to as the Ancient Builder Race. I believe they are Aryans, from Orion who may have possibly originally been a feline race from Lyra. Ea is, I believe, a combination of Anunnaki also known as Kur or Gur, which is a para-saurian (dinosaur) and Reptilian or Draco. The Draco’s are reptilians with wings. Another reptilian race on Earth are the Nagas. They are half-serpent half-human.  Enlil and Anu are pure Kur/Nibiruans who we know as Anunnaki. Nin-Mah may be where we get some feline and avian dna. I recently heard that the negative ones of the race are the ones called the Anunnaki and the positive side prefers to be called Nibiruan. I don’t know if this is true or not.

Long ago, the two original races of this polarization integration game were feline and avian races. The Avians created the Reptilian race. The royal families of the felines and reptilians inter-married long ago to try to try to bring about peace between them. So far it hasn’t worked!

Yahweh/Enki has always gone against the rest of his family on behalf of the humans whose dna he tinkered with. The majority of his family wanted to keep humans as no more than slaves but he has consistently striven to improve humanity and the human condition. He has worked to produce a human who could stand up to their Anunnaki controllers and overthrow them. In fact, I would say that he was ultimately successful and we are witnessing that today. He did it through a line of humans who descend from his and Nin-Mahs sons and daughters. His son Ningishzidda/Thoth I believe was the same soul as Jesus. So you would be seeing Sabaoth and Sananda/Jesus on a higher level sending aspects or fractals of themselves into the physical realm in the persons Enki and Ningishzidda/Thoth.

The Mesopotamian creation stories tell of how the Anunnaki came to this planet to get gold but their workers rebelled because of the hard work of mining. So the Anunnaki added their dna to a primate species to create a worker race. Enki and his genetic scientist half-sister Nin-Mah were the ones to do this. They used their own dna and Nin-Mah even at one point used her own womb to produce the various humans – so they came to look upon humans as their children. Their own children married into certain lineages of humanity. One common trait of their family is a propensity to RH negative blood. Enlil’s side of the family married into this race of Anunnaki humans too. These became the royal houses world-wide.

It is true that Enki and Nin-Mah disconnected humans from their innate connection to their godhood. When humans were in a more animalistic and primitive state they may not have been as advanced intellectually, but they were connected to Source and all of creation. They disconnected that and installed the reptilian brain with its fight or flight mentality and an advanced analytical brain. They got their good workers – and they got their warriors too. Enki, however, was always thinking ahead and he left humans a gift.  He coded our dna to make all twelve strands reconnect at a future point.  We are at that point now. You can be sure that many of his family are not happy with him for doing that.

The Elohim created the original humans. The Elohim were the original creator gods and goddesses who started this creation story, this game of duality and polarization integration – so, I believe, that may mean that they would be Avians and Felines. You can see depictions of them in Egypt. For example, Thoth was a bird-headed human and Bastet was a feline-headed human.  The first humans on Earth were the equivalent of what are known today as types of Yeti or Sasquatch, or possibly the Neanderthal and Cro-Magnons – or earlier species. They were part of the animal kingdom. So that was what was considered ‘wrong’ about the sons of God ‘coming unto’ the daughters of men. I guess you could say it demeaned angels by cross-breeding them with animals. Or – it could be looked at another way, as in taking an animal to the human level, with the goal of taking it to an angelic level. This created a situation where we took the angelic kingdom lower than it had ever gone in consciousness, and after eons of struggle, we are taking that angelic consciousness back to the higher realms where it belongs – but with a greater breadth of experience than we otherwise could have experienced. Whether or not this was part of the original plan – I could not say.

We have been led to believe that the creation story in the Bible happened in Mesopotamia, which is roughly what we today consider the Near East – Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Israel, etc., but the beginning of the book of Genesis takes place in Atlantis. The Great Flood spoken of in Genesis is the sinking of Atlantis. The Atlanteans who escaped, literally took to the mountaintops in such places as Machu Picchu, the Pyrenees and Mt. Ararat in modern day Turkey.

The sons of Noah represent the three branches of the Caucasian or white race. According to the anthropologist Robert Sepehr, this was taught in churches until about one hundred and fifty years ago. Noah’s son Japheth stayed in the Caucasus area. They were the Scythians who splintered into tribal groups as they made their way westwards across Europe. Some of these are the Khazarians – the real trouble makers! These are the Ashkenazi or false Jews who are the synagogue of Satan spoken of in the Bible’s Book of Revelation. They are Nazi’s among other things. They are false Jews because the true Jews descend from Noah’s son Shem. Shem is the father of the Semites. This is the line that led to Moses, King David, and Jesus. Shem was given the land around what is today modern day Israel and Syria. Noah’s son Ham went to Egypt. Noah’s sons became the leaders of all the lands they moved to.

There has been dna testing done on the mummies of the 18th and 19th dynasties of Egyptian pharaohs, which includes Akhenaten and Tutankhamun/Tutanhkaten – which, according to current dna classification, are ‘Western European’ because their dna fell into the R1a classification.  Our male family dna lineages are R1a and R1b.  The 144,000 incarnated into the Tribes of Israel. That brings us to the 144,000, but for our beginning, I refer to the following from the author of The Lost Teachings of Atlantis:

“The Edgar Cayce readings relate that a soul named Amilius saw the fallen state of the angels on Earth and volunteered to be the leader of a group of 144,000 souls who would enter into Earth life to try to extricate their fellow souls from their material prisons. To accomplish this, Amilius and the 144,000 would have to commit to the entire evolutionary cycle of Earth life and would be subject to the same things other souls had who had forgotten their origin. Cayce related that the soul of Amilius was the soul of Jesus and also the Adam of the Old Testament of the Bible. To extricate souls from materiality, Amilius had to experience what the other souls experienced, in order to transform humans from within.

…Edgar Cayce’s readings relate that it was Amilius who created the new bodies for humans that included the seven chakras and spiritual circuitry which would enable humans to be in contact with the realms of God and the angels. The readings related that this mixture of a body made of earth and spirit was a harmony never before realized, and that the body was created from the highest realms of God.”